「先輩!」 (Senpai!)

Yui’s whipping out stickers and plastering them all over the place, making her primed for a future career as an elementary school teacher. Musician? Pssh… If this episode hinted at anything, it’s what each of Houkago Tea Time’s band members will likely wind up as. Mio’s probably going to end up as a tailor or some fashion designer with her sewing skills, Ritsu’s probably going to end up as a chef of some sort with her cooking ones, and Mugi’s going to become a full-fledged princess who writes songs on the side. The only person with any serious aspirations in music is Azusa, but with the way she gets caught into her seniors’ laid back flow, she’ll probably be a babysitter at this rate. Budokan? It looks like the only concerts we’ll see from HTT on the big stage are the ones by their seiyuu. “K-ON!! Live Event” anyone? I’m all for some “Pure Pure Heart” and “NO, Thank You!” live performances already. Given how the Blu-ray for the one in Yokohama Arena last year sold like hotcakes, I’d be somewhat shocked if another one wasn’t held at the end of this year.

As for the episode itself, it’s probably safe to say it was an Azusa-centric one since she tried to revert back to her diligent self when it comes to actually practicing music in the clubroom. However, with the way things were broken up into numerous failed attempts as a result of each of the other members, I’m inclined to see her as the victim in an episode about the other girls. Admittedly, a sleeping Mugi stole the show for me early on with how adorable she looked, and it all went downhill from there in terms of caring about Azusa’s attempts to get the club’s act together. What started off with a sad Mugi from being unable to scare anyone quickly turned to a frustrated one when she gave Azusa’s guitar a try, during which the highlight was Mugi lifting her hair for Azusa to put the strap around her. It may be just me, but Mugi revealing the nape of her neck ever so innocently was a whole new level of appeal I never considered before. Of course, some cream on her face from stealing bites of cake wasn’t all that bad either. If there’s one thing that this second season has done exceptionally well, it’s giving Mugi more screen time and increasing her fan base, which sure as hell is working if I do say so myself.

In comparison, Mio’s time in the spotlight seems to be dwindling, as her charm points don’t really show all that well without the others there to bring it out. Azusa on the other hand is floating around much the same space as she’s always been in, though seeing her unable to be straightforward about what’s bugging her was pretty cute to see. A nervous Azusa is probably the cutest Azusa, but a slightly disgruntled one that can’t say what’s on her mind has its own kind of charm. In terms of comedy, here wasn’t a whole lot of jokes this time around, but Yui’s inability to read music and using “forte”, “fortissimo”, and “fermata” to talk about other things was mildly entertaining due to how it annoyed Azusa. I was more amused by the way that Yui reassured Azusa that thinking a lot is what’s makes her her, before adding that she doesn’t think much at all. Oh Yui, we know. We know. Naturally, just when Azusa’s feeling more like her usual self, she destroys that image in front of her entire class by suggesting that cat ears are an essential part of a waitress’ uniform. Somehow, I could just see her innocence getting shattered right then and there (…in slow motion).

If we’re lucky though, maybe there will be a cosplay cafe at the school festival. I’m sure Ui would have no problem with one whatsoever, but the school festival along with Mugi’s new song will have to wait for now as the next episode’s about the girls losing access to their clubroom for some reason. Forget practicing, where are they going to have tea parties now!? Sounds like a serious problem to me.




  1. I feel for Azusa because she’s so dedicated to music and the older girls aren’t taking it as a priority
    Azusa is just so adorable when she gets flustered 🙂
    Tsumugi has won a lot of new fans this time around and she’s just amazing 🙂

    1. I started really noticing Mugichan toward the end of last season but this time around, her moeness is undeniably epic. The cuteness and appeal she was allowed to be shown with really puts her on the same level as the rest of the gang. All of them have their own personal charms and complement each other in a great way. Perfect chemistry!

  2. DIAMPUT !!! atas ane cepettt benerrrr sungguh terlaluuuuu….KEDUAXXX + PAGE ONE aje akh ‘mayan untuk modal…pertamax hunter keduluan lagi moga2x laen hari bisa PERTAMAXXX…btw k-on season 2 is kinda dry in story and gags isn’t it???

  3. Damn.. KyoAni’s previews are misleading than before.

    Well anyway I didn’t expect the Mugi Azusa scenes in this ep. Also.. Dat Hair

    So next episode.. I have no idea what happens.. KyoAni lost me again…

      1. Gotcha. In any general case has there been any guys with dialogue around the girls age? I don’t remember seeing any in either series. The low guy presence is not something I’m straining to detect but it’s an amusing detail. Guess it makes things a lot more moe when there’s no gender tension whatsoever.

      2. The show’s definitely not the type to go down the romance direction. I mean the closest thing we’ve had is Mugi’s “infatuation” with the other girls interacting. I just think the bare minimum of guys present in the show’s more amusing than anything.

      3. “…Speaking of which, I thought Satoshi would capitalize with all the onee-chans at the doorway, but he backed down instead. I was slightly disappointed. :(”

        A kid’s shyness. I wouldn’t blame him if there were like that many girls barging in all of a sudden… 😀

      4. Now seriously guys, do you actually want to see Kyo-Ani’s studio get burned down by fanatical otakus? lol

        Lucky Star had the same thing, the only guys around were Shiraishi Minoru and Konata and Kagami’s dads.

        Anyway, speaking of Satoshi, him being so nervous at the sight of his sis’s friends is to be expected for a boy going through puberty. If I were his age, I think I’d be nervous like silly as well at the sight of so many cute girls suddenly appearing in my house, though I wouldn’t go so far as to hide myself in the bathroom. lol

        Kinny Riddle
      5. Hahaha! I honestly don’t know what’s happening in this show anymore as far as music goes. It’s always being teased at in one way or the other (I guess that’s one of the reason it’s LIGHT music club) but I’m not ticked at that for now. I sorta like the fact the series focus on the girls with the music being the cherry on top of the sundae.
        I don’t think I would enjoy seeing guys approaching the girls thou (self slap) and keeping the cuteness/moe to that level is fine by me. I believe the dynamic in that sense has been established.
        Satoshi might have just stayed at the door and listened to the girls interaction before letting them know Ricchan invited them downstairs..
        Otaku burning the studio…for what?
        Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Poor Azu-nyan. Her seniors have corrupted her mind well if she’s actually thinking it’s normal for waitresses to have nekomimi. LOL

    Couldn’t have said it any better about Mio, Divine. She shines best when being teased in the presence of the other girls (barring Azu-nyan), Ritsu in particular. Otherwise, she’s pretty much a normal girl. (Not in a bad way, of course)

    Yui on the other hand, generates cuteness by just being her usual eccentric self, and now Mugi is given her chance to show she can match Yui in that regard this week.

    And finally, I didn’t realize Ritsu can cook so well, turns out she might be more of a fine gorgeous lady than she would like us to think she is. (Not unlike her equally lovely seiyuu Sato Satomi)

    Kinny Riddle
  5. KyoAni has officially became gods of animating HAIR! I think what cracked me up the most this episode are Ritsu’s dad’s pink boxers and Azusa’s image going up in flames.

  6. Mugi’s hair looks so fluffy and soft. Azusa’s comment at the end was absolute gold. I honestly couldn’t believe she said cat ears and maid uniforms go together. Covert cosplay fetish much?

    Oh and the animation when Mio was tuning her bass was nice and fluid.

  7. Ooohhh the tease Mugi handed in the song and it was hinted they are “practicing” it. Also a ballad is coming ? This is worse than waiting for a pantsu scene. Bring the festival for crying out loud. We need the music all the teasing is driving me insane. I know they are focusing in Mugi but all girls are wonderful. I held my breath when Anzu walk in and there was Mio there. Poor Anzu she is marked for life as a member HTT 🙂

    Island Esper
  8. Am I the only one who thought Mugi intentionally put cake on her face so she could have another ‘experience’?
    Considering she specifically asked if something was on her face, just for Azusa looking at her.

  9. There is no escaping the fact that Azu-nyan is the designated cat girl of HTT.

    If the past few episodes won’t help Mugi’s chances in next year’s ISML, I don’t know what will…

    “I can just imagine the MugixAzunyan yuri doujins that are to come from this…”

    I’m sure the gods of Rule 34 are working on them now as we speak…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I really liked this episode, its well organized, and it is rare that male character had any kind of roles in this serie.a male teacher,satoshi,satoshi’s friend, and the senior camera man each had no more then a few sentences in the whole serie, which is the most unique point about this anime. and the drawing, and animation are really nice as well as the songs.
    vote for your favorite k-on chars 😛


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