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Lucky Star – OVA

September 27, 2008 at 1:20 am Comments (91)

The Daily Dose

  • It was announced in Megami Magazine that there is a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie coming early next year. The movie will not be a reedit of the first series but will instead be an alternate retelling.
  • Romantic comedy manga Asu no Yoichi! is getting an anime adaptation.
  • Upcoming fall series Kemeko Deluxe! now has an official blog.
  • The official website for upcoming fall series To Aru Majutsu no Index is now hosting a promo video.
  • The TV anime adaptation for Kyou no Go no Ni has been confirmed for this fall.
  • The official website for the upcoming Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OADs is now open.
  • And finally, here’s an odd story: Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal front-paged an article about Lucky Star and how it’s affecting the Washinomiya Shrine area. You may remember this topic from various sources all throughout last year when Lucky Star popularity was at its peak. Now, I understand that the WSJ editors like to use non-standard stories that relate to businesses and people making money, and it’s cool to see something from our neck of the woods make it into the mainstream, but I still have to question the newsworthiness of this article for their front page, never mind the fact that they also included pictures of crossplayers. Perhaps I’m just holding the Wall Street Journal to too high a standard. Thanks Keith for the heads-up.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Original artwork at left courtesy of 計算 on pixiv (account needed to access)

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    Lucky Star – 24 (END)

    The cultural festival is finally upon us, and the entire school is busy busy in their preparations. With summary and series comments

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    Lucky Star – 23

    Visiting the sick, Minami’s other side, and protecting Yutaka’s innocence. Guess who that is with Shiraishi and Akira?

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    Lucky Star – 22

    Why complain about a difference of a few yen in gas prices when you’ve just spent tons of money eating kaiten sushi?

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    Lucky Star – 21

    School trip to Kyoto! Kagami receives a confession letter! SHIRAISHI RETURNS FROM THE G(A)RRRRRRAVE

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    Lucky Star – 20

    Tsukasa> NANJYAKORYAA!?
    Haruhi commercial and 8 girls in yukatas. High amounts of win.

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    Lucky Star – 19

    Yutaka> Tamura-san~ What does “yaoi” mean~?

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    Lucky Star – 18

    Would you like a chocolate wafer? They’re good huh! Here’s another bag! I got a ton, cuz y’know, they come with cool toys.

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    Lucky Star – 17

    Konata’s birthday party, aspirations for the future, and Kagami’s bad day. And a guest star on Lucky Channel!

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    Lucky Star – 16

    For those who have brought up the excessive use of Haruhi materials in Lucky Star – remember, KyoAni is always listening.

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    Lucky Star – 15

    There’s a huge line snaking out from the anime store – and our four girls (Miyuki included!) are somewhere near the end. While it’s not yet clear what they’re in line for, it’s indeed odd that Konata would be near the back of the line for anything anime-related.

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    Lucky Star – 14

    Yutaka! Yui’s little sister is moving in with Konata~

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    Lucky Star – 13

    Lucky Star 13 – “Delicious Day” (Savory Day, for you a.f.k. sticklers)

    It’s another one of those talking episodes, and another good example of overtalking something to the point of exhaustion, but having it be interesting nonetheless. How do they keep doing it?

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    FreezeFrame: I’m Looking At Her Ankles

    From some deep, dark corner in the back of jaalin’s mind…

    Anime girls are the best. Unlike those found in 3d-land, anime girls were created for the sole purpose of entertaining me – decades in the making, the science of creating an anime girl has been perfected down to the little personality quirks, the glimmer in their eyes, and the nuances in their voice (Aisia lisp, anyone?) I thank these artists from the bottom of my heart, cuz man oh man do they do their job well.

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