Utada Hikaru’s newest song, Passion, is also the theme song to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts II, which yours truly is very much looking forward to. The PV starts off animated, then moves to Utada Hikaru singing in hallway and in a circular room, and ends with horses and her in a wide open field. This is a pretty high budget PV, and I particularly enjoy the animation portions. After listening to this a few times, I can definitely see this being a theme song. That being said, it’s very different from Hikari of the original Kingdom Hearts. The way she sings Passion give the song an almost ethereal quality. It all depends on how the producers of KH2 decide to use it.


  1. Well, I dont care much for the PV, not until the DVD is out at least, but from the caps it sure looks like her hubbie directed it. 😀

    The song itself however, I have to say – love it. (as a song, not as a game theme, I dont play games much) I wish the single came with karaoke or instrumental – to crearly hear how bizarre and hectic the background is.


  2. I’ve lost so much faith in Utada over the years… nowadays she’s pretty much hit-or-miss with me with whatever new song(s) she has released. Currently d/ling the PV so here’s hoping it’s a good song!

    BTW boo boo, Omni doesn’t tell where to d/l the stuff he watches. However if you check the community link sections, I think you’ll find a bt site where to get the PV.

  3. Passion is very unimpression when it comes to vocals, Hikari had amazing emotion in the vocals and Passion just relies on this background music and techical music tricks to make it sound good.

  4. Passion is good because it sounds epic, if you know what i mean, kind of like the Final Distance song Hikki did awhile back.

    Hikari was good because it had more emotion into it.

    But man, this new song is growing on me, do u think she’ll make an eng. version like she did with Hikari?

    or a planetB remix?

  5. She’ll probably make an English version for US KH2.

    Did anyone else notice the backwards mix throughout the song where she says “I need more affection than you know” ?

    That said, I too lost a lot of faith in Utada Hikaru over the past few years. “Dareka no…” and “Be My Last” had me screaming, but this… I LOVE THIS SONG. It is very epic, and perfect for KH2 IMO. (Damn the sad lyrics though, I can’t wait to find out what that’s based on).

  6. Thanks for the information Omni! So that leaves about 4 months for the NA version. Hmm, I’m getting excited. 😀 I loved the original, since it had Disney characters I grew up with and mixed it with some FF stuff. I hope the second one doesn’t disappoint though, since it’s been in development for quite a bit now.

  7. The song took a few listens before I started liking it, but now, i think it’s really good. I’m intrested to see how KH2 will use it. Also, the opening animation reminds me of Macross Plus. It just has that Sharon Apple feel to it.

  8. uh… oh man, did the song really suked… i thought a Kindom Heart 2 Song would be like freakin great! but nah… this is defintly one of those songs which could of been replaced with a way better one. Oh yeah… i give 0/5 on this bcuz no way KH2 Song should be this plain.

    + Study Notes:
    The animation in the music video looks cool…
    – Where’s my notes?:
    The song is way too plain for a KH2 Song, its really unattractive piece of music

  9. I like this song and when you look at it in the game context, it fits perfectly… going into KH2, Sora’s memories have been ripped from him, memories jumbled etc, new threats to deal with… (Chain of Memories), still not home, Riku’s AWOL, and he’s getting older and missing Kari like crazy… I think it’ll fit in perfectly…

    As far as the song itself goes, I think I want to know more a bit about inspired her… quite sad lyrics…

  10. wow, this song is so… breathtaking. At first i didnt know how to react to the song because as I was listening to it, i could tell it is pretty sad.

    now that i’ve listen to the song couple of times and read the lyrics, its pretty nice song.

    I wish i can play KH2 e.e;

  11. Love this song.. when I first heard it, it gave me weird feeling, but when I think of it as KH2 theme song, I can definitely sees it as one, and I think I would love it if they use this for the game…

  12. Waaah~ >_> I imagined the song to be more… “Hikari”-style-ish… More… happier, I guess… Ah well. Looking forward for the After Battle version.

    I need to listen to it and get to like it more if I’m going to play KH2! @_@;;

  13. I loved this song. It kind of gave me almost the same feeling a Yoko Kanno song does. Pure and unrestrited but I will admit I would like to hear it at CD quality.

    I also thought the anime at the start of the movie was familar… and I was getting my Yoko Kanno happy feeling and then I said… EARTH GIRL ARJUNA… looks like the same company who did the Earth Girl Arjuna animation and had almost the same feeling as some of the battle squences and her death and rebirth sequence.

  14. Man. What are you people talking about, saying that Passion is not good or plain!? I think the song’s perfect! In everything, changes are made. You look at Kingdom Hearts and Simple and Clean fit perfectly due to it’s cheery settings with Sora and his pals. When I look at videos of KH2 I obviously see a darker and sadder setting (hints the dark clothes he’s wearing, him not seeing kairi in years [sora’s 16 in 2, whichh he was 14 in the first], and the CG videos take place in dark and creepy looking alleyway city backdrops. So with that said, “Come on, now!!! Passion fits the game more than any other song!” But I would like to hear (not replace the old) a happier version of Passion. That After Battle version sounds pretty awesome.

    Ok I’ll shut up now. I give Passion a 10 out of 10; maybe 11!

    — oh and a techno/dance remix would be perfect for a CD!!!!

  15. Passion can be described with one word: Beautiful. And I so can’t wait for KH 2 to come out. I’ve been looking forward to it for a very long time, and I have played the two earlier games in the KH series during the waiting. I think it is going to be a really cool game, with a little more spice and emotion in it than the earlier games. And passion will fit it perfectly. It will be the theme song. And the beginning tells you what the game is about aight? Passion is both emotional, sad, happy in some parts and just beautiful. Graceful. In my opinion, this song totally rocks my world

  16. this is so cool. actualy this song is awsome!i’m lisining to the whole version of the remix right now. if you want to listen go to kingdom hearts ultimania on googl its so cool they have all the updates on kingdom hearts 2 there actualy i will sing it now!(amoy dasupa hanucra hanugaaaaa.a miraimo munamushimumida.dakumadehu kagaya yteta crieita auzouramushytaaaadeee docrouamo munamushimumida sagoshidacier obiedeida,,,,natsuca shiiedony madoca somaruuuu mayeomuidemo madaeamasucaaaaaaaa miraimo munamushimumida nacoademo suzuiderunda ohkita gambanoshitaaaadeeee shidaima munamishimunda munsudoio mideidaida) thats all the of the song i know, for now!

    sora and rikus girl
  17. I like the sad mood, it’s probably going to suit KH2 more. Perhaps the story has a stronger, deeper emotion than the first one, or at least that’s what the PVs are kind of alluding to. Apart from that, I am absolutely in love with this song, it really made me believe she can still make beautiful songs like that.

  18. KH2 – addicted… nuff said

    Passion fits the intro perfectly, exactly as predicted, jumbled memories, being run around, fight to regain self etc… song has an extra english part in the middle added, few words but the video and song is longer than the first KH intro video and is even deeper… ahhhhhhh need to play… laters…

  19. It’s a breathtaking song, I really love it and I think it’s as perfect for KH2 as Hikari/Simple and Clean was for KH.
    Love the lyrics, too…I was wondering what that (obviously backwards) mixed line was supposed to say. Someone mentioned it’s “I need more affection than you know”.
    How do you know? Or was it only guessing?

  20. When I heard that Utada Hikaru was going to record the theme song for the KH2 I was really happy, but I was also very attached to the song Hikari that has been synonymous to the KH series. Changing the song brought mixed feelings on my part, because I wasn’t sure how they were going to be able to top such a wonderful song transcending throughout your journey in the game.

    My mind was put a little at ease after seeing the PV. It gives you a very euphoric and surreal feeling. The song gives off a similar feeling to Frou frou’s song Let Go (Garden State OST), but of course much more elaborate and ephemeral. I was a little annoyed by the backmasked portion of the song since I wasn’t sure if it was an error on the file or it was purposely recorded that way. Now I know and after finally sitting down and taking it in I’ve become really addicted to the song and I guiltily seem to like it even better than Hikari. I wonder how the English verion will fair with this. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough with the release of the game. The thing is, if the English verion of the song has yet to be released then how soon will we expect the game to come out in the US? Tetsuya Nomura’s marketing managers, Disney and SquareEnix are certainly making it difficult for the US audience.

  21. I love the song Passion. But I really want to know what she is saying when it ecco’s, You know the part at the start when you first hear her sing. I cant understand what she is saying. I looked for the lyrics and it doesnt have it on it =S. If someone know’s please tell me ok =D

  22. KH2 is out in japan right now. I’m pretty sure S-E will make another delay before the american release. I liked the ending especially! (d/led to my hard drive btw) They should really make a kh for psp…….. having passion on my desktop (thnx bigfile!) i watched it several times, played it backwards, and i do mean the entire thing. there is a lot of subliminal messages, thankfully not satanic. theyre more like nice little messages saying she needs more love.

  23. It seems very suitable for it’s role in Kingdom Hearts II. Compared to the original, this sequel is set to a much deeper, sad storyline, so a song of this “feel” to it seems to work quite well.

  24. Hi evry1!

    i just wanted to say i think the song is awesome. If you people want to hear the english version, you can get it off a program called limewire. also, she does say I need more affection than you know backwards. if you want to download limewire just go to google and type in limewire download, it should give you heaps of places to download it.

    You Don't Know Who I am & you NEVER WILL!
  25. To Amuro_Ray:
    Amazingly Passion and Macross Plus are directed by same animation director, Koji Morimoto. I also think Passion is parody of Macross Plus, which I think it was on purpose(i guess)


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