Shiraishi Minoru ED

Shiraishi cycles through the EDs he’s sung, including one called 「我が愛しのサンタモニカ」 (Waga Itoshi no Santa Monica), as Akira and Tsukasa blow whistles. In other words, Shiraishi attempts to do his own best hits album…all at once.


More random life snippets this episode:

– Why complain about a difference of a few yen in gas prices when you’ve just spent tons of money eating kaiten sushi?
– Tsukasa chews her food while Konata and Kagami talk about trends and fads
– Why does the MLB call their championship the “world series” when it’s only an American league? Then again, I’d say this applies more to basketball, where (until very, very recently) the USA national team constantly gets whooped by the likes of Greece and Lithuania in international competition.
– Some masterful conversation transfer: Konata asks Kagami and Miyuki for help with some questions – turns out they’re game show questions – Konata might be dumb in real life but in the virtual world she’s a “sage,” but at the cost of her sleep schedule – speaking of which, Miyuki always sleeps early, which is why she probably “grew” so much – but Yutaka, you sleep a lot too and yet you’re so small – Yutaka complains to Minami, who then makes the connection to sleep and her own lack of “growth.” Whew.
– Walkman Yutaka. I could watch this all day.
– What do you do with your spare hand when talking on the phone? Kagami makes a lot of hand gestures, Konata likes to clean her carpet… as for me… well, I don’t think it would make it to Lucky Star.
– Pocky Straw. To be totally honest, I’ve never done that before. But then again, maybe that was the whole point of this segment.
– Borrowing stuff and lending stuff – kinda hard to remember after a while has passed, eh?
– The difficulties of falling asleep – this happens to me all the freakin time – I start nodding off like crazy over my textbook, but as soon as I get into bed, I’m wide awake again. Tsukasa> “Does this only happen to me???”
– Kagami munching down on a roasted sweet potato as Konata looks on. Now you know where she gets all those jokes.
– Full Metal Panic, fourth anime. You heard it here first.
– Yutaka’s jar opening problems. Is that freakin Akiko Jam? Segue into potato chip bag opening stubbornness and mosquito-slapping stubbornness.
– More Soujiro science of lolicon perceptions.

Kanata talk:
– Why did Kanata agree to marry you? After I cried that I became a galge loving man because she wouldn’t give me a chance.
– Konata has the mole of her dad and the eyes of her mom, but Kanata wished she wouldn’t inherit her height and Soujiro’s personality. So much for that.
– Why do you bring up Kanata all of a sudden? Well, I don’t know that much about mom.

Even Soujiro is adult enough to know the weight of that statement. He proceeds to talk about Kanata and then busts out his new digital camera to talk some father-daughter pictures, but with a special guest – the spirit of Kanata drifts into the room to check up on her family. She’s relieved to see that nothing has changed – Soujiro is still the same guy, Konata still the carefree girl, and to see them as good friends puts a smile on her face.

“Hey dad, why did mom choose you? After all, you’re some pervert lolicon otaku oyaji.” Not even Kanata can answer that question – not until Soujiro says that he had complete confidence in the fact that he was “the man who loved Kanata the most in the entire world.” Cue music and flashbacks to when Kanata was still around – from their trip to the beach to when Soujiro proposed, to Kanata trying to be a housewife and when Konata was born.

“He accepts my good parts and bad parts. He showed me all his good parts and bad parts. The place where I feel most at ease. The place that lets me feel the most at ease. To not be able to be at that place right now… it’s a little frustrating. But, as long as Konata and Soujiro are within me, and me within them, I’ll continue to watch on. May these two who brought me so much happiness, be blessed with happiness forever…”

Kanata gets in the picture frame herself as the shutter snaps. I wonder if they’ll be surprised… well, freaked out.

Finish things with one last Hiyori scene, this time envisioning a Minami x Yutaka Marimite moment. Cue greasy Hiyori music.

Lucky Channel 22: Oha-Luc… wait… what happened? The stage is still in pieces, the only thing playing is a conversation between the producer and the director… is this the end of Lucky Channel? Is there any rescue?


Smiles. Tears. Joy. Regret. A visit from Kanata, and what a memorable visit it was. The softer side of Lucky Star.

KyoAni has always been good at this kind of stuff, and they show it off well here with a short yet touching segment loaded with nostalgic images, bittersweet music, and a moving dialogue. And how about Kanata’s voice? I continue to be impressed with the amazing job that every single seiyuu in this show has put out – the casting has been terrific and the seiyuu have all stepped up their game to give a fantastic performance. It wasn’t all sap, though – true to the Lucky Star code, the segment was still peppered with little jokes and otaku references, and yet still remained every bit as powerful.

If Kanata was so great in her few minutes, imagine if she was around the whole show! Well, I guess she’d be a more moe version of Akiko… hell, nothing wrong with that…

Lastly, I wanted to point out that the various random scenes in this ep were more coherent than usual, as in being more related with each other. The transitions between various conversations was pretty funny in itself, to be honest. You know, it’s almost like KyoAni heard all the complaints of people who said that Lucky Star was too disjointed in its approach, and instantly responded… not the first time that’s happened, either.



  1. the good: it seens yhat today we will know about the history of kanata and that souns intersting
    the bad: WHERES MY LUCKY CHANNEL T-T!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the ugly: 2 episodes and this is over T-T

  2. rairyu at 2:49 pm on September 2nd, 2007 the mom dead or something? since we havent seen her for the whole series and at the last pic with her it looks like shes a ghost 0.0

    yeah she is

  3. >> the mom dead or something? since we havent seen her for the whole series and at the last pic with her it looks like shes a ghost 0.0

    She was so moé she already died.

    Yup, she’s a ghost.

  4. >> There i go, tearing up just over the screencaps.

    I know what you mean. I can feel the nastalgic emotion pulling on my heart. I’m going to really miss Lucky Star when it’s over.

  5. @Kyonne: Those two pair really well together… *sigh* But they’re so young~ >.>

    I’m really interested in the context for this shot…
    These two are really funny when they’re together. (And now we’ve got an idea of why Kagami is always such a spoil-sport… she has been disappointed quite a few times in life.)

    So… was there a Lucky Channel segment at all this episode? If not, my sister is going to be very disappointed… there was a point in the middle (of the series) where she was watching only LC segments. (Pressed for time, you know — she needs that instant gratification. ^^”)

  6. hashihime – shimamoto sumi does an amazing job!! didnt know about her until i looked her entry up at ANN – she was the voice of Nausicaa, lol… girls older than my dad

    i’d be a happy man if my wife had a voice like that at age 52, lol

  7. >> The director will not let you get away emotionally unscarred.

    Uh… perhaps a misleading description or deficient vocabulary (I hope)? I’m expecting to be sentimentally moved more than scarred.

    Really, these are the episodes I look forward to in every series, where individuals’ experiences are fleshed out. They really add to the depth of the cast and make the characters much more memorable than just “Konata’s Parents”.

  8. Don’t mind Hashihime Kadian. He’s just prone to using hyperbolic terms to express himself, he knows what he means I’m sure. If this episode left you emotionally scarred, that would be kind of scary, as emotional scars are usually received from something more personal effecting you, like the sudden death of a loved on. This is just a TV Show.

    @Linkinstreet: Looks like a winner, you’re right, unfortunately because every episode in the series has already been fawned over so much it’s kind of hard for this episode to ever stand out, and I think it probably should. I mean if 16 is a perfect 10, 12 is perfect 10, 22 is a perfect 10, is their any distinction between the 3. Such is the Kyoani series, where every single second is met from such glee from it’s fans, there’s no room left for you to factor in the moments that really do stand out in a series. Being a Kyoani fan must be like drinking 10 cans of Buzz cola before watching an episode.

  9. @Jaalin: Whoa, and Nausicaa was what brought me to Animeverse in the first place. I’d say it brings back memories, except Kanata would fall into that category Miyazaki detests in current mainstream anime females. So it’s a little ironic, Nausicaa being his first and all.

    On the other hand @Kaioshin_Sama: I love how you always manage to be some sort of black hole that seems to suck in all the goodness from whatever unfortunate soul that graces that little patch of hell you occupy. So a person may not have as refined a taste in anime as you do. Big whoop man. Even you can’t find some little thing to nitpick about in this episode, so instead you go out of your way to harrass someone who was expressing something POSITIVE about a GOOD EPISODE? Congrats man, all time low.

    The ironic thing is, your blog shows that you ARE a thoughtful, dedicated viewer. Why do you have to be such a prick here and make it that much worse for the rest of us? I don’t get it. If you are as good a connoisseur as you seem to be, then you should know that your comments take away from the experience, not add on to it.

  10. @Potato: Who was I harassing, Hashihime? We always get along very well with out chats about Seiyuu and such, I was only pointing out that he sometimes mistakes words every now and then as he tries to express himself. I hope Hashihime doesn’t misunderstand as well, that wouldn’t be good.

    Was it Linkinstreet? No. I was only expressing my agreement with him that this episode is a stand out one, only that it’s kind of hard to express that now since even the one’s that have Haruhi references and light comedy are greeted with similar comments and praises as I see for the likes of a pivotal Legend Of The Galactic Heroes episode by the viewers. So it’s not exactly going to be possible to leave a record for 4 or 5 years down the line that this was the peak episode of Lucky Star, there’s no accurate measure for this series. When episode 16 get’s the same reaction from people as this one, what exactly is going to be so special about this character driven episode in the long run. It’s kind of sad.

    To Summarize: There’s nothing wrong with this episode and I’m not attacking anybody. I’m just wondering about how this episode will be viewed in the future and if it’s really going to ever stand out in the long run like it should. I think it deserves to be distinguished from the rest of the series as exceptional. It kind of sucks that when an episode truly comes along that stands out, everybody’s already gone all out with the praise for the lighter ones, what’s left to give that will express the depth this episode adds to the story, I don’t know myself.

  11. It is a bit odd reading the comments about Kanata. Because Konata told very early (like somewhere in the first three episodes) in the series to Kagami about how young she was when her mother died… and made the obvious joke how much better of a cook Konata is because of that. It was established long before Kona-dad was even mentioned.

  12. Bah. I wish they’d actually do the Santa Monica song. The medley was really unsatisfying.

    And Kanata is so cute in this episode! I don’t really like the ghost idea (for one, I had to pause whenever two lines were on the screen to read), but the transition was great and the back story, too. Didn’t cry, though.

    And the best joke of the episode has to be the Full Metal Panic! one. I’m not a rabid fan, but I’d really like to see the next season out soon, hopefully after CLANNAD, if not Haruhi 2.

    @Kaioshin_Sama: People have different ways of expressing themselves, and giving practically everything 10’s is one of them. You’ll just have to leave those rabid fanboys alone and focus on getting your own thoughts out in a non-too-critical way that everyone can read and dis/agree on. By the way, once I finish LOTGH, I’m going to practically give it all 10’s (I’m not even half-way and I can already see it deserves all 10’s in every which way) (that is, if the episodes past 85 hold up because I read that something bad happens then…).

  13. @Pahxenon: Believe me I’ve tried, but around every corner is yet another Kyoani fanboy who won’t stop talking like they are the only competent company. It’s annoying as hell and extremely frustrating, talking about anime isn’t what it used to be. I wish I could go back to before 2006 when everything you didn’t here was “Kyoani this, Haruhi that, Best Studio Ever/Best Anime Of The Year”. You don’t hear that with any other anime studio out there, at least not to the degree we are getting with this one. I dare say it’s even worse than the days of Gainax/Evangelion. Even the vaunted Naruto fans are nothing in comparison. The chanting is deafening.

    Try visiting the Animesuki Forums for like 30 minutes and you’ll see exactly what I mean, what with people trying to disect how amazing the studio every 10 or so posts on the Lucky Star sub-forum. Go to another sub-forum and you get normal discussion for the most part, but sometimes it’ll bleed over into applicable sub-forums that cover a wide range of topics. There’s only so much one person can take without getting cynical and jaded as a long time fan of anime.

  14. //I dare say it’s even worse than the days of Gainax/Evangelion. Even the vaunted Naruto fans are nothing in comparison. The chanting is deafening.//

    Kyoani has earned its admiration, Gainax took like what 12 years to make anything close to the quality of Evangelion (Gurren Lagann)? Meanwhile every single series Kyoto Animation has worked on has turned out a hit, from Fumoffu to Lucky Star, all of them have turned out to be great.

  15. @Mikemil828: Well I prefered Full Metal Panic! to Fumoffu by a long shot, the first season has a much better blend of comedy,drama and action and was the one that started the anime adapatation, but then everybody just claims it sucks cause it happened to be Gonzo that did it and not the “Right” studio. You look at the way things are today and it’s like no other studio ever made a good anime that warranted just as much respect. Kyoto Animation might have earned peoples admiration through solid work, but what about other studios that have. You never see anybody praising Sunrise for Code Geass, or Comix Wave for Byousoku 5 Centimeter to the degree you see people praising Kyoto Animation constantly for almost every second of Lucky Star, like it’ll never be enough. Do people just not care, do they not feel they should even bother.

    I don’t get it, one great episode of Lucky Star and it’s like the whole anime world stops to bow before Kyoani, one great episode of anything else and it’s like who cares, maybe one or two people get excited and give kudos to the production team, the reactions are so visibly different and more intense based on whether it was Kyoto Animation that did the good work or not it’s unbelievable. It’s this type of skewed style of anime viewership and commentary since 2006 that I cannot understand. Anime isn’t just all about what Kyoto Animation is doing, I look around and I wish people would branch out more and try other things like I have. Before 2005 or so all I ever watched was Mecha and shows from the 80’s and 90’s, but eventually I decided to start looking at all the new series and modern inpretations of classic ones, and I don’t regret it for a second. If people would stop letting this one studio dominate their whole scene of anime watching I’m sure they could find new ways of enjoying and commenting on things too. It would certainly make for more interesting and varied conversations about anime on my end.

  16. “around every corner is yet another Kyoani fanboy who won’t stop talking like they are the only competent company. It’s annoying as hell and extremely frustrating”

    Don’t you think you’re a bit obsessed about every little comment others make? >_>

    It’s not like they’re going out of their way posting walls of text about how great Kyoani is on your blog for the sole purpose of annoying you into a mental institution or anything… this site IS pretty much for everyone and they have the right to post anything they want despite how idiotic you think it sounds…

    As for this episode, I think Soujiro lucked out because the childhood friend thing factored into their relationship. Any normal girl wouldn’t have given a “perverted lolicon otaku” like him a chance. That aside, I thought it was very touching when he said he was confident of the fact that he’s the man who loved her the most in this world.

  17. Hm.
    So you basically want to know why Kyoani is getting fanbase?
    Why do you care so much, really?

    >> If people would stop letting this one studio dominate their whole scene of anime watching I’m sure they could find new ways of enjoying and commenting on things too.

    Um, I’m sure they watch other anime that they enjoy and comment on. They just like Kyoani work the most. Why blame them for that?

    >> It would certainly make for more interesting and varied conversations about anime on my end.

    ?? Kyoani threads may dominate, but there are other threads too. Or make your own thread if you’re so inclined to make types of conversations that you enjoy so much?

    Lower the jealousy by the bit, maybe? That seems to be the only reason I can think of that makes you post those kind of comments…

  18. @Rembr:

    Look once you start experiencing things like this happening to you on a almost daily basis, then you will understand why I’m so irritated. If people can’t understand why having this happen is annoying then I don’t know what else to say. This is a prime example of the annoying things that happen to me whenever I come into contact with anything remotely related to Kyoto Animation. These are the type of fanboys I’m referring to, not the normal people that just like to enjoy Lucky Star. And they are multiplying, things like this weren’t even happening 3 months ago, now I see them daily. It almost feels like the studio has it’s own defense force.

    Hint: That picture was meant to be a joking private message, that was it’s purpose and now it’s been made public and put on a twisted display and taken all out of context. Since it’s public now I might as well use it to try and let people see what I mean.

  19. @Rembr: Yes, I initiate a private contact and expected it to remain as such, like the 1000 or so other times I’ve done so.

    Unfortunately when dealing with a Lucky Star related piece of media on the forum you can never be sure what kind of knee-jerk or extreme reaction you’ll get in return. Same went for when I tried to talk about Kanon and Haruhi, I had one guy admittedly stalking my posts around the board trying to discredit me as I made comments that he didn’t necessarily agree with (he was very pro Kanon, I wasn’t as Pro-Kanon), now he works at a review site where he mentions in his profile that he wants to stab me to death. On the Haruhi board, I had no idea what I was getting into when I came in, didn’t know what it was, didn’t know what Kyoto Animation was. I was called a troll and flamed constantly whenever I gave an episode anything less than a 9 and tried to review and discuss things as I normally would.

    All these boards have had one thing in common, they’ve all been Kyoto Animation produced anime. One bad/frustrating experience after another with things related to this studio and I’ve come to where I am now. Maybe I’ve just run across the wrong people over the past year or so, but it’s had a lasting impact that is going to take a while to subside.

    Let me share a quick story: All I ever wanted to do that first day I stumbled into the Haruhi forums on AS was to get involved, find out what the story was with this new fangled anime that I was sure I wanted to watch because it was so well received. I remember the first response I had to my first question, “We Have A New Recruit To Haruhiism”. I was dumb founded and started prying for a better answer to what the series was about and the rest was history. If only I had never done that, I probably wouldn’t be like this. However, a first impression is a lasting impression, and so far there hasn’t been any reason to change my outlook. One good thing did come out of it all and that is that I learned so much more about modern anime and the way things work in the industry then I ever would have otherwise. In some way’s it’s kind of been worth it, on a good day.

  20. //You never see anybody praising Sunrise for Code Geass, or Comix Wave for Byousoku 5 Centimeter to the degree you see people praising Kyoto Animation constantly for almost every second of Lucky Star, like it’ll never be enough.//

    I saw quite a lot of praise for Code Geass, being a good alternative to the gundam shows, you just choose to ignore it, in favor of languishing over KyoAni and people that like it. As for Byousoku, there is only so much praise you can heap on a single movie, it’s hard to praise Byousoku the same amount as lucky star as there is so fewer seconds in a movie compared to a full tv series.

    Personally IMO Seto no Hanayome is the better comedy, but you can relate to the characters of Lucky Star more than you can with SnH (After all, most folk don’t really know what it’s like to be betrothed to the daughter of a Merfolk Crimeboss) which adds to people’s attachment to Lucky Star.

    You really need to stop letting trivial things get to you (like the amount of people who like KyoAni’s stuff, who the f*** cares?) or else it’ll drive you insane.

  21. So your antiposts are sort of like your childhood horror manifesting itself? That kind of makes sense I guess.

    Some fanboys are pretty rabid for sure, especially for shows like Haruhi and Lucky Star since those show conveys those kind of ‘my way or the highway’ feelings through Haruhi and Konata’s characters.

    Still. Despite how those fans react, I really don’t see how comments like ‘Omg they went to Kyoto?! Blasphemy!’ is much of an improvement over the rabidity (lawl) of some fans’ comments.

    Because I try to get some sort of fair discussion going sometimes, but the gross hyperbolics in a lot of your posts makes me doubt your seriousness, sometimes even sanity. It’s like you’re just like those rabid fans, except you’re fueled by hate.

    That’s fine by me though, since those hyperboles are actually pretty entertaining. But if you want a real discussion with the non-rabid fans, I recommend toning them down a bit.

  22. >> I saw quite a lot of praise for Code Geass, being a good alternative to the gundam shows > You really need to stop letting trivial things get to you (like the amount of people who like KyoAni’s stuff, who the f*** cares?) or else it’ll drive you insane.

  23. My reply didn’t go as I wanted, I need to repost it.

    “I saw quite a lot of praise for Code Geass, being a good alternative to the gundam shows.”

    Likewise, that’s why I ended up to be very very sceptical about its praise, especially at the light of many “cheap” or “forced” plot twists that fans tried to pass them off as “masterful” storytelling. But Crusader from “THAT anime blog” put my qualms over this anime way better than I could.

    “You really need to stop letting trivial things get to you (like the amount of people who like KyoAni’s stuff, who the f*** cares?) or else it’ll drive you insane.”

    Wholeheartly agree.

    I personally stopped letting Eva and Gainax fanboys annoying me when I decided to just ignore them.

  24. Kanata’s scene was amazing, and would’ve been strong enough to be used in the final episode. The art, music, composition, everything was great. Plus it was really touching. Wonder how to remaining episodes will turn out.

  25. Watching it again, I noticed a few moments where Aya-chan really showed her skill. In particular, that little moment where Kona-dad asks Konata if she feels lonely without a mother. Konata says she’s fine because of her dad and Yutaka, but there’s a very subtle wistful character in her voice when she says it.

  26. Hey peolple… did you see the subbed version yet? There’s a hint or a tease from KyoAni. When Konata and Kagami were talkign about visual novles being made anime; they talked about one that already has three season and the four was on its way. Could it be Full Metal Panic? After Haruhi of course… July 2008

    Very touching episode…

    Syaoran Li
  27. @mikemil828, lolwat. He was saying that the STUDIOS get no praise, not the SERIES.

    Kaioshin_Sama, I agree with you. I am so sick and tired of KyoAni fans naming it the best studio ever. Okay, fine. They make some pretty good stuff. But can anyone HONESTLY tell me they knew what KyoAni was BEFORE Haruhi? KyoAni didn’t gain its fame from making good shows, it gained its fame from Haruhi. AIR was a good show, but you didn’t see ANYONE praising KyoAni for their work at that time.

    What people don’t seem to realize is that KyoAni is NOT the best. Yes, it’s a GOOD studio, but it’s not the BEST as people make it out to be. If fans even bother to look shit up, they’ll see KyoAni has only completed THREE shows. THREE. And I’m referring to full production, not partial involvement like with FMP.

    Also, I fucking hate it when people say KyoAni does the best animation. Animation is not pretty pictures and bloom abuse. The thing is, KyoAni’s animation is CONSISTENT. They manage to keep their characters looking the same every episode. That’s not amazing animation, it’s consistency. The only animated scene I’ve seen that was amazingly done was the concert in Haruhi, mainly because of how they animated the instruments being played.

    I swear, these days, if an anime isn’t pretty, people won’t pay attention to it. Pisses me the fuck off.

  28. Rembr, you referring to me? What the hell are you talking about? No where did I state LOL YOU GUYZ ARE RONG. If you’re talking about what I said about KyoAni not being the best– it would be the same with any other studio. If someone said GAINAX was the best, or if someone said SHAFT was the best, or if someone said Gonzo was the best, etc etc. It’s the SAME THING. The fact of the matter is that KyoAni fans don’t seem to know these other studios EXIST. They praise it without even looking at other equally decent studios.

    I have NOTHING against KyoAni, but the fans praising it like there’s no tomorrow is just ridiculous. If fans gave this same treatment to another studio, it would be the same. I’ve yet to meet anyone who equally praises studios for their work instead of paying attention to what only one studio pulls out.

  29. @Anon: Sometimes I get the sense they are afraid to see things another way. There’s a lot of fans who have probably gone past the point of no return back when the whole Haruhiism thing started. It’s kind of the same as with Trekkies, who devote there time to analyzing ever detail of how awesome Star Trek and it’s universe is.

    I think we’re in the age of studio fanboys, much like how there are console fanboys for video games who only go “Oh Nintendo is the best, Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius”, but ignore the work other prolific developers put out, or the people who say “Xbox360 is the best, Halo redefined the console FPS”, while ignoring what Goldeneye did for the N64, and just to be fair, “Sony is the best because their system has the most games and developers and they have the highest sales in the industry”, while ignoring Nintendo saving the market back in the 80’s and Microsoft getting the valuable casual gamer demographic interested in video games. It’s the same type of thing I’m seeing.

    @Rembr: Anon didn’t contest anyone elses view, he just presented his own. Your almost proving my theory that I proposed above.

  30. Anon, Kaioshin:

    [i]Their view is that Kyoani is the best.[/i] Whether they have seen other studios’ works are irrelevant. From what they have seen so far, Kyoani has given them the most confidence to declare that, to them, it is the best studio.

    Big bloody whoop. Why must you guys force your views about other studios onto them? Then that is no better than what they’re doing, which you guys so despise.

    Are you guys following me on that?

  31. >> I have NOTHING against KyoAni, but the fans praising it like there’s no tomorrow is just ridiculous.

    Oh, I guess you don’t remember the days when fanboys praised Gainax for everything they released, and jumping at everything they did because they ARE the studio that made Evangelion?

    I am old enough to remember that.

    >> Your almost proving my theory that I proposed above.

    Oh, believe me, studio fanboys existed way before that. They did not magically spawned with Kyoto Animation. The spread of broadband on internet, the fact that there are more anime communities, anonymous message/image boards like 2ch and 4chan, and blogs than there were before, all of that just made them more vocal.

    You are genius Kaoishin. You conveniently forget something like “casual fans”, those who just want to enjoy their shows w/o someone else to piss in their cake at every single opportunity.
    Or maybe you put them in the same bag as those zombies you speak of.

  32. When will people ever learn the phrase “to each his/her own”?

    If you have nothing good at all to say about the subject matter, don’t say it… and more importantly, don’t watch it. If you REALLY need to talk about the subject matter, don’t hit the fans. They love it. You hate it. Let it be.


    Love Lucky Star btw. This is by far the best episode.

  33. And by now for Kaioshin it’s less a comment about Lucky Star or that sense. It HAS to be an opposing view. Or a “better-than-thou” type thing.

    It’s almost as if someone’s using this blog to garner interest in his own.

    Man, you have a link to your blog on your name. If people want to hear stuff about how much KyoAni fanboys suck after watching an episode of Lucky Star that was great by anyone’s standards, they’d go looking for it. So go write it in YOUR blog, where we’ll go if we ever find ourselves enjoying an anime too much and need to have the experience soiled again and again.

    Oh, and by the way? Otaku’s LIKE all the KyoAni references. AND all the OTHER anime references (did you know, for instance, that Kanata actually quotes Nausicaa verbatim twice this episode?). It makes us feel like we belong, you know? Like all this knowledge about animations is actually of some use and not some petty pasttime/lifestyle.

    The thing is, you seem to be stuck in your own little world where the things you’ve experienced are all that is to experience. But there’s one little thing you’ve missed out: Animesuki forums are filled with otaku wannabe’s who don’t come NEAR A-boys. The KyoAni craze is justified, but the extent to which these “fanboys” you’re talking about is hardly reflected in the rest of the otaku world. So far, on the A-boy end, the only praise for KyoAni was “I’m so glad that KyoAni’s remaking Kanon”. Where…it about ended.

    And @Anon: Your rather crass opinion about “pretty” anime is, to be frank, ridiculous to a high degree. I could care less about how “pretty” an anime is when placed side by side with music, direction, cast members, and story quality. How pretty is Gurren Lagann? Let’s be honest here. And yet somehow it still manages to be great (and it’s a KID’S cartoon!).

    And “the best” is a title that’s fickle. In terms of style, etc., at the moment, KyoAni IS the best. I’m usually a die-hard Ghibli fan, but Ged just… Anyway, KyoAni IS the best. Right now. How that will change by next year, no one knows. KyoAni rose to fame in a year, it could fall out just as quickly.

  34. btw, VF-4 1st appeared in Flashback 2012, companion Video release to MACROSS ‘Do You Remember Love’ from 1985… nostalgia

    any studio that gives its all deserves our support. KyoAni has been hard at work for ages way b4 Haruhi or Air, even. their attention to detail compels me to want to watch Lucky Star, even as Haruhi season 2 is in the works …

  35. @ Kaioshin_Sama

    Fans just enjoy lucky star and other animations by KyoAni. Maybe the fans like it a lil TOO MUCH but who cares? It’s up to them rather they want to put KyoAni as #1 or #2 or whatever, if you think KyoAni is overrated or not good enough, THAT’S FINE. However, don’t judge what other fans are saying because you don’t agree with them. They could have watched animations from other companies, how would u know that? Seriously, do you really think that ALL the fans go online and post their thoughts on animesuki forum? There are so many fans out there, maybe there are millions of ppl who hate KyoAni…maybe? I really don’t care about you not liking KyoAni, stating it is fine, just don’t think everyone will see it your way….so yah let’s just enjoy lucky star =)

    @ Anon

    i like your first post where u talked about KyoAni being consistent. I just wanted to say that people still watch anime even if they aren’t pretty. I can’t say how many people still do, but not a lot of people would watch a pretty anime if it didn’t have a good plot. It’s true that people will continue watching it if the plot was just average, but how pretty an anime is doesn’t limit who watches it.

  36. >> I’m usually a die-hard Ghibli fan, but Ged just…

    I am an avid reader of Earthsea books, I liked them even more than LoTR. I am also a fan of Ghibli’s works.

    Sadly, as an Earthsea fan, Ghibli’s Ged was the most underwhelming cinematic adaptation of a written fantasy/sci-fi work ever. It even beat David Lynch’s Dune on the mediocrity scale.

    I do feel sorry for Leguin to have witnessed her work butchered twice. First by Sci-Fi channel, now Ghibli.

    On the topic of “pretty anime”, let’s say there are a difference between a pretty anime that have a “soul” and one that feels “soulless”. And I think people are intelligent enough to make the difference between the two categories.

  37. Anyone know the title of the BGM during Kanata’s scene (right after Soujiro answered Konata’s question about why her mother chooses him)? And in which album is that song?


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