Short Summary:
Ryo and Glass Heart find all of Ryo’s old buddies gathered drinking and having fun inside the hotel with a stockpile of weapons nearby, ready to join the fight. After even Saeko shows up to help, GH wonders if they all have a death wish, but Ryo tells her that they’re there to help because they are all friends. GH remembers her only friend while she was growing up: a companion in assassin school who she eventually had to kill. After a toast to Kaori, GH notices a shadow nearby and chases it down. It turns out to be the same person she was just thinking of, who apparently survived her eliminating him during training. He’s wanted to meet her again all this time and has been working with the enemy so that he could. He kisses her, tells her his name is Liu Shinhon, vows to protect her, and then jumps away. His plan to sacrifice himself to ambush the enemy attack group with a room of explosives goes off with fiery results. GH despairs at the loss of her friend, but Ryo emerges from the flames, carrying the boy’s body.

After blitzing through seven chapters last week, today’s episode only covers three (24-26). The theme of this episode is pretty much the power of friendship. Ryo’s friends form a small army to combat the men who are after him and GH, though they get no action this episode. GH’s own childhood friend (if you could call him that), makes his appearance, but then disappears again so that he can sacrifice himself to protect her. It all feels very rushed to me, both here and in the manga. Fortunately his character survives, so there’ll be more development to come (romantic and otherwise). But most of the enemy force also survives, and the big battle will be fought next episode.


  1. GH’s real name is actually more like “Shanin” in japanese or “Xiang Ying” in chinese.

    the animation quality seems to have gone up a notch or two for this episode again. music is still good.

    not quite convinced that the voice actress for GH is doing a good job, tho… i feel that she could have been fleshed out better.

  2. i just read an anime mag from Hong Kong which had an interview with Angel Heart’s director. if i didn’t mess up my understanding of the chinese language, episode 13 onwards will be original material only. it will not be based on the manga anymore. also, GH will display a more cheerful attitude compared to the gloom and doom GH we’re seeing in the series right now.


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