In order to get to the moon, Dan and company have arrived in Flora’s kingdom of Skybloom where there is a giant Moon Cannon. The rules here are strict, and Bigfoots aren’t allowed to roam freely. Dan, however ignores those rules so that he can show off Basquash to a group of children, and he promptly gets arrested. Haruka and James try to get him released by the authorities, with James even claiming that Dan going to the moon will affect the fate of Earthdash and the moon, but it’s no use. Dan’s release won’t come anytime soon, and Slash knows that they’re running out of time. Flora meets with her sister Aurora and tries to get her help, but even Aurora feels that she can’t do anything about it. In the meantime, Slash hears from a worried Violette about Rouge’s version upgrade, and he doesn’t reveal to her about what happened to Dan. Slash is then approached by a masked man who’s blowing bubbles, and the rest of Dan’s team soon encounters him as well.

That night, the masked man takes a rocket launcher and breaks Dan out of prison. Calling himself Mr. Perfect, the man who watches over the future of the legend, he urges Dan towards the Moon Cannon and frees Dan’s Bigfoot as well. With not much time until the 9PM launch, Dan gets help from Flora and Iceman in order to get away from the police and the military, and the three of them make it just in time to grab onto the launching ball-shaped transport that Miyuki is already aboard. Flora, however, loses her grip, so Iceman and Dan have to grab her to prevent her from falling, but that in turn causes them to lose their grips as well. Fortunately, Sela is aboard, and she manages to catch and pull the three in. The five of them soon leave Earthdash and reach the moon, however they overshoot Mooneyes and fly over an area of ruins that reminds Flora of the desert ruins she had seen previously. There are figures mining inside those ruins, and Miyuki sees what she thinks are giants. To make matters worse, a giant hand forms nearby, and it swats the ball transport back to Earthdash.


Well that was a fun episode. I was amused with the 9PM launch deadline because it made me think of Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don’t be late from Macross F – I wonder if that as an intentional reference. In any case, I also enjoyed seeing Flora’s sister Aurora (though I think both she and Flora should wear their hair down from now on), and the Mr. Perfect alter-ego made me like James a whole lot more than before (the rocket launcher made me laugh). I guess he and Slash really are trying to help the legend (aka. Dan) so that doom doesn’t befall Earthdash and the moon…or something like that. Regardless, it’s looking more and more like he and Slash are good guys, and some unknown evil force, perhaps related to the strange things seen at the end of this episode, will likely serve as the final boss.

As for Sela, it looks like her father was killed by people who opposed what he was doing to the town, but they didn’t really make a big deal about it this episode, so I assume it’s something Sela will brood about for a while until it’s her turn to get more character development. More importantly, I’m not sure I like the fact that Dan and company took one step toward the moon only to be thrown two steps back, all the way underground for next week’s episode. Hopefully this will only be a temporary setback and not an extended diversion.


  1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: From Underground to the moon.

    Thats the direction that Basquash seems to be heading, less Macross Frontier.

    I get the feeling Dan will be revealed to be God incarnate or something, revealing why Slash and James really really need him to cooperate.

  2. Also did the moon cannon hold my hand scene remind anyone of Gundam Seed (Destiny?)

    You know, the “Lets go into space holding onto a particle being accelerated at insane speeds with giant mecha” thing?

  3. Fuck Yeah! the master Hand

    every episode makes me more like the series, hand this giant is apparently something that has to be explained along with the plot of the series

    Eriol elric
  4. This episode wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t the greatest :S I did like Mr.Perfect though, it was fairly amusing and surprising. Also, they better not use the surgery as a way to kill of/remove Rouge -_-


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