「暑い!」 (Atsui!)

This is the first time I recall K-ON feeling very gag-like, but I sure as hell could watch another three months of Mio with Azusa’s hairstyle, Ritsu taking slaps to the face, old rickety fans exploding, and Sawa-chan complaining about how selfish everyone is. To think that all this good fun came from a mere hot summer day in an air conditioner-less club room because one useless club president forgot to ask for one. To top it off, we even had Yui shedding down to her swimsuit for the occasion and Mugi joining in without a second thought. I would’ve loved to see Mio forced into hers as well, but Mugi is always the sleeper when it comes to both visual appeal and humor. Then there’s always Yui and Ritsu duking it out over who’s going to get more ice for their soothing foot bath. Go for the forehead Yui!

While there was a lot of the usual Mio hazing and scaring her with ghost stories, Ritsu abusing for her stupidity, and Sawa-chan manipulating using Mugi’s treats, what stole the comedic spotlight in this episode was all the complaining. In particular, Sawa-chan saying what a pain in the ass it is to go all the way to Mugi’s house to pick up a bigger tank for Ton-chan, followed up her telling Yui not to be so selfish by saying she should’ve bought a bigger car for all of them to ride in proved to be absolutely hilarious to me. To add to her teacher woes, she even stayed cooked up in their AC-less room longer because of Ritsu’s insistence on helping them get one somehow. On the other hand, Azusa trying to ninja her way to a seat in Sawa-chan’s car and telling Yui that her jokes don’t sound like jokes at all were priceless. Especially the latter because Yui really doesn’t sound like she’s ever joking. I also got some good laughs from seeing Azusa drill Ritsu in their mock meeting by saying the K-ON club is lazy and doesn’t even practice, which I could sense some of her true feelings behind. Oh Azusa, what would I do in this show without you setting your silly seniors straight.

Thanks to Nodoka, getting an air conditioner installed in their club room well after the original offer was presented to all clubs proved to be less difficult than anyone imagined. It sure helps to have a friend up in high places, even when it comes to the school system. Of course it just had to turn out that Yui can’t stand refreshing cool air blowing on her, as she already has too much of it in her head. (Sorry Yui, I couldn’t help myself!) Anyway, it looks like we’re finally getting a training camp of sorts next time, centering around a summer festival. I was starting to wonder when we’d start seeing some school trips this season, because they have to fit in at least EIGHT or so to keep pace with the original. =P




      1. Yay! Sadly though, Angel Beats! isn’t stated to have anymore episodes than just 13 or hopefully ANN just neglects to update that page. I wish we don’t have an ending ala Canaan. 🙁

      2. I had it listed in my Spring 2010 Preview that Angel Beats was going to be 13 episodes from the very beginning, so that doesn’t come as a surprise. It was announced right when the project was. Unfortunately, P.A. Works usually doesn’t have the budget to produce two-cour series, like in the case of true tears and CANAAN.

  1. Seeing how Sawa-chan looked very content after visiting Mugi’s house, I have a feeling we won’t be seeing her spectacular house until Kyo-Ani decides to do an OVA just concerning that. lol

    After hearing Azu-nyan say sweating helps one get thinner, Mio and Mugi proceeded to don their animal costumes and attempted to play their instruments – with pathetic results. <— I LMAO'ed so hard for minutes.

    Second LOL moment goes to Yui and Mugi trying to cool themselves with the desk surfaces in their swimsuits. (Do schoolgirls in Japan bring their own school-swimsuits (sukumizu) with them all the time? lol ) Yui being crazy was expected, but it's Mugi joining in with the insanity that makes this very funny indeed.

    Does anyone find Yui blowing herself with a fan extremely mesmerizing? I even found an animated gif of it as my avatar for another forum. <3

    It's probably on par with Mugi cuddling her damp hair back in episode 6.

    Kinny Riddle
  2. It took me a while to notice that Yui spent the whole episode without her stockings, which is weird because I originally thought that they were a very important part of her character design

  3. Surprisingly they pulled this part off very nice.

    This series just goes to show why Aki Toyosaki is my current favorite… I get easily to amused with her voice especially where she asks Ritsu to get more ice.

    Sadly I can’t make mah weekly gifs. I’m not out of town. 🙁

  4. @remm i thought i saw yui with her stockings on when they were all standing in front of the fan.

    k, can anyone please tell me what is it that’s on the board that seems to be a flow chart of some sort that leads to ton-chan evolving into a tortoise? https://randomc.net/image/K-ON/K-ON!!%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2016.jpg (btw, does bbcodes work here?)

    i dunno why, but i laughed so hard on yui’s reaction when she heard that ton-chan was shedding. lol. oh! and the “rest in peace” for the electric fan. lol!

    1. Lols. The “flow chart” on the board is a common Japanese game where the players take turns writing down a different word. The catch is that it has to use the last syllable (hiragana/katakana) of the previous word. For instance, I put “megane” and you would put “neko” and a third person might put “kowai”. Someone correct me if I’m missing anything!

    2. The word game is known as Shiritori and you generally stipulate a theme the words have to come from.

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  5. The part where they tied up Mio’s hair and she looked like Azunyan was amusing and Yui/Ritsu fighting made me think, are these 2 older really than 10???

    Oh and turtles shed, some new learnt

    Zaku Fan
  6. It looks like Yui’s just allergic to air-con (refer Season 1 Episode 10), and yet the club wanted one fixed in the Music Room…

    And yeah, nothing beats than another… festival? Well it had better be… funny! Haha…

  7. As a compromise, the girls might consider turning on the air-con to cool the room and take out the unbearable humidity first, and then turn it off so as to accommodate poor Yui when they begin training for a song. The room’s not gonna become insanely hot instantly even after you turn off the air-con.

    They could then turn it back on again once they’re done, by which time the room would have heated up just right for them to do so.

    That’s what I do for my room whenever my air-con becomes a bit cold, I just turn it off for a while, as the room is still cool from the air-con and doesn’t instantly heats up. Saves on the electric bill as well. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  8. BTW, I only just realized that the various club presidents in the Student Council meeting are just as awesomely cute as the ones from Yui’s class. Nodoka certainly knows how to choose her committee well. 🙂


    (Sankaku Complex has better screenshots of the club prezzies)

    Kinny Riddle
  9. This one reminded me a lot of Lucky Star (with additional moe-ness). All the characters were great but a special mention for Mugi who got carried away keeping up with Yui’s antics.

    1. And make it a two-piece swimsuit with horizontal white and blue stripes (the “rice bowl” pattern) to be sure!

      (Of course, YMMV – a school swimsuit is fine, too.)

      I really wanted to see Mugi’s house as well, but as expected of KyoAni, they love getting their kicks out of teasing the audience…

      Anyway, if they’re back to following the manga (unless I miss my guess), the next ep seems to be about Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Please tell me this K-ON!! actually has twice the episode load as the first one. Divine gave me the hint about it running for six months. I was starting to wonder why No. 12 didn’t say “Finale” in the preview.


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