「番外編 企画会議!」 (Bangai-hen – Kikaku Kaigi!)
“Extra Chapter – Project Meeting!”

Judging by Yui’s bangs (or lack thereof), this first of two side story episodes takes place some time after the graduation photos in episode 21 and before their entrance exams in episode 22. Revolving around the creation of a recruitment video for their club, this bonus episode could have easily slotted in between, which left me wondering why the decision was made to leave it until the very end. Had I seen the time that Yui and the others spent on this video, I probably would’ve felt differently about Azusa’s situation too. All this time, I thought everyone had totally neglected her and the future of the club once they graduate, giving me all the reason to believe that Azusa would have an emotional breakdown at some point. However, after learning that she had this kind of support from her seniors, it’s no real surprise why she was never even close to tearing up until she saw their graduation diplomas. The only thing I can think of is that Kyoto Animation wanted to build up the Azusa side of the story so that the finale last week would have as much impact as it did, and a cheery lighthearted showing such as this would have thrown a wrench in those plans.

Whatever the case, we’re not only taken back to a time before the girls graduated, but also to the very beginnings of the club when they first K-ON promo video was created using “nurse Mio” as bait. I had almost forgotten the beauty of seeing Mio cosplaying against her will, so Azusa’s discovery of the disc that Mio thought she safely sealed away in a cookie tin instantly made this an episode to remember. It’s just a darn shame that they didn’t go with Sawa-chan’s Hollywood movie idea for their latest video, because what she had envisioned for “THE KEION-BU” was a hit in my eyes. Heck, I’d pay good money to see the full version of that movie if it was ever made. Even the mystery-themed version that Mugi had in mind would’ve been worth watching for all the melodrama. More so than either of those two, I think I would’ve loved to see some of the girls in the extremely flashy outfit that Sawa-chan made this time around. I have absolutely no idea what she was expecting them to wear that with underneath, but I would’ve paid even better money if the answer was “nothing.” Of course, that was never meant to be, so I’m quite grateful for the ending sequences where the girls are actually in cool-looking outfits.

The end result with footage of a lot of their everyday activities — including sitting around drinking tea and eating cake — and a collection of interviews with other students wasn’t too bad though. It was a bit duller than I would’ve liked, but I guess that’s Azusa and her “sensible” idea for us. At least Sawa-chan left in the footage with Azu-nyan in cat ears at the very end after all the editing she did. With the prospect of having a club leader like that, who wouldn’t want to join the light music club? Anyway, the final final episode next time looks like it’ll be about a visit to Sawa-chan’s place. Upon hearing that, I’m admittedly quite interested in seeing what her room’s like. In particular, I wonder if she still has heavy metal posters up or has truly left that part of her life completely behind. One more episode to go!




  1. 1st Post! this was a great episode! i think many felt that the rest of the girls would be left off since last week’s preview kinda gave the sense of moving on. But this wouldn’t be K-On without Yui’s antics and Mio’s Cuteness ^_^

  2. this was already ROFLMAO-worthy for me even w/o the subs.now, what more if the subs are out! AHAHAHA! NURSE MIO!! * profuse nosebleeding* mugi-hollywood was an eye-candy! about the preview,.i’d like to hope that the ‘sawa-chan is sick’ story is just SIDE A..and i’m crossing my fingers for the SIDE B..hehe.. MENAREANIMALS FTW

    1. Yep… I really forgot the trolling prowess of KyoAni. Hadn’t had a taste of that since E8.

      I mean seriously the preview was such a tease.. I was so eager to see how Azusa handles things when the 4 graduates.

      Also here’s a funny easter egg for you guys, Two of the humongous men are wearing HTT T-shirts.

      Anyway this episode was totally hilarious but I really did feel so trolled when I think about it… I’m guessing either KyoAni sells the conclusion on the final DVD/BD or they’re gonna dodge the subject completely and leave an open end just so they can bring this back after a few years.

      Anyway I’m not expecting the final verdict of K-ON!! in next week’s episode. Ah whatever… Also TM revolution twitted again about hearing No, Thank You for the last time.

      That’s kinda bittersweet… Stil.. Can’t wait for next week!

      1. LOL..seriously, i didn’t notice that they’re wearing HTT shirts..LOL..some keen observation you got there XD and lOL again, these news about TM lately have been making me think he’s more of an otaku than a singer..but then again, who would’ve thought he’d twit about k-on..xDDD

    1. I know the DVD editions comes with details of the girls’ classmates, like names and personalities, but does anyone know where I can trawl such info on the internets? Besides Himeko, I have a hard time memorizing everyone’s names. Hopefully Kyo-Ani will release another official fanbook for that.

      Anyway, besides Himeko and these girls (the one in front cleaning the board and the one in the background with brown hair)

      Another girl I would fancy is the bespectacled bookish and shy girl interviewed in the library sometime in ~19:39.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. the ‘these girls’ that you are talkin’ about are ichigo,then shizuka,.the girl she’s with is her bestfriend chizuru..anyway, you can look up at k-on wiki for the character details..and, try visiting houkago-translations for the downloads..hope these help..x3

  3. https://randomc.net/image/K-ON/K-ON!!%20-%2025%20-%20Large%2042.jpg

    “K-ON-bu ni youkoso, nya~n!” – Azu-nyan kawaii~ <3

    She has proved herself worthy to be the band's mascot kitty, meowing away without any prompting.

    When I first saw Yui's bowl-head cut this episode, I was still thinking "Hey, who's this klutzy-looking girl? Oh, wait…" lol

    Though there's still another DVD-only episode 26 six months away, which will be another extra story, K-ON for all intents and purposes, have come to an end. I shall miss this series dearly.

    That said, Kyo-Ani still managed to animate and voice a few of the scenes for episode 26 for this week's final preview.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Forgive me for not elaborating well.

        There will only be 26 episodes. 24 for the main story, and 25+26 as extras. This week is the FIRST extra story, Episode 26 will be the SECOND extra story, and will be a DVD only episode.


        Kinny Riddle
      2. hmm..this details you gave differ from what i know,.since you mentioned 26th is a DVD-only ep,does it mean that the sawa-chan preview will not air on tv next week?bec. from what i knew, that WON’T be the case

        the ova on march is technically the 27th ep..and that’s from what i know too..x3

      1. Hmm, I think I must have heard it wrong then, mainly because of Kyo-Ani’s record to do one extra on air and one extra on DVD for last season.

        But upon checking TBS’s schedule for next Tuesday, it still shows K-ON!! on its timeslot for 25:35 (01:35am Wednesday).


        So disregard my last reply keiOnDaisuki, I probably screwed up. Though I dunno if there’ll be an episode 27.

        Kinny Riddle
    1. Episode 26 is airing next week. There’s a good chance a third OVA-type episode will be included on the last DVD/BD release. There are nine volumes slated and three episodes per volume (9 x 3 = 27), but we won’t find out until we get closer to the March 16th, 2011 release of volume nine.

  4. Divine you have a typo there “gradation diplomas”. Anyways, I’m still not watching episode 24. I’m still in great denial that K-ON! is going to end. hahaha Therapy group session in one week lol.

  5. Yui lost her bangs. XD I think having extra episodes after the actual ending of the plot just makes it easier to part with the series once it’s over so I like that they served up the actual ending last week.

    What’s this about a DVD only episodes? o-o

  6. LOLz..having seen the subs, the HILARITY TRIPLED..LOL almost ALL of the scenes made me LAUGH HARD..
    -ritsu’s ‘before and after’ interview..XDD
    -yui pretending to TEACH mio of ALL PEOPLE!! XDDD
    -yui’s EATING WAYS.. (the last one was my favorite, how faked!XDD
    -the HOLLYWOOD stuff was EPIC!!

    there are lots of HILARIOUS scenes to mention..LOL.

    and lastly, as a MITSU FAN, MIO HUGGING RITSU FROM BEHIND WAS PURE GOLD!! *dies in bliss*

    funniest episode yet! (although judging from the manga, sawa-chan’s ep would be a lot more hilarious)XDDDD

    1. i think kyoani did that for the audience to focus more on the bittersweetness of the impending graduation..they made the extras funny maybe bec. they didn’t want the FANS to feel SO DEPRESSED about k-on leaving..xD

  7. man I like the Hollywood Trailer! they should just publish that, and I’ll be joining the- eh detectives’ club? (wait that was… a girls’ school?)

    haha so great, another interesting episode, and I believe if they need to make a video, they could just ask their fans for some suggestions, though some (like Mio) would disapprove of it…

    sawa-chan house’s visit should be interesting. looking forward to it nee~

  8. I just realized…
    This episode made me miss them more.
    It’s sorta like looking back to something after it just ended.
    I think this is Kyoani’s plot to make fans crave for more K-On…. Hmm… Sly!!!
    (well, not that they need to do that, since K-On fans love the show and would ask for more no matter what)

  9. I can’t remember the last time azusa was this cute.

    I’m gonna miss Yui along with her amusing antics, schooling Mio was definitely the highlight for me. The bangs however is a different story and still not to my liking, good thing she was “back” to normal at the heartfelt finale.

    One more extra to go, Sawa-chan finally getting the focus she’s dying to have. Her private life should be interesting.

    1. oh,it seems so..and i guess that, yes, the others might be as well..mio’s scene was pretty common with films..although i think mugi’s was from a certain angelina jolie film..XDD

  10. This episode reminded me the ROFLMAO potential of K-ON…
    I’d totally watch Holluwood blockbuster with K-ON.
    And the outfit Sawa-chan created was just stripperrific! Poor frog…
    And Azu-Nyan scene at the end of actual vid was pure moe shot into veins.
    The usual tea-and-sweets club activities was just icing on the cake (pun intended with premeditation)

  11. Hmm~about time they touched more on Sawa-chan haha 😀
    btw, is she wearing a ♥ pendant? It’s red, I’m not sure I’ve seen tht before..maybe a new love interest? lol or maybe I should hv seen it earlier just tht I didn’t observe… ^.^

  12. HAHAH this epsiode was really good, I was laughing all the time xD with “Ritsu’s change” HAHA xD an the hollywood trailer xD they land in japan XD and Mugi with those glasses xD

    Awww azu nyan at the end :3 aww u.u

    well the next one is the final one right? :S i dont want to u.u PLEASE NOO u.u



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