Since this episode was basically the exact same as last episode, I’m not even going to bother with a summary this week. All of the changes were relatively minor (their clothes, Yuki wearing the mask this time, Haruhi not needing to be prompted about cicadas, and so on), though Kyon was slightly more suspicious this time around. Like last week, Kyoto Animation reanimated everything from different angles and with different shots, and it sounded like all the lines were re-recorded too. I’m sure by the end of all this, if not already, the voice actors will be able to recite those lines by heart.

I can’t decide if Kyoto Animation is doing this to troll us, or if they’re buying time so that they don’t have to actually cover all that much new material, or if this is stunt for the sake of pulling a stunt, or what. Whatever the reason, as I said earlier, I’m really hoping that they don’t do this for eight straight episodes or for the rest of the season. I wouldn’t put it past them though, and I’ll probably go into next weeks episode expecting it not to conclude again.


  1. Why oh Why poor Kyon and his ASSIGNMENT anywaysz Can anyone tell me which subber should i download cause the last episode i downloaded from chihiro was too bright hmmmpF!



    I think the fishing scene is new…

    @DNA, try a.f.k

    The entire season (how they are replaying first season too) just seem to milk Haruhi… and new light novel still didn’t come out

    They will probably end it with the Yuki Arc…

    26 weeks, 14 will be taken by 1st season…
    That leaves 1 + 4 endless summer eps, so we have 7 eps left..

    I wonder how many other story they will fit in, since Yuki Arc will be really long

  3. Funny thing, I’m pretty much in the same situation here since my holidays have been extended another week (3 weeks in total) due to swine flu damage control and I still haven’t done my homework.

    Keep on trolling kyoani!

  4. the first season was really nice but now it’s like repeating the same thing. would be nice if they make some funny short scenes this tyme around if the episode was pretty much the same thing as last week

  5. Yo pienso que este era originalmente el capitulo 2 de Endless eight. Pero como no alcanzaba la calidad de lo que debiera tener un capitulo de Suzumiya, crearon otro (el capitulo 13).

    Pero como no querían (Kyoani) desperdiciar su inversión, y aprovechando la popularidad de Haruhi y el hecho de que es (Agosto Infinito), nada mas modificaron el 8 x el 9 (15,498), y lo transmitieron.

    En resumen:
    chapter 14-Original- transmitted only for not lose money.
    chapter 13-remake- best quality

  6. It isn’t freakin’ trolling when every episode is so different, sheesh. I’m loving the hell out of this new season. They are hitting the sweet spots just as hard.

  7. Last time Kyon wondered how did Yuki feel all this time. Well now we can understand her in a way. Btw, the less they show us in this season, the more material they will have for the 3rd one, ne?
    So she had vocal training for several hundred years. It figures why she was that good in 12th ep. first season)

  8. Really we waited so god damn long and now they make us watch Episodes of the 1st season. Ok, thats sh**. But now they going to make an Naruto-like filler thing. Couldn’t they just put this repeating event in 1 or 2 Episodes. 1 Episode to show WOW it’s repeating and the following with the resolution. For gods sake if they make another Episode of this bullsh** with no conclusion I drop this show. Lateley there are many (all) shows that disappoints me but this is really enough. Really I’m starting to hate anime or better they people that decides to do such things to the viewers. There are so much materials (sometimes really good stuff) out there novels/mangas (especially Haruhi), games and whatever and we only get the same old sh** to watch (no real end or fucked up end or not the original end or fillers like hell) and endure it with the hope it (the animes) will probably be better next season. IF the producers want that we the viewers buy the DVDs and whatever more, then make the Anime worth it. But thats sadly no the case in almost all animes today. So that’s it.

    Sorry for rude words and my bad grammar.

  9. watching the contents of this ep for the 3rd time made me feel queasy. honestly, their trolling already erected a tombstone for haruhi. all it needs is for people to bury this and place the epitaph… remember when haruhi was fun?

  10. Crappy episode. New scenes alright, but mostly just still images.

    WTF is going on… Sure, it sounds “cool” to keep repeating the same arc to give the viewer the same feeling… Here’s how I see it:

    this is a GREAT idea for the production company: possible reuse scenes/voice, without having to cover too much new material

    but for viewers, it is f’king bad idea, because it airs only once a week, with very little story movement.

    Hence, the fact that KyoAni decided to repeat this arc again suggests that they are on their high horses, sneering down at fans. Someone please knock them down and f’ck them in the neck.

    There’s this chinese saying “No more than 3”. I think they’ve really pushed it this time. First, a 3-year wait before a RERUN, then this…

  11. Even if it’s like this. I’m sure that all fan boys/girls still praise KyoAni for doing something so gutsy and so unique. lol Seriously, only this franchise can do this and still get a lot of attention.

  12. Back from re-watching the episode another 3 times… sorry for the outburst, but I stand by the poor quality in this episode (lots of distance shots, and still scenes… any sometimes, Kyon’s feet look unbelievably small).

    Anyway, my previous comment was the result of my pent-up frustration after waiting for a full week, and leaving work early today (there goes another 1/2 day of my annual leave) to watch this episode, just to find the episode to be another facet to the whole Endless Eight ordeal.

    Anyway, after watching it another 3 times, I guess it’s alright. Anything for my beloved Nagato.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go re-read the first volume of Suzumiya Haruhi’s novel. Got it in the mail a few days ago.

  13. it certainly sucks when they doing this same ep again…but it kind of gets me really interested now. (i even come here to read comments of others, which i never did…)
    the producer certainly used their brain before doing this show, unlike most of the others…

  14. the 2 episodes sugests that the same “omg we are in a time loop because of haruri!” situation have happened in the 1449 times so the “bah! i wont do the homework because it will loop again” have happened 1449 times too they didnt realized it just in the 1448th repetition but in all of them.

  15. It might be just me, but I found this episode to be awesome. I mean… showing the same set of events for the second week in a row (third if you include the 1st time loop repetition), but with all new animation and re-recorded? This is pure win.

    Not all awesome things have to be fun. The whole point of the repetition is to show how freaking boring it is, and hell, they did so magnificently.

    Plus… after watching this episode, I finally got an epiphany at the end and realized how they are going to stop the loop (which I then confirmed looking at the novel translation). In my opinion, too many of you (including Omni) spoiled yourselves by reading the solution before figuring it out. If you hadn’t, you could have realized that the subtle differences among the three episodes had actually been engineered to lead the viewer to the solution. So again, kudos to KyoAni, this is a work of genius.

  16. What nobody seems to notice is that the mask scene has huge meaning behind it – it’s probably the only time in the entire loop that Nagato has any control over what happens herself.

  17. Now this is getting a bit ridiculous, instead of a trilogy, we’re now getting a tetralogy of the same thing? (And please don’t be let it be a pentology. )

    Perhaps this is Kyo-Ani’s ploy of allowing us to experience how exasperated Yuki is in experiencing the same thing over and over again? If that was their aim, then they have succeeded brilliantly.

    Poor Yuki.

    Kinny Riddle
  18. Forgot to add, it seems Kyo-Ani isn’t content with a number as incomplete as 15,498 and 15,499 and seems intent on rounding it up to 16,000 by next week. So HOPEFULLY this endless saga ends by then.

    Kinny Riddle
  19. Boy am I getting a DOCTOR WHO flashback here or what and that show only did it for 2 episodes! Ok if it continues I AM playing a drinking game to relieve the:

    BOREDOM of a Harhuist viewer

  20. Oh crap, this is what happens when you try to perform grade school arithmetic with a sleepy head in 3am in the morning. I meant 15,500 times, not 16,000 times. LOL

    Kinny Riddle
  21. They sure are pulling some stunt. I just hope that was worth it. If next week Yuki gets hinamizawa syndrom L5, I will lol to death, ’cause it’s just what I would think about by 15500 loop.
    Go Yuki! Make those KyoAni bastards pay!

  22. There is a very good reason why Kyo-Ani is allowing us to share Yuki’s frustration with having to experience this loop again and again:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Kinny Riddle
  23. You know what, I don’t really care how many times they re animate this episode, just being able to watch these characters is enough for me, This show just makes my day, and besides, it’s cool to see the same scenario with sutble differences and from different angles! XD

    Haruhi & KyoAni FTW!

  24. Okay, now this is getting ridiculous. This chapter in the novels wasn’t that long. Hopefully they’ll still be able to make the Dissappearance arc 6 episodes worth.

  25. Ok this is really annoying. It’s clearly an abuse of the haruhi fantom. I think KyoAni Crossed the line this time…

    “kyon needs to just raep Haruhi and get it over with”

    Sooo true.

  26. the “recaps” were only half an episode long, wif slight modifications, so i wasnt that bored… however i think they could do with shrinking the “recap”… people pretty much caught on when kyon was cheering for the losing team.

  27. @Lys in the first half, the on/off screen effect animation shows different image, bottom example has more fuzzy appearance for characters (as if they are disappearing).

  28. Seriously, this is all bullshit. Another fanservice episode for the crazy fans of Haruhi… =/
    I already read the novels… I don’t see Yuki going crazy there on Endless eight (maybe a little bored) and this leading her to do the events in Dissappearence…
    The novels ended this really fast, I mean, we just have see it happening one time in it.

    Kyoto Animation is really trolling us. Unless they’re counting this mini-arc as just ONE episode. I doubt it.
    They could have ended it in two episodes… but there a plenty of things (fanservice) they can put on this episode… maybe it’ll really last for eight episodes…

    Retard as hell.

  29. Hmm I wish they would replace some of the activities like the bon fire or something with a different loop, as Yuki mentioned sometimes they did some different things. KyoAni would still be making their point.
    But this does at least give the second season something to talk about 😛

  30. The most interesting thing about Endless Eight isn’t the arc, itself, which is money-saving mindless bullshit trolling on the part of KyoAni, but the reaction to it on various forums and blogs, like this one.

    This isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  31. I’m kind of hoping that all of the Endless Eight episodes only count as one episode against the 28 total.

    1. Obviously it’s really disappointing to think that after years of waiting for a new season, KyoAni is just throwing away the opportunity to tell additional stories.
    2. The episodes’ names are all the same… It’s not Endless Eight part 1, Endless Eight part 2, Endless Eight part 15498, etc. which could imply that these are all the same, singular episode.
    3. It makes sense from a story telling stand point… because Haruhi keeps resetting time, when it’s all said and done, the universe will have only experienced Endless Eight once.
    4. Throwing people’s sense of production numbering askew completely fits and feels right in grand-Harui-scheme of things.

  32. haruhi: come to the clubroom the day after tommorow
    Kyon: here it is again… deja vu! (Change of heart suddenly appears)
    Kyon:haruhi i love you
    Haruhi:argghhh thank god you said that… then i will not repeat the summer again

    All viewers: WTF!!!!!!


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