• It’s finals week for me. And since studying comes before blogging, entries will most likely be shorter or late. Regular blogging should resume on Thursday, when I’m done with my exams. This includes today’s episode of Angel Heart, which I’ll blog sometime later this week.
  • I was planning on watching/blogging the first episode of The Wings of Rean, which is directed by “Kill ’em All” Tomino Yoshiyuki. But since I’ve been rather busy, this is getting pushed back to when I get around to it (later this week or early next week).
  • Speaking of Bandai and Sunrise, the Gundam SEED Destiny special conclusion episode is airing December 25th late night from 25:50 to 26:45. That means it’s technically airing December 26th early early morning in Japan from 1:50AM to 2:45AM. And that translates to 11:50AM to 12:45PM EST (East Coast, USA) on Christmas Day. I look forward to seeing if they can salvage any dignity the series has left.
  • And finally, since I’m on break from school starting next week, expect a Winter 2006 schedule to go up sometime then. I haven’t fully researched what series look interesting, but I will definitely be covering Kashimashi and Fate/stay night.

    1. Actually, I’ld recommend the following animes in Winter:

      Shinigami no Ballad (6 episodes)
      Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (6 episodes)
      REC (9?)

      Yeah~ Nice and short. =P
      It’s still up to you to decided if you wanna watch and blog it.

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