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FreezeFrame: K-ON!! – 02 – Trendspotting

K-ON pays tribute to the final episodes of KareKano. Ahh natsukashii~

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FreezeFrame: K-ON!! – 01

It’s back… back again… Yui’s back… back again… Yui’s back Yui’s back Yui’s back…

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FreezeFrame: Remember when pantsu were considered ero?

jaalin returns (again) and the first thing he talks about is boobs…
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FreezeFrame: A Miraculous Feet to Witness


There comes a time in every man’s life when he just gets tired with the laziness of the consensus and convention that tell him what’s right, what’s wrong, and just say, “to hell with it all, I’ll do what I like.” To denounce the apathy and cowardice of common sense and societal norms and just say,

“fuckit, I have a foot fetish.”

Yea, I said it. So shoot me. Kick me, stomp me, trample me all you want, I can take it. For too long I’ve kept it hidden, and I just don’t care anymore. What’s the big deal, anyways? It’s weird? Just take a good look at Haruna’s divine feet on the left there and tell me that’s not the hottest thing you’ve seen since Nagi’s ankles.

Look at the dainty curvature of each individual toe, how they subtly form a soft wave of digits that are sure to tingle and twitch in ticklish euphoria at the slightest touch. Look how the blushed ball of her foot leads into the slender arch and imagine how smooth it would feel to slowly run your finger down it. Look how it then coalesces into the slim heel that just begs to be massaged after a soapy hot bath.

And then, realize that every fortunate angle that gives you a glimpse of the precious sole of the female foot also entails an ample view of the underside of her sensual thighs, which then converge at the epicenter of it all with breathless anticipation – they’re white!

Our answer thus brings a climactic conclusion to our journey, a breathtaking ecstasy of the highest degree. Yes, I love Haruna. Yes, everything about her is perfect. Yes, I love her feet.

And yes, my name is jaalin, and I’m a podophile.


Won’t you join me?             

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FreezeFrame – Sushi Bar of Smiles

Remember to do some facial stretching before watching this show, or you’ll pull a cheek muscle from smiling too much.

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FreezeFrame: I’m Looking At Her Ankles

From some deep, dark corner in the back of jaalin’s mind…

Anime girls are the best. Unlike those found in 3d-land, anime girls were created for the sole purpose of entertaining me – decades in the making, the science of creating an anime girl has been perfected down to the little personality quirks, the glimmer in their eyes, and the nuances in their voice (Aisia lisp, anyone?) I thank these artists from the bottom of my heart, cuz man oh man do they do their job well.

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FreezeFrame: Have You Seen This?

While we still have a few weeks before the summer shows roll around, I thought I’d take this time to backtrack on some of the spring shows that might have gone under the radar, or just plain ignored by us at Random Curiosity. If you’re not already watching them, I’m hoping I can convince you to at least give the first episode a chance – the spring season had quite an extensive list and it would be a shame to let these shows slip by.

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FreezeForward: Spring 2007 Preview?

So Euphie finally proved to everyone she’s no Lacus clone, Light-o got his evil eye back, Chiaki got every woman in the audience fantasizing about his baton, and psychokaede hit her limit break and came one “USO DA” short of psychorena status. Not to mention Mayumi went full-blown Haruhi on a school…of fish. Sure, a lot of stuff happened these past two weeks, but it’s not doing it for me anymore. You know when you’re at a theme park on one of the less popular rollercoaster rides with no line, after the ride is over you ask the operator if you can just sit there and go again, rather than getting off, walking all the way around through the banisters, just to get back in the same seat? It’s kinda like that with the current season…it had its high points and low points, but now that it’s coming to an end, I don’t want to get back out and wait for it to start again – the next ride needs to start already!

So, thanks to Omni once again, we have an extensive list of the wannabes, the gonnabes, and the otherwise uninspired anime of the new season. So, which one is which? In yet another pointless and drunkenly conceived FreezeFrame, here’s my extremely biased and borderline prejudiced preview of the Spring shows that will surely dominate my life for the next several months.

Premieres March 28th, 2007

A girl with self-confidence issues and chronic stage fright…in the drama club. Fans of the perpetual blush need look no further. At first glance, this show looks like crap, but that’s what I thought La Corda would be, and that actually turned out to be quite effective at igniting the shoujo flames that burn strong within me. She even looks like she could be Hino’s younger sister…moeee
Odds I’ll never tell anybody I enjoyed this: Good

Premieres April 6th, 2007
Well, it definitely looks promising, but so did a certain other show that seemed mainly focused on animating the wind blowing through long wavy blonde hair. Lucky that the characters in sola have rather small chins. As long as this doesn’t turn into some girl showcasing shampoo commercial and sticks to a solid storyline with good pacing, I think this show may turn out to be a dark horse for one of the best anime of the season.
Odds of me flaming this (multiple times): Good
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FreezeFrame: A Key Paradigm Shift

I think it’s a total waste of ability and resources.

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FreezeFrame: What CODE GEASS Would Look Like If It Were Hollywood

FALSE SPOILER ALERT: Experts (me) speculate that somewhere around episode 137, Lelouch will mistakenly attempt to re-Geass Orange-kun, resulting in a prompt bullet to the head.

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FreezeFrame: We Are What We Eat

Ever crave something, then get exactly what you wanted?

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FreezeFrame: Bittersweet Akiko Jam

No music. No zoom-in slow-motion replay. Sometimes, the unbiased reality is more painful than any dramatic interpretation. In what could have been a recording from a security camera, we’re exposed to a brutal scene in which the mother we’ve come to love as our own is plowed over by two tons of drunken SUV, with nothing but a smashed strawberry cake as a final punch line.

My heart is in pieces, laying somewhere between the shards of windshield and makeshift Smucker’s. Kind of gives a new meaning to “Akiko Jam,” doesn’t it?

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FreezeFrame: All-Star Memorability


If you’re like me, you waited the whole year for the NBA All Star Weekend to come around – and while Friday and Saturday’s festivities were quite entertaining, were left a bit disappointed at the actual All Star game. There were moments – just a few brief moments – of excitement, but otherwise, the pace and excitement fell back as quickly as it had picked up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no problem, you didn’t miss anything besides LeBron embarrass himself with a failed off-the-backboard dunk attempt.

Anyways, I was bored to the point where I started thinking about the all stars in the current anime season. Yeah, the game was that bad.

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FreezeFrame: Rationalizing Lunar Bunnies

This would make a nice figure... o wait...

Four years ago, I was into stuff like the South Park, Futurama, maybe some Friends and Seinfeld once in a while. Sure, I knew about anime – I grew up watching Ranma and Kimagure Orange Road – but if you told me that four years later I’d be speaking Japanese and saying stuff like “fight-o! da yo” or “sonna koto iu hito kirai desu!” I’d probably think you’re crazy and go back to watching Yu-Gi-Oh reruns on the WB.

Ara ara, how people change.

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FreezeFrame: Widespread Enjoyment

The eyes, look at me in the eyes

I’ve always liked Shrek for its approach on the “family movie” genre – Shrek seemed to be the first major piece of American animation that had elements catering exclusively to the PG-13 and up crowd. Say what you will about Aladdin and his phallus-palace, but Shrek was the first to have no qualms about dishing out the adult jokes. Similarly, Japanese anime studios are very keen on their audiences – as far as the past-midnight shows go, it’s not a concern of age group, but rather one of… “moe preference.”

Since Manabi Straight is an anime about grade-schoolers, that means it’s a kid’s show, right?


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