Kazumi is having trouble sleeping because her mind is on Yuuji and Yukari/Shana, so she takes her dog for an early morning walk. She just so happens across the two of them, who are up admiring a view of the stars together after a training session. Meanwhile, Tiriel and Shudonai have a strategy meeting about the Cradle Garden, which Tiriel feels is invincible. During lunch, Ike, who had heard from Kazumi about what she had seen that morning, raises the subject with Yuuji, but Kazumi stops him and then runs off crying. Yuuji later guesses (correctly it seems) that Ike likes Kazumi. Meanwhile, Kazumi is crying to herself when Shana walks by. Kazumi calls Shana unfair, and accuses her of liking Yuuji. Kazumi then herself declares that she likes Yuuji and then effectively declares war over him. Under pressure, Shana almost admits that she likes Yuuji, but then a fuuzetsu envelopes them and freezes Kazumi. Even though Kazumi can’t hear her, Shana declares that she won’t lose.
But there are more urgent things at hand as Tiriel and Sorath have summoned the Cradle Garden in order to draw out the Nietono no Shana. Since it’s too dangerous for Yuuji to go, Shana enters the battle alone. After some introductions, Sorath and Shana lock swords. Shana loses that round, and then gets caught by the plant tentacles. Meanwhile, sneaking through the city, Yuuji is surprised when someone puts their hand on his shoulder. Back in the battle, Shana breaks free and seems to kill Sorath with a head on charge, but he turns out to be fine and grabs Shana’s leg as she tries to rush Tiriel. Searching for the root of their power, Shana flies up and spots the plant in another area. She gathers her power to strike it, but falls into Tiriel’s trap and gets captured.

Two exciting halves to this episode, the first culminating in a confrontation between Shana and Kazumi and the second comprised of the Shana vs. Sorath and Tiriel battle. They’re really packing a lot of plot into this episode, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Shana now has to fight a war on two fronts, one versus the Tomogara and the other versus Kazumi. As for Yuuji, the hand we see on his shoulder probably belongs to, based on the sleeve, Shudonai. What he’ll do with Yuuji, I dunno, but I doubt he’s hostile.
In her fight versus the siblings, Shana’s seriously outclassed by them and their (*laugh*) tentacle monster. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen blood in this series, but I do think this is the first time Shana bleeds like that. And now that the siblings have her, maybe Margery’s interference is needed to prevent them from getting her sword. From the preview it looks like she does indeed join the battle, but it also looks like Sorath gets his hands on the Nietono no Shana. We’ll see what happens, though not next week. Shana is taking a break next week, so episode 13 will air January 4th, 2006.


  1. Another great episode…but poor Shana, she’s getting killed out there

    Also, looks like we gotta wait tell Jan 4th for ep 13…….but at least Shana’s coming back around the time the Fate/Stay Night premiers (Jan 6th, I think) makes the wait even more worth it.

  2. “if only the eps came a little faster cuz i cant wait to see em :p ”

    Bleach doesn’t come out any faster….it just began airing sooner….and Bleach won’t be airing an episode for /two/ weeks….

  3. I love this anime
    I want to see next epi now….but must wait 2 week for it….i want to cry….TAT

    Shinji103 Did you read Shana’s novel?
    Could you spoil some for me? I want to know about relationship between Shana and Yuiji in novel @@;;
    and it’s already end or not?
    Thank you

  4. Nallu: The novels still haven’t ended yet. I’ve read up to volume 11. Somebody somewhere said that volume 12 was out, but I haven’t found any sites, American or Japanese, that are selling it.

    Novel spoiler for Shana and Yuji’s relationship as of Volume 11
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. oh man!!!! jan 4th Orz that is like ages away(though it is only a week)…. anyway.. i dunno but last week sorath and tyreal don’t look so bad but this week they really turn me off… the sight of them really make me feel like throwing up(just like what shana says when she sees them hugging and kissing)

  6. What’s the problem everyone’s having with Kazumi? Like Ike said, she’s an honest, caring good girl. As much as I’m rooting for Shana, Kazumi deserves to be recognized. When you declare a war over a guy on the most feared girl in the school, you know you are a big one.

  7. Gripping episode…Had me on the edge of my seats and they just end it with a small cliffhanger…Gah~ XP

    Anyway, seems like Shana finally actually admits her own feelings, though not to the person involved, but to a rival. She didn’t really think things through did she? =P I’m so looking forward to the rivalry between Shana and Kazumi fire up and Margery finally getting more action again. Gah…January 4th…

  8. wow… i just saw eo 12 and it just gettz better and better the cliff hanger is soo good and soo cruel at the same time. almost all of the episodes have been amazing except for ep 2 which i found was a little slow but itz just great now definitly one of the best anime iv ever seen (yea i like girlz wit long hair too…shana rockz)

  9. dam this episode was so good
    i luvvvv this anime but dam i have to wait another week to view the next episode
    thos two siblings are really disgusting me but dam there powerful
    the other thing i like abt this anime the the ending music the play when the episode finish
    its just leave u in suspense

  10. Hmmm… I thought that Shana said that she will prove that Sakai is just her friend or something…. then she said she wont lose. I never remember her saying anything about or something that is like confessing. Anyway this series is getting good!


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