Wow, the last thing I was expecting Sakuragi to do in the face of a drugged up Ishihara out to kill him is show him some compassion. He deserves all the credit in the world for trying to save that poor pathetic soul rather than just putting him out of his misery, but it was pretty clear that Ishihara is well beyond the point of redemption. The only thing he can really do now if he actually had an ounce of conscience left within him is to apologize to the world and commit seppuku. This episode was so powerful yet utterly frustrating at the same time because of all the chances Sakuragi gave Ishihara to walk away from all this, yet the damn bastard just wouldn’t let it go. Even with the years of mistreatment, physical abuse, and straight-up torture Sakuragi endured at his hands, he didn’t hold one bit of hatred against him. I can’t even picture the purest minds doing what he did when he seized the opportunity to kill Ishihara for all his tyranny, so it just goes to show how strong Sakuragi is mentally. It takes a person who’s gone through hell and back to let someone who’s tried to kill them several times in the past and again at this very moment walk off scot-free.

I gather that Sakuragi didn’t want to let himself be consumed by hatred and resentment like Ishihara, but he still could have got him and Sasaki thrown into prison for the rest of their lives by handing over Hagino’s bloodstained will to the police. Instead, he ended up handing it to Ishihara thinking it would be his salvation and end things. In a way, that almost seemed out of character for Sakuragi to do since he’s ridiculously forgiving when it comes to his own suffering, but not when it’s the suffering of his friends. As such, it was weird seeing him apologizing emphatically to Hagino for handing over the will to the very man that caused him to commit suicide. He was more or less forsaking his friend’s death by letting the truth go unknown. Then there’s Mario too, who had his hand crushed by the inmates of Block 1 Cell 8 and may never be able to regain full use of it ever again. I don’t understand how Sakuragi could have been so naive and simply overlooked all that when he had Ishihara staring down the barrel of his own gun. The sensible solution would have been beating Ishihara up to within an inch of his life and then giving the note to Setsuko to turn over to the police. There’s a line between doing what looks cool and doing what’s right for the sake of those who died and suffered meaninglessly, which Sakuragi still didn’t get through to his head even after Ishihara ripped up Hagino’s will and came right back at him on his motorcycle trying to run him over.

After Ishihara wipes out in the process and puts up an act to get in close to stab Sakuragi, the latter STILL lets him go. Don’t get me wrong, it was powerful stuff to see Sakuragi bring Ishihara down to his knees trembling in fear with words alone, but now he’s going to bleed to death at this rate. To make matters worse, Sasaki’s shown up with the police to arrest him and they think he’s holding the knife as a weapon. This was truly a prime example of being far too trusting of the wrong kind of people. All this time, Mario’s fighting for his life inside the ring and was able to knock out the American boxer/soldier once the opportunity presented itself. When he got back up however, Mario basically knew things weren’t looking good for him yet he persevered with An-chan in mind and even broke his right hand further to try and win the match. Where was this same respect in return An-chan!? Ugh, the next episode looks like Sakuragi’s either going to get shot or simply not going to make it. Setsuko smiling over how the photograph they took turned out is way too ominous of a sign. It was like a death flag being waved. An-chan, you idiot…




    1. Anybody else notice that when Ishihara was about to hit An-chan on his motorcycle, he turned and crashed last minute? ’cause that made it more convincing that Ishihara had changed when he was begging An-chan what to do. <_<

  1. I like how Sakuragi didnt kill Ishihara, even though he had every right to do so. However, I think he should of took it to the court room instead of leaving Ishihara’s fate in his own hands.

    1. Fast and furious blogging. 🙂

      I took a slightly different approach than usual while doing some catch up — watch all the episodes first and then blog them all after. There was less disruption in the flow writing five posts in a row without having to screencap in between.

      Mayoi Neko Overrun was the one exception, but episode 11 is on the way.

  2. To be honest I am disappointed.
    I never really expected Sakuragi to actually kill or seriously beat Ishihara, but like, I’d expected him to at least show some ressentment. Something like “I’d really want to get revange but I know it’s wrong so I’ll stop myself”.
    That would’ve been more realistic than making Sakuragi into a pure angel kinda guy in my opinion.

  3. I really hope Sakuragi doesn’t die. He just found love, friends, and happiness in his life after going through hell for things he had no control over and didn’t commit. I mean really, the author is just too hard on Sakuragi’s character; never have I seen a character go through so much crap he never deserved. It’s fucking heart breaking.

  4. seriously I don’t want him to die 0_0 He has been through so much its just not fair -_- granted I do agree sakuragi should have just handed over the damn letter to the police so that none of this would have happened. It makes all the trouble that his friends went through to get him out of prison meaningless. -_- someone please give me a spoiler since I cant event find a raw volumes of the manga.

  5. I don’t think him handing Ishihara the note was out of character at all. The reason he handed him the note was in hopes that Ishihara would leave the people he cared about alone. The decision he had to make was whether to act according to his late friend, or to the friends he had now. I think it shows the same, strong Sakuragi personality that we know and love by him choosing his friends who are still alive.

  6. ann chan totally ridiculos..i dont think he is gonna die for now because in the opening the one mossing was mario. ep 10 and 11 giving hajime no ippo feel (boxing matches)

  7. Well, looks like Sakuragi dug his own grave. He used up all his chances too. I mean, first off, he shouldn’t have told Ishihara that he knew the truth of Hagino’s death (which started all this mess..). Second, he should of brought up about Hagino’s will when he was being harassed so he didn’t have to go through the torture (come on, he would of died if his comrades didn’t plot the escape). And third, why the hell would you let go of a triumpth card (the will)… If he just took the goddamn proof to the press they would have gotten all the crap outta their hair and lived happily ever after, but no, Sakuragi decided to believe in Ishihara although there was no guarantee that he would become good (he already killed 2 people, attempted numerous murders -Sakuragi, Heitai, Cabbage, Baremoto-, and still thinks Sakuragi is human waste despite what Ishihara has done lol).
    Even if Sakuragi dies as long as Setsu is pregnant with his kid I’ll be ok 🙂

  8. I was so worked up and ready for the kill and Sakuragi pulls that stunt argh I was crazy for an hour. If he dies I want to nominate this for the dead award for next year. really close Yui from angels beats. Still I think he’ll survive and lead his friend until they meet at the tree. Gesh I’m a bad person but Ishihara must die with a needle stuck in his head

    Island Esper
  9. I LOVE this show,really, its great but…uh?.. eh.. what the.. Really Sakuragi?!!..

    Just like Divine, i dont understand why he didnt gave the suicide note to Setsuko to turn over the police in the first place so Ichihara and The Perv Doctor got arrested and everybody happy 4ever… at least not for him but for his FRIENDS..

    I mean, maybe is cuz this “It shows Sakuragi personality etc” thing.. but geez that was some JESUS CHRIST compassion level, giving the note to ISHIHARA? hoping he would let him and his friends alone?…after aaaall what Ichihara and Sasaki did to him for YEARS??, including not only trying to murder him but his friends too…? and including what happened to Mario’s hand?..

    only in anime baby…


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