When they were young, Kenji traded Hiromi the lamune bottle that he had just bought for her blue fish hairpin. He took a drink of it before giving it to her, and so the two shared an indirect kiss. To this day, Hiromi has kept and treasured this bottle. But now it’s time to move away, and Kenji and company show up to help out. While carrying a table, Hatano accidentally bumps into Hiromi, causing the special lamune bottle that she had in her arms to go flying out the window and break on the ground below. Hatano apologizes, but Hiromi claims that it wasn’t anything important. That night, the group has a farewell party at the Konoe family restaurant. Afterwards, Suzuka takes Hiromi to her room, gives her a going away present, and asks for Hiromi to write. Kenji calls Suzuka downstairs, so Hiromi uses the opportunity to go into Kenji’s room. She looks around and spots Nanami through the window in the house next door. Hiromi feels a bit sad, but says to herself that it doesn’t matter since she’s moving away.
The next day, Nanami wakes up to motorcycle noises next door – it appears that Kenji has finally fixed the bike. He and Nanami go to the train station and arrive just in time to catch Hiromi before she boards the train. Kenji gives her another bottle of lamune, and the three say their goodbyes. Sakura tells Kenji and Nanami that they are the best couple, but that they shouldn’t keep feeling that it’ll be always ok like this. As the train pulls away, Nanami holds Kenji’s hand and then hugs his arm.

Surprisingly, the second Hiromi episode brings Kenji and Nanami closer together. There are several tie-ins to last episode, including showing where the blue fish hairpin that Kenji showed Nanami came from and showing the extended version of Hiromi’s confession. And then there’s the warning she gave them at the end, basically urging them to confess to each other. After that, we see Nanami and Kenji get a bit physically closer. So with a few episodes left and the motorcycle now fixed, the series is getting to the point where their relationship will probably climax with a confession. The preview seems to show, among other things, Nanami and Kenji in one room with only one bed.


  1. What? they shouldn’t be…
    I tested it in both Firefox and IE, both after clearing the caches. I can see all the images just fine.
    Have you tried force reloading the page? (Ctrl+F5 if you’re using Firefox)

  2. Ah, they’ve finally shown Sakura’s past ^_^

    3 episodes left huh? My bet is that the rest of the series will go like this:

    Possibly major spoilers:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’d like to commend the Lamune staff for keeping the anime so close to the game and including all the important events, which all other harem animes seem to be failing at so far ^_^

  3. Despite what people say about this anime’s bad point being the lack of drama and conflict, I actually find that to be the great thing about this show. It makes this show stand out from all the other harem shows because unlike the standard harem, we don’t have an actual love triangle as the center of the story. And we especially don’t have 2-7 girls all going for the same guy. 😉 I just really like this show for what it is, a plain, normal life show instead of a story of some grief-stricken nightmare tragedy. So far, this anime is definitely pleasing me. 🙂 It won’t go down in my eyes if there gets to be some drama/conflict, but the show would definitely not suck without any. 😀

  4. I have to agree with what Shinji103 said about this series, I like it for just being about everyday items and just normal day to day life. It really reminds me of To Heart, another favorite of mine. It a shame that more anime is not like this.

  5. I loved this series!! Like Loplop said about Shinji103, it’s just ordinary days, with no twisted things to make Lamune seem like it’s in a alternate universe.

    Too bad there isn’t a second installment on Lamune…I actually kinda think Episode 12 was kinda depressing though..

    Kourin =P

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