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K-ON!! – 14

「夏期講習!」 (Kaki Koushuu!)
“Summer Course!”

We’re past the halfway point of this sequel’s run, which means we have new opening and ending themes! I don’t know what the deal is with getting Toyosaki Aki to sing high pitched songs this season, but “Utauyo!! MIRACLE” has a very similar sound to the first opening, “GO! GO! MANIAC”.

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K-ON!! – 13

「残暑見舞い!」 (Zansho Mimai!)
“Late-Summer Greeting Card!”

I never thought I’d describe an episode about our favorite light music band as “trippy”, but that’s exactly what this one revolving around Azusa felt like as she kept zoning in and out of daydreams.

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K-ON!! – 12

「夏フェス!」 (Natsu Fesu!)
“Summer Festival!”

For an episode centered entirely around attending a huge summer music festival where tens of thousands of people camp out on a mountain, things were surprisingly uneventful in K-ON land.

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K-ON!! – 11

「暑い!」 (Atsui!)

This is the first time I recall K-ON feeling very gag-like, but I sure as hell could watch another three months of Mio with Azusa’s hairstyle, Ritsu taking slaps to the face, old rickety fans exploding, and Sawa-chan complaining about how selfish everyone is.

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K-ON!! – 10

「先生!」 (Sensei!)

It’s the return of Sawa-chan to her heavy metal days, but I couldn’t help but picture an entire nation of Mio lovers in complete shock after she stated she has no interest in boys. Say it ain’t so Mio!

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K-ON!! – 09

「期末試験!」 (Kimatsu Shiken!)
“Final Exams!”

Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~ YuiAzu version! As great as I was expecting their guitar duet to sound at the annual local performance festival, Kyoto Animation ended up shortchanging me again.

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K-ON!! – 08

「進路!」 (Shinro!)

I more or less figured Yui would be lost about what she wants to do upon graduation, but I totally overlooked Ritsu being pretty much the same way.

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K-ON!! – 07

「お茶会!」 (Ochakai!)
“Tea Party!”

It may be just me, but the thought of former Sakura High student council president Sokabe Megumi (Kodama Asumi) having the hots for Mio played out very differently in my head than a mere tea party for Mio’s fan club.

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K-ON!! – 06

「梅雨!」 (Tsuyu!)
“Rainy Season!”

It’s rainy season and there’s a fear of mold growing on everyone’s instruments, but what really caught my attention was the amount of lines their classmates had.

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K-ON!! – 05

「お留守番!」 (Orusuban!)
“Staying Behind!”

Azu-nyan says, “Live long and prosper!” Actually, no she doesn’t, but I can always pretend that she did when she taught some guitar finger stretching exercises to the first-years in Jun’s Jazz Research Society club.

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K-ON!! – 04

「修学旅行」 (Shuugaku Ryokou)
“Field Trip”

Much like I’ve always suspected, the quiet ones are usually the wildest in bed. This of course is in reference to Mugi, who doesn’t hesitate when she’s alone in a room with three other girls during an overnight school trip to Kyoto.

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K-ON!! – 03

「ドラマー!」 (Doramaa!)

If you were to ask me which HTT member would go all emo about playing her instrument first, Ritsu probably wouldn’t have been on the top of my list.

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FreezeFrame: K-ON!! – 02 – Trendspotting

K-ON pays tribute to the final episodes of KareKano. Ahh natsukashii~

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K-ON!! – 02

「整頓!」 (Seiton!)
“Tidying Up!”

Oh my. Mio with her hair up in a ponytail is like a whole other dimension to her appeal that I never considered before. The whole glasses bit in the opening isn’t too shabby either, but that long ponytail is something else!

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FreezeFrame: K-ON!! – 01

It’s back… back again… Yui’s back… back again… Yui’s back Yui’s back Yui’s back…

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