Elis has been working very hard on a painting of a ringed planet for a contest. Unbeknownst to her, Hiroki meets with Kiri at a restaurant to trade a fluorescent light for an exam prep book. Elis emerges from her room in time to see Hiroki come home. Since Hiroki is holding the education specialty exam book, Elis assumes that he’s been studying, and Hiroki goes along with that excuse. At school the next day, Hiroki learns from the director that he got an “A” on his teaching evaluation, and is even invited back to the school once he graduates. During lunch, Kiri gives Hiroki a boxed lunch that she made comprised of the stuff he had wanted to eat at the family restaurant the night before. Mad, Elis leaves the lunchroom after realizing that Hiroki had lied to her about studying the night before. Elis angsts until Kana makes her buy a copy of her own book about a girl confessing to a boy. Elis reads it, and even makes Hiroki read it. The next night, after discussing the book a bit, she joins Hiroki in bed, hugging him tightly from behind. But when Hiroki turns around, coming within inches of her face, Elis panics and quickly leaves the room.
Elis later learns that she won a special award from the contest and now has the opportunity to study abroad in Paris for one year. Everyone seems to be happy for her except Elis herself. At home, Hiroki and Kiri throw her a party, but Elis blows up on Kiri, asking why she is there with them and telling her to go home. After Kiri apologizes and leaves, Elis accuses Hiroki of regarding Kiri as more important. But Elis doesn’t want to leave him for Paris, and confesses that she likes him.

A decent episode, but I’m not a huge fan of Elis (which is who this episode focuses on) or her angst. I’d be very surprised if Hiroki doesn’t reject her in some way. His look of surprise is most likely from the suddenness of the confession and not from him not having figured out that Elis has liked him since way back when. I almost hope that Elis would actually go to Paris, so that we can start developing the HirokixKiri relationship more, but I doubt that’s gonna happen. Don’t get me wrong, Elis isn’t a character that I hate or anything – I’m just getting restless waiting for Hiroki and Kiri’s story to get going.
Having said all of that, I also admit that I wanted something to happen between them when Elis was in bed with Hiroki (the same way I felt when she did that before). And I rather did enjoy the confession scene if for no other reason than my favorite BGM was playing during then. Next week looks to be a lot of memories of the past, so I’m not exactly looking forward to it (though young Elis is kind of cute).


  1. Elise finally confesses? Heck, she’s been confessing since before Canvas2 even started airing XD

    “For some odd reason, i dont mind/rather support the brother/sister relationship in Canvas 2. But I can’t stand it in Da Capo.”

    Well…I’m sure Elise would get far more support than Nemu.

    I don’t really have a heroine that I like in Canvas2, but excluding the fact that I played the game, I’m actually pretty positive that Elise won’t end up with Hiroki. He just doesn’t have the romantic affection towards Elise as he does for Kiri. Unless the director decides to show Hiroki and Elise spending lots and LOTS of time together thereby having Hiroki develop romantic affection towards Elise, having them make up at the end would just create mass number of questions.

    Also, I’m glad that stupid random character won’t be appearing. Hate him.

  2. YAY no Elis for Hiroki ROCK ON i hate that Da Capo sisterly love crap damn Da Capo I HATE THAT SHOW DIE NEMU DIE NEMU. Nemu hate goes higher everytime. ^^ I pray that Hiroki will end up with Kiri and Elis confessing this early in the series is a pretty good sign she wont. ROCK ON KiriXHiroki FOREVER

  3. Well~ The sibling love in Da Capo is way different compared to Canvas 2 given that fact the Elise isn’t really Hiroki’s sister. Good for her that she finally confessed as I was getting pissed at the way she always act behind of Hiroki, getting jealous and crying and stuffs like that. However, I doubt things are going to turn out like what we’re gonna think. There’s still others vying for him

  4. the only situation im ok with is If shes your childhood friend/neighbor and you grew up together. But the ones where they actually call them Onee-chan or Onii-chan, is TAKING it to far, simple as that.

  5. I’ve seen enough of this stupid DC style sibling love to make me vormit. but I don’t think that’ll happen in this series… they should show us why Hiroki didn’t accept Kiri when she confessed, eventhough he like her.

  6. If there’s going to be a more serious relationship between Hiroki and Elis, it would look more like a mix-up of Nemu-siscon and similar genetic relationship as Sakura to Jyuunichi, without the lolicon. And on top of that, Hiroki will most likely thinks Elis as a friend, instead of a lover, given their situation(s).

  7. I have to agree, Elis x Hiroki is highly unlikely at this point. Unless something drastic happens, it’ll probably stay that way for the rest of the series.

    But PLEASE, no more Elis angst episodes! Can’t stand.. any.. more.

  8. Anyone else sense Seed mode Elis coming soon? This situtation is very close to what is happening in shuffle. Asa/kiri = older Sister best friend type and Elis/Kaede = mental nut cake. Elis with her problem with red and “big borther” obsession is someone i can easliy see going Kaede on Kiri very soon if the show keep going toward Kiri.

  9. Not really, Hiroki was there for her when her parents died in that tragic accident. Since he seemed to be always there for her, I guess it’s only natural that she became very attached.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I agree that Elis doesn’t resemble Nemu (whom I also loathe) or Kaede. She’s a teenager who has gone through a bunch of trauma early in life, and, not to delve too deep into psychobabble, of course, the first crush she’d develop would be Hiroki. You fall “in crush” over the people who treat you nice, who are always there for you — or the people who are completely ignorant or hateful toward you.

  11. They already came down with the Paris talk? Again I have to ask, how many episodes are planned for Canvas2? I don’t think the plot is going to last for more than 13 episodes…I mean, the Paris talk IS the climax for both Elise and Kiri stories in the game -.- Hiroki’s other childhood friend hasn’t even appeared yet…

  12. Actually, didn’t his childhood friend (Yanagi Shinichirou) appear in that magazine Hiroki was reading in episode 1? Yeah, I just checked. He did show up in the magazine. That’s the extent to his appearance, I believe…

    I like this series, but with Hiroki’s seemingly obvious focus on Kiri, I wonder whether there will be an attempt to undo it and create a focus on Elis. After all, she is the lead in the intro animation, which is usually a sign of who the male ends up with. This could be different, of course.

    And, there’s still a lot left to tell besides that… The childhood friend (Yanagi)’s involvement in the Kiri/Hiroki situation in high school (I’m guessing he was the one Hiroki apparently thought would be better for Kiri at the time) has not been fully explored (Yanagi hasn’t even had his name said out loud).

    The reason why Hiroki doesn’t paint anymore hasn’t even been explained or resolved (I haven’t played the game yet, but I’m guessing it also has to do with the Kiri/Hiroki confession, and Yanagi, particularly given Yanagi is apparently a successful artist (just a guess from the brief appearance in the magazine in ep 1).

    And of course Elis also has to get over her fear of red.

    Lot’s of threads to resolve, as well as the standard love triangle. Although is it really much of a triangle? Kiri/Hiroki kind of remind me of Nemu/Junichi, given that both appear to only have eyes for each other, and the rest of the harem doesn’t seem to stand a chance (at least not yet – who knows after Elis’ confession, and all these dangling plot threads, Kiri could crash and burn like Sia in Shuffle!).

    I only just started watching this show, but it is quite good so far. A harem show that’s not really a harem show, with the lead (Elis) not really the lead (so far). I’m curious where it will go.

  13. The official website for this series has episode summaries up until episode 12, so things, like Hiroki’s immediate answer to Elis is there.. Having now played the game, the anime seems to take its own direction… Or, at least, a lot of episodes that don’t specifically happen in the game. Very interesting…


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