K-ON! Movie

「映画 けいおん」 (Eiga Keion)
“K-ON! Movie”

The wait is finally over. The lovable gals of the Light Music Club return for one last hurrah… and a spectacular one at that. A seamless blend of the slice of life, comedy, and musical elements the original series was known for, the K-ON! Movie marks its territory as one of the more notable animated works of the year.

K-ON!! – 27 (Extra)

「番外編 計画!」 (Bangai-hen Keikaku!)
“Extra Chapter – Plans!”

Included with the ninth and final volume of the K-ON Blu-ray/DVD releases was a third bonus episode. Much like the two that aired during the televised broadcast, this latest one takes place prior to the girls’ graduate when they’re planning for an overseas trip. What that actually translates to is our lovable light music band being unable to agree on a destination and realizing they need to get passports first.

K-ON!! – 26 (Extra)

「番外編 訪問!」 (Bangai-hen – Houmon!)
“Extra Chapter – Visit!”

The second bonus episode of K-ON takes place some time after the girls get accepted into the same university but before their graduation ceremony. Focusing on the yearbook photos and the vast majority’s discontent over their picture — particularly Yui — this final showing brought both sweet and funny moments to help tie-in the actual ending. Oh yeah, a surprise announcement about a K-ON movie was made at the very end too.

K-ON!! – 24 (END)

「卒業式!」 (Sotsugyou Shiki!)
“Graduation Ceremony!”

The budget is blown! This finale looked amazing every step of the way and didn’t disappoint in tugging on the emotional strings. Azusa is brought to tears like I’ve been waiting for all this time and receives a surprise performance of “Touched By An Angel” from her seniors.

K-ON!! – 23

「放課後!」 (Houkago!)
“After School!”

Now that Yui and the others have finished their entrance exams and gotten into their school of choice together, there’s nothing left to do but wait around for their graduation ceremony. Hanging out in their clubroom one last time was on the itinerary, as was leaving behind a memento of all of Houkago Tea Time’s songs.

K-ON!! – 20

「またまた学園祭!」 (Matamata Gakuensai!)
“The School Festival Once Again!”

Alright, going above and beyond this time around. I have two insert videos along with lyrics to mark the long-awaited Houkago Tea Time performance at the school festival. We knew “U & I” was coming, but the other new song turned out to be “Gohan wa Okazu” (Rice is a Side Dish). No joke!