Hiroki tries to play off Elis’ confession, asking if it’s April Fool’s. Knowing that Elis is serious Hiroki tells her that he’s always considered her his little sister. Elis runs to her room crying, and acts quite sullen the next day. At school, Elis tells Kana that she still hasn’t decided whether or not to go to France. Kana’s research of Hokkaido also reminds Elis of the anniversary of her parent’s death. With her thoughts all muddled about, Elis is a bit clumsy during art class. Meanwhile, Hiroki is asked by Kiri to go fishing, which he accepts after she promises to make lunch. At home, he looks for his fishing rod, and notices that Elis there. After she doesn’t come home that night, Hiroki looks in her room and finds a note saying that she went to her grandmother’s place.
There, Elis places some flowers on her parents’ graves. She and her grandmother share several happy memories of her parents, including one time when she made a wreath of flowers for her mother. Elis visits one of the rooms in her grandmother’s house where a painting Hiroki drew hangs, and she remembers watching him draw it when they were young. At home, Hiroki worries about her enough to cancel his fishing excursion with Kiri (who ends up picnicking with the director of the school). He eventually calls his grandmother and then shows up at her place. On the way to the cemetery to find Elis, he receives and sends multiple messages from and to Kiri. At the cemetery, he gets another one asking where he is, but his cell phone’s batteries run out so he can’t reply. He and Elis return home by taxi, but there’s a clear divide and awkwardness between the two.

I really can’t believe that Hiroki tried the April Fool’s line before he actually turned her down. The actual rejection amounted pretty much what you’d expect: Hiroki sees her as a little sister. That ties together again near the end of the episode when Elis remembers
Hiroki’s painting, which leads her to remember Hiroki saying (right before the rejection) that he’s known her since she was little. And Hiroki and his real love interest Kiri share several messages throughout the day, including when Hiroki is rushing to the cemetery to find Elis. It’s a sign that Hiroki holds Kiri more importantly when he stops midway through calling out Elis’ name to answer Kiri’s message. And then he keeps his cell phone on while in the cemetery and even reads Kiri’s message while Elis is praying, which is kinda rude if you ask me.
So for the most part, this episode reinforces that Hiroki cares for Elis as a little sister, but cares for Kiri as a romantic interest. Yes, he does cancel his promise to go fishing with Kiri, but I think that’s more out of brotherly worry.
Anyway, next week is the sports festival and Elis’ birthday. I sense another Elis-centric episode.


  1. Finally, I’m seeing some random guy hating comrades ^_^

    He needs to stop flying around Elise like a random guy that he is. He made Elise cry by making her reject him the first time, then makes Elise feel guilty for rejecting him the next. Stupid random guy. Hiroki can take over revealing more about Elise now.

    This week’s eyecatchers look interesting. I see Ren(Canvas1) in the first one, but I can’t help but to think the girl in the second eyecatcher looks like Kotori O_O

  2. “Memories of Elis’s parents? Visiting her grandmother and the parents’ graves? Kiri’s getting the brush off. Not a good sign.”

    I don’t see how that could mean Kiri’s getting the brush off, especially since there’s still episodes left and we know Kiri and Hiroki’s past will show up eventually.

  3. I wrote my previous post before there was a summary, and before I actually watched the episode. It was based entirely on the pictures visible to me. Glad to see it’s different than I thought. Whatever.

    I don’t know why you would not want stupid random guy to show up. I can understand why you might hate him, since he gets in Elis’s way, but it’s nice to have the harem show format shaken up a bit. The fact that stupid random guy exists is another reason I like this show a lot more than I thought I would – it’s unquestionably a harem series, but it feels quite different too. So far, anyway.

    Actually I read somewhere that this is a 26 episode series. Is that true??? Wow. A confession from the female protagonist so early in a series… If it’s that long, I think Kiri’s going to crash and burn like Sia in Shuffle! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to happen, but Elis is the main character, after all. And Kiri’s getting too much face time too early in the series.

    Anyway, you’re right, there’s still a lot left to do (Kiri and Hiroki’s past, Yanagi, Hiroki not painting, Elis hating red, etc.). And if there’s really 26 episodes, a lot of time to do it.

    I wonder how much of the resolution of the anime will be similar to the game… Because a lot of this series is quite different from the game so far. Which is good, because I found the game’s version of Hiroki to be an ass.

    I don’t really follow a lot the Internet discussions (yet). I just got into watching fansubs. But does this show get much attention? It’s easily one of the best out there. But it seems like other shows have more discussion right now. Maybe cause it’s still somewhat new?

  4. I don’t think they’re from Canvas 1. It’s a really, really long shot but they look like Aisha and Kotori from Da Capo SS. VERY long shot, and it’s probably not them, but that’s what they look like. They could be from another game done by the company that did Canvas.

  5. I don’t know about the second girl (and I still think she looks like Kotori), but the first girl is no doubt from Canvas1. Ren is famous for her violent nature and you can see the same CG in the game, where she’s doing the kick.

    “I don’t know why you would not want stupid random guy to show up. I can understand why you might hate him, since he gets in Elis’s way, but it’s nice to have the harem show format shaken up a bit.”

    Shake the harem show up? The random guy got REJECTED. That random guy can’t even stagger the anime at this point. He’s just a RANDOM male character in the background who happens to have a voice and a distinguishable face. He might as well as not appear. Besides, Canvas2 isn’t really much of a “harem” anime to begin with. This situation isn’t the same as D.C.S.S or Shuffle!.

  6. Female characters get rejected all the time and still show up in these kinds of shows. I wouldn’t think it’d be so strange that a male gets rejected and still shows up (even if he is a random guy). Besides, isn’t it required that there be at least two male characters in any show like this? The lead and some other guy in the background who gets the occasional line? Granted, usually they’re best friends, but not in this case. That’s a little different, at least.

    And you’re right, so far it’s not much of a harem show, thank goodness, cause not all of the females are swooning over the lead all the time. But it’s still early, so you never know…

  7. This situation isn’t the same as D.C.S.S or Shuffle!

    Was DC ever really harem? I mean, Jyunichi only ever liked the brat.

    Anyway, on topic, yes; that random guy’s design is pretty terrible but tbh I have nothing against his character, especially because although he might have screwed up, he never meant to, and he wants to help Elis. That earns points in my book.


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