At the hospital, while Asa is recovering, Ama asks to speak with Rin. After asking him if he likes Asa, Ama confesses that she’s responsible for Asa’s suffering. Asa wakes up sometime during the night and sees Rin holding her hand. At home, Kaede is regretting everything she did and cries on Primula’s shoulder. Kaede gets a phone call from Rin saying that he’s not coming home, but she stays up all night anyway watching over his dinner. When Rin gets home, he tells Kaede that he’s not going to school, deciding to sleep instead. Kaede visits home in the middle of the day, and catches Rin as he’s leaving. She starts asking why Rin is still going to the hospital. She runs upstairs crying after Rin says that she’s acting strange. Eating a boxed lunch together at the hospital, Ama suggests that Rin and Asa should go to college together. Rin and Asa are generally acting a lot like a couple these days. Meanwhile, Kaede is once again losing it partly because of her lack of sleep and constant crying. Hearing Rin talk about Asa later, Kaede mentions how Rin is always worried about Asa, but doesn’t notice that she is also suffering. After a bath, Kaede goes straight to Rin’s room and climbs into bed with him while still naked. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere, and promises to always take care of him. She leans over to kiss him, but Rin runs out despite her pleas for him to stop. He runs to the park, angsting about what to do. It starts raining by the time he finally makes a decision. Rin returns home the next morning to announce to a shocked Kaede (and Primula) that he’s leaving this home.

R-15 for this week: Kaede in the Bath, Naked Kaede in Bed.

For a little while during the episode, I actually though Kaede was going to recover, but then she loses it all over again. Rin’s pretty all-about-Asa these days, and the neglect for Kaede clearly shows. I honestly thought she was going to try to kill Rin again or something, but she surprised me by instead jumping (naked) into bed with him. Rin resists the temptation and runs out; at least that incident finally shocked him into thinking about what he needs to do. Moving out may not be the best idea, but we’ll see where it takes him. Ideally I think he should take some time out and sit down with Kaede to work things out, but there’s no suspense/drama/angst in doing that. And aside from Kaede, the other big loser here is Primula, who, as Zyl has noted before, is seeing her perfect family image being shattered.
However, there is no more doubt in my mind that Rin likes Asa, especially since they were talking about their future in the hospital. All that’s left now is how they’re going to show her ending while weaving the conclusion of the Kaede story in. That is unless they go and pull a fast one, showing something completely unexpected. But, since they’re evil and not giving us a preview, I have no idea what to expect from the next episode.

Closing Thought: I got DCSS vibes when Rin angsts about everyone’s happiness.


  1. Oh my god!!! Looking forward to the comment. Those pictures really scared me off.
    I hope that Asa will survive, but i also hope that Kaede will find back to herself.
    Thats not her true character, she seems broken..
    My my, it’s getting really dramatic, i am curious what the end of the story will look like..

  2. Please dont end with it with Asa, I really hope that next time is most about Asa and kaede and it ends for Asa, arrh!!

    I will reallly really hate if Rin ends with Asa.

    Now onto the show, boy by looking at those Screenshots, Asa and kaede have becoming ven worse!! i thought this time something good might of happened, I just hope they dont spend to much time with somethings

  3. “whats gonna happen know?”

    “i say stay in bed, **** like minx’s, and live happily ever after with kids”

    lollorz, she really is giving off basic instinct vibes.

    she tried to rape Rin!? *da hell*

  4. I just dont like how Rin has been ignoring Kaede and Primula, well I wonder what is going to happen next time ~ better not drag on~

    oh! I not want Asa and Rin Either, fro me that would be the worst ending for many reasons.

  5. hooboy, rin sure is acting like a bastard towards kaede. can’t believe it took kaede getting naked to knock some sense back into him, although in the end, leaving might cause more harm than good. i’m DYING to see this and next week’s episode now.

  6. How the hell is it pity if Rin ends with Asa? Just about everyone in the show has pointed out that Rin loves Asa. Why else would Sia and Nerine cook up that date in ep18?

    If Rin ends with Kaede, that would be a be because of pity.

  7. 21. will most likely be Asa working things out with Kaede.
    22-23 will be about Asa, her illness and Ama and her past.
    24. Probably on Rin and Asa but with Sia and Nerine saying they haven’t given up the polygamy option yet.

  8. Kaede… Kaede… oh dear Kaede…

    For some reason I feel it’d be dissappointing if Rin ended up with Asa. I mean I don’t have a problem with them, but because of the fixation of the show on Rin x Asa the rest of the girls seemed to be drowned out. I mean… really drowned out… Neglect to the fullest. No chance.

    Oh well, that’s my opinion.

  9. Bot Saying you predicts will never happen Xellos but that will give Way!!! To much Asa time if that happends >.>

    Also I think alot of people wouldn’t like if they spent sdo much time on her.

  10. I guess Shuffle! TV is now veering far from the original game storyline. I still believe that it will be a happy harem ending, though.

    According to WOWOW, the next episode will be about:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. ok all this poor asa stuff is annoying me frankly..i mean poor kaede and you know who’s fault it is that she’s crazy, it’s rin’s fault! If he wasn’t such a stupid kid he could’ve thought of blaming some body else for kaede’s mother’s death instead of him, how stupid can you get. He’s also stupid for not noticing how he’s been neglecting kaeade completely.
    Ok granted kaede needs to have time for herself and to stop doing every little thing for rin and the house, she should go out and have some fun the poor girl..i really hope she has a happy ending because she deserves it.

  12. “ok all this poor asa stuff is annoying me frankly..i mean poor kaede and you know who’s fault it is that she’s crazy, it’s rin’s fault! If he wasn’t such a stupid kid he could’ve thought of blaming some body else for kaede’s mother’s death instead of him, how stupid can you get. He’s also stupid for not noticing how he’s been neglecting kaeade completely.
    Ok granted kaede needs to have time for herself and to stop doing every little thing for rin and the house, she should go out and have some fun the poor girl..i really hope she has a happy ending because she deserves it.”

    Possible spoilers?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Now I’m beginning to really despise this. First Navel decides to drop heroines one by one and make it so damn obvious who will be come out victorious in the end, and now they made Kaede look like a total psycho even if she actually isn’t. I myself would prefer that Rin doesn’t end up with anyone now.

  13. Man Seriously i used to like asa but now im starting to hate her like i hate sia, im ean wtf does asa even give a damn about kaedes condtiion, flirting with rin while kaede is crumbling from inside. Even after seeing how badly Kaede craves for rin= her only reason to live. That damn b1tch argh…..I seriously hope kaede massacres asa into tiny little bits so they both (rin and asa) learn to stop being inhuman. I mean doesnt rin think he owes kaede a lot for being with him all these years and all..damit….hes just inhuman…

    tsuchimi RIn
  14. I don’t know, 4 whole episodes before the end and they’re making it clear who Rin is going to get together with? (Asa) I doubt it. I’m expecting “a “fast one” by the end of the series. If Atashi’s WOWOW spoilers are correct, then my guess would be that 22-24 will be about something happening to Kaede (she leaves or something), Rin angsts about what to do, Primula helps him decide to go after Kaede, Rin and Asa conclude that Rin loves Kaede, Rin goes after Kaede, they make up, and they get together. (whew! ^^b ) I honestly think it’s too early for Rin’s final choice to be made, if so, what will they do for the whole 3 remainging episodes? (22, 23, 24) If it’s going to be an Asa ending, then they won’t be able to spend much more time on them without focsuing too much on them, and it’ll be awkward of they spend a whole 3 episodes getting Kaede better.

  15. you know what would be hilarious, is if Rin ends ups with Primula, no im not a pedofile, but it would be a funny twist. maybe she could use some of her built up magic to age herself like 3 years, and give her face some color, because god damn she’s pale. yea thats the ending im looking forward to.

  16. i would definately prefer asa ending bcoz it shows rin’s growth as a character and theres been this build up soo far between asaxrin then again before this theres been the rinx sia build up before she was rejected.
    i am still hoping for a asa ending, theres still the unresolved issue of asa’s condition,most probally next 2 episode will be kaeda then asa then well get to see who rins end up with

  17. i really hope that rin does not end up with… kaede cuz i really hate her, and she’s been with him for several years and yet has done nothing since she was wearing that blue school uniform in that flashback. i’m sure kaede was probably the most common guessed ending when the series started, just like all harem anime where the person that ends up with the main male lead is the one that’s obviously closest to him. I’m hoping that shuffle TV will take a different approach on harem anime and let rin end up with someone other than the assumed main female lead. I was actually hoping that he’d end up with a sub character like kareha, because i’m one of those ppl that like sub characters a hell lot better than main characters. Heck i think it’d be a great twist if rin converted to being a homosexual. but honestly if shuffle TV does something like having rin end up with Asa instead of (i’m assuming) what the most thought to be Kaede, i think it’d be great for people who don’t like predictable endings from the first episode.

    On a side note, maybe Rin falls in love with Asa more and more everyday when Kaede goes to wake him up, telling him that it is morning (asa is japanese for morning) so kaede like subliminally screwed herself over or something. I like the new kaede she’s cool, kinda reminds me of kimi ga nozomu eien i don’t know why

  18. the way its going kaede is either gona die or something or learn to accept that rin loves asa and they both marry or something. Or maybe its a no girl ending…..but the way things went….the ending cant be a kaede one definitely. I really wanted it to be…but ah well…..

    tsuchimi RIn
  19. itll be too cruel if kaede dies, as much as i like asa ending i dont want them killing of kaede =/ i dont hate kaede , i just prefer asa =>,yes we have 4 more episodes but there will be a break =( bcoz of new year and stuff i think

  20. Havn’t played the game but Primula is going to suprize alot of people in the end I think 😉

    This time the show had Great music, ep.20 and ep.19 along with the Primula music they always play, have been some of the beast background music so far.

  21. Rin is a jerk to Kaede. In fact everyone is, w/ the exception of Primula. They all went after Rin knowing full well her feelings toward him. So it’s okay if Asa likes him, and let’s all asume he does also w/o hearing what he has to say. I think it would be easier if he just came outa nd said “You know I do like Asa” instead of just having everyone assume he does. And really making Kaede into Alex from fatal attraction is way too much. They just trampled over my favorite character making her the most psychotic out of the bunch. But I still love her. XD I can’t help it.

  22. What really pisses me off is that asa/sia got on dates with rin, but nerine hasn’t gotten one. How can they do this to my nerine. All she got was to confess to rin, after eps15 i knew it was over for her when she said that she needed time to let her love for rin grow. What BS is that by the way, letting your love grow?? What does she want to become, another kaede!!

    Does rin tell ama that he loves asa in this eps?
    Why didn’t rin after telling sia that he doesn’t love her, also tell nerine that (would give me closure, sia fanboys got it, why not me)?

    For me after seeing all the eps of shuffle in just 2 days, eps 18 is probally the worst. He said he had no exp with going on dates! What was he doing with sia then!

  23. New Year can go to hell!!! I want my SHUFFLE!

    I pity da fool that thinks Rin likes Asa because he pities her. Rin likes Asa because and she’s dependable and gives him emotional support. Kaede lives an empty life. Rin sees Kaede as a maid, not as a girl. Nuff said.

    As far as predictions go. I’m hoping for a Primula win! Pyscho Kaede goes to the Shigure’s house and tries to kill Asa but she passes out before she acutually dies. With one down, Kaede conitues her berserker rage and starts to go home to kill Rin. Arriving late from a lesbian mud wrestling match, Kareha says “Stop it, the low oxygen in her brain is just not fair for her to fight you. I’ll treat her with tri-ox magic.” Kareha revives Asa but by doing so unleashes the hidden demon powers locked with in her. Then Asa starts to transform into the 5th Angel and heads over to destroy Psycho Kaede. Back at the NERV HQ, Sia and Nerine decide to intervene but that they need more power to fight Asa. Nerine calls on the spirit of Licorice to take over her body to become the roxor majik chxsr. Sia puts on her “shoubu pantsu” and splits to become into The Ultimate Combination “Kikyou Out and Sia Later”. The two start to talk Asa out fighting Kaede but are silenced into submission and out of the rest of the show with a “Shut up you two (three?). This between me and Psycho Bitch. These droids aren’t the ones you are looking for.” Realizing that what a mistake she made, Kaede freaks out and runs and baracades herself in the basement. Unfortunately, as soon as she’s done securing the door, she trips over an imaginary soup pot, falls to the bottom and dies. Asa slowly works her way past the baracades but because it’s dark, fails to notice Kaede and find herself at the bottom facing off with Rei Ayan….Primula. Primula sucks out most of Asa’s power then freezes her to be forever sealed in a ball of ice and then launches her out into space. Because of the incredible amout of power absorbed , Primula grows to become almost just as tall as Rin who was alseep in his room during all this time. Primula goes to wake Rin up with “Onii-chan.” and all of a sudden, Rin is unable to deny his lolipedofin tendencies and rips off all of Primula’s clothes just to get the episode a R-15 Rating. THE END.

  24. i’m one of those people who at the first episode said that rin would end up with kaede after episode 1 and have been hoping all along i’d be wrong… i swear ill give up on harem if my prediction comes true 😛

    i personally love asa, although haven’t seen past episode 16, but i spoiled myself…

    i’m wondering what’ll happen in the end… just have to wait and see who he chooses ^^

  25. Insanity!! These random throws of suspense are definitely setting Shuffle! from other H game animes. Not having a preview at the end of 20 is just torture x_x. However, I see this series fillowing too much of a DC pattern, with all of the humor scrunched into the late teens, and then the rest of the series being so serious it is literally morbid. I definitely see the Fatal Attraction tie, but it is getting deranged enough, that I even see some allusion to Species o_O;;

    I also think that Primula is going to pull some major huge surprise towards the end. There wouldnt be any other reason for those steategic focuses into her questions, and her reaction at the end of 20 esp. She gains the ability to emote, just in time to feel soap opera angst >P

  26. Shuffle! has got to be the no. 1 anime of this year, if not for a few years.

    It does seem to be getting a KGNE vibe recently, what with all the serious emotional drama that’s been going on. When an anime reaches the point where you start to empathise with the characters it really does achieve greatness.

    I’m very worried at the moment that the producers are going to have to kill off Kaede, or at least have her attempt to kill herself. They’ve dug themselves a little bit of a hole because right now, without some very, very cheesy reconciliation, there’s no way that everyone is going to end up happy.

    All these Primula predictions might not be too far off though. If you think about it, all four other girls have a different side to their personality. Sia has Kikyou. Nerine had Lycoris. Asa has the -won’t-spoil-plot-if-you-haven’t-played-the-game thing, and now Kaede has her unstable/psychotic side. Primula is the most honest character in the entire series, and she also seems to be the only one who’s noticing the trouble between Rin, Kaede and Asa. The only other thing to say is that I don’t think anyone can compare this anime to the game anymore. It’s gone so far off the track of the game (for the better, I think) that the ending is still completely wide open.

    Jade Maehara
  27. Hmm, i don’t really like some people to see Kaede just as a victim and Rin as the guilty boy and so on.
    Anyways, the problem here is that Rin loves Asa (yeah, start to comment again, bla -_-).
    Why? Look, just watch Rin when he is together with Asa! He is happy, he loughs more than with any other girl. The problem with Kaede is that she once lost i person she loves. And now she fears to lose Rin.
    Because of all this stuff, Kaede is getting “crazy”. She doesn’t want to kill Asa or Rin or anybody.
    She just don’t want to lose Rin as she lost her mother.
    Well, that’s what i think about it.
    I am sure there are 3 options left:
    Rin and Asa
    Rin and Primula (few years later)
    Rin alone^^

    Or event the fourth and worst: One of the character dies and we will have a bad ending or something like “I will never forget you”.

    Will see

  28. *Which* also makes her cute I meant.

    Well without the preview for ep.21 I say expect the unexpected ^^ oh! and Primula Ftw ~ sorry ^^;; I cant help but say it. Still I wish nothing bad to happen with all the other girls 🙂

  29. hey maybe there was no preview because there will be multiple endings O_O wait.. .there’s only 4 more eps damn…
    yeah i haven’t really thought much of primula, but seeing as navel did go through the trouble of adding in the whole lolipedo term and stuff like that, i can kinda see a rin x primula ending. still… maybe there won’t even be an ending like lots of other harem anime and then there’ll be like a season 2 or OVA an OVA sounds nice doesn’t it? even better animationnn O_O like CG animation? hmm… >> that’s too much to hope for -____-
    btw whatever happened to itsuki he was cool with his glasses and comic relief… he better start appearing more in some of the later eps…

  30. My question to everyone who thinks it’s gonna be RinXAsa is this:


    You can’t possibly think that Rin is going to sit down and have a counseling session w/ Kaede. There’s no story in that. FOUR episodes is a LONG time, which brings some serious doubt in my mind. If you ever watch these love-drama anime, major relationships don’t resolve themselves this early. Now, you may or may not know the main girl in advance, but in almost EVERY series I can think of, the main girl’s conflict gets resolved at the absolute last minute… which means the last episode.

    And note that Primula hasn’t said anything yet. I don’t think she’s going to remain a spectator any longer, after seeing Rin leaving.

    If anything, this episode reinforces the idea that Rin and Asa will NOT end up together, because they’re together too early. In fact, if this keeps up it’s going to be a race between a Kaede ending or a harem ending. I say harem.

  31. Heh, maybe the last 4 episodes will be used in the process of making Kaede and Asa sign the peace treaty…And Primula to snatch Rin away in the meanwhile ;D

    Kaede can’t be resolved unless she ends up with Rin. But that’s only in the game, and as someone else said, the game storyline is useless. It’s gone completely off track that all the ideas and predictions are “shuffling” around.

  32. Rin seems to get a lot of negative comments that he doesn’t care about Kaede’s feeling. However, after watching ep#20 I feel that is totally untrue. When Kaede jumped into Rin’s bed totally naked, he did what a normal guy would have difficulty doing, push the naked girl away and did not take advantage of her.

    When Rin ran outside to the park, there is a very important dialogue that describe Rin’s feeling. I am going to try to translate it. While he is running to the park he said “What am I doing right now?” “I didn’t protect Kaede?” I don’t want to help Asa sempai?” “Sia, Nerine, and Primula, I bring no happyness to all of you around me.” “I am an idiot!” “Have I not realize what I have done?” “Am I so blinded?” “What is going on RIN??” “Damn You!” “Damn You!”

    While Rin was running, there is also a cut scene where Rin get a flash back to when his schoold buddy told him “What are you doing? You lives with Kaede but don’t explain the nature of your relationship.” “It is your passiveness that everyone hate!”

    Then next cut scene is Asa Sempai saying a very important line. “Everyone want to take one step into the future. But you Rin, the most important person dont want to take that step. You can’t continue like this.” When the rain starts to fall, Rin’s face turn resolute, he has finally made the decison to take that step into the future.

    IMO, this is a very emotion ep not only for Kaede but also Rin’s growth. He did not ran out leaving Kaede crying at home, and go have fun at the pub. He stay out in the cold rain and serious considered what he has done to all the girls, their feelings for him, and his best course of action. Considering Rin is cast as a teenager with no money, and a free boarder living in Kaede’s house. He made another decision that no normal teenager would make, he decided to move out and stop taking advantage of Kaede hospitalty and feeling.

  33. In my opinion, if you have five girls having the hots for you, you better think of everything, including consequences. That is especially harder when those choices whittle down to two, with the other three being the very understanding types. I think Rin is feeling the crunch of these consequences on choosing Asa (although not final, AIMO).

    So far, Lizzy and Nerine are out of this scene, so I can’t see what they can do in this situation. But I bet, after being rejected by Rin (although never directly), they will help Kaede cope with this. After all, Rin still has time to think, considering Asa’s situation.

    That is unless, as Omni stated, the producers might pull a fast one and we’ll never know what will happen next.

  34. = Man Seriously i used to like asa but now im starting to hate her like i hate sia, im ean wtf does asa even give a damn about kaedes condtiion, flirting with rin while kaede is crumbling from inside. Even after seeing how badly Kaede craves for rin= her only reason to live. That damn b1tch argh…..I seriously hope kaede massacres asa into tiny little bits so they both (rin and asa) learn to stop being inhuman. I mean doesnt rin think he owes kaede a lot for being with him all these years and all..damit….hes just inhuman… =

    Flirting with Rin? Not giving a damn about Kaede’s condition? Rin, I’m a little unsure about, but I imagine Asa is the one left in the dark; I don’t think she even knows about their childhood story, let alone imagine that all the fun times she spent with her *friend*, Rin, is a significant contribution to the state that Kaede is now in. I honestly don’t think Asa intends to rub salt on her wounds – look at her greeting Kaede in her usual Asa way in Episode 19; she has no reason to think anything is out of the ordinary. Even in Episode 18, you could see Asa was a bit unsettled when she found out just exactly where she and Rin was supposed to date, lol. (Of course, after she found out about the plan, she became more forward, but that’s a completely different story.)

  35. I’m voting for the Kaede attempted suicide route, just cause she’s that messed up and it’d be a dramatic and awesome way to finish her arch. Actually she’s not acting that out of character. Once we learned her history, the way her character is, is explained. After everything, her being a bit off now makes total sense. She devoted herself to Rin and now he’s blowing her off.

    I don’t totally like the way Rin is brushing Primula and Kaede aside after all that, they’re my family styff, but considering how anyone acts when they get into a relationship, it fits too.

    Angel Mercury
  36. in respone to becky’s comment, I dont think Rin realy owes kaede anything… I mean if you saw what happened in their chilhood she almost killed him and gave him all sorts of hell and yet he stood strong for her sake. Who knows.. RIn could have killed. I was always an Asa fan from the start, and shes gotta be the coolest character. I love how she is so lively even with her condition/situation. BUT yea, unforunately i duno if there will realy be an asa ending. Though it seems like shes the main female character now, its gonan take quite something to resolve kaede and primula and IMO i think asa is going to die, RIns going to be sad, kaedes still going to take care of him and hell rebound to kaede. Oh well, hopefully itll be an ending that wont disappoint.

  37. not that I’m taking sides or anything, but I think Rin WAS a bit neglectful (even as a friend) to not even notice (or if noticed; asked about) the major black eye shadow & puffy red eye bags on Kaede’s face. I do take into note that Rin is tired after spending all day at the hospital with Asa, but those were pretty huge black eye shadow o_o…

  38. How can you hate Rin and Asa? They didn’t do anything. Kaede has had a problem for a long time; it’s just that no one realized. Not even her father picked up on how unstable Kaede is. She latches her existence onto one thing and defines her life around it. It was her mother, and then making sure Rin’s life was a living hell. Then it became about doing everything for Rin. If anyone is not ready to step into the future it’s Kaede. I think the next episodes will concentrate on her and her problems, while playing up Asa’s illness. Feels like the end will be how Asa gets better; don’t worry i don’t think the God and Demon stuff is out of the story yet.

  39. >> EliteF22 question: “How can you hate Rin and Asa?”

    Because Rin has been ignoring Kaede (and Primula!!! ) and acting all happy, mainly around Asa like everything is fine.

    And Asa, well she knows Kaede likes Rin and Still she goes forward. Doesn’t she care about how her friend feel? :/ & after she got attack she was acting happy in the hospitable with Rin. I feel sory that she got attack.

    But Rin and Asa should of been talking and worrying about Kaede, because she needs help ‘in the head’
    Asa is sick, but talking and caring, worrying about her Best? friend isn’t going to kill her.

  40. I agree with you that they should have been talking about Kaede at least a little bit, and it is odd that he hasn’t had much focus on Kaede at all these past few episodes, however I don’t hate Asa for that. Kaede and Rin both take the blame for how things turned out, not Asa. And just because she knows Kaede ‘loves’ Rin, doesn’t mean she has a responsibility NOT to pursue her own desires, if Rin is willing.

  41. Your right she she doesn’t have a responsibility not to pursure her own desires, but doing this when she knows kaede likes Rin doesn’t make her character likable fro me. It makes her look like a bad friend, Sia & nerine saw it as a competition, whe ngoing out with Rin, but asa is always serious about relationships (the date) So having her ingorne kaede doesn’t go well with me.

  42. oh! so many people are Saying primula is to young, to end up with Rin.. ^^;; she acts more mature then most of the girls, and is only a year younger then Rin.anyway Primula ftw ~ lol ^^;;

  43. well, this is a big turning point of the series. The climax starts from here. I really think it’ll be a kaede ending cause it would be a bit weird to see asa for the next 4 eps. Also, I think the shock of being rejected would send her to a mental intuition or something. Seems like one step either way will emotionally and phyisically hurt either girl. Possibly Rin dies XD

  44. my guess is the shuffle crew have actually too much $ to spare so they decided to make this an oscar winning series… kudos to them.. as we can see they actually put alot of hardwork into developing the asa x kaede arc(the game part is rather short but here they actually make it a full flex climax!!!).. hehe 1st time i can trully say this series actually surpasses its game counterpart and slam the critics hard on their faces….

  45. I follow with my position of which Rin I will remain with Kaede ^^
    does not like Asa -o-
    encounter that were not a good friend with Kaede, and me dí account that whenever it could, harassed to Rin ¬¬ and that sees in many episodes, in addition… I would like that the things quedarna as she wishes Primula, a happy family between Rin – Kaede – primula * – – *

  46. To your comments about Asa and Kaede, I think as Kareha said: There is only one way in love, take it or leave it. And if Rin really loves Asa? She rejects him for Kaedes sake and then? That’s not a solution for everybody’s sake. The question is what Rin will do..
    Wahh, can’t wait for next episode^^

  47. whoa just look at the amount of comments epi 19 and 20 got compared to the other epis o.o.
    Well i guess thtas to be expected. i cant wait for the next epi. only a few million seconds to go xD

    Tsuchimi Rin
  48. “my guess is the shuffle crew have actually too much $ to spare so they decided to make this an oscar winning series”

    LOL! I had to laugh at this one (well, the oscar-winning part too, but that’s another story). Take the money from a game that sold well at $70/copy, plus the nearly-endless stream of CDs, manga, figures, and other merchandise, make an anime that airs exclusively on a Pay-TV channel, and then sell it on 12 DVDs, with a limited edition that retails for ~$70/each (by the time you buy all the limited edition DVDs, you will have spent almost 100,000 yen – over $800 US). So, if you want to know where the money comes from, it’s definitely from the fans who’re buying it all. :p

    Anyway, as for the other part of your comment, I’ll just suffice it to say that the suspence in 19/20 feels forced to me, and leave it at that. Decent episodes assuming they lead to a good conclusion, but not my favorites of the show. We’ll see where they take this.

  49. LOL is Rin stupid or somthing

    Just talk to the crazy bitch and get it over it 😀

    From watching this ep i think, best and twisted ending would be Rin ending up with Kaeda
    because the it would match up with the series

  50. man….. hiroki didn’t seem to bother dealing with kaede until she jumped into his bed… i mean, there were incidents where he could clearly tell something is wrong with her, and he knows she has been acting strangely lately, but he does nothing! i’m just curious to how rin moving out would cause kaede to do…. rin would probably end up with asa, but i don’t want a lame ending where kaede’s suddenly ok and fine and everyone support there relationship~

  51. Shells: And I don’t want an ending where Rin mysteriously is able to forget his nightmares about the past with Kaede, and suddenly out of nowhere, views her as anything other than family. That IMO would be very forced. At least with Asa, Nerine, and Sia, he’s seen them as girls he could possibly be with.

  52. Well, i watched the episode subtitled and there were some really important things:
    -First time Kaede says she love Rin
    -First time Primula says she want to stay with Rin
    -Rin calls himself a bastard
    -He says that he hasn’t done anything
    -He is desperated

    So stop claiming that Rin doesn’t notice anything or that he is stupid.
    Image you are 16 and in his situation, Anime or not.

  53. Wow, I don’t think I would have ever re-downloaded Shuffle! and ACTUALLY watched the episodes at an unhealthy speed if it weren’t for Omni’s blog. Being jaded by harem titles is only a natural and acceptable attitude unless the harem title’s name begins with “Air,” has “Air” in the middle and ends with “Air.” I’m glad that I’ve been guided to yet another uncompromising story which doesn’t provide some blah-emotional-parachute as we get deeper and deeper into the casts’ turmoil. Thanks Omni.

    In regards to the resolution, chances are good that Primula is going to be the one that serves the pitch so Rin can make a homerun and bring Kaede home. (Shoot me V_V)

    Kaede shared her deepest and purest feelings with regards to believing that she “wasn’t worthy of Rin’s forgiveness” for hurting him countless times throughout the years following her mother’s death. If Primula shares those revelations with Rin then I can imagine that he would set things straight with Kaede – tell her that any wrongdoings against him were forgiven and taken into consideration before he even lied to her in her hospital bed those years ago, because he didn’t want her to destroy herself from that catatonic state.

    The forgiveness angle was never covered before, so it just seems like the final loose end for Rin to tell Kaede that there was never anything that needed forgiving.

    Anyway, I’m looking foward to episode 21.

  54. well i prefer it ends with everybody is happy 🙂 ( btw after i saw episode 19 i dont know about i like kaede or not and btw i think stil rin is a good guy no matter what you guys say ^^ anyways i like all the girls 😀 sia nirene asa primela……..


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