There comes a time in every man’s life when he just gets tired with the laziness of the consensus and convention that tell him what’s right, what’s wrong, and just say, “to hell with it all, I’ll do what I like.” To denounce the apathy and cowardice of common sense and societal norms and just say,

“fuckit, I have a foot fetish.”

Yea, I said it. So shoot me. Kick me, stomp me, trample me all you want, I can take it. For too long I’ve kept it hidden, and I just don’t care anymore. What’s the big deal, anyways? It’s weird? Just take a good look at Haruna’s divine feet on the left there and tell me that’s not the hottest thing you’ve seen since Nagi’s ankles.

Look at the dainty curvature of each individual toe, how they subtly form a soft wave of digits that are sure to tingle and twitch in ticklish euphoria at the slightest touch. Look how the blushed ball of her foot leads into the slender arch and imagine how smooth it would feel to slowly run your finger down it. Look how it then coalesces into the slim heel that just begs to be massaged after a soapy hot bath.

And then, realize that every fortunate angle that gives you a glimpse of the precious sole of the female foot also entails an ample view of the underside of her sensual thighs, which then converge at the epicenter of it all with breathless anticipation – they’re white!

Our answer thus brings a climactic conclusion to our journey, a breathtaking ecstasy of the highest degree. Yes, I love Haruna. Yes, everything about her is perfect. Yes, I love her feet.

And yes, my name is jaalin, and I’m a podophile*.


Won’t you join me?             

*edited for clarity, was previously ‘pedphile’ which was being misread as another equally inappropriate but infinitely more legally damning word


  1. Nothing wrong with it… I know people who are into far worse… and for those into far worse, as long as they play it out in fantasy or with a CONSENTING ADULT, I don’t have an issue with any fetish.

    No… I’m not consenting so don’t ask.

  2. that was the greatest omash to Haruna’s feet I’ve ever heard. hell, it’s the only one I’ve ever heard to any anime characters feet, Ever!!!

    P.S. Join, minus the Pedophile part.

  3. I’ve actually begun to feel slightly attracted to feet after reading this entry, whereas I’ve never been attracted to feet by looking at pictures, including this recent chapter of To love Ru I read a few days ago.

    I’ll have to consider this entry as an accidental gem. I hope you write more like this.

    On a side note, I also love reading To love Ru.

  4. Everyone has there fetishes, I honestly don’t mind what turns a person on as long as they respect the rights of other human beings.

    Also with respect to Pedophilia it could be described as the extreme of people who find non-adults attractive. For example many of the people who are jailed as pederast’s
    (those who have molested people not of age) are not in fact pedophiles, rather they are what is known as “opportunistic offenders” that is children are not there sexual preference they simply enjoy raping people in general. Children become there main targets because they are vulnerable, but I digress…

    Unless your saying you prefer children over people of legal age rather than in addition to then you are not a pedophile. Also if you are saying you prefer anime characters who are portrayed as young and “cute” but not actual children you are most likely not a pedophile either.

    For the latter I have no idea what to call you but I’m sure some psychoanalyst somewhere is dieing to come up with the correct Latin term.

  5. Also, there’s really no disadvantage to being a pedophile. The content is easily found from the web. It’s no different to the lives of every other person who likes hentai or porn. Either way, it’s never a topic of discussion IRL.

    I’m guessing pedophiles feel unfortunate because they can’t speak out about their fetish, but it’s the same situation for everyone else. As said, pornography of any form is never a topic of discussion IRL. So really, none of you are missing out on anything.

    Be grateful that you live in an age when any content is freely and easily accessible from the web. Hell, I sure am.

  6. unfortunate that i should have to point this out but before this gets out of hand… i clearly wrote ‘pedphile’ and not ‘pedophile’, as the latin root for “foot” is ped-

    kind of a long and overdramatic way to go for a punchline, and completely buzzkilling for you all to miss the joke.


  7. LOL! I read this chapter a few days ago. I’ve never found it appealing but if you do more power to you. It was too funny readying your description lol. I must say though, I find yami more attractive then haruna. Maybe I’m a bigger pedo then you are >. Yami > lala > everything else

  8. and~~ I just totally made an a** of myself for not reading thoroughly. It feels like that situation where one butts into a convo saying something they thought was brilliant but was totally off topic. Oh well I still find Yami is still cute either way ^^

  9. What the fuck… if you post for this, d0n’t post!!

    Anyways, that feet is not wery well drawed. You are a total fanboy LOL

    So much fetishism is filthy. Go to the doctor, a take some pills!

  10. This reminds me of Chaos;Head when the he started to think about the black haired girl giving a foot rub. Either way, doesn’t matter but I do like To Love Ru and recommend it to anyone who’d like a laugh.

  11. I see you really had to get that out of you huh Jaalin? No worries, I find girls with curves from top to bottom more attractive than stick girls, so that may include the shape of a girl’s foot as well. But yes..I agree with you 110% on Haruna. Great Post!

  12. Seriously……

    When are you guys going to get caught up with Rideback?????

    This weeks episode was phenominal.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    If anything instead of worshiping undressed sock puppets could we please ride back to what for me at least has been the best show of the season so far with more twist and turns than a soap opera on crack and not nearly the sports anime we all thought it was going to be…..

    and now Back to your regularly scheduled ped fedish….

    and can anyone explain Japanese arm pit licking to me

  13. AHAHAHAHAHAH!! i would hate to meet u dude! I’d probably leave the encounter scarred.

    p.s- her feet are AIGHT.. alittle on the meaty side, looks like like she got a light case of “ryu/ken” karate man foot going on. nice blog!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. Very nice article, it gave me a whole new look on that situation.

    Maybe if you’re lucky, Jaded_Daemon will get the urge to release that chapter in uber HQ. But I think the last one he did was one of the Yami chapters, maybe he’s not that interested in Haruna… lol.

  15. Guys since we are all confessing some of our inner sins……i have to say that i am a LOLI LOVER!
    Yes….i love them so much it hurts!

    I like girls that are of 18-30 of age and have a face as cute as a puppy and they are small. So small they can fit in your pocket.

    Anyone that looks like Shana, Taiga or Louise then i am sold!

    ps: i am not a pedo though!

  16. pedphile is just a typo away from misconception, which it looks like half the people here thought… If I had to make the joke I would’ve used “pedalphile”, which is as equally valid as the mangled word you made, but less obscure compared to latin or the technical term. Plus, “pedal” includes the ankles.

  17. I have great respect for Jaalins literacy and writing skills but im still not sure why he wanted us to know that he had a foot fetish? perhaps its so he can reference his footfetish when writing blogs for other animes?! in any case theres a thin line between the unusual and the disturbing and he hanst crossed it (atleast up until the pedphile bit!)
    It seems hes unneccesarily self conscious!! theres practically no need for self consciousness of any sort on the internet since no matter who you are you will always find atleast a couple-a thousand people who are just like you! (I personally am a normal black guy who hates jew blacks and gays, who reads the torah and has a fetish for people who look like bruce willis :P) LOL not really!!!

  18. great thing about anime, for the most part everything is drawn to perfect specifications, so i’ll never get to answer that question

    /jon is absolutely right – i should’ve written ‘podophilia’ – guess it was half a freudian slip? lol

  19. I don’t see how it helps to admit fetishes. Everyone has fetishes. Everyone knows it. Nobody cares for the details.

    It’s like going to the bathroom. Everyone goes to the bathroom. That’s fine. I don’t want to know about it, though.

    citrus blitz
  20. lol. Ok…. People tend to avoid foot because of the smell. But if we all think of it naturally and forget about the smell, Jaalin is so right. I mean imagine having sex with a person without legs. >.>

    Well, another thing is that we associate it with foot job and it tends to seem macho. So for dominant men usually would seem to look bad but if we put it the way Jaalin describe in massages and so on, it is not bad at all. ^^

  21. Are you serious?

    If you were to tell me who and where you are; I’d hire out a bunch of Tae Kwon Dou martial artists, you’d allow yourself to have the ever-loving crap kicked out of you without putting up a fight?

    Would you nearly die like that? (For I’d sure wouldn’t.)

  22. I don’t really see the point of this post at all. If you have a foot fetish, that’s fine. But no sense in writing a post about it on a site where people come mainly for episode recaps and discussions. Besides, fetishes are things people learn they like over time. It’s not like one post will change their thinking.

  23. Amusing how all i think is you exploding in your pants at the sight of Haruna’s tsundere side, arrogantly commanding Rito to lick her foot. More reason to fantasize switching lives with him, even for just a second.

  24. well i will say this before i was not a foot guy ,but in light of this new found passion that you present i may very well change that!! And here i was always thinking of the negative side of the feet, where there is a much more erotic side to think of…oh an your view from there is much better!! he he he

    Dreamer _ J
  25. We are with you Jallin! But remember, not everyone understands how you feel and will look down upon you and try to keep you out of society for not following social norms. *just dont let the government find out about this or some bad $hit is going down for you announcing this to the world!*

  26. Im a sick dirty man, I want a hot 36 year old mother of two who is currently lactating to give me a footjob in pantyhose while I drink and squeeze the milk from her breasts.

  27. i think feet are absolutely gross.
    And to be honest, I don’t understand people who like feet.
    The fact that you have foot fetish disgusts me.
    But oh well… that’s your choice.

    I am also disturbed that you so easily comment on being a pedophile.
    But hey… this world is full of weird things, and I’m not exempt from it.
    I completely agree with Koji’s comment:

    “as long as they play it out in fantasy or with a CONSENTING ADULT, I don’t have an issue with any fetish.”

    Please don’t go and do anything illegal or hurtful or scarring…

  28. @SirMuffin:

    It’s only for this chapter. A short description below:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    …and yes, the glasses are wonderful.

  29. Wow, Im surprised everyone read “pedophile” instead of “pedphile”. Or maybe not. This is the internet after all, not especially a place when you’re looking for intelligent beings…

  30. Ehh..*shudder*

    I dunno, I can’t understand it myself. Feet are really disgusting to me, and I can’t really comprehend a fetish for them, let alone wanting them in or near your mouth.


  31. “*edited for clarity, was previously ‘pedphile’ which was being misread as another equally inappropriate but infinitely more legally damning word”

    Jaalin, you are way too full of win. >__>

  32. Now i only watched the Anime… but why has my heavenly angel Haruna gone rogue and demanding her foot licked? Not that it isn’t arousing in it’s own way… just disconcerting. Like seeing Hinata come out with a whip… just seems so wrong… yet right O_o

  33. Your a Brave person lols! I guess everyone has their own preference. I agree with most of the people here.. there is nothing wrong with it however i hope you dont overlook whats the most important thing in a person rather than their feet lols! ROCK ON

  34. it’s alright man not everybody gets our struggle, I’ve had a foot & leg fetish since I was at least eight years old, and I don’t care if anybody knows, people might think *I’m* a pedaphile and hate us for it but you know what FUCK them, they don’t know what its like, and one day they might have the same fedishes and then they’ll look back and be sorry they judged us all. I mean you’re born with it, it’s NOT a choice. How is it any diffrent than being gay or jewish or a woman or a mexican or tall or a athiest, can’t you people just leave us alone!? except I have it much worst than most people. I have a sleeping (young middle age dossent matter) fetish but I’ve never hurt anybody from this and never intend to, it’s just something about a young girl in her pajamas or nightgown sleeping & dreaming just turns me on, so if any of you wanna send me hate mail go right ahead I don’t care my web adress is come and get me motherfuckers! fuck it I don’t care!

  35. same here. i also have a stockings fetish which is smaller compared to the foot/leg fetish. and my biggest fetish would be the tights fetish. >.> hopefully this is something between men.


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