Short Summary:
Yamato, bent on becoming first, runs whenever he can, usually until well after normal practice is over. He tells Miki, who is helping time his runs, that once he becomes number one he’ll try confessing to Suzuka again because, as he explains, he wants to be on equal footing with her. As Yamato continues to practice, he starts improving, which Miyamoto shows him on a graph. Suzuka is getting pissed at Yamato’s drive, and finally tells him one day that doing all the running can be counterproductive. Yamato gets angry after she calls him an idiot, and walks away. Regretting what she said, Suzuka chases after him and stops him and apologizes. As she runs off embarrassed, she tells him to do his best. With the words of encouragement fresh on his mind, Yamato is ready and determined at the next track meet.

They did a lot of jumping around this episode when compared to the manga, though nothing really important is different other than the Nana/Honoka scene. They changed that scene so that there’s no photo shoot element, and Nana is simply there to listen to and comfort Honoka. I find that understandable because the anime isn’t going to go far enough to reach the later point in the manga when the photo from the shoot comes back.
For the most part, this episode is just Yamato running, running, running. Of course, the important scene is the one at the end with Suzuka, who’s once again showing off her confused/wishy-washy attitude. But since Yamato still likes her, there’s really no harm no foul in what happens, and it instead serves to encourage him.
Three more episodes of Suzuka left….


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  2. you know, i’ve been rooting for yamatoxhonoka since the beginning of this series, but i wonder if it’s worth the effort anymore. man, it doesn’t matter WHAT suzuka does to yamato. not only is yamato an idiot, he’s a doormat for ice queen suzuka and her mood swings. meanwhile there’s honoka, a wonderful girl who likes him for WHO HE IS (unlike suzuka, who would only seem to like him if he were more like Kazuki), and he’s too stupid to realize it. even here: he’s doing ALL of this for suzuka’s sake, then suzuka comes over and berates him; he actually gets a backbone and tells her off, only for suzuka to quickly come back, apologize, and there he goes walking off with that stupid smile. a guy like him doesn’t deserve honoka. oh, and the mangaka and the director of the anime can both BITE me. >:(

  3. LOL firebrand

    I wish Yamato had a better personality. I like Suzuka, ice queens can be tamed also! But with a personality like Yamato’s its no wonder he gets treated like crap.

    He annoys me nearly everytime he’s on screen with the exception of when he’s running. Please replace loud-mouth (esp. when he randomly shouts stupid crap, wtf), stupid, and confused -with- composed, thoughtful, passionate and maybe this series could’ve gotten a nice 10/10.

    With the clash of WTF and ‘frggin a’ this series is nothing more than a 6 or a 7 so far.
    Oh well, 3 more episodes and I’m done. Shana is doing much better at least

  4. Hmmm, I still hope that they will sneak in the photo shoot in episode 24, because it’s obvious from the preview that they will end 24 with the “big bang, part I”. 2 eps would be enough to resolve everything and have 10 minutes left for a little epilogue. If not, I’d be a bit sad, because this would leave the Honoka arc without a full conclusion.

    Buuuuut, let’s see.

  5. Well, I personally like Suzuka better than Winy Honoka who seems to be complaining about everything. She’s just too…what’s it of those girls are that’re too clingy. Not to be absurb…but I know some guys that like that….but eventually…wanting them to show “too much care” “too much love” give “too much attention” becomes annoying as hell. I never thot much of Honoka…always thot she’s stupid. But none compared to Yamato. Sure Honoka likes Yamato for who he is….but Suzuka…doesn’t wanna fall back…and wants the “right” one not the irresponsible person. I mean…Honoka’s the type that wud probably like whomever becuz they did something to her. SHe only liked Yamato cuz he helped her fixed her bell, imagine if he didn’t….she wudn’t have even noticed him. Actually, i’m bullshitting, i have no idea how honoka thinks…but i just know i dislike her. No, more like hate her. I hate stupid girls like that. at least being tough to see Yamato wud be man enuff to put forth this effort for her…!!

    Btw, about the “hotlinking thing” …it’s becuz the writer of this page prbly doesn’t want ppl stealing pics off her site. So…….if u really do want the picture…save it onto ur computer..and upload it somewhere else..with a different site name…and u’re able to use it. But of course…dun forget to copyright it!

  6. lol, cant everyone treate this anime in a more calmly way? like flaming yamato wont solve the problem, taking how this anime goes, ppl should just watch it at a neutral matter, not helpin who, not whining about how bad yamato acts

    i’m pretty much enjoyin the whole show overall, and like yamato’s friend said, “theres no right or wrong to love”, love blinds ppl, so it will happen to you as well, even though suzuka got mood swings like crazy, it still doesnt hurt the whole story, infact it allows them to understand more and more of each other

  7. since Animesuki forums is down i’ll say something here…

    Miki likes Yamato!!!

    I root for Miki all the way even if baka likes Suzuka…

    Miki is the best girl in the anime…

    Explain the photo shoot thing…was it really supposed to go out on episode 23?


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