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  • I apologize for the lack of Daily Doses recently. The Summer 2008 Preview is taking a lot longer than I thought to write because I have quite a bit to say about some of the series. I’m compiling this Daily Dose because I don’t want to fall too far behind on the news, and because I want to point people to the newest Parallel Works video.
  • This week’s Gurren Lagann Parallel Works belongs to artist SUEZEN, and it combines the instrumental track BafBaf! Sonna ni Moeru no ga…Suki Kai? with video of Viral and the others playing a Gurren Lagann themed pachinko machine. It’s an amusing watch, though I still like last week’s more, both in song and in accompanying video. It’s hard to beat “raw! raw! fight the power!”
  • Gonzo plans to stream the upcoming summer anime Strike Witches on crunchyroll and YouTube like it did with Druaga and Blassreiter.
  • There were a lot of new anime announced this week. First up, MOON PHASE reports that kiss x sis, the manga by Mahoromatic author Ditama Bow, is getting a television anime series. Details will be released in next issue of Bessatsu Young Magazine.
  • Tabletop RPG Queen’s Blade is also getting a television anime series.
  • Popular shoujo manga Skip Beat! is getting a television anime series this fall as well. It will be produced by Hal Film Maker and will be directed by Sayama Kiyoko.
  • Game company Leaf‘s White Album is also getting an anime and a PS3 port.
  • In music news, the new ED theme for SOUL EATER will be Style by Nishino Kana. The new ED theme for D.Gray-man will be Changin’ by Stephanie. The new ED theme for Bleach will be Gallop by pe’zmoku. Thanks Haz.
  • The website for upcoming summer anime Koihime Musou has (finally) updated with new information.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
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    The Daily Dose

  • The first Gurren Lagann Parallel Works video, which you can see at left, is out. For those of you who haven’t heard about this, various members of GAINAX‘s staff are pairing Gurren Lagann music with new, alternate world animations. This first one is animator Watanabe Keisuke’s, and it combines the song Rap wa Kan no Tamashii da! with a fantasy setting. In it, Simon, Kamina, and Viral are attacking a fortress to free Nia, and they run into Yoko and the woman who was in Viral’s dream sequence from episode 26. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and it’s rekindled my memories of how much I liked the Gurren Lagann OST (i.e. I’ve got it on my playlist now). The next one video is set to be released June 23rd.
    Thanks konart
  • Dengeki Online has pictures from the Ranka Lee/Nakajima Megumi mini-live at Odaiba VenusFort that I mentioned earlier this week. She performed four songs: Ai – Oboeteimasuka, What ’bout my star?, Neko Nikki, and Seikan Hikou. It’s also worth pointing out that some of the images match the choreography from the Seikan Hikou video on the official site.
  • In more Macross Frontier news, it was announced yesterday on the staff blog that there is a special short movie in store for purchasers of the first volume BD/DVD. It’s called ALL THAT VF and will feature many of the Valkyries from the Macross series in commemoration of its 25th anniversary. The first volume is set to be released on July 25th.
  • Canned Dogs has a survey of what people are saying in the ongoing flap between Konjiki no Gash!! mangaka Raiku Makoto and publisher Shogakukan.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
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    Gurren Lagann – 27 (END)

    Before Simon had arrived, the black Anti-Spiral figure had told Nia that she was merely a virtual being included in the Spirals’ genes that would awaken when they rose up in revolt.

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    Gurren Lagann – 06 (DVD Version)

    The broadcast version of episode six had a good deal of recap, but all of that’s gone in the DVD version and replaced with actual story about Kamina trying to get a look at the girls naked. That sounds stupid, but it turned out to be a really funny episode.

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    Gurren Lagann – 26

    In bringing out the Chouginga Gurren Lagann, Simon grabs the main face of the enemy ship and digs into it, creating a large explosion.

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    Gurren Lagann – 25

    With the Chouginga Dai-Gurren sinking fast into what appears to be a body of water, Leeron explains that the water effect is because of how this space has been condensed so that it is ultrahigh density.

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    Gurren Lagann – 24

    By mentally focusing on Nia, Simon is able to confirm her dimensional coordinates for the ship and allows it to get a lock.

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    Gurren Lagann – 23

    It has been one week since the moon was stopped from falling, and Simon is telling the others that Viral will be attending their strategy meetings from now on.

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    Gurren Lagann – 22

    As the battle rages on outside the ship, Leeron takes a private moment to think about the spinning of a gyroscope and how he wants to see what’s beyond the heaven that they’re aiming for.

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    Gurren Lagann – 21

    With Yoko pointing a gun at her, Nia tells them to give up and says that mankind has no future as she disappears through a portal.

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    Gurren Lagann – 20

    With Simon locked a nearby cell, Viral is amused that the hero of humanity’s liberation and the traitorous beastman would be equally imprisoned.

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    Gurren Lagann – 19

    The angry mobs running through the city blame Simon for the moon falling, and they even tear down the Kamina statue.

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    Gurren Lagann – 18

    As Nia finishes making her speech about the Humanity Eradication System, Rossiu is trying to have his men locate the source of her transmission, but it soon ends.

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    Gurren Lagann – 17

    It has been seven years since the fall of Teppelin, and the new human capital is called Kamina City.

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    Gurren Lagann – 16

    As far as recaps go, this is quite possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen. They got creative by using flashes of live-action writing to precede characters’ lines and accompanied it all with great music, so it was actually pretty fun to watch.
    Since this is a recap, what you see above are images from the special ED and preview for episode 17. Lots more images after the jump….

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