I’m going to forgo a summary again since it’s pretty much the same set of events, though this episode is probably a bit closer to episode 13 than last week’s episode. I do want point out a couple of the differences though because they might be important. First, they seemed to focus on the clouds and the airplane symbol a lot, and it even appeared on the back of Mikuru’s t-shirt. Knowing how this arc is supposed to end, I suspect this is a red herring, but since this anime adaptation has already broken from the original novels, they could be doing something different. The other thing was that there seemed to be a larger amount of focus on Yuki than previously, which I’ve been told is important for later past this arc.

None of this changes the fact that they could be making much better use of this time if they had ended this arc two episodes ago and moved on to the next one. But they didn’t, so Endless Eight again next week, and I’m once again expecting it not to conclude.


  1. man oh man, remember when everyone was like MFOMG!!!! MORE HARUHI!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! or the devil, which ever one you preferred. Now everyone hates it…this is what you get when you try and make a show for the purpose of selling brand merchandise, which it honestly feels like their trying to do. And oh by the way, cant someone at least get one number right?

    Darma Shoten
  2. oh yeah, before i forget, Gintama not withstanding, how is it that the quality for the videos are so poor for KyoAni titles? Where the hell is the HD?I mean Jesus Christ, if you can get shows like Queen’s Blade in HD why not Haruhi and Clannad?

    Darma Shoten
  3. Why are you still blogging this?!

    A lot of us were picked on when we were in school, and the only people we could trust was our family! Our very lives depend on people we can trust! It works with jobs! With housing! With food! With friends! We’re not supposed to still depend on our family when we’re grown up! BUT NO! THE ECONOMY IS NOW AFFECTING EVERYONE GLOBALLY, AND PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING LOYAL TO THOSE WHO DESERVE IT MORE!!! THIS HAS EVEN APPLIED TO ENTERTAINMENT, WHERE WE GO TO FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING FOR A MINUTE AND HAVE A MOMENT’S PEACE!!! BUT NOW WE HAVE A F***** ANIMATION STUDIO UNDER HALF-BRAINED EXECUTIVES TROLLING US FOR WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS A HARMLESS PRANK THAT HARUHI-FANS WOULD BE IN ON, ONLY TO HAVE IT BLOW IN THEIR FACES?!?!? YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE ANYMORE!

  4. Yes!

    My god

    The brilliance, I have never seen someone mess with a group of people like Kadokawa and Kyoani has messed with the Haruhi crowd. I mean this makes End of Evangelion look like a love letter to fans.

    Can we do 8 episodes?

    Charred Knight
  5. Wth is wrong with you all? You guys need a chill pill they might be setting up for somthing grander and if they keep doing this and people keep getting fustrated then its only kyoani’s loss. If you can’t wait to see the conclusion of this arc you can read the light novels as they are equally good or even better IMO.

  6. I agree with voxune, the art and animation this episode reminded me a LOT of K-ON! Mikuru crying was all Yui. That being said, I can’t blame KyoAni about this. They’re doing their job, actually. There’s no repeat of footage. It’s all new. I think that if you want to blame someone, blame Kadokawa.
    I, for one, expect this to go till the end of august anyway.

  7. Endless Eight arc episodes

    1st: Nice to watch
    2nd: Did I watch the wrong episode? Oh it’s the correct one.
    3rd: Not again?
    4th(most recent): Should I go watch it?

    If there comes the day that this arc is finally ending, I hope the ending’s a really good one, or I will lose my interest in this series.

  8. @Charred Knight

    What does this have to do with EoE? EoE wasn’t a trolling, it was what Anno intended to do with Evangelion, but lacked the budget for. It actually WAS a love letter to the fans.

    THIS is just blatent trolling, or an idea that got way out of hand. Either way, KyoAni is killing their own worthwhile franchise.

  9. Cost cutting FTW!!
    Repeat and episode for half a season.Half the price, but the same smashing results?Wrong!! As the niconico freaks would say: wwwwwwwwwwwww

    Or as I would say it:


  10. i might say those E8 moments are the most bizarre way of airing any television show i ever seen in my entire life, lolz. Just don’t know what in the mind of KyonAni/Kadokawa guys when doing this? or maybe right now they are looking at the fan with a Chesire grin =/. Well watever, at least the next episode still be Endless Eight, bet my whole breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Pink sniper
  11. I think it is brilliant. :p Talk about being different. Which is what Haruhi was always about! And the associated nerd rage this time around is just an added bonus. 🙂 If it means more /wrists, then I’m all for this endless loop never ending!

  12. I think the characters in this season look much younger than they really are (because of the designs). Kyoto Animation made them look like they belong in K-On, not Haruhi.

  13. I really think the whole “It looks like K-On!” thing is in your minds. I don’t think it looks that way at all.

    The amusing thing is that they actually took the time and effort to completely redo the same scenes in new animation in every episode, without reusing animation. So it’s not even laziness per se, it’s more a sign of insanity.

  14. Ok, I think this has to be said but KyoAni is anything but lazy. Every episode is reanimated differently; no reusing of scenes here. People obviously don’t appretiate this, which is truly sad. If anything blame the writers.

    Personally, I don’t find this development all that world shattering. It’s to be expected for this to drag on, hence the ‘Endless Eight’ moniker. If they really wanted to suck people’s money out of them, they could have just reused previous animation sequences with very few differences. I’m sure something big is going to happen at the end of the arc. I don’t think Kadokawa/KyoAni are about to throw their prized title down the drain just like that. I’m sure they expected this sort of reaction from everyone and have something in store for us to keep people interested.

    People just need to chill and wait until the arc concludes before dooming this show to hell. It’s only 5 episodes in for crying out loud. Things will get better; I have hope. If they don’t… well in that case it’s not the first time a good anime has gone to shit. It’s just a shame if it were to happen to Melancholy.

    Btw, if this show is such a waste of time to blog then what about some of the other tiles on here? There are other disappointing title’s that are, or were blogged at one point or another and people didn’t make such a big deal out of it. If you don’t want to read about it then don’t. Nobody is being forced to, so stop crying aboout it.

  15. You know what, I have a gut feeling that 2009 Haruhi re-run is technically ”season 1″ titled under “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu” (Melancholy).

    Season 2 , A.K.A “Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu” (Disappearance) might get aired right after the 28-episode “season 1”.

  16. I don’t UNDERSTAND! There’s like 6 of 9 Haruhi novels we can still go through… so WHY KyoAni?!? I mean, they’re drawing new stuff, recording new stuff, just to make something that makes fans hate them… THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! What sensible people would do something so harmful to the franchise? I can NOT see anyone making more money from this than from NEW content…


  17. This is just plain stupid, the sad thing is that the fucking japanese Otakus are still going to buy all the haruhi shit even if all the season is this fucking episode over and over and over again

    My god, in the fucking novel it there was not even a repetition.

  18. I just noticed that the animation from all four of these episodes is a bit different. This latest one in fact has some of the same facial expressions as the K-ON girls. Their eyes are very similar.

    The first endless eight seamed to be a refresher course on how to redraw the characters. The second had more frames and solid lines added.
    Third was more color and movement
    Now they seem to be incorporating the MOE elements from K-ON.

    Nice progression from an animation point of view…

    As for the story….. KYON!… JUST STICK IT IN HER… END THE MADNESS.

  19. i think yuki has gotten a lot cuter and more human as each endless eight ep goes by. anyone notice that?

    well there will be 8 endless 8 eps.. so that leaves us 6 new eps and we’ve already seen bamboo leaf rhapsody so.. 5 new episodes to look forward to… *dies*

    the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good! the finale of endless eight better be damn good!

    kyoto should just have a spin-off series focused entirely on nagato

  20. I think every one needs to stop complaining, Haruhi is a GREAT show and I’m sure KyoAni knows what they are doing, so if you hate it that much, then move onto another show, or you can sit back and enjoy it like me!

  21. — The Melancholy of Yuki Nagato —

    The “8” in “Endless 8” may represent the infinity symbol. These episodes are full of symbolism (pay attention!), which is pretty cool. Too bad there will be few episodes about different arcs 🙁

  22. I do understand that some people like these episodes(e.g. JimBob, dylan). But common, i think it’d be more interesting if the episode consisted in Yuki reading the novel, audio alone. The pace would be soo much faster and we wouldn’t skip any details, right? I mean the point of the series is the plot and characters, but they are going over and over the same plot and same actions with slight differences. By the way, if u lack spare time, I recommend that you read the novel and skip all these episodes.
    Finally, KyoAni sure trusts in the zealous haruhists and their fanaticism. In my opinion this might backfire.

    Disappointment personified
  23. Really, I don’t understand how you can be on the despair-wagon when you’ve been getting brand new Yuki every week. Not to mention K-Onified SOS-Dan, and some headbandless Haruhi, and some epic eyebrow action.

  24. lol as expected, it sucks.

    glad i didn’t even watch the first season.

    watching naruto (even with bleeding eyes) would be better than this, judging by the screen eps.

    lol, epic fail. told you so, haruhi fans.

  25. “Treating you fans like this?” Don’t say that kind of bullcrap. You know you don’t deserve ANYTHING. In anything as risky of a move that KyoAni is currently doing, it’s already making the runs and re-creating its own hype all over again. Thanks for playing the game.

  26. to be honest, i think kyoani won’t waste their time re-animating all those episodes if they just plan on trolling. and it is totally not one of those show for the sake of merchandise. It’s prolly gonna include some of those *unseen hints* that suprises everyone at the end.

    I haven’t given up on Haruhi yet, and am looking forwards to how kyoani is going to end this anime original arc (doesn’t seem the same in the novel, or so i think)

    go haruhi!!

  27. They better extend Haruhi for all the suffering we went through. The entire season is 24-26 episodes out of which 14 are from season 1 and as of now 5 episodes basically same episode with slight differences.

  28. I think they will count the “endless eight” batch of episodes as 1 episode only.. meaning this is still episode 12 and not really 15. atleast that’s what I think..

  29. I haven’t watched it but from the reaction, I can see a majority of people are pissed off by this. Can’t say I blame them, I personally wish they had condensed this to just three episodes. Heck, I would have taken this being the last one. But we’ve got at least one more to go. >_>

    Wish Kyon would just get on with it. Jerk. Torturing us all.

  30. We’ll all be laughing if S2 actually starts right after the so called 28 episodes as this is called the full story of S1 not actually S2. Not like they haven’t pulled of pranks before.

  31. not sure how this ends but damn kyon do your homework, i swear its probably not haruhi causing this rewind but kyon not bothing to do his homework and always feeling he needs help or that he wants more time.. im sure it has something to do with it.

  32. really guys…at kyoani they must be very silly to think that actually someone would buy a dvd with episodes that resemble the same one…think about it…if for every dvd we suppose 4 eps, with the incoming ep we have an entire dvd (eps 13 to 16)…so ep 16 must end this insane torture, unless they wish to sell this “endless eight” shit with the same stuff repeated.

  33. You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round…
    You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round (repeat x infinity)

    You now have that song stuck in your head.

    Rumors have it that they’re cutting the rest of the Endless Eight Episodes, so season 2 just went from 12 episodes to 8… Funny how that number just keeps coming up.

    You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round…

  34. everyone bitching thus far need to shut up. if you don’t want to watch then don’t. but this entire episode had me just wanting them to realize what the hell is going on. I figured this was going to be the 15,000th time but when she 15,—(forget exactly) I was pretty surprised. NEXT EPISODE IS GOING TO BE THE ONE WHERE KYON FINALLY REALIZES WHAT HE MUST DO! KISS THE DAMN GIRL ALREADY!

  35. ok,this is getting old,they should have finished it in the 1st 3 episodes,you know what,those repeating would be fine,IF,IF they’re going to air morethan 28 episodes,there’s 9 new episodes left,i think,and 4 from1st season

  36. You know…if the second season was actually the 14 episodes it was supposed to be, without the 8 Endless Eights, this would probably be forgivable. Like these 8 episodes of ‘teh suck’ only count as one, and we still get to have 12 more original episodes. Still I find myself watching the same episode each week and I’m not getting horribly bored yet.

    Oh well, in reality we’ll have 5 episodes to cover whatever is left after these 8 >.<

  37. You know, I just thought about something. What if the Endless Eight arc consists of all these episodes that have aired (and the one(s) yet to air), but only counted as 1 episode of the new season? I think Kadokawa would pull a stunt like that.

  38. I have a feeling that all these endless eight episodes are grouped together this is still episode 12, and when this arc ends and the new non-endless eight episode airs, it will be actually episode 13, hence why the producers named the episodes “endless eight”, without the part 1, part 2, etc suffix, all these new E8 episodes dont cunt as a new one, so technically we are still watching episode 12,
    Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
    Endless Eight (all five or six or them)
    two episodes gone, TWELVE MORE TO GO!!!

  39. I would giggle madly about this if I didn’t have to sit through it, I’m sure. Oh well, Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei came out yesterday so that should be enough of a buzz. Awesome scenes in there too, nice bit of pointless action.

  40. The more I think about it, the more I´m starting to believe all these Endless Eight episodes aired and yet to air are the same episode (episode 12), if not, why do you think KyoAni named the episodes “Endless Eight”, without the part 1, part 2 thing like it did with: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya I, II, III, IV, V, VI
    and: Remote Island Syndrome Part 1, Part 2
    Edless Eight Episodes dont have a “Part ___” if you notice, when KyoAny ends this arc and airs the new episode and they reveal that new episode is actually episode 13, we will laugh our asses off, the more i think about it, the more i Think KyoAny is going to pull out that stunt, jst you wait people, the new episode after the endless eight episodes will be actually episode 13, i swear, if mot, KyoAny woulndt have bothered in not putting a “Part X” in the endless eight episodes

  41. @halflifle:

    I really don’t think that’s the case. Think about it: each E8 episode is not really a continuation of the last, but instead it’s more like a replacement. The E8 episodes not having a “Part __” is probably just part of the stunt that Kadowkawa is pulling in keeping with the continuity of the story. Of course, in a perfect world, they would consider all of the E8’s as one episode, but then again, in a perfect world they wouldn’t be torturing us with the repeated E8 episodes, either.

  42. I bet my pair of 501s that KyoAni’s on a tight budget this year or is this like Zero Requiem in R2. Either way, they’re killing their best asset. Man, no wonder DB and LE dropped this one as part of their projects.

  43. OMG…i am seriously tired of watching this. i think the only reason i kept watching was hoping this shit would end. if they don’t have anything to write, why not just let the thing end.

  44. I believe the ep15 already showed the solution to the endless loop, and somehow Haruhi will decide to go on with the time.
    If so, ep16 would begin on September the 1st
    I think its a really complicated plot, dont know if i can explain it right.

  45. The end of ep15 shows the night of 31th of August, when Kyon refused to do his homework, again. What if the next episode shows that time goes on and its 1st of sep. , that means kyon is pretty deep in trouble and he has already done something to solve the endless loop during the time between loop 15499 and 15513. If so, then it would mean that time repeated again even after kyon had done what Haruhi wanted. (I didnt read the novel, dont really know what Haruhi wants.)Lets assume that it was the homework that kyon doesnt do with Haruhi together keep them in the loop. What if Kyon did invite Haruhi to help him with homework during loop 15500, it means time shoul have gone on, but it didnt, which would suggest Haruhi wants repeat the experience again? -_-‘

  46. @theiden
    I dont understand japanese, what does the website say?
    That every one of the E8 episodes count as actual ones?
    In other words 14-6 (Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody+ all 5 E8 episodes)= 7/8 episodes remaining until the second season ends? is it what you say?

  47. @halflife

    theiden say that in the left upper corner are listed eps 12 13 14 with the same title (endless eight)…but for me it’only a bad joke.

    @grey with an e

    true..cause right after u watch it u just feel trolled and need someone to blame, but the day after you’re waiting for the next one…i’m addicted…everytime is the last one.

  48. hehe, I like all people who get all buthurt. stop saying stupid things like “i’m gonna boycott this shit”, just do it if you don’t want to see it. i call attention seekers.

  49. that’s it

    I’m just gonna tell everyone how Endless Eight ends, because Kyoani SURE AS HELL AIN’T GONNA DO IT!!!!!!!!!

    Kyon convinces everyone to do their summer homework together on the last day, which ends the time loop.

  50. Yes, I’m PO’d like most of the people commenting, but I DO plan to watch next episode regardless (although I plan on being half tanked to ease the pain) so I guess the KyoAni writers must know what they’re doing.

  51. To everyone complaining angrily: Do you pay for watching this anime? If not, keep your mouths shut.
    Of course i`m disappointed also. I wonder how KyoAni and Kadokawa think they are getting any more money doing Haruhi like this. If these episodes are sold in one DVD, i doubt if it will sell any.

  52. I just hope that they’ll count all Endless Eight episodes as one (they didn’t give them numbers, after all) and still give us 12 more episodes after they are over. I know that’s very unlikely, but if it were to happen KyoAni would redeem themselves if you ask me…

  53. You know, despite the repetition, I still keep coming back to watch it each week. I find myself really liking the subtle differences, and this week’s episode was perhaps the most interesting for that. The weird symbols, like the clouds and plane, seem to be hinting at something Kyon can’t grasp, but as we’re seeing, he does seem to be getting closer (he foretells the bike request, he briefly wonders if he’s clairvoyant, he doesn’t give up quite as quickly when Haruhi walks out at the end, etc). Moreover, as Alexander Morou mentioned, things have gotten creepier.The music and sound cues in this episode were particularly well done, as was the quickly-flashing scene as Haruhi walked out at the end… it all adds to building the feeling of malaise that’s defining this story arc (and I have to admit, I find it hilarious that the only one that’s not experiencing melancholy is Haruhi.

    Endless Eight has, in a way, gotten downright disturbing, and it’s this that keeps drawing me back.

  54. @Healer
    How would you convince the whole studio to repeat doing the troll for the N-th time?
    The consistent groping for the new aesthetic horizons – that’s what is it! ;D

  55. I forget which company produced the show, but they are now the worst one ever! What were they smoking to even believe for a second that people would enjoy 3 identical episodes!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! I’m gonna stop watching now. Tell me endless eight is over.

  56. I wonder if any of you went to watch the episode already. The differences are getting bigger and bigger. Kyon is finally noticing things sooner. Sure it’s slow progress but I bet most people would behave the same stuck in such a thing.

  57. Having read the novels, I can see what KyoAni might be trying with its approach to the Endless Eight episodes, though I won’t deny that they’re probably overdoing it. Even though the premise seems simple enough – repetition of the august and the viewers seeing almost same stuff over and over, it’s actually quite important to the story. The Endless Eight actually sets up subtle foundation for one of the most important story arcs in the Haruhi novels – the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi.

    Think about it, out of all characters in Endless Eight, who’s the most affected by it?

  58. haha, u guys are thinking too high of this series. The loop will be resolved with something very very irrelevant(which was actually already mentioned in one of the comments). No kiss 4 those who still had hopes.

  59. I have to say, while it’s pretty boring to watch, in some way, it’s also pretty ingenious what they did. I mean, sure, it’s probably not very entertaining to watch the same plot (in small variations) over and over again, but you have to admit that it’s incredibly unusual, and I sort of like it for that…

  60. The clouds and airplane obviously represent a cloudian and jetroid. haruhi is a fusion monster made up of these two monsters, and kyon and the gang are searching for De-fusion to stop her, but haruhi has blue-eyes and pole position on the field causing an infinite loop. duh…

  61. Bystanderman,

    You’ll also notice they’re adding more than just sounds here and there, the music, flashes, and strong hints towards something else yet to be shown. They’re also showing more of Kyon’s past memories, his phone lit up before it rang, things like that. Haruhi looked at Kyon almost disappointed that he didn’t have anything else to add to their list once they were done, I think Koizumi’s jest near the end during the observatory scene might be a hint, as well as the visage of Haruhi alone against the backdrop they’ve been hinting at very strongly (especially if the other person with her is Kyon).

    I think Nagato is becoming exceedingly bored, if not irritated, as demonstrated by her intentional changes here and there, and with 596 years of this, I can see the dissenting voices of the Data Integration Thought Entity possibly resurfacing should things not pick up soon.

  62. WTF KEEP REPEATing story almost make me CRAZY!!!

    WTF studio is doing???

    this show going to the worse show ever make!!!

    Season 1 already give me crap then didn’t improve it make it even worse T_T S2 WTF SHOW

  63. I’m not going to be one of the flamers now, but really.. It is a bit excessive in my opinion to go more than 3 episodes of, what is generally the same thing. (Credit for not re-using animations though). All I can really do is hope that the next episode ends it, although I feel it would have been good enough to have ended it on episode 4. Either way, I’ll keep watching week after week, even if they were to pull a super dick move and just do all endless 8. >_>

  64. The bizarre fact that they have broadcasts the same episodes for the last three weeks seems to indicate that their is something up other than “trolling”, as everyone seems to be eager to cry. If you’ve noticed, it hasn’t said anything like “Endless Eight, part I, II, etc.” or anything like that. Just “Endless Eight”. Could it somehow be all one episode, technically? They’ve already shown in the past that they are not above doing weird things like that.

    And from a business sense, I’m sure that they aren’t all sitting in their offices in Kyoto enjoying people’s crying about the episodes. “Trolling” is the last thing on their minds here as far as making money goes, so you have to suspect that something else is going on with these episodes.

  65. maybe they’re trying to make everyone see it from yuki’s pov. she endured almost 600years of the same thing and she’s bored like hell. we only looped 5 episodes (for now) and ppl are getting mad and annoyed LOL.

  66. cmon there just following the NOVEL there only fault was making it too long well
    ill tell you how will it end KYON will say to haruhi at the end that he forgot to do his assignments and everybody including HARUHI WILL HELP KYON FINSH IT THE END DAMN IT!

  67. There is no chance whatsoever that the Endless Eight episodes are counted as one episode. They have bought x episodes worth of broadcast time, and the content of the episode doesn’t matter in that way to the people selling them that broadcasting time. Even if it’s the same episode repeated over and over, they still need to pay for each slot. It’s not completely impossible that they’d start another season right after this one is over without telling the fans about it, but it is impossible for the Endless Eight episodes to be counted as one.

  68. Even if they treated these episodes like just one episode, i think they r wasting our time. Repeating it twice would make their point. But more than that… pointless… Did they suffer an intelligence penalty during these last 3 years or what? Oh another thing, making us wait 3 years for this? Common… I dont understand how people can b pleased with this. If u like subtle differences, i suggest to just play those “find the 10 differences in these 2 pics” games; however anime should be less picky with its fans(business wise).

  69. I don’t really think there’s no point to ranting on it’s a repeated episode from the last one. Because you know, who really cares?

    You’re all raging that it’s the same episode but it’s not. The different angles, different views and some added scenes just adds the momentum of something greater.

    Watch, when this is all over, we’ll be appreciated again with a good ending, hopefully.
    Besides I don’t mind this at all, feels like I’m in Deja Vu mode right now.

    Everyone who got angry, I’m laughing, because it’s funny you know. To be angry towards a show you didn’t made.

    If you MADE it, do what you want with it, but I know this is GOING somewhere. Just patience people. 😀

  70. well i’m sure the fan raged, cried, moaned and cursed Kadokawa& Haruhi so bad, that they sweared they never ever pick up Haruhi again. But, when the next episode aired, they will still watch it, no matter what, and when the loop finished, the otaku will complete forget the whole trolling process, andd workship that damn Goddest again. Don’t say i’m wrong, the whole 6 years waiting+enduring the troll prove the unbreakable (follish) loyalty of fan.
    But, who care? I watch this show purposely for Yuki & K-on. And damn, i think i know a bit of what Yuki feel like, ugh…

    Pink sniper
  71. altho unneccessary, but the directors might just wanna give audience a small feel of how nagato wudav felt, plus pointing out some more details. I personally havn’t completely lost faith in Haruhi >:)

  72. kinda pisses me off tht kyouAni is doing this when they could have spent the time in doing another original anime.
    Even another K-ON! would be better than this.
    Kinda wasting their budget away…

  73. Its still a great publicity stunt. It has people talking, and one can say its…creative. LOL. As far as “repetition” and “loops” go I still don’t consider this approach a particularly effective way of doing things, but hey.

    That said, I completely disagree with the EoE comparison as well, because 2.0 is remarkably different from the anime version of Eva and well-presented (high-budgeted, too). Personally, its the most entertaining incarnation of the franchise I have ever experienced and unlike Haruhi, it has mass-audience appeal – indeed, most of the audiences that helped 2.0 top the Japanese box office 2 weeks in a row are non-otaku as with the first movie.

  74. To be honest, I got annoyed. But after reading through the comments here and thinking about it, I’m not as annoyed as before. Sure it’s repeating the same events over but there’s slight differences here and there. It’ll be interesting to see what slight variations there are for the next episode.

    Although I do hope it ends soon. >.>

    On another note: I’m noticing the K-ON! art style in this episode too. I swear I saw Mugi in Mikuru for a moment as well as Yui in Haruhi. And then someone pointed out Mio in Haruhi. What is this? “Spot all the K-ON! characters in this episode!” XD

  75. I’m amused by people who tell others to drop the show if they don’t like what is happening. Message to you: we have. Two episodes ago.

    We come back here to read the posts about Endless Sheight because we enjoy both seeing people (vacuously) bitch about it and desperately (vacuously) defend it.

    The trouble for KyoAni is that the E8 cycle came at precisely the wrong moment: the beginning of a new season. Had this happened in the middle of a season it wouldn’t be such a concern, but even with most of the new shows being rubbish, I’m still more interested in that than actually watching this. It is only the reactions that keeps me coming back here (and elsewhere) for more hot fandumb action.

  76. I find it amusing that not only is the animation redone, but the situation is internally consistent.
    Loop 15498: Yuki says that they’ve done the part time job 9025 times
    Loop 15499: 9026 times
    Loop 15513: 9031 times
    Whatever else you might say about this stunt, at least it’s not done half-assed…we’re getting the full treatment here 😀

  77. love it or hate it, I myself cannot stop watching these episodes even though I know that the next episode wont have a conclusion. Why? Curiosity.
    Every time Kyon tries to think of something in the end, I was like FUUUUUUUUUUU- and I’m just dying for next week to come to see if it concludes… which most likely will not, but who knows? That’s why we tune in for more to find out D:

  78. wow. seems as though my tolerance for this kind of thing is EXTREMELY high, seeing as how im not raging yet.

    im not sure if anyone’s mentioned this already (someone probably has), but it looks like more and more focus is on yuki, and she looks like she’s gradually losing her alien patience and deteriorating into what i think is a deep depression that will eventually lead to, i dunno, some sort of breakdown. course, i havent read the novels, so i dont know crap, but its a thought…

    thing is, i think what kyoani’s doing with these repeated episodes is letting the audience see through yuki’s perspective. they want you to WANT the loop to end. you are driven more and more towards insanity (or in this case, series dropping) if it doesnt. unbelievably risky, and there have been many casualties, but that’s what i think they’re doing, and for some reason i dont hate the idea.

  79. I have to say that it’s really interesting what it’s doing to me, and I think most people are experiencing this also. I’m getting slightly annoyed by the E8 repetition, but it’s also nice to see the variations KyoAni adds to the episodes, such as this one with the glider. But even if all these people are bitching about E8, they’re still watching because it’s Haruhi. Eventually this arc is going to end, and it seems that this arc is VERY important for Nagato. Just let the show run its course, and STOP YOUR BITCHING.

  80. I think these episodes are more about Yuki. It’s about her [extremely slow] transformation through the various repetitions. This time around, she doesn’t bother to read any books. Sure she looks bored. However, her curiosity and emotion start to seep through (…after 500 years).

    It also tells how reluctant for Kyon to change.

  81. this is soooooo beyond stupid. this arc ended on the 15,948 time, they didn’t keep this shit up for this long.

    haruhi let time go forward when kyon invited her and everyone else to his house to help him with his homework. Theres no need to keep this up, if kyon said to haruhi he loved her id understand but come on! homework?!

  82. if you can understand the TITLE..


    means we’re going to watch the 7 episode with the same plot but different drawings and scene.. its kinda cool.. if ur not a fan of haruhi.. or not a haruhism.. u will not appreciate this episode..

    cause we haruhism.. appreciate this anime.. the best and ever.. if you are irritated of this episode.. its because ur lacking understanding. endless is about looping cause haruhi regretting ending the summer without doing the last memorable.. its always in the episode.. the clue one.. (and i know what it is.. but i will now spoil it…) kyon just cant figure it out cause something is missing to solve the clue.. so they need to loop again while we watch it whats going to be.. (sorry for my grammar) its just the title say.. endless eight.. episode eight is the final episode and kyon will solve it.. n_n.. if you read the novel.. you’ll understand the story of this..n_n

  83. What is it called? Stockholm syndrome? Where weak minded people imagine their abuser as a great hero. The fanboys go down that rout with their lame attempts and cheekyness, but it seems so feeble.

    Whatever though, that’s your guys life. What a waste.

    Anyway, why are people who aren’t doing the Stockholm syndrome thing even continuing to watch? Seems like a waste of time. I watched part 1, 2, some of 3 and 7 then dropped it.

    I guess fanboy mentality is obsessive compulsive and self-degredation…


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