While I would’ve been fine with this arc involving Mario’s indictment and facing seven years in prison dragging out longer, I’m quite happy about it wrapping up swiftly this episode so that the story can move on to more interesting things. There’s still Setsuko’s arranged marriage in addition to Joe’s sister Meg, the latter of which deserves a much better fate than the one she was left with at the end of episode two. However, that’s not to say this latest problem for the six remaining friends of Block 2 Cell 6 didn’t build on the series’ theme of friendship and courage in some significant way. Most notably, it opened my eyes a bit more on Mario’s character after learning that he willing went to the Shonan Reform Institution by sparing the girl he protected, Yoshida Junko (Kuwashima Houko), from having to let anyone know that she was raped by a teacher. Not only was Mario willing to stay locked up for those two years for Junko’s sake, he was even willing to do seven more in a prison if he had to.

I admittedly have a soft spot for chivalrous acts such as that, but I’m not oblivious to the stupidity involved in throwing oneself out on a limb without hesitation either. We’re talking seven years of Mario’s teenage to mid-twenties life versus a girl’s concern over how people will perceive her knowing she’s a rape victim, which isn’t something any rational person would elect to do without a second thought. What’s more, any testimony that Junko would make doesn’t necessarily have to reach her parents or her friends like she was worried about, making Mario’s decision even more thickheaded yet ridiculously kindhearted at the same time. He had no way of guaranteeing word wouldn’t get out if he spoke up about it, so he simply didn’t risk it and chose not to bring it up at all even though it may have helped his case. There’s something really admirable about that in my eyes, and while I’d like to believe I could do the same in his situation, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t hesitate whatsoever.

Thankfully, his willingness to sacrifice himself didn’t go unrewarded, as Junko eventually made a verbal testimony to the public prosecutor Takada, saving Mario from a life of hard times he didn’t deserve yet was willing to endure. As I mentioned last time, I was at a complete loss on what Baremoto’s plan would be against the Japanese legal system, so it came as a bit of a surprise to learn that he went for a completely legitimate combination of written statements and outright pleading on his hands and knees. It’s probably safe to say that luck played a big part in the success of the plan this time though. After Takada saw through Yoshitaka’s written statement as something they forced him into signing, it was pure coincidence that Baremoto’s father happened to be a good wartime friend of his who was killed in the war against China over Manchuria. I don’t doubt Baremoto’s sincerity when he used his last resort and pleaded desperately, but I question whether or not Takada would’ve been so understanding had he not heard how proud his friend was of his son, “Nomoto Ryuuji”.

In any case, it never hurts to have things unexpectedly work out in life, so I’m willing to cast this off as one of those cases after all the hard times these boys have been through. Quite frankly, it’s about time they caught a break. Still, kudos to Heitai and Kyabetsu (Cabbage) for being the two key guys in the plan this time around. Without the former taking two punches and a bottle broken over his head to blackmail Yoshitaka into signing the statement they prepared, and the latter camping outside of the Shonan Girl’s University in the rain in hopes that Junko will rethink her decision about making a statement, none of this would have worked out at all. Out of the six, they’re also the only two who have never caused any problems for the group, yet their loyalty towards their friends doesn’t pale at all in comparison to anyone else. For that, they deserve all the credit for saving Mario’s butt this time around. Now that that’s out of the way, it looks like the focus will shift back to Setsuko’s arranged marriage, which Mario will hopefully save her from now that he’s a legally free man and has his job back at the bar. I’m thinking a confession is in order to make Setsuko rethink her hasty decision for her father’s company’s sake. Time to man up to the opposite sex Mario!




  1. Another awesome episode. Soldier was fucking gar taking that bottle to the head and it was really hearwarming watching the bros come together and help Mario out. Looks like next week we might finally get some closure on the MarioxSetsuko stuff, so that’ll be interesting to see.

  2. I thought the girl being raped was Mario’s ex-girlfriend or someone that was really closed to him. I didn’t expect him to go such great lengths for a mere classmate (or schoolmate???). Anyway, it proved that Mario had such a boundless kindness, just like An-chan. It’s so awesome to see An-chan’s spirit live in everyone’s heart.

    Ooh, Joe and (probably) Megu next week? Sweet!

  3. In all fairness to Junko, in that period of time in Japan there is probably a strong stigma to being a rape victim – she even tried denying it in the scene of the crime. There may be people working in the police station who have some relations to people she knows (hence possibly spilling out her secret by accident), or she gets summoned for questioning and someone finds out. That might downgrade her status/ability to get married if people find out her purity has been tainted.
    When she does get married, people will still gossip – we all know how painful gossip can be, and unless she’s mentally strong it’ll be hard to stomach that in addition to the trauma caused by the rape.

    I was quite proud of Mario for holding it in till the end 😀 Makes me want to punch that teacher even more for wrecking 2 people’s lives. Heitei was awesome – even though I guessed his plan immediately, it was still great seeing how it worked out.

    1. Very well said. Being an Asian, I understand how non-virgin girls will be treated if they are found out, not to mention Rainbow was set in the 1950s, when the prejudice was even harsher, meaning losing purity brought nothing but disgrace to themselves and their families.

    2. Yeah, I understand why Junko didn’t want to let anyone know (hence why Mario’s decision was admirable), but I question if anyone would be okay with someone serving seven years in prison for them to keep it a secret. Mario was only trying to protect her after all.

      1. Whoops I forgot to mention my main point.. I don’t think that Mario was being that stupid when he kept her secret, he was merely trying to save her from a lifetime of worsened scars by sacrificing himself. This is sort of a reply to DmonHiro’s comment.
        Junko doesn’t seem that strong mentally, helping Mario will re-open old wounds and invite new germs in as well. If she couldn’t stand it, and he’s willing to help her, saying nothing will let her live her life in peace. It boils down to self-interest, not that I agree with her doing so but to me it’s understandable. Furthermore, she don’t really owe Mario anything (he did kind of inflict violence on his own accord) since the teacher had ravaged her by then.

        tl;dr I’m glad she ultimately decided to help him though since Mario was going to such extents to keep her secret.

  4. Heitai was fuckin epic this episode, Crowning moment of awesome and funny when he told the guy”Mario gave you two punches, I’ll give you three” totally lmao there.Then I almost cried during all the second part of the episode.I would hesitate a lot too if I were in Mario’s situation and I would have probably spilled the beans and told them.True that Yoshida looks like Unohana with her braid.
    When this show doesn’t deliver some Sexsuko goodness they add some epic GARness.

  5. Since An-chan untimely demise I thought the level of emotions will drop a notch. However they have manage to keep his spirit going strong within the group. The emotions experienced during this episode were a roller coaster for me. YAY!!! So glad Baremoto choose a “clean” plan to take Mario out of prison. This series isn’t for the faint of hearth. Wonder if the other arcs will have a nice ending like this one did or will bad times will strike them again.

    Island Esper
  6. Don’t you guys think that Mario might end like An-chan? I don’t know but I’ve been getting the feeling that he will…not that I want that to happen…but his attitude toward everything it resembles An-chan’s.
    Another thing, do you think Mario will manage to have a bf-gf relationship with the nurse (forgot her name)?

  7. I cried some many tears in this episode. Taking the hit to avoid the shame of being raped upon a young Junko and carry it for 7 whole years without saying a word.
    Heitai with his “I’ll give you 3 punches” moment to get the man to sign the paper, Cabbage with his staking out to get Junko to testify in person and finally the manly tears when Ryuji spilled his guts on everything except the rape.
    Man, what awesome friends he has. And I also like the fact that nobody even brought up the other guy punching him twice since a boxer has no excuse sending a regular joe to the hospital over a bar fight despite how pissed off he was. Simply because it’s such a mismatch. It’s like a man punching a kid for kicking him on the leg.


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