Short Summary:
Ayukawa Misora is riding down the road when her motorcycle breaks down. She walks it down the road in the hot weather and encounters Nanami in the fields washing her hands. Misora asks for water (mizu), but Nanami misunderstands and gives her an earthworm (mimizu) instead. After taking her home, Kenji tries to lend a helping hand by fixing her bike, but only ends up making things worse. His father has to come and fix Kenji’s mistakes, but tells Misora that her bike still requires some parts. In the meantime, she decides to stay at Kenji’s house and gets him to help her look for a part time job to pay for the parts. When Kenji has to wake has to wake her up in the morning, he accidentally gets a view of her panties, and Nanami walks in just as he’s trying to cover her up. Kenji spends the day unsuccessfully trying to find a job for Misora. He finds the still-angry-at-him Nanami in the fields during sundown, but she seems to forgive him after he picks up the day’s harvest and calls for her to come home. The next day, Kenji and Nanami return from school and find Misora working in the Konoe family restaurant. Misora, after having observed the two for the past few days, finally asks them if they’re going out. Both start to panic, so Misora drops the subject.

The preview is in claymation! That pretty much makes up for the fact that the animation this episode is worse than usual, despite the introduction of a new character, Sakuraba Milfeulle Ayukawa Misora. Heck, not only do the two look alike, they’re voiced by the same person, Shintani Ryoko. Anyway, Misora isn’t really the highlight of the episode for me; it’s more fun watching Kenji and Nanami fumble around trying to explain their relationship. And despite the humorous preview of Nanami getting run over my her own giant watermelon, next episode looks like it’s finally going to give us some Nanami and Kenji plot progression. Or at least I hope so…


  1. Nooo! No plot progression! I like it just as it is. I love how they always end up coming back together. That sweet confusion over whether they were going out was wonderful. The only plot progression I want to see is when they admit at the end of the series that they are in fact kareshi/kanojo. Go Nanami!

    On her website, Nanami’s seiyuu Gotou Yuuko lists motorcycles and alcohol as two of her hobbies.


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