Although Rin is going to school again since Asa is out of the hospital, Kaede stays at home depressed every day. Despite her earlier pleas, Rin is still firm about moving out. At lunch, Asa asks about Kaede, realizing that it must be her fault, but Rin blames himself for having used Kaede all these years. Sia and Nerine later catch Rin checking apartment prices, and so he ends up filling them in on everything that’s been happening, including the fact that he’s moving out. Rin is distressed that Kaede has spent all her life doing stuff for his sake, but feels better after having talked it over with Sia and Nerine. However, Primula then comes running to tell him that Kaede has disappeared.
Kaede, who is wandering around town while a storm is brewing, runs into Asa. As it starts to rain, Kaede explains that she was cruel to Rin before, and has been atoning for it. But Kaede also feels that she’s been deceiving herself this entire time, and the real reason she’s been taking care of Rin is because she likes him. After saying that she can’t forgive herself for what she did, she concedes defeat to Asa, since Asa is the one Rin chose. Overcome with emotion, both girls cry as they hug each other and apologize. Rin eventually finds Kaede walking home alone. Although she doesn’t want to hear it, Rin knows that he has to make it clear that he likes Asa. The painful words are blunted a bit by Rin saying that Kaede is also an important person to him. He hugs her, and Kaede finally admits that she likes him.
As the rain clears up, Rin parts ways with Kaede. She returns home to find Primula trying to cook, but making a bit of a mess in the kitchen. Rin goes to meet with Asa, and after talking about Kaede, Rin confesses to her. Asa accepts his feelings after Rin promises to protect her no matter what, and answers him with a kiss.

When I first saw this episode, I was horribly under-whelmed by how they handled what is the end of Kaede’s story. She just kind of gives up. I really expected something with a bit more of a bang (though I admit that’s more a problem with my own expectations). But after going through the episode a few more times, I really started to appreciate the drama, the performances by the voice actresses, and the music, although I am still a bit disappointed at the resolution itself.
So Asa is now the clear “winner.” I wouldn’t have believed it if you had told me this early on, but now it seems almost natural for her to be the girl Rin ends up with. And since Kaede’s time is over, we’re back to focusing on Asa. Personally, I don’t think that the rest of Asa’s story will take three entire episodes. However, if they do indeed devote all of that time to her and Rin, I hope that they don’t make it feel drawn out and filler-ish. I’m actually looking for one more plot twist/major dramatic moment before the series is over, other than the one from Asa’s story. As for next episode, called 「新しい明日へ」 (To A New Tomorrow), the preview shows Rin having completed his boat and moved out. If I didn’t know better (which I do), that title sounds almost like one for a final episode.
Only three episodes and four more weeks left until the end of SHUFFLE!


  1. The Ending I’ll Wish For:

    After this episode, Rin goes to Asa’s house, but when he gets there he finds Asa and Itsuki “partying hard” at her room.

    Rin started to hate Asa from that day on, and lived happily with Kaede and Primula, at Kaede’s.

  2. I totally didn’t expect Asa to win at first…

    Same here, but I like her anyway.

    Well, Sia’s still my favourite, but I love every character here, and Asa winning makes sense considering what happened. Shuffle rocks.

  3. I agree with AznSoulBoy and cleanwater ^^

    I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it’ll end with Asa too. If they dare to change the happy Asa-ending, I’ll go Kaede on the script-writers the day that happens…

  4. Dymn hope Rin ended up with Kaede!!!
    She one down ass chick, while Asa is alittle too slutty HAHAH

    My opinnion for ending

    -Asa dying
    -Need someone life force inorder to survival
    -Rin decide to sacriface his life for her
    -Instead Kaede use her own life because she want Rin to be happy no matta what

  5. I’m basing this one on the game (the little I understood about it) so there is no guarantee it’s correct, but here goes anyway:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. just to add to the spoiler from Fodica
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. It’s about time Rin!

    I reckon we’ll have another two episodes of story, and then they’ll use the last episode as a *fun* episode to cheer all the viewers up again after putting us through such an emotional rollercoaster.

    However… I thin Rin will move back in with Kaede, no matter what happens in the end. And it also seems like they *might* follow some of the events from Asa’a ending in the game.

    One more request – PLEASE give us more of Ama. I think her Seiyuu (YURIA) has a really cute voice.

    Jade Maehara
  8. About Asa’a health problem: A engagement|wedding gift from Primula – she uses her magic to heal Asa all the way down to the genetic level, so Asa and Rin can have healthy kids.

    It could happen…

  9. This is DEFINITELY too early for Rin’s true feelings to come to light. Whether it had been Asa or Kaede he chose in this episode, it’s just too early. Three episodes to go. Too early…

  10. また報われない踏み台が増えてきたな

    Funny how people are getting the whole Asa thing wrong…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Damm! I hate this feeling of dissapoinment, since I like Kaede, but this is me…
    I don’t thing Rin truly love Asa, but everything look done with the story…
    Sai y Nerine? I don’t know… Primula? Who knows..
    Really, this is the breakdown for me with Shuffle!

    See you…

    Syaoran Li
  12. I hate being right…

    NOT. What have I been saying for 3-4 episodes on here? But everybody shoots down what was painfully obvious… I rarely am EVER wrong on how these shows end.

  13. Gaaah. Sad.

    As for a synopsis of episode 22 from WOWOW:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. I’d love to see Rin ended up with Kaede but….oh well, can’t be helped anyway. Asa isn’t such a bad choice either so I supposed its ok with me then. At least Kaede managed to confess his feelings for Rin. Now that certainly clear some doubts off our mind.

  15. Well~ I’ll have to agree with the not so good end to Kaede. Looking at it, it really feels like it’s a last episode. However 4 more episodes more till Shuffle! is done with. Wonder what it’ll turn out to be? And what’s airing next after this?

  16. I get the feeling most fans aren’t happy with things. Same as me , I can never be happy if they dod end the show with Asa and Rin :/

    3! more to go and i’m hoping for some drama other then, some Rin x Asa Drama.

  17. Are you kidding phil? I’m giddy with glee! ASA FTW! I always hoped for it and “first girl in the show gets the guy” is so boring. Psycho Kaede is the fail. If you ever had a crazy girlfriend, you would know you can never win like that.

    With the Rin’s feelings decided, it’s time for this show to go into harem mode. Rin will marry Asa, Sia, and Nerine. Kaede will be the crazy maid (see Kohaku of Tsukihime) and Primula will be the bodyguard (to keep Kaede in check) and easy R-15 material.

    If you are a Asa hater. TOO BAD. The only way you’ll see your girl win is if the world blew up or Ama steal Rin and takes him for herself.

  18. LOLLL cyw1988.. anyway lol verves2 it would be cool if rin marry with sia,asa,nerine. they r my favourite ;D well sia first ^^ i really thought he would end up with si but oh well -.-

  19. Uh, don’t know if this was mentioned before, since I’m too lazy to read all the comments here..

    But in the preview, it shows Primula in a neko outfit.. but why was the tail moving? Magic? -_-;; Just a random thing I noticed.

  20. I’ve been reading all these comments and I feel like posting for a change.

    I’m kind of surprised that the producers went with Asa. I still remember watching episode 8 and seeing the dejected look in Asa’s face in the train when she thought that she had no chance in hell with Rin.

    Still, her relationship with Rin evolved the most with Rin. She became the tomboy-sempai to someone that Rin can count on, and eventually his girlfriend….until she dies. Then Rin will go into a bout of depressio, and the remaining girls pool their efforts to pull him out of it. The season finale will have a “fondly remember Asa” and “life goes on” theme to it……………………….Nah!

    Did any notice that the eye-catch in the later episodes showed the correct order in which the relationships resolved?

    Some Random Poster
  21. @ verves2 ~ I know that alot off Fans Are happy ^^ But Nearly all of them are Asa fan ^^;;

    And about the “The only way you’ll see your girl win………”

    Well this is just the anime ( just one of many other versions which are based of the original Game), they also have the Manga, Novel and another Different Manga but (that’s not offical) So if they anime, does end with Asa at the very end, which looks for almost certain like is going to happem >.> Then there is always as I said the manga & Novel 🙂
    But about the ending of the anime, you never know there could be a very small chance that there will be a Shocking Ending!! ^^;;

    oh! and Neko Primula ~ Very Cute ^^

  22. I get the feeling that most people who post to begin with usually are doing so to vent about an unhappy ending. Think about ALL the people POed about Asakura and his sister for DC, and Takayuki and Mitsuki for KimiNozo. For me, it always seems to be the “make sense” ending…the least polarized character almost always wins…pretty much the girl who is the most “normal.” Asa definitely fits that criteria in this series (except for her random violent outlashes on poor Rin >P). The reason we see the resident girl almost always win, is cause she is relatively passive. That worked for Kaede here for a LONG while, until the whole Fatal Attraction thing…

  23. wohooo I can’t believe it! I thought Rin is going to end up with Kaede… It didn’t even cross my mind… (like before these whole episodes of asa), but I like asa… (although her mother’s voice is kinda annoying for me)…..

  24. so yeah this is getting interesting…..

    i don’t really know where you guys are from but i am an Aussie.

    i love Shuffle, one great Anime/ Manga, up there with Love Hina and Tsubasa Chronicles, ect.

    yeah there probably be a plot twist we have seen them before…

    so yeah Asa hey… the older girl…. not bad figure, but we didn’t hear much from her at the start did we now?… but her ‘illness’ yeah there has got to be more information on that matter to come….

    And stop trying to make up alternate endings leave that to the script writers and producers..

    and Asa-sempai does rock..

    joe blow
  25. You can compare this with the game, but it’s the anime^^ If there is another ending it doesn’t matter.
    I am interested in Asa’s story and what will happen in the end.
    Moreover it is the first time Rin kissed one of the girls. I like Kaede too, and Primula and Nerine and Sia..
    But if Rin loves Asa it is unfair to say “go with kaede” or that stuff. Just think if you are in his situation.
    I will stay with Asa forever because i love her, point.
    Well, thats just my attitude to love, but can you tell me something more beautifull?

  26. this is true but in the beach survival eppisode, Rin almost got it going with Sia, does anyone remember that?

    so yeah

    anyone for a dumbshit ending?
    well Nerine gets up set because she can’t be with Rin and blows the crap out of everything so that they have to be together….. yeah i said i hated alternate endings didn’t I?

    but that would be fun to watch…..LOL

    joe blow
  27. Almost is almost 😉
    If you kiss a girl, you can’t say, thats not my first kiss because i almost kissed another^^
    But this things you are talking about the game are very interesting. Can somebody tell me what’s happening there in the end?

  28. @ Chi// In the Shuffle PC Game(ero game) you can end up with any girl (or No girl) you want out of the five (Primula,kaede,Sia,Asa,nerine)

    So there isn’t really one ‘true’ ending, but alot of different ones.

    And the Anime is just an alternative retelling of the orginaly storys mixed together, So if you want to see the original Story’s which were planed out better I think, play the game. Or if you want to see other alternative Story/Endings read the Manga or Novel. (But the ending for the manga and Novel havn’t ending yet they are still on-going)

    oh! and though Rin kissed Asa, Its only one Kiss ^^;; Most guys in RL do break up with girlfriends and such, so a kiss bla nothing to Big lol that cant make somthing else not possiable 😉

  29. Well, my brother told me his first kiss was a promise.
    Today he is together with his girlfriend since 8 years, it depends on the person^^
    I found a shop where i can buy the game. Does it have subtitle options in english?

  30. Chi: No it does not, but there are people working on an english patch for it. Hopefully in amonth or two it will be finished.

    phil: Obviously you haven’t watched much anime. In a series like this, USUALLY(not always but), two people kissing, means that they have moved on and are now a couple. Anime doesn’t mirror real life so much with things like this. Also because the Japanese view physical contact differently than the western world does.

  31. Wrong!! I have watched alot of anime, If you dont know I was half joking ( note the “lol” ), I dont expect Rin and Asa to break apart by the end. But we cant say for sure what will happen with Rin and Asa in the anime after ep.24 ^^ So I think give time after ep.24 if its Rin and Asa, the other girls are still there, so anything can happen ^^ 😀 lol

    Chi@ Yes it depends on the person 😉 and this is Rin we are talking about lol. he is no normal guy that only had eyes for one girl.

  32. for once you guys are actually saying things that are worth while. and getting it almost right.

    you can only guess what will happen in the next 3 eppisodes so stop tring to guess and let it come to you……… patience is the key here…

    so this patch is still a while off for you guys who want to know…

    but the game?? i looked every where do you know where i could find it – for free? LOL

    and yes the Japanese do take physical contact very seriously – if you do kiss someone that is a bond you have to live with, you must be with that person…

    tough break guys


    joe blow
  33. Here is a link to a shop which offers the game (in stock)

    Where do you get the information about the translation? Link?^^

    Well, i think (and including that what i heared from a friend, she was working in Japan on the Expo) that you can’t say that its the same view with love as for example 20 years before in Japan because the society is changing and getting more and more like our western.

  34. oh! come over to animesuki forum ^^ *The link is on the Community section on the sidebar on this site*

    Well here is the link to the shuffle area

    >> (BEWARE OF SPOILERS, while many use tags alot of people aren’t very carfull >.> and talk about the game >.>)

    You will find a thread about the game translation there, though just to let people know the translation is at around 85% and might be finised some time in Jan next year. But dont expect it to be finised at a certain time, as Its just normal guys & girls like you and me ^^ that would be working on the translation.

    @ *Chi* ~ that is the link to the Playstation 2 Version (Shuffle: On the Stage), and the translation is just a patch for the PC Verion so I’m pretty sure you will have to have the PC version of shuffle on the PC for the translation to work. well above at animesuki they do have alot of information about the anime & Game & Manga, So you might want to check out there.

  35. well… i didnt like hows its going on now.. because i would really like it if Rin went with Kaede… maybe its true you cant force love but if Rin didnt like Kaede he shld at least tell her… anyways Show Spoiler ▼

    argh… speaking of these i HATE RIN AND ASA!!!!!!…

  36. I’m not to impressed it was Rin and Asa, well both Characters I find are ok, still all the other girls are better then them :p well I hate it when they are together, >.> Asa was the last person I wanted to see Rin with, and it happened.

  37. There’s still some plot points to tie up:
    Why did Asa not want Nerine to use magic to help her with her illness?
    Rin has to break the news to the Gods that he’s not picking Sia or Nerine.
    Primula’s situation needs to be wrapped up. Show Spoiler ▼

    The SSS, NNN, and KKK need to have one final battle… 😛

    Cheesehead Dave
  38. This anime sucked ass………..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  39. Man I wish I had’nt watched shuffle! it just saddens me to death and shows me how much of a lonely loser I am. It also makes the fact apparent that I will probably never meet anybody who will be as devoted as Kaede *sigh*. It also showed me that true love has long been dead at least around me. *dies*


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