– Ikuto and Suzu arrive at the entrance to the cave of kairyuu-sama; Ayane follows them in with Solid Snake stealth, minus the cardboard box
– After a rather dramatic slip and slide sequence by Ayane, she attempts to wishjack IkuSuzu by going to see kairyuu-sama first
– Ayane’s plan ultimately backfires as her close encounter with the water dragon has her taking off a large portion of the dragon’s whisker. Shaved dragon = unhappy dragon
– The entrance to the cave collapses after they run out; back to the island, but at least Ayane has something to show for it
– Unable to get back to kairyuu-sama, Ikuto tries his hand at rowing into a bunch of whirlpools again. Suzu lets him go and prevents anyone from trying to stop him
– But not so fast, Suzu can’t let her man go just like that. Don’t go~~
– Both get sucked down the whirlpool, but Sashimi rescues Suzu. So where’s Ikuto?
– Suzu dives back down, into kairyuu-sama’s cave. Doesn’t work too well as she’s about to get sucked in
– Rin fishes her up, followed by Ayane jumping in and reattaching the decapitated whisker. Kairyuu-sama not mad anymore (think Nausicaa red/blue eyes)
– Cue corny “we’re all your friends, don’t try to do everything by yourself!” chat with Suzu
– Ikuto wakes up with some of Machi’s voodoo help – he’s in some weird ocean that’s strangely calm
– A boat of burly men row up. Eh, men?? Guess who’s on the boat with them – yep, its Misaki. She’s really damn cute and her voice is awesome
– Apparently she washed up on some island named “Airantou” populated by only men. They’re all really nice and the food is really good, so she wants to stay with them a bit longer. More on this later
– She asks Ikuto to join her – but holds a weak hand compared to a Suzu montage. Sry, I’m going back, Misaki, as he hops aboard the yellow inflatable and heads straight over (into) the whirlpool
– And washes up on stage, with a flustered and extremely relieved Suzu there to greet him
– And so we start once again with the big hide and see tournament, winner gets to take home Ikuto. Full circle – works nice here
– New character that talks slow and isn’t very genki (the one that looks like Misaki) is given some screen time with 30 seconds left in the episode


So how was that? All in all, I’d say it was a middle-of-the-road series that never got that bad and instead had some very bright spots along the way. As with many 26 episode series based on something with no plot, the episodes around the middle got boring and repetitive, but the studio really picked it up near the end and gave some excellent episodes – the two part beniyasha story was quite entertaining, as were the final two episodes.

As for the characters, they might have seemed generic but seemed interesting enough nonetheless – the thing is, the most generic and least interesting character was the main girl. Others will disagree with me on this, but I felt what made this series good was when there was some off-the-wall craziness that characters like Ayane, Machi, Chikage, and even Meimei provided, and all that just went emo when Suzu was the focus. There was, however, enough of a balance between that craziness and the Suzu friendship / romance side of things for the people who’d rather watch this show for that.

If I were to pin one thing wonky about this show, it’d be the inconsistent animation quality. The color palette was always rich and vibrant as expected of a tropical island, but sometimes there were these glaring rough patches of either choppy animation or weak character detail that would just spoil the entire episode for me.

I could get into the “what-ifs” of this show and how good it could’ve been, but suffice to say that it wasn’t a bad ride; started off quite good, then got rather boring, and had a great finish. Perhaps a 13 episode series may have been better suited?



  1. “who’s the new character? from pic 36 is that misaki?”

    The thought of a reverse Airantou with Misaki generates images in my head that are wrong on so many levels. Especially when I feel this sinister vibe from the men in the caps.

  2. Misaki was saved by those sorya sorya guys and ended up living with them ~
    Misaki has her own Airintao now (full of Men ahaha) and Ikuto went to his own Harem the island of Airintao (after knowing that Misaki is fine…with those men..(i feel sorry for Misaki for some reason ~) so they end up not together .. (Ikuto was invited to come with Misaki together live with the sorya sorya guys but why would he if he have his own harem island lol instead went back to that island where Suzu is waiting.. which end up Misaki left behind with those men (gang bang i guess) and Ikuto return with a dramatic effect yet ended up swallowed by the whirlpool (well what do you expect haha) and so a part 2 of the event who will end up Ikuto’s bride starts again

    … again i really feel sorry for Misaki (just can’t imagine a island full of men and 1 very cute young girl~ ahaha) Ikuto’s situation just reverse it haha

    well just love the quality of this ending ~

  3. No, Jaalin said this girl isn’t Misaki.. New character in the final 30 seconds lol.
    Smells like second season is around (or at least OVA).
    I pity Ikuto, finaly out and then sucked back again. Even if he likes the folks on the island, I think thatn his wish to go back to his sister (cute *-*) is stronger 😉
    Can someone give me the ISBN of the Manga please? Can’t find it >.

  4. ^
    no, Big boobie is stronger than i mean Suzu than Misaki ehehe he never been sucked back errr actually yeah but on his own will…….. er actually not its just he wants to return but still leaving or returning to that island will always face the wrath of the whirlpool

    screenshot really mislead without summary ahaha

  5. wah!?! sh*t dam it…
    the boy go on an island call Airantou with girls….
    and the girl go on an island call Airantou with boys….

    so that where all the boys disappear too…
    and why they do not learn from ikuto and go into the whirlpool
    and go to the island Airantou with all girls XD
    den end of the old grandma worrying problem about marriage le…XD

  6. 2nd post:
    i wonder if the male in the island with all male have same personally
    with the female in the island with all girls…

    thinking toooo far….
    like seeing machi and 1 male both short, old, scary, and worry about marriage XD
    or like rin…a male with bad skill in carpeting but good in cooking….

    k i thinking too far from the manga and the anime too XD

  7. Well…maybe those guys were…um…into each other more than girls. It’s obvious they were more than capable of building a boat and leaving whatever island they were on. I’m starting to think that there was probably a fall out between the guys and girls on the island with the guys choosing to sail away with each other, and Grandma just making up all that tsunami nonsense.

  8. well, i watched the episode and my god! I can’t believe he left his cute sister with all those men, but thinking about it, it seems that they have not done anything to her. Of course now with Ikuto blessing I pity the girl! That is just HORRIBLE! I think Misaki wanted to go with Ikuto but the guys didn’t give her a chance!

  9. yeah he could go with his sister…to watch her get gang banged by an island full of horny lumberjacks….OR an this is a big OR, he could go to his island of hot horny moe women an ravage some ass, over an over… plus keep in mind doesnt matter how cute she is thats his sister, HIS SISTER, cant hit that unless hes from the deep south, the very deep south

  10. If I’m Ikuto, I’ll at least drag my own sister along with me than leaving her on a boat of men. Seriously, you guys can’t blame me for having weird (and perhaps dirty) thoughts when I see a cute girl on a boat surrounded by a large group of faceless men!

  11. Well, I don’t know if this is in the manga also, or something the anime just came up with. If it IS in the manga then I can see how it’ll end at somepoint. With all the guys coming over where all the girls are and so on. And everyones all happy at the end. With Ikuto banging Suzu of course, cuz it’s pretty clear at this point who he likes anyways. Though I’d also have some Rin on the side, like, you know, for the weekends. kekekeke.

  12. LOL, I wanted to be on that boat… XD It actually ended like this ._. XD No kiss…nothing? ;-; XD

    OMG PPL everyone who watches School Days. You really really have to see this. I don’t think anyone had this in mind o.O;;; I hope there will be a summary on this site soon O_O ahhh XD

  13. Hmm, seems like my comment did not appear as I wanted it to. Anyway, here’s another try:

    “We’re all good honest men! REALLY!”

    “Who is it? Dammit, I thought I said ONE at a time!”

    Yeah, the guys are really nice, and the food is good… plus they’ve got really nice smiles…. For some reason, I’m thinking of hansel and gretel, and I keep thinking of some song that starts with “I like big butts…”. Oh well, hope Misaki enjoy her stay at XY-Airantou, while Ikuto enjoys his XX-Airantou

  14. @drzero7
    Wait, so his sister ended up in an island full of males who wants to pregnant her? And he doesn’t care even if his sister became the ultimate slut?

    Seems like that! What a brother! I thought a lot about him during the first 25 episodes, but that action just tell me he is either naive or a prick!

  15. @drzero7
    Wait, so his sister ended up in an island full of males who wants to pregnant her? And he doesn’t care even if his sister became the ultimate slut?

    Misaki has always had brother complex over Ikuto. I don’t think she would’ve commented them as “nice guys” if they had forced themselves on her, and neither would she had wanted to stay there a bit longer. If she was happy and insisted to stay, what can he do about it?

    I seriously don’t know what to say to those who immediately come to some dirty conclusions once they heard that she had been staying on an island with men.

  16. I hope you guys don’t mind but I was wondering about this chinese forum (HK based):


    I just read something about someone posting on King Records (y’know, where the official “Nagasarete Airantou” webpage can be found, as well as Horie Yui and Shiraishi Ryoko’s official artist page) asking, “airantoun will have a 2nd season?”. Then from King Records.Ltd replied: “To our regret, the Nagasarete Airantou second season is not scheduled on our project plan”. Refer to the link I’ve posted above for the full posted message.

    I’m wondering if this info is legit or not, so can someone confirm about this one? If this is true, then they DO have plans on a 2nd season. 😀

  17. Yep, 13 episodes is the right amount for this show. Eps 3-18 + 21-24 were mostly filler, but some of it was enjoyable. It’s too bad we didn’t get an episode of that Misaki-lookalike girl; she seems interesting

  18. > Wait, so his sister ended up in an island full of males who wants to pregnant her? And he doesn’t care even if his sister became the ultimate slut?

    Somehow I had the feeling, unlike in the female Airantou, those guys bows down and licks Misaki’s feet instead of chasing her around trying to rape her or something.

  19. Oh man… one “what-if” question I got is… What if Makoto from School days was on that island instead of Ikuto? I can imagine the island’s population going up insanely high with in the first few days… And really, would you entrust your hot/cute sister to large group of half-naked, horny, faceless group of men? Well, I guess if you want to imagine something dripping wet and totally naughty, then, uh… Yeah.

  20. omg i wish wish wish there would be a second season all the very well made anime i’ve been watching are really good but end really quickly….i guess you could say im addicted to them D:!!!! I like rasario vampire and another one (both really perverted recommended though) i wish they would make a second season about the relation ship of suzu and ikatu (sorry if i spelled their names wrong) or atleast OVA’s T_T and id ont see why his sister and the men from the boat went back to te island with the girls they would have made it!! look he made it xD well please if anything comes up uhg ill cheak this site regularly!!!

  21. I really hope no I just know Suzu will be the one to catch Ikuto even if it’s offscreen and Suzu will have Ikuto to herself for a while and so then she’ll share him with the other girls,It’s been awesome watching this show and I’m sad it’s ended(I know this post is very old since I only found out about this show here in 2020 after I got it as a recommendation on YouTube) I do want to make my opinion known anyway tho btw my absolute favorite females in the show are in this specific order : (1) Susu , (2) Machi , (3) Kagami ;
    Suzu is best girl and is awesome,Machi is brilliant,Kagami is cute AF for a mother and so yeah they’re my 3 favorites. Anyway tho this comment may be years late but have a nice day everyone


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