At school, Ike is handing out admission tickets to the entire class for a day at the Misaki Waterland. Shana’s not too keen on it, but Yuuji seems very excited. During lunch, Kazumi tries to invite Yuuji to go, but is unable to say the words even with Ike trying to help her. Instead, their classmate Ogata Matake invites everyone to go on Sunday. They all agree, including Shana after some urging from Yuuji. Ogata also invites Eita (who she likes) and Keisaku, but they turn her down because of Margery. Kazumi and Ogata go shopping together, while Yuuji’s mother gives Shana a swimsuit.
At the water park, Kazumi spots a poster for an Underwater Couples’ Kibasen (Kibasen is the mock battle game with a rider and a “horse” and the objective is to pull the opposing rider’s headbands). The prize is a restaurant dinner with a view of the night sky complete with a luxurious meal, handmade bread, and drinks all free of charge. Kazumi wants to have a dinner date with Yuuji while Shana is all about the all-you-can-eat melon bread, and so both want to participate. Ironically enough, Margery has also dragged Eita and Keisaku to the Waterland. When the two guys are spotted by Ogata, she causes a bit of a scene. Shana has felt Margery’s presence, but Margery is here basically to rest and drink. The Couples’ Kibasen is starts soon after the group draws their pairings – Shana and Keisaku, Ogata and Tanaka, and Yuuji and Kazumi. The latter group’s first face-off has the girl pulling open Kazumi’s swimsuit. Embarrassed, Kazumi pushes the girl down and somehow ends up with the headband in her hand. Shana, on the other hand, is grabbing them left and right, due much to the footwork of Keisaku. The two of them eventually chase after Yuuji and Kazumi, but Keisaku’s stamina gives way right as Shana is about to grab Kazumi’s headband. Everyone goes tumbling and the victor ends up being their teacher’s team. At the end of the day, everyone goes home and Kazumi can’t help but be worried about Yuuji and Shana’s relationship as she watches them walk off.

Plot-wise, nothing happens this week. But that’s ok, because this is a very fun, funny, and fanservice-y episode that shows to Kazumi and the audience how close Yuuji and Shana have become. Kazumi doesn’t really gain any ground as Yuuji is too occupied with Shana to notice her too much.
The funniest part of this episode for me is when Shana starts to undress in the Sakai living room, but then notices Yuuji is there and then kicks him out. Like I said, the episode is (as was expected) very lighthearted.
Animation is a bit across the board – a lot of the first half switches back and forth between awful and good quality. The animators get their act together by the second half though. I guess the budget for this episode went to the fanservice parts. 🙂
Now that we’ve had a fun episode, next week looks like a return to the serious stuff.


  1. On no!! The Melon bread is back!

    LOL Looks like Shakugan no Shana fans was waiting for fanservice episode like this one.
    I like Shana’s swinsuit, a little childish, but is perfect for her.

    Saga Darklight
  2. I finally remeber who kasumi reminds off.

    Either Mayu or a younger haruka form KGNE. Thats what her character design looks like.

    Anyone else think all Shana needs is pair of Neko ears to be perfect.

  3. WHOAH!! Fanservice galore! Not a bad “buffer” episode after the first story arc. I wouldn’t mind a few more of those. But anyway, I hope to see it soon. I still haven’t decided which fansub group to go with….Eclipse seems pretty fast but their translations are weird (too literal). FlameHaze’s translations are better but the quality isn’t as good as some others. A few others are finally getting around it this series but they are a little behind.

    Dann C.
  4. Figured out bases on next’s episode title, I think ths… Shana or Kasumi will tell Yuuji her feelings for him…. maybe Kasumi, becasue I don’t think Shana Know about love… who knows

    Saga Darklight
  5. The episode had be ROFL-ing till I thought I died. Shana the melon bread lover, Shana the abuser of males (Yuuji) and Shana the slave driver (Keisaku).

    Fanservice galore! Smells like a love triangle to me very soon. The fantasizing of Kazumi had me laughing as well, and it seems that Shana’s emotions are in turmoil around Yuuji…again. XD Cheers to this episode and high hopes for the next one. 😀

  6. You can’t get as much fun out of this episode if you don’t get the conversation. It’s the conversation that makes this episode funny to the MAX. Then again, very rarely can subtitles translate and keep the original meanings at the same time.

  7. Ok men, if don’t understand, then don’t ask until you can find a way to see it, a few more days men, wait…

    I love Shana even more than before. Shana & Yuuji… a meeting of fate? Love? Maybe.. I hope…

    Syaoran Li

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