As Yuuji and Shana have continued their training, Shana struggles with her feelings for him. At school during lunch, Yuuji promises to help Kazumi with some book committee work after school. When Shana voices her objection, Yuuji remembers that he had earlier agreed to train with her, also after school. Shana walks out after Yuuji chooses Kazumi, and the two have an argument on the roof. In the afternoon, while he’s working with Kazumi, Yuuji still has their argument on his mind and knows that he’s not ready yet to fight alongside Shana. When he gets home, he finds Shana in a dress, courtesy of his mother. Shana leads him outside to do their training, but Yuuji doesn’t want to and goes back home. The next day, a Rinne strikes the middle of the town and Shana goes to fight it, although she frets a bit because Yuuji isn’t with her. Yuuji does eventually show up, but only after the fight has ended and Shana has had to cut up the Rinne piece by piece in order to stop it. After Yuuji apologizes, Shana buries her head in his chest and tells him that fighting alone is hard. She says that he has to become strong as she starts to cry while he holds her. Elsewhere in town, a group of thugs are beating up a rich looking kid until his sister shows up. The boy then summons a giant sword, cuts all of the thugs in half, and then sucks up their energy. As the siblings then share this energy through a kiss, a man in sunglasses watches from above and identifies the boy as Aizenji Sorato and the girl as Aizenta Tirieru.

Is Tirieru supposed to be Tyrael or have I been playing too much Diablo II? Either way, I’m happy because she’s voiced by none other than Tamura Yukari. The way the episode was going, I thought it would end with Shana in Yuuji’s arms, but then they go and introduce three new characters, including the incestuous siblings (another pair!?). Still, the focus of the episode is on Yuuji’s and Shana’s feelings towards each other and their partnership. For now, I’m glad that it looks like they’re going to be working together to get stronger from now on because I can’t stand Yuuji’s inferiority complex.
I’m looking forward to the new bad guys spicing things up again. They’re not in the preview, but Shana and Kazumi in what appears to be a public bath are. The episode title is even more enticing: 「悠二とシャナとキス」 (Yuuji, Shana, and a Kiss). Somehow I doubt they’re going to kiss, but it should be interesting nonetheless.


  1. Why is it that Shana’s blush does better job at putting smile on my face than Donald McDonald?

    And wow, a close up french kiss! (BTW, is it just me or does that green giant look like the Incredible Hulk without muscles?)

  2. Woot! Another exciting episode from what I can see. More relationship development points, and…isn’t that incest? That guy wearing the shades seemed to be one of to Tomogaras as well huh…

  3. Well this explains the title for the next episode. In the novels, the sibling Tomogaras’ “love” for each other is what brings Shana to fully realize her feelings for Yuji, so their’s the reason for next episode’s title. 🙂

  4. well~ i love the way the story is going now. the romance part between shana and yuuji is interesting. as for the next episode, i think they kiss might be related to the siblings rather than the both of em. who knows?

  5. I don’t think, if Yuuji and Shana are really going to kiss, it’ll be for a romantic purpose. In the preview, Yuuji says “what action will Shana take for affirming oath?”, and I somehow think it’ll be a kiss. A french kiss.

  6. We’re not going to see a Yuji+Shana kiss til the end of the series, if ever (they might pull one of those endings where they accept their feeling sfor each other but just don’t kiss. I hate those kinds of endings >.> ). The anime is starting to follow the novels more closely now.

  7. im worse with shana and yuji plzzzz make kazumi and yuji kissing together or they will go to bed and do somthing joke plzzzz make kazumi and yuji kissing plzzzzzzzz kazumi yoshida and yuji sakai kissing plzzzzz.

    chester 145

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