Who says there aren’t any surprises at the end of the year? At the conclusion of the K-ON “Let’s Go!” live concert in Yokohama yesterday, an announcement was made for a second season of the ever-so-popular light music anime. The official website has already been updated to confirm what attendees of the live event found out, along with an image of Yui looking inconspicuously over her shoulder.

While the thought of a sequel in the near future never really crossed my mind, it was only a matter of time given the original’s popularity. It’s safe to say there’s already one series on my list that’s a guaranteed watch next year. I can already picture the new opening and ending themes (whatever they may be) taking the Internet air waves by storm. Speaking of which, I’d love to see what went down at that live concert.

Anyone else looking forward to seeing more of Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, and Azusa in the new year?


  1. I see people hating on this and I can’t understand why (apparently people thinks a deep plot = overall enjoyability).
    Except for the extra episode, the rest of the series was great; I’ll be all over this once it comes out.

  2. Yeah, I got hyped last time Kyo-Ani announced a sequel and we remember how that went.

    I thought the new op/eds and ensuing dance numbers would take the internet + japan by storm too, and that didn’t happen either. I’m not getting hyped, it’ll make the disappointment that much easier to gloss over.

  3. Firstly, to all you haters: Despair and then piss off. Life’s too short for you guys to be spending time hating on one series.

    Now, that news certainly came far earlier than I would expect, I didn’t think the second season would have come until another year at least. But if it’s commissioned for 12-13 episodes, I think there’ll just be enough manga material, plus more of Kyo-Ani’s “original meddling”, for better or for worse, to cover the second series.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. I wish they would do a sequel to Lucky Star first since the manga has a ton of material for them to use. I loved K-on! but it feels too soon and I can’t imagine them doing as much as they did with the first season.

  5. plz dont let jaalin blog this series -_- all he did was bitch about the first season and id like to see some actual opinions on the series from someone who actually enjoyed the “slice of life” style it had.

  6. Yay, melting into a puddle while watching the cuteness of K-ON! has definitely become a guilty pleasure of mine. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for music-themed animes like Beck and Macross. K-ON! is no different!

  7. @Sean

    Jaalin was pretty much right on many points especially those pertaining to originality. It’s basically the same over arching story over and over again. I mean last season we had, I think, 3 retreat episodes? However, I still love the cute moments that make the series quite unique.

    Interest wise, Divine will probably enjoy blogging this series the most. But Jaalin’s screen-cap text captions are hilarious, I wish he text-captioned every series blogged here.

  8. I’d honestly love it if Jaalin were to blog the second season. I’m sorry but his captions were funny as hell. I mean really, would their really be much to say about an episode of k-on? No. No there wouldn’t be.
    Moving along, I’m also looking forward to the second season. It was a fun show and I quite enjoyed it (to my surprise). More Mugi would be good<33

  9. Jaalin still hasn’t decided to pop his head in anywhere or let us know he’s still alive, so maybe this will bait him out.

    As for screencap comments, I did it for Nyan Koi episode three, but either people didn’t notice or didn’t care so I didn’t bother keeping it up. -_-

  10. YesNo for me….

    YES! We’re getting a second season….

    NO! Where the hell are the key adaptations? T__________T

    I’m seriously waiting for my Planetarian OVA adaptation….. Not to mention some are waiting for Little Busters!

  11. Initial reaction “FFS. Not more of this tripe that sums up why the current anime market is so stagnanted.”
    On the other hand, it can’t be much worse than Haruhi season 2, so… whatever… lol

  12. Hopefully they have more music this season. For a show about 4 girls forming a band it seemed to be really weak on the music playing. I would love to see the 2nd season end with them actually playing at Budokon.

  13. Urgh. I must say so far I much preferred Kyoani’s adaptation of Key’s visual novels rather then the MoeBlob shows (albeit Lucky Star has been quite entertaining). They really need to animate Little Busters…

  14. I expected as much. Azusa had too little airtime during the first. Plus, the manga’s far from finished as far as I’m reading it. I’m still in chapter 42 and still makes me ROFL.

    There better be fillers this time if they want to make it longer. The first sticks way too much on the manga like Cling Wrap.

  15. @Divine, I dont know if it’s the new image system that pops up or not, but I moused over, waited, and all I got was the magnifier. I use firefox, maybe that’s why? I love captions though too.

    I was never a big fan of K-ON, the are, as many say, MOEBLOBS. But if people enjoy it, let them have it, right?

  16. How is it there is so many people praising this show? One of the earlier comments said it had “deep plot”. Are you kidding me? This show was horrid and I only managed to watch about 5-6 episodes before I got so disgusted by it. The main character goes from have 0 skill to awesome IN BETWEEN EPISODES. That’s not deep plot, it’s horribad writing. Try watching some real shows for once, this crap is destroying anime and it’s sad that so many people are fueling it.

  17. I will agree the plot in this show isn’t deep at all. It’s entertaining to watch though as Yui is one of those amazing geniuses. Whether you like to believe it or not there are people like Yui who have zero skill yet manage to have an amazing talent. The whole “story” if you wanna put story in this is Yui finding something to put her all into. As you noticed beforehand she did absolutely nothing but finally found a drive to do something other then laze around.
    But really it’s a show made to to just watch without using your brain too much. Is it that horrible to watch something like this these days?

  18. Of course I’m looking forward to that sequel, more than anythign in this year, except for the nanoha, fate/Stay Night and Gundam 00 movies. Wow, what a wonderful year will be.

    Syaoran Li
  19. Yasuragi:
    The new image system requires you to actually click on the full-size image to see the caption. However, you can quickly scroll through the images by using the up/down or left/right arrow keys afterward.

  20. wow just what my cousin’s friends have said… he said “they will animate a second season” which is mor eof a possible lie… but i didnt expect that it came out true

  21. The first series had so much potential that was kind of squandered on cheap filler(whether it is following a manga or not it started to grow a little stale by the final episode, with the final being kind of a let down). I am interested in season 2 though, and I hope they put a little bit more creativity and longevity into it. I really like the light hearted silliness with some development into their band. Season one had little to do with the actual band.

  22. not really looking forward to it (never really expected a second season tbh), cant look forward to something i thought dont exist i guess… I will definitely be watching tho 🙂

  23. so. if jaalin wont “pop” his head out err show, who will blog this? divine? omni? hmmm… interesting… divine’s own point of view on moe-ness gehehehehe a must see…

  24. wonder if they’ll atually animate budoukan….that would be a sight for anime.
    and it doesnt take a good plot to make a good anime.To pull of a “daily-life” style of anime deserves credit,to pull it off a second time…..we’ll see ^^

  25. I’m excited yet not fully excited. Because this is from Kyoto Animation and they did not do a good job at making a 2nd season for one of their popular franchise, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I hope they’re not going to pull any of those stupid stunts in the 2nd Season of K-ON!


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