With the finale of To LOVE-Ru coming up this week, I thought this would be as good a time as ever to post the PV for the opening theme. When I first heard this song back in April, I admittedly had no idea who THYME was, but found the song itself surprisingly catchy—a sentiment that only grew the more I listened to it. While the fan-service filled opening sequence definitely added to the song’s appeal, it’s actually pretty good on its own, especially in the full version we have here.

Originally an indie band, THYME (pronounced “time”) was formed in 2004 by Thyme (vocals, lyrics) and Shimizu Teppei (arrangement, composition, guitar), but Hoshino Takafumi (music engineer) joined the group a couple of years later when his skills were deemed necessary for them to progress. Prior to forming the band with Teppei, Thyme (real name: Kamiyama Sayaka 神山 さやか) was pursuing a solo music career, but needed someone to help her compose music, thus leading to the THYME we know today. It wasn’t until September 2007 that they had their first major debut though, releasing their single “Hello” after signing with Geneon Entertainment. Under Geneon, their involvement in anime naturally followed suit, which is (probably) why “forever we can make it!” was used as To LOVE-Ru’s opening theme. This trend continued on to the summer season, where their song “Fly Away” was used as the opening theme of Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, which some of you may recall I originally started blogging.

Seeing as I hadn’t heard of THYME half a year ago but am already a fan of this song and “Fly Away”, I guess this goes to show what a little anime exposure can do for new artists. While these up-and-coming artists probably never pictured having their music used in anime, I doubt they’ll complain about having a few otakus buy their CDs. On a separate note, is it just me or does Sayaka only look half Japanese? I haven’t come across any information stating that she is, but there’s something about her eyes (and straight teeth) that make me think she is. In any case, enjoy the video!


  1. even though i didn’t like the series, i fell in love with the song and OP animation.

    i agree, there is something about her appearance that makes her look half, but the hair color is really throwing me off, so i can’t say what.

  2. I love both songs and I have become a huge Thyme fan :). In my short trip to Japan, I bought all 3 of their released singles!

    They seem to need all the support they can get since they are just starting out.

  3. omg fumika, you wont be supporting them .! they only get like 3 cents of you purchase!
    your be supporting the producers and the sales managers. so don;t be stupid next time just
    download the songs cause you have a pc right !? let those buy the singles who haven’t invested in a pc!

  4. Awesome video! It really has an indie vibe to it ^,^

    Concerning the fact that she may be half jap, I also thought about that too. But there may also be the possibility that she may have gotten an operation to change her eyes =/(it’s quite common for asian stars to want to have eyes that look more american/european -ish).

  5. zeromax:
    I’m well aware of that, but evidently not everyone has seen it, hence why I decided to post it here. It’s not new, but still “current” considering the series is still airing. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to talk about a group (and a song) that I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to.

    On that note, I considered posting some much older PVs, but I don’t know if most people will even remember series from 5-10 years ago. Perhaps I’ll do a “then and now” kind of comparison post. =)

  6. On a separate note, is it just me or does Sayaka only look half Japanese? I haven’t come across any information stating that she is, but there’s something about her eyes (and straight teeth) that make me think she is…..

    LMFAO – but so true, it must be in japanese genetics to have such bad looking teeth – is there a dentist shortage in japan? (damn, I should have become a dentist)

    But yes, she does look like she is a mix.

  7. MidnightTide:
    They actually have orthodontists over there, but I think the notion of having straight teeth in Japan isn’t as highly touted towards beauty as it is in… well, every other part of the world. =)

    I hear there are more people getting braces in Japan nowadays though.

  8. do they really have operations to change their eyes? man that’s sick ! they should get operations to change their dick s too , i heard they got real small penises . you should at least be able to reach the uterus when doin’ it , what’s the point of having a dick otherwise !

  9. silver:
    Staying on topic, the operation on the eyes people were referring to involves the eyelids and is actually really really common in South Korea. It adds that western-looking extra fold to the eyelid and makes the eye look bigger in the process.

  10. >> yea ok divine- thnx for the info-
    i dint knew that, and i think it’s not cool to operate your eyes ! just stay asian, black or european . why is it wrong for having different eyes ? yea it s sometimes cool to make jokes about someones ‘features’ but,, doesn’t mean you have to take cosmic surgery s all of a sudden !

  11. Love this song so F**king much!!! Thank you so much Divine for all you’ve done man, with the past To love ru blog entries and this PV. Looking forward to your next and final To love ru blog entry :).

    Btw, if by any chance a 2nd season of To love ru comes by…..can u blog it too? lol 🙂

  12. I remember watching this video a couple weeks ago on youtube. I definitely thought she was only half Japanese, but whatever she is, she’s definitely hot. It was nice to see the video again (at a much higher quality, thanks), and I love this song. The animation for the OP in the anime is pretty sweet too (It’s one of the few OP or ED I don’t skip over from the current shows I’m watching).

  13. I never listened that closely to the opening before, but while watching the video, i was like how did i never realize what a great song this is…
    also, her appearance is definitely not completely japanese, she’s her eyes look completely western. If I didn’t see her singing Japanese I would have assumed she’s American with that hair colour


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