Once again, everything has returned to normal. Rin and Asa are now a recognized couple, but that doesn’t stop Sia/Kikyou from continuing to pursue him. The other girls, however, have found their own things to do: Nerine has joined the school’s broadcasting group while Primula is learning to cook under Kaede, who is also helping Rin pack his things to move out. Rin eventually finds a cheap apartment to move into, where Asa kisses him before he even moves in. Finishing up packing back at home, Rin notices that the boat he’s been working on has been finished. Rin thanks Kaede for everything she’s done up until now, and Kaede starts to cry as she reminds Rin of all the things he has to do to take care of himself. As Rin comforts her, Primula, who’s doing the dishes downstairs, smiles.
Then it’s time for a party for Rin! Nerine and Sia bring their self-cooked food – omelet and cookies, respectively. Sia gets mad when her father starts acting rowdy and smacks him. Kikyou then starts to flirt with Rin, but Primula’s powers to pull her away. When Eustoma gets back up, Sia knocks him through the glass door and Primula freezes him over. The next day, when Asa is helping Rin move in, Mayumi, Itsuki, Sia, Nerine, and Primula (the latter two in maid costumes) come to help. Asa ends up at the cafe where Kareha works with Tsubomi (Kareha’s sister). Much to Asa’s surprise, Kareha admits that she likes Rin too, but tells Asa not to worry because the Shin world allows polygamy. At the end of the day, Rin and Asa are walking home together when Asa asks Rin to stop calling her Asa-sempai. He struggles, but manages to start calling her Asa-san. After the two arrive back at the apartment, Rin is about to kiss Asa, but she faints on him.

I heard so many background songs this episode that I haven’t heard in ages – pretty much all of the light-hearted ones including Nerine’s theme (which is one of my favorites). I really need an OST for this series… Anyway, this episode is a lot like what happened after the Primula/Nerine/Lycoris arc back in episode sixteen. Lots of fun and parties with plenty of AsaXRin thrown in; even the episode title screen and the eye-catches were back to the way they were from the first half of the series. All in all, I enjoyed this break episode, transitioning between two very serious and crazy-drama heavy arcs.
But of course the story’s not quite done just yet. Asa has fainted yet again at the end of this episode, so they still have to resolve the problem of her health. There’s no R-15 in the episode, but there was some in the preview. I assume that’s Ama shown, so next week is most likely going to be about Ama and Asa’s past.

Closing Thought: Primula in her neko-maid costume is incredibly cute. But like someone wondered last week, I have no idea how she wags that tail or her ears.


  1. Ep22 ended exactly like I thought it would. The calm before the storm episode.

    Ep23 preview – Ama-san finally takes her hat and everything else too.

    And what is nadesico sensei mad about?

  2. Ah, I knew they’d have to introduce Kareha’s sister at some point. Brings in the link to the PS2 game where she plays quite a big role.

    Pimula in Neko – Kawaii desu!

    But Ama in next episode… can’t wait for that.

    Jade Maehara
  3. Just finish watching the raw.

    Nice ep, long funny stuff, very relax.

    Mao King got one hell of a uniform fetish, he provide both Nernie’s maid uniforma nd Primula’s Neko uniform. Good to be King =D

    Shin King got the most abuse, first form Sia then from Primula. Poor guy ^^;;

    Primula seems a ot more relax in using her powers

    Sia1 and Sia2 seems to have a lot of fun switching. Wonder if anyone else caught there ares Sias?

    Ending is kind of what I expected with Asa collasping again, but done really well.

    Asa’s reaction to Kareha was just damn funny

    Only bad point was no Ama-san this ep, I guess they are saving it up for ep23.

    Preview for 23 has Ama-san showing her stuff so thats good. Ama-san is just so cute.

  4. What did you expect, paracelsius! Let’s hope the endstory is a lot less predictable.

    Although predictable, i cann’t wait untill it is subbed, seeing nerine and primula in maid costume’s.

    After seeing ep21, there was a brief hint (in the classroom) that there might be a tick tack animeserie, i will be so happy if that happens. More nerine and primula (and a lot less of asa or anyone else).

  5. Leave him be, he’s just pissed off because Kaede didn’t get picked.

    THis is suppose to be a fun episode which we haven’t had for awhile so it’s nice to take a break. Good to see Sia revert to her evil ways of chil…I mean parental abuse.

  6. …It’s “Let him stay” though…..

    However i agree with you searcher…the tick tack game was cool, although i’d prefer some ovas to a 2nd season…now I have only a doubt concerning ama-san:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. ….that’s a first I heard someone use that phrase….

    Regarding your spoiler…I don’t think so, Ama was vapourized (So nothing would be left behind to clone off of. Not to mention Nerine’s honesty, she would’ve mentioned it)

  8. The only people who know who Ama-sanis are the Kings and they met her yet in the entire series.

    That said I don’t think Ama-san is Primula is mother. While Ama-san is cerntainly old enough, she left the mao world beofre Primula was born/created. And Primula is not older then Asa.

  9. Maybe Ama sensed that Primula was another experiment due to the power she sensed.

    Just saw the episode…

    Is it just me or does Primula just get more and more loveable every episode?

    Sia’s twin sister popping in and out is a nice addition.

    And Sia’s abuse of her father just reaches new heights with blood pouring….

    It was a nice episode overall in terms of it’s position. Everything seemed so perfect. Nerine’s doing other things now and Sia’s just having fun with her twin sister. Primula is learning to be a better cook and is just adorable and shows off her powers, and Kaede is now doing other things with herself. Rin has moved into a new apartment and is on cloud nine with Asa (Her facial expression after Kareha’s statement was priceless). Just when things seem to go right for Rin once BAM! Episode 23.

  10. Yes! Go Mayumi-chan!! ^_^

    Now, as for episode 23, according to WOWOW:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Yea! more Primula! ^^ Cheers! to the best character in thte show 😀

    Though Asa & Rin -.- I wonder if anything suprizing will happen by the end, not that they are going to break apart but, some type of twist would be nice.

  12. Yea Primula is really cute.
    She’s probably my second favourite charactor now.

    Yes! I can’t wait for episode 23.
    Viva Ama-san!

    Hi to the anime suki forumers.
    Wish the forums could get back up soon. 🙁

  13. Only second fav Riker ^^ ~ well Rim-chan was quite cute this time.
    Well compared to ep.21, It was a fair bit better this time, But still there are plot holes, it looks to me :/

    hehe yea hope the forum are back soon ^^

    oh! Ama in the Preview O.O!

  14. “I have no idea how she wags that tail or her ears.”

    Considering she can freeze Eustoma at will, moving the ears and tail will be child’s play.

    @ evil-samurai:

    Ama will always be first. ^^
    p.s. I sent a pm to your minitokyo account.

  15. Anyone notice Rin is wearing full school uniform? I don’t think i’ve seen him in a full school uniform before… O.o Asa is kawaii. Can’t wait for the Ama-san next episode. ^_^;;

  16. ok guys i am here have no fear…. as i have said in previous coments you guy often hit the nail but miss the point sometimes.

    what we know – Rin loves Asa, he has moved out, and is planing to “get with her” (therefore no more Kaide) sorry people thats the way it looks.

    what we have assumed – Ama is the first “ärtificial Life”, causing Asa’s sickness.

    can’t think of much else if i do i will post it.

    joe blow
  17. Shuffle quiz for Asa-fans:

    How many time Rin refers Asa as “Asa-senpai” in this episode? I’m sure a true Asa-fan won’t need to look at the answer provided in the following spoiler,, XD

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Well, I did notice something. At the early part of the series, Primula’s expressions is almost emotionless, but did you notice (on row 3, right screencap) that her smile was even wider than her abbreviated smile back in Ep7?

    (Sorry, because I have only seen Episodes 1 to 11 before I have lost WOWOW.)

  19. Hmmm, soda
    At the beginning i thought Kaede will be Rin’s girlfriend, but now.
    A little time i also expect Sia, but then i saw that there are still many episodes left and was sure: Not Sia, xD
    Well, in the end, i finally got the game, a japanes friend of mine has it^^
    *waiting for the translation* wahh

  20. “p.s.
    Hi to the anime suki forumers.
    Wish the forums could get back up soon. 🙁 ”

    I feel the same mate.

    I watched the RAW a couple of hours after it came out, and I liked the episode. Primula as a nekomaid was just the cutest thing ever, if she weren’t a cartoon I would have hugged her to death (or close to).

    The series is going as predicted, there won’t be many suprises (if any), but I’m enjoying the ride whilst it lasts.

  21. If anyone hasn’t noticed on the Animesuki main page. They’ve gotten the forum server back, but database restoration is taking longer than expected.

    Oh, and since I can’t be arsed in waiting to post this on the forum, I had the strangest dream the other night about Shuffle!

    It involved Shuffle! being dubbed, only the animation was slightly different, and the story had to do with the toy cats that Primula owns wanting to take over the earth, with our heroines and Rin preventing them, even though they still looked after the cats (who I guess were kinda alove rather than toys). They also went around in a small car.


  22. Well, thank goodness Rin saved face in this episode towards the only woman that could have caused the relationship (short of Asa herself) to falter. Now it comes down to seeing whether Asa (and Rin) accepts her health issues. (unless, god forbid, the animators want to put a twist and have Asa die or have something happen that causes the relationship to not last).

  23. Wahhh, i hope Asa will live q.q
    Just watched the episode, Primula, merry me *-*
    I am curious if Asa will decide to become a demon. She doesn’t want it, but if not she will die and leave the person she loves. Looking forward to the next episode.

  24. I’d saw a preview of a next episode of this series. It seems like after Asa went to a hospital again, there’s a demon girl walking naked with blood on her head just like she was hit by a stone or something. Then she’d fell down into a grassy place. Is this could be that Asa was transformed from human to a demon?

  25. Sia is the most beautiful female character of this series (2nd is Kaede). Thanks to her lost twin sister, Kikyou, she’d became an indecent person whenever she’d faced to Rin. I wish she should be my girl. 🙂


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