Short Summary:
Though Margery gets there first, Shana and Yuuji arrive in time to defend Ramie. After Shana formally introduces herself by using the name Shana, the two get to fighting. Shana has become very fast, and feels that because Yuuji’s there, she can do anything. Margery eventually notices Yuuji, and uses an attack from the sky to distract Shana while she launches an attack at him and Ramie. However, Yuuji has the power of Friagne’s ring to shield them. And ironically, because Margery is distracted looking at him, Shana comes in and lands a hit. To make matters worse for all of them, the projectiles Margery launched earlier collapse part of the building, sending Yuuji falling down into a pit. He’s caught by Shana, and Margery uses the opportunity to go after Ramie again. Shana, still believing that she can do anything, sprouts wings of flame and carries Yuuji up. She gets in another bit hit on Margery, sending Margery crashing through the floor. Margery briefly remembers her bloody past and meeting Marchosias. Marchosias then takes over and transforms into a giant purple energy dragon. Shana and Yuuji fly towards it and pierce into the beast, destroying it. Afterwards, Margery is surprised to wake up alive and even more surprised when Ramie tells her not to chase the Silver that she’s looking for – when the time comes, they’ll meet again. Ramie then uses his powers to repair the city and is about to tell Yuuji something about the Reiji Maigo, but stops himself. Meanwhile, a very lost looking Margery sheds tears when she sees Keisaku and Eita waiting for her. The next day, Kazumi sees Yuuji and Shana walking together and worries about their relationship.

Absolutely amazing production quality this episode. The animation is top-notch this week, akin to what the prologue DVD looked like. This is where the entire budget’s been going. And understandably so, since this episode concludes (for now) the arc involving Margery and Ramie. But I doubt that this is the last we’ll see of them (heck, Margery’s even in the preview).
Shana and Yuuji now seem to be like the Dynamic Duo, able to do anything with their powers. I was more than a little surprised when Shana grows wings of fire, and I kept thinking that the anything-is-possible (b/c of Yuuji) mantra would backfire on her, but it never does. Thinking about it, Shana got in no less than three major hits in on Margery, yet Margery didn’t really ever return the damage. Considering how badly Shana lost when they first fought, is such a growth of power solely because she has Yuuji behind her now? Maybe future fights will be a bit more balanced.
Here’s definitely something to look forward to: next week is the pool/swimsuit episode! I never knew Kazumi-chan was so well endowed.


  1. Cool episode, at least, looking at the screencaps.

    Looks like Shana powers up even more, to the extent of being a “Burning Angel”. XP More conflicts in relationships to come? Seems to look that way…XP

  2. umm shanna will be airing next week on a DIFFERENT channel, the channel that we got this one off will not be airing it next week so another channel will though, making the other channel 1 week behind. So DONT WORRY Mizugi no Shana next week YAY fir that BOO though no BLEACH next week.

  3. Definitely one of the best episodes so far. 🙂 Love the animation quality. 😀

    Yay, swimsuit episode next week!!! 😀

    If you’ll notice, school uniforms hardly ever show any endowed-ness in anime (nor do they in real life actually ^^b ), but the novels (in which there is plenty of Kazumi fanservice 😀 ) show that she is pretty well-endowed. ^^b

  4. WOW!!! Shana looks so so cool with the flame wings! One of the nicest looking so far! Oh yeah~ I’ll be looking forward to the swimsuit episode the week after. I’m sure you guys don’t mind waiting for 2 weeks for it. I’m sure it’s worth it! Finally some Kazumi too!

  5. If you’ll notice, school uniforms hardly ever show any endowed-ness in anime (nor do they in real life actually ^^b ), but the novels (in which there is plenty of Kazumi fanservice 😀 ) show that she is pretty well-endowed. ^^b

    Sure, but you can more or less tell…I thought Kazumi looked pretty small.

    Guess she hides them pretty well. 😛

  6. “I found it amusing for them to play that serious-”Next episode” tune for the next episode XD…”

    Lol, yeah, me too. I laughed so hard when Yuuji in the preview said,

    “The raging battle between girls…” in serious tone XD

  7. Yeah…It was kinda funny, but it’s him always, saying the summary of the preview in a serious tone all the time. This time, though, it was just plain hilarious. Too bad we might have to wait for a little while before the next one comes out…

  8. yeah and has i said Shana will be on next week so we wont miss that episode, on a different channel than the one this came off. scroll down to the bottom and look at episode 9’s air date it will say 11-30-05, and if you scroll a bit up you’ll see in red under episode 8 for episode 9 its 12-07-05, And those are on different channels so Shana will be airing ep. 9 on 11-30-05 on a different channel.

  9. It wasn’t really in the face, but he could definitely feel them. Reason for Shana’s pissed off look? That would be a laugh, alright…

    Shana just seemed to remind me of Destiny Gundam in episode 8. Charging straight at the enemy with a deadly thrust, it seemed almost the same movement, precise and deadly, though reckless. Yuuji gets into close contact (literally) with her as well. What’s a Mistes gotta do? XP


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