Surprise surprise, another repeat. This week’s episode of Haruhi ended just like the past weeks did, with Kyon unable to do anything. According to Yuki, this was iteration #15513. Pretty much everything I said last week still applies, and the possibility that this goes eight times total or all the way till the end of real-world August is getting bigger. Regardless, Endless Eight again next week.


  1. I’m out. Dropping this series. Can’t believe this, because the original remains one of my favorite shows of all time. But I’m sick of being trolled by this. All that could bring me back to this show now would be an announcement that the director of the “second season” such as it is has been fired.

    This isn’t cute, or clever, or funny. It’s very, very, very boring.

  2. Apparently translated from 2ch

    Umm… I guess it’s okay now?
    Endless Eight was organized to be produced as 6 episodes.
    Kadokawa’s back sponsor got furious and by the time it was too late, the producer had been fired.
    There was huge confusion over whether they were going to skip the produced 4th and 5th episodes and skip to airing the 6th.

    By the way, the 6 ep organization was Kadokawa’s instructions.
    The fired producer was a scape goat to appease the angry back sponsors.
    Kadokawa’s ultimate goal was to blow smoke over the fans by having 12 episodes that would consist of E8, Sigh, and a new Mikuru’s adventure.
    And the disappearance images they had pulled from would remain exactly that… (Unsure)
    Currently Kadokawa does not feel like animating Disappearance

    The purpose of this new production is simple to pull money from the fans (Extreme paraphrase) “

  3. I’m hard core in love with this series but…. Ouch!! this is starting to hurt. Live stron Haruhi but when you wake of the endless loop . Yes please kill the brains behind this!

  4. First, i hope… Well back again this as you say will be “eight times” we have to see this (at least not the 15513 times they supposed to do the things, well maybe thats the series director thoughts)

  5. Same here. I’m not even going to bother until this “arc” reaches its rightful conclusion and we get something decent again.

    Also, full support for sacking Mitsuyoshi Yoneda. I want someone to blame and I’m going to blame the heck out of him.

  6. As i mentioned to omni, the suggestion made previously by someone in the comments was that kyon should bone haruhi and solve the problem. This however could backfire as then she may want to relive that experience over and over again, so the two would be caught in their own little time stream…

    but i haven’t even watched the first episode of this season, so who am i to talk?

  7. Are they serious?! Ok, this is it. I think it’s safe to stop standing up in KyoAni’s defense.

    DAMN YOU KYOANI! It was funny the first three times. IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!

  8. Wow. Just wow. I dunno about others but I STILL find this funny. Maybe I just have a sick sense of humor.

    Although, it’s a little baffling how nobody in the production studio asked aloud if this was a good idea when they were MAKING new Endless Eightepisodes.

  9. I think there’s a Malkavian in the Kadokawa presidency, and it’s the biggest prank he has ever make.

    This, or there’s a Seleção there with the biggest Xanato’s ploy of all to force the hikikomori’s, NEETs and otakus out of their havens.

    Good thing is, we have Zan SZS, Bakemonogatari and Canaan this season. Looks like the Haruhists will desappear before her…

  10. Okay. I can handle one episode of “Endless Eight.” A second episode is fine. It would just re-inform the first. For a third episode, I’m saying to myself “okaaaay. I get the point.” Anything after this is just downright lazy. KyoAni, I think you are disappointing many Harihist. Don’t be surprise if some dedicated hardcore Haruhist simply quit. I guess I will have to look into another series while this slothful action occurs. “PrincessLover! I choose you.”

  11. I wonder if Kadokawa (KyoAni’s boss when it comes to Haruhi) and KyoAni are aware of what such stunts are doing…. since this may do much more damage to the brand than R2 did to the Code Geass brand.

    That and it’s not a durable brand like gundam, able to withstand GSD.

    But I’m waiting until this stops before I resume watching.

    But my ultimate point is this: Sooner or later they’ll find out that no one’s bothering to watch Haruhi anymore at this rate of things.

    But this doesn’t surprise me at all…. Since KyoAni did similar things in the past.

  12. ROTFL, we’re getting trolled hardcore. Guys, you should see the humor in this and not be mad about it. My bet is we’re missing a TON of subtle little things in each of these episodes that will fall into place shortly.

  13. Way to destroy your most profitable, and certain best series, KyoAni.

    If you think I’m buying the DVDs of this shit, you must really be huffing paint.

    I’m about to drop this show and convince myself there is no second season.

  14. “the possibility that this goes eight times total or all the way till the end of real-world August is getting bigger”

    how conveniently that works out for them:

    2009-07-09: Endless Eight
    2009-07-16: Endless Eight
    2009-07-23: Endless Eight
    2009-07-30: Endless Eight
    2009-08-06: Endless Eight
    2009-08-13: Endless Eight
    2009-08-20: Endless Eight
    2009-08-27: Endless Eight

  15. hey, for me, these episodes are fine, i mind the novel is like this, so i think that kyoani is going acording the novels. is my personal opinion, but i think thath kyoani is fine. sorry for the bad english xD

  16. @Gimpi

    I cannot find any humor in this since they are basically showing the same crap over and over again with different clothing and angles It may have been funny the first 3 times but this is going too far. There is no purpose to reapeating this shit 5 times in a row other than wasting episode slots and pissing people off. I sincerly hope the next episode is the LAST we see of Endless eight or I might consider dropping Haruhi (I have better things to watch honestly.)

  17. wow i actually thought this was a really awesome episode, i mean the last few were terrific, so what if this episode is the same, and the previous were okay, why should this episode be bad at all if they’re the same?

  18. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but here’s something that I heard from a mate of mine: Show Spoiler ▼

    Luckily my fandom for Haruhi died after the countless times Kadokawa trolled us in the past. Now I’m just watching it for fair fun and killing time.

  19. THERE IS NO SECOND SEASON OF HARUHI. or we can just see the 2nd season as a giant Troll.

    Only one season, 1 season of goodness and whole second season worth of pointless episodes of basically the same thing.


  20. I think they misjudged their fanbase, but I don’t think it’s so bad. In fact, it’s a higher level of art than even the rest of the show. There’s no “laziness” involved, this is highly intentional and takes just as much animating as anything else, since all the images appear to be different. And you get just as much characterization from these eps as from non-repeated ones, it seems to me.

    There is a definite plus to this amazing stunt, but I still want Kyon to get it over with and follow Haruhi out the door, though. That will be a great moment. And I think they could have got all they needed from it in three eps, not six. (Thanks to UBW for that translation).

  21. I’ve always been a fan of the series and always will be. But I’ve always loved the novels first. The anime is well-done, but it never had me coming back every week like Code Geass. I guess that’s why Kadokawa’s trolling with their “announcements” never bothered me and this doesn’t bother me either. I just watch the anime when it’s on. I don’t depend on it. I’ve got 20 other things I can watch.

    I actually am very curious about this storyline so I won’t spoil the ending by reading elsewhere. I kind of like what they’re doing. It’s really pissing of their hardcore fanbase, which isn’t good, but it’s no sweat off my head. I think it’s more of a waste of episode slots than anything else.

    But, seriously, get it through your thick skulls some of you. Kadokawa is pushing this. KyoAni is forced to churn out fully reanimated repeat episodes for a reason that only some crazy producer who (hopefully) got sacked understands. Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot the big wigs.

    I’ll only get mad if this does, in fact, bump out the Sigh arc. That’s the best Haruhi storyline and if they skip it, Kadokawa has officially lost all sense. This is little endless arc is almost clever. But only if it ends very soon.

  22. Right now it’s certainly pathetic, but I’m starting, seriously, to laugh. It’s becoming so ridiculous it might end up being awesome and surreal. What can you do? Laugh, just laugh -I don’t think I’ll even bother watching it anyway, if I wanted to see the same stuff over and over I’d just watch the first episode of the arc in loop mode-

    Should they actually repeat this shit for 8 episodes or so in a row, I’m wondering if that will be the only arc at all covered in the new season? I supposed it was going to be a 22-something season with both old and new episodes, so if that was the case, then it’s really hopeless.

    Well, there it goes. After 3 years the anime was pretty much death, and now it’s been hanged from the town’s church and left to rot there

  23. given the choice between all but one episodes of season 2 being endless eight and not finishing it after season 2 and being the japanese branch of 4kids

    I’d rather have Kyoani being the japanese branch of 4kids

  24. @tman:

    I second this statement. There is tons of great stuff in the novels the anime will never get to, it’s wonderfully written, and it’s HUGE. It’s an excellent read and, frankly, is more worth your time than the anime nine times out of ten.

    Because reading is important, natch.

    I highly recommend the fan-translation @ Baka-Tsuki (

  25. Well, I actually am not angry about the repeats. if you look at each episode, you notice each episode is brand new with new scenes so as Gimpi said, there are subtle differences between the episodes and its fun to spot them.

  26. Wow, lots of raging in here. Get a grip people. It’s just an anime. Plenty of other good stuff to watch too.

    That said, has anyone even bothered to watch the latest one? (I mean aside from Omni and the few people who commented on the content) Yeah, it’s a repeat of the same events, but it seems like Kyoani went to greater lengths than the last few iterations in including a lot of symbolism in this episode. It’s actually interesting and makes me wonder if they will deviate from the novel plot (doubt it though).

  27. Oh boy… I stopped after the 3rd episode because I didn’t like where this was heading. The staff is once again trying to be too clever. The whole concept of releasing episodes non-sequentially in the first series lost a lot of viewers. The endless loop is a really bad idea, because all it does is give the viewers the impression that there is a shortage of source material, or they lack the creativity to go off in another direction.

    No Room for A-holes
  28. I don’t believe it… KyoAni, you were always my favorite animation studio, but this is ridiculous. F**k you! Screwing up the series like that. I always had faith in KyoAni, making awesome adaptions of awesome series, but this… I really don’t know what to say…

  29. yeah, let’s show one iteration of the day and call it endless. that would have a lot of meaning. my my, isn’t doing things like that a true meaning of haruhi series? it’s the same thing as airing the first series not chronologically. wasn’t that the thing that made haruhi so special?

  30. @bgi: No, what made Haruhi special was the interesting plot and fantastic characters.

    The anachronistic order had little to do with it. Saying that was the reason for its success is superficial.

    People liked it because it was good, not because of some random gimmick.

  31. wow. I’m really enjoying these, and not because it’s a funny troll (how is this a troll?). I’ve found these episodes interesting, creative, and creepy as all get out — and completely within the spirit of the show (rather than within the spirit of KyoAni). I also feel that it’s a very anime-specific potential that they’re exploiting — the effect is very different from time-loop episodes of film shows and repeated time sequences in film movies that I’ve seen. These are also the first episodes that really made me feel the way the characters must feel about Haruhi’s apparent power. Usually the joke is on Kyon or the SOS Brigade — this time the joke is on us (/Yuki), and it’s really not funny at all.

    I do hope KyoAni animate a real second season sometime soon, but I’m not begrudging them this experiment in the meantime.

  32. This is ridiculous. What’s the point? Kadokawa or KyoAni or whatever will loose a lot of Haruhi-fans because of this endless loop. Many will quit watching it…

    I’m going to continue to watch it, though. I mean, they can’t seriously show the same kind of episode after each other forever. New episodes has to come up sooner or later.

    I’m annoyed, and yet confused at the same time. :/

  33. Lol, you gotta admit the director must have guts to troll us like this after all that all that shit and hype over the second season anyways. I’m still watching, cause you know the next episodes are going to be good. And even if they aren’t, you can still laugh over the meta humor.

  34. Reading all the comments so far has been pretty funny. All the rage!!!

    Now all you need is for Liquid to recruit all of you, put you in a tight-fitting suit, attach mechanical wings to your head, give you a grenade launcher, and you guys can become the new Raging Ravens.

    P.S. Play Metal Gear Solid 4 if you are clueless as to what I’m talking about.

    Anime Junkie
  35. They’re not even being lazy, or saving money? They’re actually reanimating every episode! They’re going all out just for effect!

    And you know what? The real problem at hand wil be the dvd’s. Yeah, you get 4 episodes on one dvd, but they’re all the same episode. THE SAME EPISODE.

  36. @Kaios – as for me, watching it chronogically would be extremely painfull, because after 6 episodes there wouldn’t be any suspense or impact on anything, stories connected only by the same cast. the way they aired it, it was fun to get each piece of the puzzle characters hinted about, and not knowing everything befor the midpoint of the series. as for the characters, for me, the only amazing one is the most normal. others aren’t really anything new.

    it’s really hilarious when people make some sort of cult out of haruhi. take these, as You said, random gimmicks (airing achronologically or airing few episodes with almost the same content) away and this series wouldn’t really have anything to stand out from the crowd of basically the same. but, well, that’s my opinion, You may disagree 😉

  37. @buff: In the novel, the last loop is the 15,498th time. Meh, I’ll probably wait until the arc ends and gets a few episodes further before I bother watching any more of this. Honestly, I am not that concerned one way or another about the anime. I just want vol. 10 of the novels. Freaking cliffhangers.

  38. holy shit, people, calm the fuck down.
    If you love the series so much than just fucking deal.
    we’re lucky we even got a 2nd season so stop your fucking whining.
    sure it’s like repeating the same episode over and over again but it’ll be over soon enough, so be patient.
    No need to shit a brick over a series. Shut the fuck up.

  39. All this tells me is that we’re screwed if we see a release date for the next book. I can imagine all the fun times ahead. Huzzah. Also, I think Yuki’s mask last week was the best.

  40. I’m actually kinda glad they’re doing this. This cleans out alot of the retarded fandom that was created from the first season. By retarded fandom, I mean the people who will drop the entire show because of a few episodes.

  41. I also find all the ‘rage’ silly as hell. I only watched the 1st 2 endless eight eps & I’ll watch the last just to see Kyon finally get his foot out of his ass. If you don’t like it don’t watch. We already know what’s going to happen so just venting about that is utterly foolish. We’ve had the last 3 eps to troll so just save it for the last EE ep.

    As for the guys out there that watch just to point out the differences in each ep, good for you. Atleast yall won’t add to the growing resentment. But its going to be the same BS comments next week too. If I was KyoAni I would repeat it the whole 8 times just to piss off all the fools that sent in the 4 truckloads of hate mail.


    I’m optimistically waiting for the “end” of Endless Eight next week. And next week.

    …And that’s about all the time I can give to KyoAni before I go mad.

  43. Funny how you people hate KyoAni all because they repeated a few episodes because the boss wanted that. Well FU to all you haters! My gawd do you people not have other series to watch? Go do something productive to help the world!!

    Haha I’m kidding =p
    but still, this repeat is going to stop me from watching Haruhi. It’s a good series, and whocares if it repeats, it’s not the end of the world. Something epic shall come, like

    Show Spoiler ▼


  44. In my opinion, this will certainly divide the fanbase into at least two groups.
    1) Those who think they deserve better than this after a long wait.
    2) Those who will appreciate everything KyoAni throws at them.

  45. Hace poco le daba gracias a Kadokawa por subir los capitulos de Suzumiya a YouTube, pero después de esta desverguenzada, es díficil … Tendría que hablar hellian para expresar lo que siento en estos momentos.

    Recently, I please Kadokawa, but this is too… Only hellian words could express my disappointment

  46. @ HoHo
    This is exactly the case.
    Basically, the blind fanboys will be divided from the regular folk who aren’t gormless enough to accept the same crap repeated over and over again.

    Honestly though, I knew this second season could never live upto the original due to the hype, and I would have been fine with that, but so far it’s just been an absolute trainwreck. Beyond a joke…

  47. They dropped the ball on this one in the name of milking the series. I must extend a very sarcastic good job to everyone involved who thought this was a good idea.

  48. 8 episodes of this huh…..

    In a 26 episode run? This is not a problem.
    In 12 episode run? We have a problem.

    Hah. This show will serve a usefull purpose though. An “Are You a Fanboy?” quiz. Question 1. Did you enjoy the second season of Haruhi? Yes? Congratulations. You are a fanboy.

  49. 2) Those who will appreciate everything KyoAni throws at them. = The fanboys whose girlfriends are currently cheating on them with men who has balls.

    Personally, I can thank of two or three story arcs that would’ve been a MUCH more suitable show than these whacked episodes. The Fantasy Game Arc, the Yuki Altered World Arc, the Snow Mansion Arc, the Mikuru and Kyon arc…etc…But, they just had to pick what was also the most annoying story arc in the books to go off on.

  50. It really seems like Haruhi herself is the director, huh?


    I think this is all a test, to see who are the true fans. They’ll probably surprise us with Dissappearance after this. Hasn’t anyone noticed the subtle focus on Nagato more than Haruhi this season? I’m not dropping this yet.

  51. I think everyone before as expressed my anguish, disgust and annoyance for me. Good quality stuff gone to waste… this could have been done in 2 episodes max. Come on already, it’s hard being loyal in today’s society!

  52. Feels like a play taken out of Kobayashi Jin’s playbook (the author from School Rumble). How to ruin your reputation and split your fanbase into a majority of frustrated and mad former fans and a minority of hardcore worshippers who would still praise KyoAni/Kadokawa if they p*ssed right in their face.

  53. I’ll still keep in check with the series because maybe after the Endless Eight, it’ll pick up, but I’ll just watch these episodes for when I’m REALLY bored. That happens a lot during the summer but yeah this is a bad direction to go for such a good series in my opinion.

  54. Despite such demise happening here in this anime adaptation, I could still tell you guys that the novel would still entice your interest. Who knows, considering that they still have tons of good material, maybe after a while the anime would turn out to be good.

  55. I think all the “fuck you kyoani” posters really, really don’t understand corporate politics.

    Kyoto Animation only has marginal control over the plotting and scripting. What they’re allowed and not allowed to show is controlled by Kadokawa. The fact is, it’s clear that Kyoto Animation is putting in as much effort in these repeat episodes as they would in a new episode; they’re essentially hamstrung by Kadokawa’s bizarre insistence not to show the Disappearance arc.

    Here’s the deal: it’s 12 new episodes. Kadokawa wanted to force out a storyline out of production, and so they needed filler. For whatever reason, Endless Eight was picked. It is actually effective and clever within the constraints of the fact that it’s the same thing over and over. There’s still a lot there, and there’s still effort, and the opening phrase “Something was wrong.” kind of creeps me out. The ending of the episode, where Kyon is forced to actually grow a pair and do something, has me on the edge of my seat. It’s the middle part where it falls apart and becomes uninteresting, because it’s taken up by Itsuki’s explanation of shit we already understand. We’re being told instead of shown something we know, and it’s grating on us.

    And it’s an unfortunate logical progression of the set-up and the scenario.

    Kyoto Animation has done clearly everything they can to vary each episode up within the parameters of both the logic of the series and the absurd dictates of their Evil Overload Masters. Don’t blame them, and don’t go hating on Haruhi itself — it’s pointless and stupid. Hate on Kadokawa. Hate the haters that wanted to force one of the best stories in the novels out into either a third season or limbo or who the fuck knows what else. It isn’t KyoAni.

  56. Ouch.. this is really ridiculous. Is there anyone who still honestly endorses this? The first ep was great, the 2nd ep was good too, and necessary, however I’m not even bothering to watch the 3rd and 4th eps of this arc XD. Ugh that just shows my lack of patience, it’s just 2 eps but it feels like a HUGE BLOW/Waste of time.
    Well I hope all the rage is correctly directed in to the right places. I don’t know if it’s KyoAni or Kadokawa in charge if this farce but they better get there acts together. Since I’m not a die hard Haruhi fan I’m not particularly miffed by the waste of eps. However I wish that KyoAni would just animate something good like Little Busters instead of going through such trouble as to reanimate the same sequence of events in totally different ways. I can see the amount of effort and money going into remaking one episode, it’s more then the effort/quality put into making entire seasons of some crappier anime *COUGH* 1st Polyphonica *COUGH*. But I can’t help but feel as if that talent is going to waste.
    Kyoani’s skills in making anime are proven, but this WTF FARCE is seriously damaging. Unless we get compensation episodes there are going to be a LOT of pissed (former) fans.

  57. 1/12 episodes – Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody
    8/12 episodes – Endless Eight
    That leaves 3 episodes, now not only has “Disappearance” been moved off the table, but they now also no longer have room for “Sigh” . Guess they can fit in “Snow Mountain Syndrome & Where did the cat go” 3rd season will be the REAL 2nd season (in the year 2025…)

    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time.
    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time.
    We’ve entered an endless recursion of time.

  58. bad move…i drop at once and i will not purchase the dvds of this crappy arc, and wish that anyone else will do the same. that’s the real message for the developers: u make shitty stuff, u don’t catch the price.ù

    save the world, get the girl

  59. Haruhi (character) has never been an interesting character. It’s the people around her and the things they get involved in which pulls me in.

    As for the rage-quit… I doubt it. In fact, I doubt every SINGLE one of the rage-quit comment. I’ll BET you’ll see them again in the next blog post complaining about quiting. But truth is, they’ll never really quit.

    From my point of view, this stunt is:

    1. NOT well produced. Look at the shitty art, long shots, and still frames. They’re just cutting corners. Even Amaenaideyo looks nicer than these episodes.

    2. An attempt to milk more with less. 5 episodes, 3 which I find are worse than fillers (quality-wise) without any new material…

    3. not going to affect their sales. Like I said, I doubt anyone will truly give up on this series.

    What I DO hope is that the sponsors will pull the plug until the people at KyoAni starts to release decent episodes again. As fans, there’s very little we can do, and it’s easy for them to step all over us. But if their bosses get tough on them, that should wipe that f’ing grin off their f’ing faces.

  60. To abuse the classic Samuel L Jackson catchphrase:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I have HAD IT with these motherf*cking timeloops in this motherf*cking series! LOL

    But seriously, I never thought Kyo-Ani would actually have the nerve to troll this far, just as well, this would weed out the impatient ones who are only tagging along with the hype but know jack-all, leaving behind the “faithful” who actually understands the essence of the story and trust Kyo-Ani actually know what they’re doing, and thus willing to put up with all their Haruhi-ist antics.

    Normally you see adaptations “dumbed down” to attract the “lowest common denominator” (LCD), i.e. largest audience possible. Here we’re seeing the exact opposite extreme, an adaptation that deliberately drives away the LCD, and concentrates their bet on the “faithful”, i.e. “true target audience” doing all the merchandising spending.

    Not that I agree with what they’re doing because as most here says, it’s getting annoying, but I won’t be knee-jerking and dropping the show just yet, even if it means this going all the way till the end of August.

    Kinny Riddle
  61. That said, if they do go all the way without even adapting volume 4, then I’ll gladly join the rest of you and telling Kadokawa and Kyo-Ani to go f*ck themselves. xD

    Kinny Riddle
  62. seriously you viewers who are dropping this series just because it loops?? this is just a bloody anime – why do you need to get so worked up for? sit back and wait – if its the same episode, close the file and do something else! i’m pretty sure most of you out there just download anime off the net for free because you’re too cheap to buy the DVDs – and you get worked up over this???


  63. This latest episode was actually not too bad. Granted, if they had really kept repeating the same episode over and over, that would be very boring. And granted that a completely new episode here would have been welcome. But seeing the various changes in this episode, and seeing the crew trapped in this time loop is itself entertaining in the way.

    It’s like watching episodes of Gilligan’s Island, where the castaways fail again and again to escape the island, or watching the film, “Groundhog Day”, where the same day repeats over and over again.

  64. “seriously you viewers who are dropping this series just because it loops?? this is just a bloody anime – why do you need to get so worked up for? sit back and wait – if its the same episode, close the file and do something else! i’m pretty sure most of you out there just download anime off the net for free because you’re too cheap to buy the DVDs – and you get worked up over this???


    “holy shit, people, calm the fuck down.
    If you love the series so much than just fucking deal.
    we’re lucky we even got a 2nd season so stop your fucking whining.
    sure it’s like repeating the same episode over and over again but it’ll be over soon enough, so be patient.
    No need to shit a brick over a series. Shut the fuck up.

    You guys who are FREAKING. OUT. over this are seriously losers, my gosh. Take note of the two comments above and maybe LEARN something from them.

  65. *rolls eyes*

    At the idiots who point out the obvious “settle down, it’s anime, don’t freak out…blah blah…” congrats, you’ve just saw the obvious point in a room full of knives, spears, and swords. Would you also like to point out that we also didn’t produce or create the show or have any financial gain or losses from it also? C’mon, you’re already on your high horses, for whatever reason, you might as well go all the way.

    People know it’s an anime, that doesn’t mean they can’t vent or have an opinion of their own, whether it makes sense or not. If they want to stop watching because they don’t like it for whatever reason, why not? It doesn’t concern you just as their dislike for the show doesn’t concern the producers/creators. You’re self-righteous chiding simply puts you on the same level. So how about you just relax and let us vent or say whatever we want. It seems to me that the only one taking things way too seriously, or acting as so just to gain a sense of self-importance, are you guys.

    You want an important serious discussion based on logic/facts and act like the almighty voice of reason in a sea blind fandom, hit up You want to see a bunch of people in their mid-teens to mid-50s acting like their in their kids, you hit up an anime fan site.

  66. I always kinda said it would take honest-to-god EFFORT to make people stop watching Haruhi Suzumiya. I never figured Kadokawa would take me up on that bet. Maybe they ought to have listened to the sponsors, just this once.

  67. If you want to make it stop, either watch the ninth episode of the second season, where it FINALLY stops the repeats at the end(Won’t spoil how) or skip straight to the tenth, where new episodes start.

    Someone You Don't Know

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