The broadcast version of episode six had a good deal of recap, but all of that’s gone in the DVD version and replaced with actual story about Kamina trying to get a look at the girls naked. I know that sounds stupid, but it turned out to be a really funny episode.
The differences I noticed were:

  • No more recap discussion between Simon and Kamina to start the episode. Regular narrator takes over instead.
  • Removed censoring from this scene and this scene (originals had a strip of pink stuff and fog, respectively).
  • After Kamina makes his speech while standing on the rock, they don’t cut to recap and instead play out a scene where Kamina tries to see the girls naked on the other side of the wall. Simon manages to catch a glimpse of them after Gimmy pokes him in the butt and he jumps up in pain. He also digs a hole in the wall and hears Yoko talking about how she isn’t interested in Kamina or him, though she does think that he can become a good man if he works a little harder.
  • Once it’s revealed that the entire hot springs is a Gunmen, Kamina and Simon return back to the Gurren and the Lagann. The beastwoman holds Yoko and company hostage with the censored mosaic over them and demands that Kamina get off the Gurren if he wants to see the girls without the censoring. Kamina of course complies, but the girls are actually covered underneath, and that’s when the Gurren gets stolen.
  • Inside the huge Gunmen, Yoko runs into Kamina and greets him with a punch to the face for what he did. This is when Kamina declares that he’ll see what he wants to see, and Yoko accidentally blurts out that she’d show him if he wants to see so much.
  • The beastwoman has a remote control that tightens or loosens the girls’ towels, and Gimmy manages it to steal it. At the urging of Kamina, Gimmy turns the dial to the point where the towels fall off, but Kamina is disappointed to find that everyone is wearing swimsuits underneath.
  • Everything seemed to flow a lot better and made a lot more sense story-wise in the DVD version. They didn’t actually show any nudity either (unless you count Gimmy poking Simon in the butt), so I don’t know why they didn’t just originally air it this way. A marketing ploy perhaps…


    1. WTF is with showing a nude little boy, but they can’t show exposed breasts? Those damn japanese, that is pretty sick. They should know that most of the viewers don’t want to see underage boy penis. No wonder they got nuked.

    2. Um.. some of them were in the original episode as well. Anywho, it seems in that picture it’s, from left to right, starting at the pink haired: Nono from Diebuster, Onee-sama (i think) from Gunbuster, Larc from Diebuster, Rei from Evangelion, Mahoro from Mahoromatic, Asuka from Evangelion, and Jung Freud from Gunbuster. I don’t think the rest are Gainax girls, but they might be (some remind me of minor characters ^^;).

    3. >> “Yoko talking about how she isn’t interested in Kamina or him, though she does think that he can become a good man if he works a little harder.”

      You misunderstood the scene btw; She said that she isn’t interested about Kamina (in tsundere tone). And Simon is a hell no, although if he work harder he can become a great man. After Simon hear that he closes the hole and decide not to peep anymore.

    4. hot scene, Yoko and the girls without the pink smoke…

      problem is now that Simon’s butt virginity was taken by Gimmy. Funny non the less as Kamina fights and bumps to Yoko. About the the penis…there just little boys back then so no prob with me with that. Marketing…perhaps.

    5. They made the original (now DVD) episode with the intention of airing it. The television channel had approved it when the episode was described in writing earlier but had cold feet after the episode was actually submitted. Their main gripe was that men peeking and going into the female side of the baths was illegal. The studio thejn had to scrap a lot of the original episode and replace it with filler.


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