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“For when you blow your wad, man.”


In before the rest of the world gets into a clusterfuck over this one. Perhaps the most staggering sequence ever conceived, the NEEDLESS ED emcompasses all major fetishes readily identifyable in anime today, and does it with such alacrity and accuracy it raises issues of whether this was done by an army of otaku voting on their top fetishes, or if it was the work of a single catastrophically brilliant mind so far past perverted that he has unquestionably become one with the fetish hive-mind. Unafraid, unabashed, confident and comprehensive – such is the nature of the images portrayed by this ED, performed so enthusiastically and passionately by three deliciously unique nubiles one has no choice but to just sit back and sigh in titillated euphoria.

Such a quality production is in stark contrast with the actual episode, which does an impressive job of pushing a distinctive style reminiscent of Gurren Lagann, but is for the most part an exercise in generic action and on the whole “I’m just here to watch the ED”.

In particular the attention to feet and kissing is worth mention as both are currently underappreciated traits but clearly on the rise. The prevalence of ankles and feet in recent moe-standard show K-ON!, together with the emphasis on deep kissing in sis-con instaboner anime Kiss x Sis are definitive examples of the rising trend, and this ED charmingly provides an extensive progress check from which we can recalibrate our attentions and refocus our energies on the necessary aspects of character design.

I’ve likely missed out on many of the alternate fetishes in the screenshot captions – I implore my fellow brothers in arms to kindly point them out to me. Onward, brave soldiers!!


  1. LOL
    I certainly wasn’t expecting that MADhouse (famous for all their GAR titles)would produce a show like this..
    Anyway, it looks good.. I’m going to give it a try

  2. In shot 38 there, they list the OP/ED animation credits, and it looks like the whole ED is being credited to just two animators? They sure had a field day with this one. ^^;

  3. He he he You forgot to mention about that mysterious green hair girl(?) who appears in the later part of the ED.
    Too bad from what the author said the anime will end it’s 2 cour at Simeon Arc , so “he” may not have any screen time more than in the ED

  4. after the bad taste of this week’s suzumiya haruhi, this was a welcome change. Love the first episode!!! So hilarious, so action-packed, so much cleavage… ^_^

    I’m feeling better already.

  5. Wow. That’s all I’ll say.

    BTW, Jaalin (and Omni for that matter), when you post YouTube videos, can you please provide a SD version of it as well? Not all of us have processors powerful enough to play HD videos, you know? I had to personally seek out “NEEDLESS ED” on YouTube and view the SD version, or all I’ll get is stuttering images.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. What a horrible anime =__= what wrong with this world today, i have no problem with yuri/yoai anime, but this is just so wrong 0_o; im sad to see some animes have turn out this way. Sad, sad, people fetish should stay on their mind.

    *throws up*

  7. this is a load of crap, im not sure how the ed relates to the show but this ED is a shithole. watching the ed just destroyed any consideration of watching this series. i seriously hope that the ED is not indicative of a trend. Yuri is okay to an extent, but this is a bad direction for trends.

  8. What if those three girls are actually ONE entity, or can combine into one? That would make sense. In the OP, after they show them, they show this strange creature with three glowing red eyes….

  9. Kinny Riddle:
    You can always get the URL for the SD version by mousing over the up arrow in the bottom right corner and clicking the box that pops up. There, you’ll see both the embed code and the URL of the video.

    You can also mouse over the top left corner of the video when it’s playing and click the name of the video to direct you to the corresponding YouTube page.

  10. *watches ED*
    Jeez, not another one…

    *watches OP*
    …wait…are these from the same show? Those three had cameo screentime in the OP o_0 Not to mention the complete lack of…ANYBODY ELSE.

  11. Very..sad. What’s disgusting besides the sparkles and all is that they don’t even look like *women*,just little girls.. What a turn off if that’s what some guys are into. :/ The blue haired one looks like a boy as well.
    I agree with blackpanda and brakes overall.

  12. It’s sad to admit, but I was going to not watch this series at all based on the synopsis and peoples expectations for this. But that ed. actually peeked my curiosity and personally I though that the first episode was one of the best first episodes of any show I’ve ever seen.
    Needless will abstain to the rule of cool and hopefully make a awesome series

  13. i got to say the second i saw this ending i torrented the episode and was surprised to find it was nothing i expected >.> i mean its not bad but the ending made it seem like the show would be more about those 3 instead of some generic after ww3 desolation plot

  14. If you wanted to figure out what the show was about, you shoulda seen the OP first. That is MUCH closer than this ED…though for all we know, those three could have that exact role in the show >_>


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