To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd – 01

「Unconsciously~頭ふわふわ☆心どきどき~」 (Unconsciously ~ Atama Fuwafuwa ☆ Kokoro Dokidoki ~)
“Unconsciously ~Light Head☆Beating Heart~”

The To LOVE-Ru anime is back, with all the classics: Rito being clumsy, Momo scheming, zany hilarity that doesn’t effect the status quo, and intrusive whiteout censorship. Basically, it’s another season that’s telling us to buy the BDs, though the second half was hilarious.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 01

「Continue~コンティニュー~」 (Continue~ Konteinyu~)
“Continue~ Continue~”

So one girl is trying to create a harem for the main character while another is beset by mysterious forces trying to force her into (finally) assassinating said protagonist. Even were To LOVE-Ru not such a well-known series, I can tell you this: they would have my attention!

FreezeFrame: A Miraculous Feet to Witness


There comes a time in every man’s life when he just gets tired with the laziness of the consensus and convention that tell him what’s right, what’s wrong, and just say, “to hell with it all, I’ll do what I like.” To denounce the apathy and cowardice of common sense and societal norms and just say,

“fuckit, I have a foot fetish.”

Yea, I said it. So shoot me. Kick me, stomp me, trample me all you want, I can take it. For too long I’ve kept it hidden, and I just don’t care anymore. What’s the big deal, anyways? It’s weird? Just take a good look at Haruna’s divine feet on the left there and tell me that’s not the hottest thing you’ve seen since Nagi’s ankles.

Look at the dainty curvature of each individual toe, how they subtly form a soft wave of digits that are sure to tingle and twitch in ticklish euphoria at the slightest touch. Look how the blushed ball of her foot leads into the slender arch and imagine how smooth it would feel to slowly run your finger down it. Look how it then coalesces into the slim heel that just begs to be massaged after a soapy hot bath.

And then, realize that every fortunate angle that gives you a glimpse of the precious sole of the female foot also entails an ample view of the underside of her sensual thighs, which then converge at the epicenter of it all with breathless anticipation – they’re white!

Our answer thus brings a climactic conclusion to our journey, a breathtaking ecstasy of the highest degree. Yes, I love Haruna. Yes, everything about her is perfect. Yes, I love her feet.

And yes, my name is jaalin, and I’m a podophile.


Won’t you join me?             

THYME – forever we can make it! PV (To LOVE-Ru OP)


With the finale of To LOVE-Ru coming up this week, I thought this would be as good a time as ever to post the PV for the opening theme. When I first heard this song back in April, I admittedly had no idea who THYME was, but found the song itself surprisingly catchy—a sentiment that only grew the more I listened to it. While the fan-service filled opening sequence definitely added to the song’s appeal, it’s actually pretty good on its own, especially in the full version we have here.

Originally an indie band, THYME (pronounced “time”) was formed in 2004 by Thyme (vocals, lyrics) and Shimizu Teppei (arrangement, composition, guitar), but Hoshino Takafumi (music engineer) joined the group a couple of years later when his skills were deemed necessary for them to progress. Prior to forming the band with Teppei, Thyme (real name: Kamiyama Sayaka 神山 さやか) was pursuing a solo music career, but needed someone to help her compose music, thus leading to the THYME we know today. It wasn’t until September 2007 that they had their first major debut though, releasing their single “Hello” after signing with Geneon Entertainment. Under Geneon, their involvement in anime naturally followed suit, which is (probably) why “forever we can make it!” was used as To LOVE-Ru’s opening theme. This trend continued on to the summer season, where their song “Fly Away” was used as the opening theme of Mahou Tsukai Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, which some of you may recall I originally started blogging.

Seeing as I hadn’t heard of THYME half a year ago but am already a fan of this song and “Fly Away”, I guess this goes to show what a little anime exposure can do for new artists. While these up-and-coming artists probably never pictured having their music used in anime, I doubt they’ll complain about having a few otakus buy their CDs. On a separate note, is it just me or does Sayaka only look half Japanese? I haven’t come across any information stating that she is, but there’s something about her eyes (and straight teeth) that make me think she is. In any case, enjoy the video!