Shiraishi Minoru ED

ED: 「もってけ!セーラーふく」 (Motteke! Serafuku) by 白石稔 (Shiraishi Minoru)

You knew this was coming… I’m saying that a lot these days, aren’t I? Taken me a while to warm up to the idea, but these Shiraishi ED renditions are pretty freakin funny. Seems like they told him to sing the song totally from memory, because he starts making up words / mumbling in some of more difficult sections. It gets fast forwarded near the end because there’s not enough time left in the episode >.>


Today in Lucky Star:

– Konata and Tsukasa get their test grades back – same result as usual.
– Konata gets annoyed at a news report about a criminal with a ton of manga – give some more love to the good manga, cmon!
– Sister talk – apparently Minami clung to Miyuki-oneesan quite a bit… so how come she can’t inherit her “size”?
– Konata’s 18th birthday – she’s happy, not because she can get a license now, but because she can legally play eroge
– Dad, Yutaka, Yui get together and prepare a surprise birthday party for Konata – the clock is ticking! At t=0, they get a call from Konata… she’s not coming home for dinner…
– A simple form passed out at school that asks for your 3 aspirations – everyone’s is pretty standard, but how about Konata? 1. Brigade leader; 2. Successor to the Fist of the South Star; 3. Storyboard artist.
– Konata takes the third magazine in the stack because it’s untainted by curious hands. Kagami makes a similar connection to kaiten sushi.
– Kagami buys a new light novel and offers it to Konata. Eew, reading.
– Kagami forgets her world history textbook, so borrows it from Konata… only to find that it’s been scribbled all over.
– Kagami’s bad day – all her books and papers fall on the ground, there’s nothing to drink in the fridge, the nearby store is closed so she has to walk further, and then at the register realizes that she’s forgotten her wallet…
– Tsukasa cheers Kagami up at home by offering her some freshly baked cake! Every bit of which shows up on the bathroom scale…
– Yutaka talks quieter on the phone as to not disturb Konata (it’s exams time), only to have Konata walk in and ask her to play video games with her.
– Kagami finds a handkerchief that she left in her summer uniform, while Tsukasa finds a container of &%*#(@ in the fridge.
– Yutaka tries to play Wii! Everything this girl does is so straightforwardly honest and cute…
– Yui-neesan misses her husband~
– Discussion of whether it’s better to be an only child or have siblings. Somehow leads to a corny 80s video of the Hiiragi 4 (reference to Cat’s Eye).
– Matsuri-neesan bagging on Kagami – family crisis! Shows the personalities of the four sisters and their relationship quite well. Nice colors and animation in this scene, and a happy resolution 🙂

– Lucky Channel 17 – guest star Anime Tenchou gets fired up and gives an impassioned pep talk. Shiraishi turns to Shiroishi (shiroi means white) and Akira gets yelled at to get FIRED UP AHHHHHH

– Preview is by Anime Tenchou and his passionately pale trainee, Shiroishi


  1. HaHaHaHa… The ending is so awesome, It places second in my book other than the hare hare yukai. That was indeed a joy to see, even though I can’t understand any of the conversations.

  2. Is it me or its “Kanon” … because if it is I have to say one thing: what is the point? what “talent” is need to make parodies after parodies when said parodies is nothing but a recreation of a scene?

  3. lol. Kagami is getting ahold of how to bully Konata. Konata only read comics and Suzumiya Haruhi original story is a novel. Kagami ironically points out something similar.

  4. Konata wanna be a “danchou”? What’s with the second option!? She’s really mixing the world of manga with the real world. Anyone care to translate the third option for me?

  5. “Konata wanna be a ‘danchou’? What’s with the second option!? She’s really mixing the world of manga with the real world. Anyone care to translate the third option for me?”

    The first one is obviously another reference to Haruhi. The second one, from what I’ve been able to piece together from kanji searches, Google, and Wikipedia, is a reference to Fist of the North Star. The third one has me stumped. The first four characters are in Katakana (ko so te ma) but that last one I don’t recognize. Konata’s got some crappy handwriting, which doesn’t help.

    Anybody who actually knows any Japanese want to take a crack at them?

  6. >>> – Discussion of whether it’s better to be an only child or have siblings. Somehow leads to a corny 80s video of the Hiiragi 4 (any idea if this is a reference to something?)

    Information source:

    This is in reference to famous manga/anime series, “Cat’s Eye”. There is 3 sisters in that one, thus the comment, ” there is one too many.”

  7. quigonkenny:
    i haven’t seen the episode yet so i can’t verify this, but it seems like the third one is actually “kon-te-man” in which apparently Conte is a French brand of crayons? i’m not 100% sure but it seems like a logical explanation. (oh btw the translations are in the main blog post)

  8. You know, just yesterday, when I finished watching episode 16, I was thinking myself what kind of references I`d like to see in upcoming episodes the most. I got quite a few (5), and Cat`s Eye one of them. And now I see this…

    OP & (more importantly) ED of Cat`s Eye:'s-Eye-OP's-Eye-ED


  9. @Jaalin: “why are ppl asking what the 3 things on the form are… its in the summary, 6th bullet point!!”
    You posted that part while I was composing my response to dward above. Looking up all that kanji takes a while when I obviously have little clue what I’m doing. ^_^

    That makes sense now, although those two characters I missed look nothing like ン (well, I guess the first one could be). That would make it コンテマン, which is apparently means “continuity man,” or storyboard artist, as jaalin more appropriately translated it. I thought Konata’s handwriting was bad, but jeez…

  10. mMh, my comment didn’t seem to show up. Anyways, the voice actor for Anime Tenchou is also the voice actor for Sagara Sousuke and Domon Kasshu from G Gundam, hence the hotbloodedness and intensity of Anime Tenchou.

  11. Velocity7: shiraishi’s kamen raider was great, and i really LMAO at the ending, but i don’t see how can they make a new great ED with shiaishi alone.
    I request main cast!

  12. Good to Build up Shiraishi, Well just getting a part on an anime, seiyuus cough up or cry tears of blood just to get a part.

    Well i don’t know if you heard about the sex harassment scandal on a seiyuu talent agency (ARTSVISION) which lead to the resignation of one of the higher ups there.

    Shiraishi= overnight sensation??

  13. In regards to Konata’s third career choice…nice try quigonkenny, it’s actually コンテマン (konteman).

    I don’t fully know the details since it’s not a word I’ve heard very much, but it refers to a type of artist who uses “conte” artist pencils. Possibly it refers to some kind of animator job, but I don’t know all the details. I’ll have to ask my Japanese friends to explain specifics later. n_n;

  14. haha, best part of Lucky Channel was when they threw up the sign and the end and Anime Tenchou is telling shiraishi that “he cant let himself loose to sugita…” lolXD

  15. i liked this episode, the 24 reference was genius, the anime manager guy cracks me up because he looks like someone out of gundam wings trying too hard, and for the option Konata chose, the kanji in the first one can also mean chief or leader, instead of brigade leader

    panda panic

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