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It’s been well over three weeks since the end of Angel Beats, but Key and Maeda Jun don’t seem to want to let us forget that easily. They’ve recently released another Girls Dead Monster song and a PV to go along with it. With a male band this time around, it’s less so Gldemo and more just LiSA with this “Day Game” song though. I’m a bit indifferent about the song after listening to it for the past while and still prefer Little Braver if I had to choose between the two, but it’s always nice to see more Angel Beats related stuff. The baseball bat scene at the end is undoubtedly a reference to Yui’s one in episode ten, whereas the gymnasium is reminiscent of the one in the series as well. LiSA’s school uniform gets my vote of approval, but the circular track that’s used for the camera in the gymnasium portions of the PV just makes me dizzy. In any case, the bonus fourteenth episode on the last DVD/BD volume won’t be coming out until December 22nd of this year, so we’ll just have to take whatever we can get for now.


  1. Oh crap…. I’m gonna hurl….

    Worst spinning cam I’ve ever seen… Spin cam done right was one of SID’s PV(I might be wrong though I forgot if it was them actually)…

    Also.. What happened to the girls?
    There’s dudes in there…

  2. I’m glad to see more GirlDeMo songs, but it isn’t GirlDeMo when there are guys singing along in the background! D:

    The song isn’t as good as Little Braver or the other songs, and I think it was a bad choice to keep the camera constantly spinning…

    Maybe this song will appear in the fourteenth episode where will Yui revive with a guy band. I hope not.

  3. Always glad to hear more for GlDeMo, but this isn’t their strong showing. It’s not bad, but it’s nowhere near songs like Thousand Enemies, Ichiban no Takaramono and Shine Days.

    Also, I really think they should have stuck to girls. It’s not Girls Dead Monster with guys.


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