Short Summary:
With his mind still on Suzuka, Yamato struggles with the relay race during track practice. Miki even tries to help by training with Yamato after school, but his problems persist. Miki counsels Yamato on why he lied to Suzuka, and Yamato ends up deciding to tell her the truth. But when he finally tells her one afternoon, Suzuka is understandably angry. Yamato eventually confesses that he is telling her the truth because quarreling with her is interfering with his concentration. The two get another chance to talk when they run into each other at the laundromat. Suzuka is too embarrassed to take out her laundry (underwear and all) with Yamato around, so he gets up to go to the convenience store. Before he can go she asks for the croquettes that he had already offered to her, so he hands them over, but then she wants him to accompany her in eating them. While she’s lecturing him, Yamato realizes that despite all of her shortcomings, he still finds her really cute. Later that night, Yamato gets a call from Miki checking up on him. Suzuka then calls, despite living right next door, to encourage him on running the relay because she doesn’t want their fight to be responsible for him losing a race. Yamato is thrilled and re-energized by her call.

As you might have guessed, this episode, and the next few, will focus on Yamato and Suzuka getting closer and closer. Miki once again comes to the rescue and helps convince Yamato to tell Suzuka about what happened. Yamato ultimately succeeds, but those two really do argue a lot in between. Maybe that means their relationship is lively. Suzuka is still coming to terms with her feelings, which shows pretty prominently during the laundromat scene (she wants him to go, then she wants him to stay, and then she wants him to stay, but then go).
For the most part, the production aspects, including the animation, have been getting progressively better. Some of the Suzuka shots and several of the distance shots still look iffy, but that’s better than the entire thing looking like crap. I guess by now my standards are pretty low for this show. Next week is a track episode featuring Arima (ugh, not looking forward to it).


  1. bah, judging from the screencaps, yamato and suzuka’s relationship progresses even further. man, if yamato can’t get it through his thick skull that honoka is the one for him, he deserves to be with an ice queen like suzuka.

  2. Second episode in a row with major turnaround for a lead character – all traffic lights set to green now, except for the unresolved Kazuki issue. Five episodes to go – they can still make it, due to Miki’s heroic performance.

  3. Yamato is stupid, he can’t get along with Honoka because he does not take a chance with her, always worry about himself whether he will screwed up or not, which he does always. He is a pretty much a loser and I think it is better for him to be with the ice queen Suzuka.

  4. Maybe they will pull a surprise ending with Yamato getting back with Honoka. That will good for a laugh, but it could possibly happen, since when he does get together with Suzuka a lot more stuff happens between them. In the latest chapters, a new challenger has arrived…a.k.a. a new girl.

    Kira Takuto
  5. For the anime, it is very unlikely for yamato getting back with honoka. Since the anime follows the manga plot quite closely, the rest of the episodes should be on tracks, yamato and suzuka.

    fisherman horizon
  6. Do you mean the standards are pretty low for the animation or the show for the whole?

    I agree that the animation for Suzuka isn’t of the highest quality, but i think it’s plot is pretty good.

  7. nah, as far as I see, it’s not even close to lightly hentai except for satome in episode 1. It ‘s one of the “cleanest” anime/manga I see so far compare to a lot of others.

    fisherman horizon
  8. I think Honoka’s freind that singer is the girl to be with, she has money, fame hahahaha… Suzuka would be a great freind with benefits since she’s right next door. And Honoko is someone who will do whatever if you tell her too…

  9. Hahahaha Ichigo =P

    Seriously… How can ppl root for Honoka? Omgwtfbbq :O
    She’s not fit for him… and you know it ! xD

    Suzuka and Yamato is a much nicer match. Bwahahahaha, love their quarreling 😀

  10. What the……………….no serious hah! How could you people root for Honoka? She’s so stupid! All of you know it….Suzuka is OBVIOUSLY the main character…but for some reason Yamato seems to be the one the show is directing things to..SO OBVIOUSLY….it’s gonna end up with Suzuka and Yamato. As for Ice Queen and all that as a character for Suzuka…WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!?!?! THe one guy she truly was in love with dies….then suddenly a look a like guy comes along..HELLO!!!!! Obviously she’d be a jerk! I mean….like…Honoka was such a horny bitch!!! I wud never root for such a whore. Suzuka cud lay off the coldness a bit..but overall..i understand her character completely. Actually..with a person like stupid Yamato….he actually NEEDS someone like Suzuka to set him straight n e way! SO…Go SUZUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Miki is the only one who can truly read Yamato’s feelings and knows when he lies . I believe that is the
    best quality to have in a real long life relationship , i.e no head games and the fact that she encourages him to do his best for everyone’s sake shows what kind of person she is. They also quarrel a bit but the entertainment factor is not as high as Suzuka’s interactions with him. After all
    its more of a challenge and this is what Suzuka’s plot is fundamentally based on.

    PS. Miki is the hottest IMO

  12. well go search in the community section matakou -_-.

    anyway. now ive watch suzuka for 2 days. yaa im right miki is the hottest. and she will probably be in lub with yamato. maybe they will be together? who knows? ;P

  13. Babi_lee, youre obviously like 12 or so, so please be quiet, and go watch some Tao-Tao or something..
    The thing is this: Honoka is too good for Yamato, since Yamato is an idiot, so i agree with you that Suzuka and him belong together (since they both suck). This show should be about Honoka and some good guy (Like that friend of Yamatos), instead of that short haired, bad tempered biatch (Suzuka), and that stupid ass acts-like-13year-old crybaby (Yamato). These two should be some random side characters, who appear in every 10 episodes or so.

  14. Suzuka better set things straight. Cuz from my perspective, she is the most irresposible and immature person in the anime. She doesn’t seem to be able to sort out her feelings for Yamato. I seriously understand all the retarded decisions Yamato makes. But if u think bout it, the things are the way they: (Suzuka rejects Yamato, Honoka hits on Yamato, Yamato goes along, Breakup…cuz Yamato stills likes Suzuka…all because Suzuka can’t directly express her feelings for Yamato.

  15. Hmm Miki is too nice and understanding of a person to hit on Yamato. She knows how pissed her best friend Suzuka would be if they did it. Besides she knows that it’s best if Yamato and Suzuka together. Miki and Yasunobu seem like a better match.


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