Sitting alone, Suzuka remembers when she learned of Kazuki’s death. She had been so excited about his running that her sister accused even her of liking him. But then she got a call from Miyamoto telling her that Kazuki died in a traffic accident. After the memorial service, she went to pick up his stuff from the clubroom, but got emotional after seeing a message he wrote on the table about them aiming to be number one. She started crying after drawing a love-love-umbrella above their names, and lamented that because he died, she couldn’t answer his confession anymore.
Back in the present, Honoka finds Suzuka sitting on the steps outside her home and realizes that something must have happened with Yamato. Suzuka denies being involved with him, saying that they’re only friends, but Honoka knows better. She blames Suzuka attitude for being too wishy-washy. Suzuka counters by saying that Honoka doesn’t know what it’s like to have the person she likes die, to which Honoka replies that Suzuka doesn’t know what it’s like to have the person she likes to be taken from her. Suzuka runs away after Honoka tells her that Yamato will always wait for her. Soon after, Yamato arrives wondering where Suzuka went, and Honoka tells him to hurry towards the park.
Just as Suzuka is calming down and thinking that she’ll apologize to Yamato tomorrow, he shows up behind her. Wanting him to leave her alone for now, she runs away again, but slips and falls. She yells at him until he apologizes and says that he was worried about her. She tells him to stop, and says that if he’s nice to her any further, than she’d… She never finishes her sentence, but it’s clear that she wanted to say “like him”. When Suzuka says that she doesn’t want to go through this a second time, Yamato realizes that she’s still hung up over Kazuki. At wit’s end, Yamato pulls her in and kisses her. She’s shocked at first and eventually pushes him away. Several slaps later, she calls him the worst and leaves. Left alone, Yamato thinks that this is probably the end.

And we’re here, the climax of the series – the kiss (finally) between Yamato and Suzuka. Yamato realizes that if he doesn’t do something drastic, then their relationship won’t progress. Granted, he gets five slaps and feels pretty bad afterwards, but it’s definitely not over yet. Suzuka herself needs to get over losing Kazuki and move on to thinking about the present. She doesn’t want a repeat of last time, but I would think that she should have learned a lesson to be more honest with her feelings. As for Honoka, she tries to make it so that her relationship with Yamato didn’t end in vain with her conversation with Suzuka, and even tells Yamato where Suzuka went. She really deserves her own happiness (making me wish they had kept in the photo shoot stuff).
Next week is the final episode! Theoretically, the end of chapter 72 would be a great place to end the series, but that doesn’t seem like enough material for an entire episode. Hopefully they’ll do a good job with it regardless.


    [meanwhile on yamato kun´s apart]

    yamato kun:Suzuka I am….really starting to dislike you…
    Suzuka: T_T why you idiot…
    Yamato kun: I don´t know…i have this strange feeling that you….hate me or something??
    Suzuka: why you say so you dam ass >__

    Yamato kun: Do you thing i shine like honoka chan??
    Suzuka: T_T poor girl, but don´t worry in your place, i am going to fuck that bitch so much until she thinks my little finger is a DIDO from the size of your dick…>_

  3. Yamato kun: so the 3 of us can be together forever are SO nice to me!!
    Suzuka:Man I am going to kill this bastard like the one I´ve killed 3 years ago( I still remember pushing that sisi in front of a truck T_T )I think he´s name was kasuki, so persistent and many times i´ve told him i was gay….for the last time ” I LIKE PUSSY!!”

  4. watching this episode just reconfirms it for me: suzuka is a cold ice queen, yamato is an idiot, and honoka deserves all the happiness she can get. that yamato and suzuka will end up together is just one big joke.

  5. Well done! That was quite a powerful episode 🙂

    It’s clear that chapter 72 isn’t enough for a full ep, but they have to alter it anyway to make the ending go down a bit smoother. In fact, this will be the only REAL original episode in the entire run. Looking forward to how they plan to do it!

  6. No, no. It said that next week’s episode is airing 7 minutes later than usual, at 1:07AM instead of 1:00AM.
    Suzuka is one of the few series NOT taking next week off (I’ll make a post about it at the end of the week).

  7. Yeah. I like the episode. two things worth knowing slightly different from manga. In manga, they didnt kiss that long until a car pass by. Another, the scence of suzuka keep slapping yamato is funny, the manga only have one slap.

    Saw the episode, better than previous few episodes. Next week is the finale!!!

    fisherman horizon
  8. just to answer some of the Qs. Yes, the only time yamato kiss suzuka was when he found suzuka in the garden, ie episode 25. (even up to manga now)

    I’m not sure how the finale would be since the preview seem bit strange. If all according to the manga, then should perhaps end at chpt 72.

    preview show yamato asking her not to go to the grave. But it also show some track events???

    fisherman horizon
  9. Yamato needs to die.


    Well maybe not die, but be seriously injured somehow. Maybe a car could run into him, it IS raining. Then Suzuka could realise and learn from her mistake of not confessing when she had the chance.

  10. Damn… Yamato did a good job…
    Damn… Asahina is a cold hearted bitch…
    Damn… Honoka is hopeless…
    Damn… Miki got lost herself…

    Anyways asahina and yamato both get what they deserve…
    A wake up call(kiss) for Asahina and…
    Five good slaps for Yamato…I (one) love(two) you(three) so(four) much(five)…


  11. I have disliked this series from the episode where Yamato started beeing stupid..Oh wait, that was episode one. So i have disliked this series from the episode Yamato started beeing REALLY stupid, and that was the episode where he and Honoka broke up (17? 18?), but im still going to watch all the remaining episodes (1?), and laugh to Yamatos stupidity. I mean, who takes a short haired chick with a terrible attitude, when you have a long haired chick with really good attitude.

    If this anime would have continued the same way it went until like ep 18/19 os, it would have been great.
    This episode was just another boring ass “Yamato-does-something-stupid-and-Suzuka-tells-him-that-he-is-the-worst” -ep.

    Yamato, just give up alredy, so we can have a decend ending, instead of some “-fells-in-love-with–and-they-live-happily-ever-after” ending.

    God i hate animes with no fighting/touching relationships what so ever.

  12. LMAO We have breached the wall of the Ice Queen! I’ve been waiting since episode 6 (was that the one when Suzuka rejected him?) for this to happen. But I really messed up on underestimating Honoka’s character though. Although this anime is more about Suzuka, it looks like Honoka is a much stronger character than Suzuka and Yamato combined. My eyes are still twitching in disbelief. XD

    Rion Steiner

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