Kenji and Nanami go on a date around town, looking at books, CDs, and even puppies. Nanami gathers some vegetables from the fields and the two cart them back to the restaurant. After dropping those off, they set off again to do some touring on the motorcycle. Nanami learns from Kenji the fun of flashing the peace symbol with her fingers at passing motorists. The motorcycle breaks down however, and strands the two at a local inn where they end up sharing a room. In order to break the awkwardness that develops as they sit together alone in their room, Kenji and Nanami go outside by the lakefront. There, they share the folk dance that they didn’t get to do back during the school trip. Afterwards, Nanami confesses, whispering a barely audible “suki”. Kenji hugs her, and Nanami closes her eyes like she’s ready for a kiss, but it never comes – he just hugs her again.

Yet again, a good part of this episode is relatively forgettable. It just shows how close Kenji and Nanami now are, especially after Hiromi left last episode. The final few minutes are the most important to the plot, as Nanami finally confesses and Kenji most likely heard her. I really thought that they should have kissed there, and Nanami was ready to, but for whatever reason Kenji didn’t take the opportunity.
Next week comes the typhoon that they started hinting at this episode. I guess all that’s left for their relationship is Kenji accepting her feelings/confessing back and/or a kiss. Two more episodes of Lamune to go…


  1. They actually have their first kiss during their first sexual intercourse. Like cyw1988 said, they both lose their virginity in the game during this arc, but obviously they didn’t show it ^_^;

  2. Judging by the preview, it doesn’t look like that certain event is going to happen.

    [spoiler]’the event’ being Kenji’s bike crash[/spoiler]

    Or maybe they just wanted to make it appear that way?


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