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Special OP: vestige by TM Revolution

Mostly stuff from the other OPs, with a scattering of new images – mainly the ones you see above.

In the aftermath of the war, ORB and PLANT made peace, and at the request of the council, Lacus returned to PLANT. Sometime later, Shinn, Lunamaria, Athrun, and Meyrin visit the memorial spot by the sea. They are joined by Kira and Lacus, and Shinn finally gets introduced to the pilot of Freedom Gundam. The two shake hands and agree to fight and defend together from now on, along with Athrun. In the final moments, we see Lacus entering the PLANT council room looking very important.

I didn’t summarize the first 36 or so minutes of the episode because it’s basically the extended version of the final episode, so although there is additional footage, the story is still the same. Some of the biggest additions I saw include one near the beginning with Athrun hugging Cagalli goodbye before going into space, and a scene between Gilbert and Rau Le Creuset where Gilbert says that man really likes to fight. It also looked to me like a lot of the added stuff was merely stock footage spliced in and mixed around.
As for the extended ending, it only sheds a little bit of light on what happened afterward. We all could have guessed that they made peace, and in addition to that, they showed us that Kira and Shinn finally get introduced to each and that Lacus seems to be returning to PLANT looking quite powerful, perhaps as the new chairwoman (that’s just speculation though). Oh, and it appears they don’t give CagalliXAthrun fans anything to work with, as Athrun walks away from the meeting with Meyrin and Cagalli seems pretty occupied with being the leader of ORB. They did give plenty of KiraXLacus screen-time though, from the OP shot to Lacus putting her head on Kira’s shoulder as they walk away.
Overall, I’m not horribly impressed by this episode, though it does give more closure than the final minutes of episode 50. But even though I’m a sucker for closure, this episode alone can’t redeem Gundam SEED Destiny as a whole. Ah, well…Here’s to hoping that the next Gundam series is better.


  1. Wow! This is nothing like i thought it was gonna be, at first i thought it was gonna be like “Char’s Countattack” but with Shinn and stuff.

    But whatever, if theres conclusion thats all good. So I’m guessing that Shinn gets some resolution, Lacus becomes the new Chairman (Chairwoman?) of PLANT/ZAFT, and Athrun gets Meyrin (I’m somewhat cool with that), and a new alliance between ORB and ZAFT has been formed.

    Thats what I call, alls well that ends well. I’m Somewhat miffed at why there was no use of the gundams (or just IJ)

  2. … only this then… but at least Op scene still fur AthCaga… too bad in the end they dun really show AthCaga again… other than that… i’m starting to think that GSD director loves pink more than blonde *smirk*
    AthCaga still live XD XD XD

  3. -die meyrin die!-

    Thank goodness Cags is hugging Athrun.

    And for Lacus.. yay! I always knew she was a powerful person, within PLANT or not. She definitely has alot of influence and very very situable to be the next chairperson of PLANT.

  4. OMG Kira and Lacus’ 2 shot look so sexual! O_O
    Then again, I have to wonder how many GSD openings didn’t have a naked figure showing up ^_^;

    I’d say it was considerably good, definitely improved GSD ending. Everyone is happy and Luna is alive, whom Shinn haters thought would die because she was told that he will protect her.

    Hmm, this KiraxShinn setup kinda sets up for the rumored Gundam Seed Eternity cast…I wonder if it’s actually true.

  5. Definitely better than episode 50 of the original TV airing. I liked that it did seem to ‘conclude’ that part of the story.

    When i first watched the original ep. 50, i was thinking that Shinn was crying because they ‘lost’, but now it seems like he was crying more because of what he became.

    Meyrin + Athrun looked cute together.

  6. I doubt Asuran and Meyrin are going together
    ditch the thought please.
    Cagalli merely happened not to be present there…
    and thus Asuran walks away with Meyrin…
    Its so much less significant than AsuCaga’s hug!
    AsuCaga rawks!!!

  7. well it is true that the Thrid Gundam Seed is in the works and we dont know if it will be called Eternity, however though i Hope it will not be Fukuda directing and ripping ZZ Gundam now since hes known as the Gundam Series Ripper cant even come up with his own idea, lets pray we get some more info on the thrtid as 2006 starts

  8. I really want to see this, but my hopes aren’t too high. My feelings on Destiny are pretty neutral; I enjoyed it unti about episode 30, where it began to feel stale and badly-paced.

    I’m happy that Shinn seems to finally have grown somewhat as a character, though.

  9. Oh…I think I’m going to be sick…This doesn’t even come close to redeeming the original crap.
    You know, when you stab someone in the thigh, and then twist the knife inside the wound, so it won’t close as easily?
    The last ten Eps of GSD was that stab. This is just twisting the knife inside the wound…

    It is official, I have become disgusted with the Cosmic Era…Give me UC over this any day.
    It is also official – Fukuda has killed Gundam for me. If it weren’t for the unsurpassed classics, like 08thMS, Zeta, and F91, I would turn my back on Gundam.

    If Fukuda does a third Gundam series…Well, let’s just say I hope he doesn’t do a third series.

  10. “It is also official – Fukuda has killed Gundam for me. If it weren’t for the unsurpassed classics, like 08thMS, Zeta, and F91, I would turn my back on Gundam.”

    Was F91 THAT good? It wasn’t even a series to begin with…-_- Shame they never did any Crossbone anime.

    I just watched Final Plus and I thought it was great. I guess they just ran out of time for Phase 50, because for me, GSD’s ending has been upgraded to “Normal anime ending” from “Disgusting piece of crap”. It would have been nicer if they showed another drama between Mwu and Maryuu though 😛

    BTW does nayone know who Talius’ son is? She tells Kira to ask Ramias to see her son, but that line would be awkward if her son happens to be Rey, and considering that Rey was right in front of her…

  11. If only Fukada didn’t give into fan pressure, Shinn would’ve developed and the show would be more respectable in my eyes. There was no reasonable excuse as to why he lost his airtime.
    Oh well, you know what they say, you can never redeem a bad piece of work.

    Amuro Ray
  12. THey completely butchered shinns character. i expected him to at least punch kira or something. but noooo fukuda must protect his god from all harm.

    honestly this ending only made the series worse for me and shinns role even more pointless.

  13. I thought this ekstra wasen’t suppose to be out until febuary?
    And is it confirmed that there will be a third season? I wonder who the new enemy will be.If there is going to be a third season I hope that continue 20 years later or something. I really want to see who ended up with who.

  14. for the comment abt kira i say hes probably in the shadows as i don’t think he likes being a public figure so hes probably with lacus somewhere it seems unlikely after that much of a buildup for a realationship that it suddenly dies. I think he probably is known but isn’t allowed in the chamber as hes a civilian and not a councilmember. it seems only zaft and the council are allowed in there for security

  15. YES! Some Asumey action at the end!

    And that hug between Asuran and Cagalli took place timeline wise in episode 45 of GSD. So ya. Just thought I’d remind you guys there haven’t been ANY Asucaga action since then.

  16. O.o i havent seen this episode yet, but reading these comments and looking at the pics, cool! athrun and meyrin ends up togethers mwuahahaha ^.^! Hey u guys gotta admit they do look cute and good together, sory cagalli fans out there, i dont hate cagalli, i mean i do like her, but compared to her current situation and to meyrins, id go with meyrin for athrun ^v^ since shell always be there for him, unlike cagalli who is very busy always, which leads to their break up thats y, in the episode were they set off in space, cagalli doesnt wear the ring anymore and tells meyrin to take care of athrun. So athrun and meyrin as a couple is pretty cool, far off from compared to the other girls -_- lunamaria and meer, theyre just for making all of us confuse and adds up to the tension, also they were annoying with athrun, meyrin was the only important one there for him. So im glad they end up together :)!

  17. Wow, nice! Meyrin x Athrun, thats a cool couple, cagalli and athrun too, but it was understandable since she is always busy, which cant be blamed by her responsibilities, so go Meyrin and Athrun!

    PS. They do look cute walking together, although i truly hoped that Meyrin shouldve just let her hair down, aww she really looked a lot beautiful when her hair was down, i mean i like her ponytails, but her hair let down was really cool, she looked like a different person, like a red headed lacus ^.^, well shorter hair that is.

    MeyrinxAthrun Fan
  18. Yay, athrun and meyrin! I admit they are a very cute couple, sory to cagalli fans out there, i do like cagalli, but yes some pplz are right that she is spending her time and her life on her role as a leader of orb, rather than her heart. So that is y i root for meyrin becuase she follows her heart, she does love athrun deeply, and i know athrun cares for her very much as well. Im happy they end up together ^-^.

    Meyrin Hawke Zala
  19. Merry after-X’mas ye all,

    too bad the author of this site thot the 1st 35 min of the episode not worth mention .

    FINAL PLUS is just that – this is in fact the Director’s cut of Final Phase , plus a short after-episode
    those guys not into film making prolly think every episode or scene is written , agreed on and made just as we see it , well the truth is , it isn’t . like what happened to STAR W*RS & L*TR , the director has had a hard time deciding what stays in the 25 min evening dinner cartoon time slot Anime and what doesn’t … we can only guess at the amount of discarded material at the end of it all .

    SEED Destiny has already broken the traditional 50 episode Curse with this X’mas special , complete with scenes where the entire screen seems filled with X’mas lighting
    the final scenes with Cagari and Lacus , seem to be an indication of the Anime industy’s sentiments toward having a female as their souvereign , seemingly a total disregard to traditionalist views ~
    i didn’t expect them to throw this card , but it became obvious the moment i saw Lacus proceeding into the Council chamber
    * Japan’s last ruling Empress abdicated in 1771 , 6 years b4 the US gained independence frm Britain

    okay , i said too much ^^

  20. – addendum –

    heehee , MyHumbleOpinions on Asuran – Cagari – Meyrin …

    Cagari can no longer roam the Earth like she used to so freely do … but Meyrin still can
    so it really is not surprising to see her with Asuran . she did agree to take care of Asuran , at Cagari’s behest ( In Eastern societies , Japan incl. sometimes ” take care ” goes beyond basic servitude or pure accompaniment … , tho Cagari prolly din mean it that way )

    Asuran has had ’em all … haha ~ Lacus , Cagari , Lunamaria , Meer , Meyrin ~

    i’m glad the feeling is mutual between Shin and Luna …

    frm what i know of past Gundam series, they are prolly gonna challenge conventional thinking again .

  21. KIRA = clean the mess from stupid caracters
    ASURAN = Crying baby that doesn´t know how to clean he´s own shit
    SHIN = SHIt the worst caracter ever an anime has had!I mean look at the facts I think he has kept his sister arm until today as a memento!^_^
    OH MY GOD this anime really sucks BAD

  22. if you wanna keep a series just to sell new toys( gundams) for the kids ok…BUT..destroy a likeble series like SEED and make it´s DESTiNY SUCKS TO HELL you are a very fu…ing BAD writter…that´s my point

  23. Well, that hug in the first screenshot following the Op looked almost like a ‘goodbye’ hug, more than anything – but whether it was ‘goodbye forever, the relationship is over, we’ve got some good memories’ or ‘goodbye for now’ is up in the air. I’m not sure if there’s anything romantic going on with Athrun and Meyrin, but they did save one another’s lives, so at least they’ve got to be at least a LITTLE close by now. But, to be honest, I was kinda expecting Shinn and Kira to be pulling knives on each other at the end, rather than having Shinn – rather calmly, no less – shaking hands with Kira. At least with Athrun and Kira in the first series, they had a friendship to go with… while here, Shinn pretty much hated Kira for the Orb attack which killed his family as well as his killing of Stellar, along with the repeated beatdowns he applied after getting Strike Freedom. This just doesn’t seem very ‘realistic’, at least given Shinn’s character development (or rather, his lack of it) over the course of the series. At least he started weeping there, which is somewhat in character for him – he makes Kira from the first series look stoic in comparison.

    Lacus is probably the most stable candidate for Chairwoman, if she’s become that, that ZAFT has had in the past ten years. 😀 Still, this doesn’t redeem the series for me, and that picture of a naked Kira’s got me wanting to claw my eyes out even if Lacus is similarly undressed.

  24. wow if lacus became the new chairperson
    peace there will be for orb and plant
    just hope earth alliance don’t come and mess up

    PS i tink earth alliance are the cause for gs and gsd war if u watch carefully
    they star by giving a nuclear bomb
    then steal zaft ms

    first love
  25. -_-; Worst gundam ending ever. The only good thing I ever saw was the KiraxLacus scenes… and of course, Shinn *finally* growing up. About darn time too… >.> though it really beats me why they just had to do it at the very end. –;

    w00t. No AsuCaga. *growl* Anyway, not much of a surprise there, since they literally flushed that idea down the drain when the writers said those two never were a couple… (big fat LIERS! and yes, it’s a deliberate tpyo.) >.

  26. i dun think there is any hope in meyrin n athrun!to wat i think meyrin beside athrun is becos cagali asked meyrin to look after athrun tat all!after i find athun n cagali is the only rite pair which should not be broken up!as it sure tat athrun still love cagali if not why do athrun hug cagali n not hug meyrin.asucaga!!!!=p

  27. I wanna cry too like shin , but not because I am a F.. loser , but because I´ve watched all this SHIT!
    And this proves me that the only and the best main caracter of gundam is KIRA.but not because he is good, or a super coordinator , or a nice guy, or wants to save the world….but….because after he make any actions ….he ” THINKS ” and this is the true form of an adult( and don´t worry I know they are not real T_T)

  28. BUY now the new ” NAKIMUSHI PIERRO GUNDAM DESTINY SHINN ” and look at the face of the gundam —–> (; _ 😉 together with it´s battle conrade ” I DON´T KNOW WHAT TO DO PERA PERA NIHONGO GUNDAM DESTINY ASURAN ” with it´s new face that changes just pushing a button -> ( O_O )->(@_@ )!

  29. I really didn’t like Destiny until about 2/3 of the way through, but the series let me down again in the third act. Doesn’t look like Ep 50 v2.0 will change my opinion of the series.

    I think Athrun and Meyrin will end up more as best friends – or a brother/sister type of relationship – than lovers. I don’t think either the director or writers have enough creativity or balls to have Athrun switch lovers, especially when they have spent the better part of two series building up the AthCaga relationship.

  30. the begining was nice …I mean…A LOT OF FAN SERVICE…but then they tryied to think on a new plot on how to make asuran a loser that doesn´t think, a new comer( SHINN ) with the worst cliche story and no brain and how to make kira fight and kill others again….and they have succeded!!The best fan service with the worst story ever created ^_^

  31. the only reason i watch gundam seed destiny and still am is because of lacus =] .. without her.. i’m out lOL o well .. if they plan to make a new series.. mabye they shouldn’t have a main character with so many problems.. ex = shinn.. O.o and should i say anger is one of his major ones, athrun = .. i’m disappointed in him.. kira = way to strong for the series.. even if he has a whole series behind him. still… anyways lacus is keeping this series up for me lol

  32. In that picture of Cagalli and Athrun hugging the ring not showing is it on the other hand oh man this sucks i wanted to see what happened with athrun and cagalli.. id want athrun and meryin together that doesnt seem right!

  33. Hmm certainly looks a lot better than the original tv series ending ep 50, but still havent redeem the whole series, to be honest i wanted Shin to die >:-| he is the most annoying character ever in the whole dam series, even in the whole gundam animes!!! He shouldve been the villain, and we would be all glad wen he dies. The good parts however is that it shows how the result it, Lacus taking comand, still despite that she and kira are still together, unlike Cagalli who took command and became leader, ending their relationship with athrun, seeing as that was their goodbye hug. So now its Meyrin and Athrun, the idea is kinda new, but come on pplz, give these couple a chance, meyrin is always there for athrun, and she had always have a crush and love for athrun. Athrun cares for meyrin a lot more than he cares for cagalli it seems, maybe not at the early episodes, but ever since cagalli goes deciding to break up and marying some guy (ewww Yuna Sayren- glad he died, he was the second annoying char after Shinn) , athrun of course (in reality any guy) would start thinking less of cagalli, and when the kind CIC,Meyrin, helped him escape, risking her life in the process, i truly think athrun will fall for her, esp since he was injured, she was all he asked about, he didnt even ask about Cagalli, not until she was mentioned by kira, and she came to talk to him. Was obvious that cagalli knows how athrun cares about meyrin as well, seeing as she told meyrin to take care of athrun from now on, besides i think Meyrin and athrun is a lot better couple than cagalli and him, no offence to her fans out there, but cagalli seems to be superior to athrun, like shes the one in control, but with meyrin who stands by and support athrun, its a more likable or suitable couple ^.^. besides they look good together, this was one of the surprises of the episode, pretty cool surprise for me, i was ok with meyrin anways, glad they become a couple.

  34. I think Athrun and Cagalli thing was still on. But Athrun and Meyrin, I don’t really think so. She looked too childish with the serious athrun. And woohoo!!! Cagalli, representative of Orb. Then Lacus, The New Chairwoman [no proof yet but we can still say that] This says that women rocks in Gundam Seed!!!! And about Athrun not being there when Cagalli was in Orb, well, Kira wasn’t there when Lacus is in Plant or Zaft. So not being there means nothing. And I love it when Shinn met the pilot of Freedom and when they shake hands!!!! My two dudes are on a peace!!!

    Lil Kitty Crazie
  35. wahhh… nice op… then er.. ending to the series, they will work together to protect that is good cos they wont be fighting each other again. i really hope all the lovers get to be together in seed 3 and give meyrin a good guy to love.. look forward to the next series

  36. Just saw a fansub of this. I thought it was less painful to watch comparing to the original ep 50 and a much better and satisfying ending.

    The handshake between Kira and Shinn was great. The one thing I would rather have was Kira shaking Shinn’s hand with only a simple “hajimemashite” and have the ep end there as opposed to a short dialogue.


  37. I don’t see Lacus as a chairperson or chairwoman, did u guys saw cagalli shakehand wif someone wif zaft council member ? I think that girl is probably the chairwoman, and lacus maybe just like his dad, the head of the so called perliament. This is what my speculation.

  38. I don’t see Lacus as a chairperson or chairwoman, did u guys saw cagalli shakehand wif someone wif zaft council member uniform ? I think that girl is probably the chairwoman, and lacus maybe just like his dad, the head of the so called perliament. This is what my speculation.

  39. The purple uniform indicates she’s a chairwoman. Although I don’t know what the hell Durandal was wearing, maybe he was more of a dictator or something.

    It’s really too bad she’s not wearing that kinky Eternal uniform anymore XD

  40. Holy crap that sucked!! Final Plus concluded very little.

    GSD started really well, but died at about episode 40. The last ten were horrible. The Final Plus was like being forced to watch the last episode over again, and then it showed what we already figured happened anyway. What the heck happened with Athrun and Cagalli?? Will someone EVER kill Meyrin? Does Lacus ever wear pants? Why can’t Kira, Athrun, or Mwu die? Is that against some divine law? I was very, very disappointed. Better luck with the next series (where they need to focus more on character/story development than battle and flashbacks).

    I refuse to believe that Athrun and Cagalli broke up.

  41. wow they edited ending! eps 50 asthran wasn’t with kira at the end with councilor but in final plus they just added him in there wtf? lol must wanted to show his char development

  42. haha yeah. I was like “wtf!?” how did athrun get there o_0? as far as i can remember, only kira was there hahaha. and i thought my memory got mixed up. thanks for confirming XD.

    For me, it’s just an average ending. not good, not bad. About gundam seed 3, i hope that it’ll be good…

    And one more thing, more lacus x kira moments!!! hahaha. Crap. I wish the lacus x kira ending scene where lacus placed her head on kira’s shoulder had no text scrolling upwards. I want that pic! Too bad because of the text, i can’t use it T_T

  43. AsuCaga forever!!! I’ll admit that this was way better than ep 50, but the epilogue is WEAK!! I wanna know what happened between Athrun and Cagalli. Athrun and Meyrin is not likely…seeing how she’s under age…I believe that Cagalli took off Athrun’s ring because she had to concentrate on more important matters at hand (ie. Orb’s ideals, world/universal peace). But i dunno, they just hugged and stuff. I was thinking that Athrun still had feelings for Lacus…remember when she was in trouble out in space?? Meh, oh well, I’m hoping that Athrun and Cagalli will be together. To me, Meyrin is like a good friend or little sister to Athrun.
    ***note, that in all the op/ed of GS/GSD Athrun and Cagalli are always reaching!!! Never holding or touching…hmm….i hope they hook up.

  44. i hope that asucagas relationship will be stronger in the 3rd series of gundam seed there just made for each other and have alot of love for each other athuran is for cagalli and cagalli for athuran in my opinion asucaga forever XXXXXXXXXXXXX there just meant to be 🙂 😉

  45. I’m actually happy with the ending, personally. As some people recently said, the hug between Athrun and Cagalli at the beginning would have taken place in ep 45. In the episode, Cagalli finished her speech and walked out, with Kira apparently inquiring as to why Athrun didn’t go talk with her; this Final Plus hugging addition is likely an alternate ending to the speech, which means Cagalli did indeed ask Meyrin to look after Athrun afterwards. Going by Episode 45, in which the hug took place, the ring was not hidden from view either; she wasn’t wearing it period.

    I have absolutely nothing against AthCaga; I think they’re a nice couple, but I believe Meyrin is better suited.

    When it comes to Shinn, I think the ending was perfect. His entire family was killed, and all he had to turn to was ZAFT. He was accepted within ZAFT, and ZAFT became his new family. Just like every other single soldier within ZAFT, he believed ZAFT was right. As far as his endings go, he realised his mistakes, as well as the fact that everything Athrun told him was true. Kira’s role in Shinns final development was crucial too. Kira didn’t want to kill, and Shinn knew it, yet Shinn still tried to kill Kira. Despite this, Kira offered his hand to Shinn in friendship; if you experienced life like Shinn, I doubt any of you’d act any different.

    A third series isn’t set in stone yet, but I hope it does come through. People can shout and scream, and complain about how GSD has killed Gundam, as well as how they’ll never watch a third series, but I’d guess at least 50% of all who do will end up watching the third series with the rest of us.

  46. Is anyone else completely disappointed with GSD? I mean, come on! I hate Kira’s guts! I was rooting for Shinn the whole time!

    The whole reason there was another war, and Gilbert was allowed to get so far, is the DIRECT RESULT of Kira, the Archangel, and all those misguided do-gooders dragging out the war into a stalemate! Wasn’t the First World War proof enough that dragging out a conflict without a decisive victory, but rather, a worthless, unsatisfying armistice just throwing more fuel on the fire?

    I was up to supporting ZAFT up to the point that the Destiny Plan was revealed.

    Also, why in God’s name did they keep making Shinn into some kind of manic depressive crybaby? Wouldn’t you hate the nation that is responsible for not confronting the enemy, and allowing a conflict that killed your family and friends to take place? ZAFT was the perfect opportunity for Shinn to take revenge. There’s no way in hell if he joined the Orb military they would ever do anything more than a bunch of impotent posturing. ZAFT, on the other hand, had bite to go along with it’s bark.

    One last complaint: What is it with the Japanese and their need to show overly-endowed naked chicks? While I am a fairly healthy male with a decent sex drive, throwing a bunch of women on the screen without clothes which does not enhance the plot, nor match their character, does NOT do anything for me! And I also don’t like seeing Kira’s scrawny Coordinator ass, or any of the men, for that matter, grinding against the female protagonists.

  47. I heard that they are going to make the next Gundam seed series this year,but I’m not sure.Is Lacus really with Kira?I hope she didn’t go to PLANT without him or I would be very disappointed and I look forward to the next series if it does come out.I also heard that some people did see the third series in Japan and someone said that Kira finally kissed Lacus!I don’t know if it’s true,but we’ll all have to wait.

  48. u dammm!people,why u do want 2 distroy the relationship b-ween cagalli and athrun,and please why they didn’t make kira and lacus married like this their story will end and have a next generation of gundam seed kids and make all new characteres 4 a brand new gundamdestiny series instead of bringing back so many people what is it????? a soap opera 4 god sake b more creatif.The ending suck 4 ep#50 i expected some weddings and move on.U all right about it guys the ending at least we do have the same opinion by being fans.Shinn has 2 be a better growning up character 4 the next 1 or i want him died.Dammmm,u people if u guys ever kill the main character i comdamed u alllllll.From the 1st gundam seed of course the hero is Kira that why they have 2 bringing back 4 destiny but please move on 4 the 3rd on.Let them have a life and get new heros like this it won’t b boring.And make Shinn a better character or find someone else 2 b a hero.Very desapointed it about the conclusion even i didn’t see it yet but from those images and comment from us the fans it seems pretty doll and suck>Always b fan and always Kira and Lacus 2gether 4 ever.

  49. If it’s a short episode ending what’s the point 4 me buying it,i know i’m a fan but come on now a little longer,they r lucky that i didn’t see it yet or i’ll b more mad as hell and u b hearing from soon enough after all those comments from the fans about the extended ending after ep#50 sounded very pretty disapointed but i’ll b wacthing when i’ll get it here.Because where i’m right they r still showing freaking repeat of Gundam Seed still on TV.But i got 2 see Destiny by buying it at the Asian Mall,i need 2 go back 2 get the special ending then u’ll b hearing from me it’s a pain 2 read english subtitle but have no choice,can’t find english version here and i don’t like 2 recored it on TV no patience with commercial.Please,if ever those producer of the show reading our e-mail they better make some dam chances with some of the stories lines and characters.But better not touch my favorites characters or they’ll b hate e-mails everydays.Kira and Lacus 2ether and 4ever.

  50. Forgot 2 mention.All the Gundam movies that i’ve wacthed women rocks from Gundam Wings 2 GundamSeed and Distiny,the women r showing power by being in charge of a country why not make them the next Queen of England or something.It’s nice 2 see the guys Heros 2 protects the girls and everything but they do know how 2 kick ass and protect themselves.Better not have changes on that 4 the next installment of the Gundam Seed series or it’ll b suck.GIRLS RULES AND ROCKS.But we r still in love with those handsomes men or boys even it’s an animee we know it’sn’t real.But they do make them good looking characters.That’s all 4 now talk2 u gus soon.Kira and Lacus 2gether 4ever.

  51. wonder how they make another gundam seed series if lacus is the chairwoman
    cos orb and zaft won’t fight
    unless earth alliance revive and start to fight again
    but with two alliances conbination will be quickly destoyed again
    un less they come out another alliance starting 2 fight them again
    then makes sense
    or cagalli place been stolen again
    if not lacus is not the chairwoman
    but for myself
    i hope 2 have another 1 series
    but hope it will be better
    at least more exciting and not like the same thing repeat and repeat again
    for lacus x kira scene ther will be more
    and hoping 2 know who athrun really end up with
    but another thing if they really startanother series
    there will be really alot charaters
    and don make things almost the same
    like gs and gsd main charater
    kira(gundam seed) and shinn
    both like to cry
    and rau and rey
    both are clones and like to say alot of things
    i hope the new series there will be a girl
    who is bad guy and
    eventually die without regrets of her doings
    so far all the charater are not really “bad”

    first love
  52. Damn I hate Lacus. I hope Kira isn’t all up in her big ass titties.

    Hey zip it! Learn some manners and watch your language! Gosh~can’t wait for the seed eternity.. Looking forward for the next sequal! Miss Lacus soooo much!

  53. by the way shut the hell up you boys jealous or what? that means the boys r jealous of Kira by getting a girl with big titties or it’s the girls who r jealous of Lacus because they have none.If it’s a hater of Lacus go 2 hell.With the blood things r ok but don’t forget the under ages fans they won’t b able 2 watch it.Can’t wait 2 b able 2 see the new series of Gundam Seed Eternity when complete i’ve 2 run the the Asian Mall 2 get it.So, 4 me it’ll b a long time but i’ll get feed back from the site.Hopefully those dam writer better have good stories lines.I’ve friends going overseas maybe i’ll b able 2 get a few things.But 4 god sake make gagalli little more femine like the day she were wearing a wedding dress,would like 2 see her a little bit wearring a skirt or a dress they r making her like a tom boy.IF is that why don’t make her 2 b a lesbian since she doesn’t want 2 b with athrun or reach out 2 him a bit wonder why he’s a player with a lot of lovers heisn’t getting anything from her compare 2 Kira & Lacus they r getting it on.Hope Shinn growns up and make some actions on his own terms don’t wnat 2 see him 2 b a cry baby again hopefully.Time 2 say good bye,KIRA and LACUS 4EVER 2GETHER.

  54. HELLO??? did you look at athrun’s face when he was with meyrin?? it was like -_- besides, meyrin was walking BEHIND athrun, so he could have left first and then meyrin followed him….and it seems that luna and shinn were heading towards the same direction as them if you watch closely….maybe they parked their cars together or something…=)

    pea brain
  55. Meryin and Athrun… ummm what did happened to Cagalli??Will Meryin and Athrun be thogther, i mean cuz meryin is like always with Athrun even thou Meryin isnt a bad person i’d still like Cagalli to be with Athrun or Meryin will be athruns next girlfriend.Make Shinn a better person!!! Cuz man he isnt the best of guys if u know what i mean but still hes an good guy 1 of my fav chararters.I wonder when will they have weddings between Kira-Lacus Athrun-Cagalli or Athrun-Meryin Shinn-Luna and i think tat is all the couples.Any way Luna and Shinn or a preety good couple.I hope the new gundam seed comes out real soon just hope it dosent suck.Producers you have been warrned!!ANYWAY the guy who posted sayying “damn i hate Lacus and tat other crap” goto HELL jeez dont be soo jealous even thou im a guy lol.I wonder what will happen with Athrun and Cagalli will they be together or Athrun and Meryin will be thogther..EST time posted at 4:49 in Canada

  56. a bit late, didn’t want to write it, but god all those comments made me kind of angry

    Lacus is a horrible character, she allways tells everybody what’s good or bad for them (without solid proof, speculation, and what suits her little mind), if I were the director of that I would’ve had her killed, she was so anoying

    Same with Kira, he is nothing but a mere directors pet, which everybody feels he is the best, but he’s just a misserable little boy for me…

  57. ._.’

    Asucaga over????

    Athrun ends with Meyrin????


    Please answer meee T_T
    I’m a asucaga fan!


  58. yo waz up yall I think I liked the ending even though it was kinda a piece a crap Ahahahahahahaha! I’m gay!…….. Nah I’m just kidding about all that but a seriously the final plus was ok It would’ve been better if they added even more scenes and extended the battles further

  59. what’s up with the shot of murrue and mu or the background of that, actually. and i noticed there’s more naked stuff in this op than any of the others.

    I’m glad lacus has a new outfit though.

    Lunar Maria
  60. i finally watched the last final plus episode god couldn’t they do better than that it’s like a repeat of episode 50 but an extanded version and a few new scene.And what is with the battle scene we already saw that they made it longer.I’m very disapointed with the producer hopely the next 1 his better can’t wait 2 watch it when it comes out here.Who the hell that person nitko things he is or she? Did u think u can do better? Don’t u think what he had mention about Kira it’s most likely represent Shin instead that cry baby and Lacus at least she went on fighting in space on the last eposide what cagalli did seat behind a freak desk go 2 hell Nikto.I should b the dam writter i could made a better ending.
    Lacus& Kira 2gether 4ever. Cu later guys been a crazy working month 4 me.TALK 2 U LATER

  61. Forgot did u guys saw that gundam seed fortune? They said it’s a fake but it’s quite look pretty good don’t u think Athrun look good don’t u think but what’s up with the kids that little 2 much especially with the 3rd 1 in the belly. What is he a baby maker?Anyway good try who ever do that is very nice hopelly the producer will consider the option of making it maybe.I thought the next one it’s name Gundam seed eternity.Is it guys? Over here we r a little behind on things concerning anime cartoon.
    Lacus & Kira 2gether 4ever. C U.

  62. well seeing as im just finished reading everything you ppl wrote and have a bit of a headache… forgive me if i say anything offesive…..

    only thing i gotta say is 40-50 gsd sucked….. and well that seed eternity might actually be a good idea you never know it might actually be good……or not

    P.S. need some new gundam names…….. my god what happend to the originals..

  63. Hey! I think that in the last screenshot where Lacus is wearing*ahem* a dress, I am sure that she became a chairwoman of the PLANT council(what about Kira????). I think that in the whole GSD they are engaged(Kira & Lacus,but does not want anyone to know) and is know married in THAT lst screenshot.Show Spoiler ▼

    Also the 3rd screenshot of the opening, THAT lookec sooooooooo sexual(hmmmmmmmm do I sense Kira & Lacus having sex, but not shown?? Maybe…..) =)

  64. i think athrun doesn’t forget cagalli and he stil love her and with meyrin i think that he go with her in the last ep becose probably shinn,lunamari and meyrin are staying close to athrun and they probably sed to go becose they’ll go later and athrun was in her face so make that meyrin was behind athrun and so they go together.Cagalli probably wqait him home in her free day and she could not go with him becose she was tired

  65. the 3rd series Stargazer probably won’t have Kira and gang since it’s happening at the same timeframe.
    I thought The Final Plus ending was much better than eps50. It ended great if u were to watch Final Plus b4 eps50 😀 like I did.
    wish they’d continue with a five/ten years later version… but probably won’t happen since they announced that Stargazer was the last of the SEEDS.
    btw, doesn’t look probable that Athrun and Meyrin would get together since there were no romantic scenes between them at all. (walking together is not romance, it just means they’re headed the same way), she’s probably there coz luna was there.
    The Athrun-Cagali hookup however doesn’t look as solid as Kira-Lacus, so things could change if the producers deem it necessary.
    I just treated Shinn as just another supporting character, so didn’t really get pissed so much. To me this was just another Kira-Athrun series.

  66. Im soo happy to see sooo many Meyrin Haters heheheheh (evil laugh)
    well i don’t have anythin against her .. just one thing .. stop following Athrunn

    BTW Stargazer is an OVA not series of 3 episodes that are 15 mins each n it is a side story that has nothin to do with our main characters … so i dont think thats the third series because the storyline is based in the same time of GSD ending battle

  67. I hate Meyrin. no I absolutely loathe her. Meyrin stole Athrun from Cagalli so I officially hate her. Anyways Cagalli and Athrun r a way better couple and they r going to get back together.

  68. Athrun look so sad when Meyrin is following him

    I don’t really hate Meyrin as a character but I hate the idea some of her fans make them as a couple when it’s just one sided crush.

    What I hate is gundam seed destiny, the director should have just left the original gundam seed alone. It was a perfect ending, the evil guys Rau Le Creusset and Patrick dies, the most annoying character Fllay dies even some people start to have a change of mind about her. (well for me that is..i felt sorry for her in the end)

    That Final Plus was like 80% exactly the same as episode 50

    Poor story plot and character development

    the only reason i watched destiny was to see the old characters from gundam seed which they harldy show…

  69. U can load the episodes at YouTube.com by typing the name of the show (in this case Gundam Seed Destiny or Gundam Seed) and then the number of the episode.

  70. Well…….I hate Meyrin as much as Shinn so is the girl that use Kira as her killing tool( she from Gundam Seed, i don’t know how to spell her name and i don’t care as well).Cagalli and Athrun,Kira and Lacus is the best couple through out the series(both Gundam Seed/Destiny).I don’t think that Cagalli and Athrun ever break up just because of a some fight, that gose the same for Lacus going to PLANT that dosen’t mean that Kira and her are breaking up , i think everbody can tell by the pictures of them hugging each other, how Kira/Lacus and Athrun/Cagalli show that they love each other and that they not going to breaking up !Of couse people would wander about the silly picture of Meyrin and Athrun havig two children…….well i think that is just some stupid fan of those two who made up that stupid picture.I don’t use to hate Meyrin that much but now i can’t stand it how Meyrin fan keep saying that Athrun and Cagalli are breaking up because Athrun like Meyrin more and losse him love for Cagalli(if cagalli weren’t have to worry about ORB then the person that take care of him would be her not that stupid Meyrin)!

  71. i think that in the end cagalli and athrun are still together!!!!!!!!!!

    asucaga foever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    destined for eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asucaga is still together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I think the sameway…….but my favorite couple is Kira and Lacus, then Athrun and Cagalli! And of couse i want Shinn to be dead, just like his stupid girlfriend……=)

  73. ATHRUN & CAGALLI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    They so still care bout each other. The 1st pic in the ep shows that. Even though they r not shown together in the end (athrun and meyrin r, not happy bout that) they will be together again.

  74. hahaha so many meyrin haters!! im glad! jk! hehe! asucaga forever!!! im kinda upset that they didn’t have asucaga scenes.. but im sure asucagas love will bloom some more someday! hehe!^_^

  75. The thing that i hate about Meyrin most is how she look like the bitches Fllay…..red hair ewww, away try to be pretty but she is absolutely not! even a bigger EWWWW!Both Meyrin and Fllay are like that, their style is like the 1980 especially Flay. I away look at Lacus and Kira pictures and when i saw fllay i laugh a lot, is like looking at the queen then look at the poor people! cause Lacus cloth is away prettier than any other character in both gundam seed and destiny and fllay cloth is the ugly than any other people cloth!(even my cloth are way better that her and it’s anime which were suppost to look nice than really life).!

  76. I agree wit Sakuna

    I hate Meyrin as well as Fllay

    I hate Fllay even more

    Sorry for my inappropriate use of langauge but, Fllay is a bitch

    Meyrin is O.K compared to her

    But I still don’t like Meyrin

  77. I want Athrun and Cagalli to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have been on seed and everyone has seen their relationship blosson. Meyrin’s character started out only during destiny. So cheers to all the Athrun and Cagalli fans

  78. i realy hate meyrin.

    And lunamaria too.

    Do you really understand that lunamaria begin to love shinn after she know’s that probably he killed her sister.

    She is krazy!!!!!!!!!

    I know that shinn did that becose that was the order,but to love him after that … MAN she is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Well I’ve seen the whole series and i really think meyrin and athrun make a good couple it just. i also feel he does have feelings left for cagalli. if so why at the end do the hint meyrin ends up with him i mean don’t tell me him cagalli are just friends or he and meyrin are just friends cause that make no sense. and is way weird

  80. i don”t like the ending of the ralationship of cagalli and athron its look like hanging in the air! why they have to seParate each other? did athrun stop loving cagalli? i hated this final plus coz they did not give so much attention to cagalli and athrun!

    bitch mayrin! GO TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…..

  81. One fact that I wanted to watch the final episode was to clearly see what was going to happen to Athrun and Cagalli… and it took me too long to download that’s why I just HAD to search for something… but… oh-my-gosh! they’re not going to end up together? and Instead, Athrun ends up with Meyrin?! What about eternal love. Some kind of love… hah! T_T I feel so sad!!!

  82. i m happy to see shinn join kira group in the end…. wif shinn , kira n athrun together the world will be safe…..i oso hope to watch this “final plus”….. quite happy wif the ending after reading……hope to watch the next part of ” gundum seed “……

  83. I admit that I lost interest in the show because of the lack of interesting characters and storyline. It’s nice to know that Shinn was able to have some sort of closure in this episode though, since he’s supposed to be the star of the show. Before Athrun and Kira took over, that is. I also like the idea of female characters getting high positions in large political structures. It’s something that is to be seen in our current set-up. =) Final Plus may have tied up some loose ends in the series, but it’s not enough…though that statement is being horribly biased, since I support AsuCaga as well. 🙂

    I agree with nooneofconsequence’s opinion about the whole Athrun-Cagalli-Meyrin issue going on. It’d be crazy for the people behind GS and GSD to just throw away the relationship they’ve been building up between the two during the whole two shows in favor of one that emerged during GSD and is without half of the interaction that Athrun and Cagalli have had as a whole. I think Meyrin and Athrun could become close, but not to the point of becoming lovers or anything of the sort.

    Then again, seeing as how poorly the sequel was done, I wouldn’t wonder if Athrun and Meyrin do end up together. -_-; That, or maybe Athrun really is a playboy. 😀

  84. i bet athrun only treated meyrin as a little sister or close friends.

    and its only meyrin hving crush on athrun doesnt mean that athrun must be with meyrin.
    i can see that athrun still likes cagalli


  85. I hope it is Athrun+Cagalli always :'(

    I feel so good with the first pix that Athrun hug Cagalli…and I still believe the bond between them is hardly can break… it is the strong bond continueously since Gseed until GseedDestiny… it should not be broke by Meyrin 🙁

    In the 3rd pix of the OP… I can see Ca+At acting to show out that they still yearn for each other 🙂 I believe finally they will be together! ( sorry I feel so so with Kira+Lacus 🙁 …)

    In the ending that Athrun walking away with Mayrin following him… I a little dissapointed cuz I wish to see something more about Ath+Cag … anyway… the looks on Athrun face is not in the merry mood like other couple… so I don’t think he will be in love with Meyrin :S

  86. The awesome 46 phase episode,the dissapointing phase 41 and 2 phase i dont remember what
    phase they are and this last phase50(end)+(final plus)!I hope they repeat the part 2 of seed with one ending only.Disregard the 4 phase + final plus.

  87. Yes!!I support you hundred percent about Cagalli.I love that Cagalli will be with Athrun.Thank goddness that Cagalli hug Atgrun.Message for Meyrin-STAY AWAY FROM ATGRUN!!- sorry if this notice hurt someone…

  88. I support you foridom!!I think Athrun just treat Meyrin like his sister.Anyway,if we think like a logic,Athrun would love Meyrin in short time.We can see Athrun and Cagalli LOVE EACH OTHER.and their love was blossom in Gs.Oh I hate The ending Of AthrunxCagalli Story!!

  89. No! No! No!
    Athrun and Meyrin! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want asucaga! Asucaga!u can c that they still love/yearn 4 each other (why else would Fakuda put them reaching out to the other)

    And in this end thing,credits, it should the parts where athrun and cagalli were on island together and the part where the had thier first hug (aww so precious moment ^^) Fakuda wouldn’t put dat in for no reason ya no

    Yes, I did finally c the final pus, took me a while

    Plus Athrun look serious wit meyrin, no happy lovey kind of expressions like the rest of the couples

    They look more as friends, they so not in love, atleast athrun isnt

  90. Wow that really really sucked I can’t beleived I actually took time out of my life to see that. I’m sorry that I took time to see the series in general. I heard all this hype over this seed series and I thought oh cool maybe it’ll be as cool as UC was. WRONG some o the characters were pretty cool I was really rooting for Athuran and Cagalli in the end. Oh well I have learned my lesson I think I will go back to watching good shows like ROD, Yu yu Hakusho, or my favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  91. emm not to be rude i wan asuran and cagalli togther, not that i hate meyrin but i think the people says athruna nd meyrin forever got to be wrong about wat happened, they look so SERIOUS in the in athrun and meyrin,i agree with some people that athrun and meyrin r just normal friends don’t get me wrong please.

  92. There must be a 3rd sequel of seed.It this happen i want to see kira and lacus kissing,its okay without sex like kira and flay did.Because it was questionable if there has a relationship between 2 of them or because of some situation .Unlike the pair of athrun + cagalli and shinn + lunamaria.It looks like meyrin + athrun now or just a friend?

  93. 3 of his faith aim there gun to durandal Thalia,rey,and former athrun they are unfaithful to him poor durandal! There will be a the 3rd series there are not crazy the poor performance of the ending and some phase?But its okay if the director fukuda will not handle it. I want to see again lacus,cagalli and others.

  94. If you base on shinn joining there will be.. and the relationship between kira and lacus its obvious bcause in seed there is m.u,in destiny there relationship became more far there and the third(final sequel)is obvious marriage this will answer all question there love is eternal.The enemy of 3 seed bearer is the ultimate living cpu the more stronger than in seed and the weaker in destiny.If I’am fukuda i will not use to many flashback and story telling its just only wasted the time.

  95. The living cpu is Weak in destiny hahaha means that shinn is just only lucky to kira when he defeat him.ANd athrun defeat him easily theres no question about it,athrun is more experience than shinn.The question is who is more stronger pilot between the two veterans.If the skill is concern kira is more stronger pilot cause not just seed he also have newtype ability.NOT JUST only kiraxlacus its also athrunxcagalli or meyrin is questionable too.If there is 3rd sequel or not lets wait and see!

  96. Lets give them time so that more satisfaction ending and story .This will be life and dead of fukuda for the 3 sequel.What he did in destiny to much recycle in seed like the witnessing of stolen gundam what a coincidence and others and leaving Thalia and Rey die why athrun did not say anything to his former allies.Thalia has a son.This is not final plus.This is bad ending.This is awesome than ending 50 except for that.Destiny was introduction of shinn the story all focus to him unlike in seed they focus between kira and athrun friendship.

  97. There is love here also between d two couples like athrunxcagalli only she brake-up with athrun because meyrin got involve they need time if they belong together.Only kiraxlacus have strong relationship.There is a special edition is different from destiny.I see the butt of lacus yummy hehehe.They focus on athrun point of view between the two(kiraxShinn). Shinn has lot of episode here.Shinn has a short temper kid need to enroll in anger management.He thinks himself is a super ace.But need help from rey to defeat only kira who is confuse to fight zaft .I like kira only here is because he develop his skills alone.Thalia is a irresponsible parent.There is also a entitled gundam seed the movie.

  98. I will wait for the special edition I want to see shinn beg again to rey to help him to kill kira.Who is confuse to be an enemy of zaft that they.And became crazy again to see kira and athrun alive.Shinn and yuna is funny villains here in gundam world.Shinn did not realize that when his parents die kira fighting alone the 3 druggies before athrun step in to help his friend.

  99. i really look forward to see asucaga again together… in a way they bring life to the stories… i wish next scenes would give cagalli more favorable twists cos in both GS and GSD she always have to loose someone and be force to be brave.

  100. asucaga forever!
    i love the hugging scene!
    the scene where meyrin and athrun walk away together,meyrin was behind athrun.She’s not even beside him or putting her head on his shoulder or holding hands or whatever. instead she was following him like a stalker.lol. i dunno, i think asumey is just a one-sided realationship.Though i think athrun may like her in a way,for saving his life and all, but sees her as his little sister. I still think he loves cagalli very much.
    plus, at the war memorial, athrun was not even standing beside meyrin,he was beside shinn (not that he like shinn or anything >.

  101. If there is a seed 3, we ain’t gonna hear about it till roughly around 2008. (If they gonna make the third sequel better than the last two, then it gonna take alot more than a year). These are things I heard that might be in the third series.

    1: Three(and only three) of the old seed cast will join the new cast, so can expect a original (and I use the term likely) storyline. It’ll most likely be Athrun and Cagalli, the third guy I dunno.

    2: Rumors of Dark versions Of Freedom, Justice and Destiny. ( I seriosly hope this is false. Not only is it cliche, it’s also STUPID!)

    3: One of the main character will die. Not fakes deaths like Kira, and Mwu and Athrun, (I don’t get how they survived) but die for real and you know what? It ain’t Shinn.

    4: Couples will mostly likely be reunited. Athrun x Cagalli (they were never apart, Cagalli just ask Meylrin to take care of Athrun. So you can rlax now). Dearka and Millie.( how can you forget about them?)

    5: Main character’s Gundam is gonna be based on stolen infos on the Freedom. I think some of you may have already heard about it. Main character Himself/herself will a connection with connection with one of the oringal seed cast.

    Remember I’m telling what I heard/read. The internet isn’t as rellible as it used to be. But hopefully this series will be worht the long wait. As for Final Plus (it should be called Final Minus)and the Destiny series overall……it made watch Wing again, I just leave at that.

  102. you sure athrun’s and cagalli will be together?? i won’t get my hopes to high … coz a saw a official MAG GSD.. showing cagalli returnin the ring to athrun.. i will let fukada end the story..i am cool with it any ways..

  103. Quick Observation i made

    Cagalli was born on May 18 which means she is a taurus n Athrun was born Oct 29 which means he a scorpio…HELLOOOOO, scorpios n tuarus’s are like suppose to be together, they are like meant for each other!!!

    n besides dat- I am a taurus and a lot of the most of the guys i liked and liked me were scorpios!!! so like yeah

  104. haix… i hope there is a good ending before i watch the final plus….
    but.. after i’ve watched it…. it’s seems like AsuCaga have ended their relationship…
    I’ve watched that Meryin is walked after Atrhun at the last of Final Plus…
    Is it means Meryin and Athrun are become a pair of couple?????
    If the writer is meaning of this… then i will think that Gundam seed Destiny is not a
    nice anime anymore….

  105. oi,oi,oi! athrun and cagalli forever! die, meyrin! it’s a good thing meyrin and athrun doesn’t have any contact there or else, i’d really kill meyrin! sorry for those who like her, but duh, i hate her, obviously. ATHRUN CAGALLI FOREVER!

  106. i like the ending !!! but i don understand the relationship about athrun and cagalli !!! is they together or what ? y athrun with meyrin ? i hate that relationship !!!!!! it must athrun and cagalli !!!!! together !!!!!

    Kira Chin Be Seru
  107. i think cagalli and athrun are perfect together and not him with meyrin or anybody else. Lacus and kira are awesome! and why did they make talia, rey, gilbert die and i also love shinn and luna. CAGATH RULE!!!!!!!!!

  108. heyy guys…may i know the website of the gundam seed..ahm..uhm.. i mean the whole episodes of this anime.. i like it very much.. plz tell me so that i can watch the video gundam seed..!!

  109. Maplestory Is Kind of nice game because maplestory is a nice game all the time i play account name iceboy4 lv 48 fighter as a warrior guy.

    I like the orignal gundam seed destiny I saw a Mryandao who scamming ppl account fame and money that guy is really lv 200 i watch him last year.

    Everyday gundam seed destiny have at 3.30pm on saturday.

  110. i love Gundam Shows have been watching them since i was about 8 years old i have been looking for them on the Enternet to buy but no luck so far. And on Gundam Seed Destiny here in Canada we are only at phase 7 in 2007 :'(. if some one could tell me a site were i could find them all in Englsh would be very happy. i Just hope they keep makeing them. i wonder if they would make one after the (Wing) Series would be also cool.

  111. Many shown such ridiculous unexplaination:

    1. The Strike Freedom easily destroy or disable the fortress with just a single shot.
    2. Eternal survive against some huge numbers of Zaku and the Escort Fleet.
    3. Akatsuki survive the Minerva main beam it hasn’t have nuclear reactor.
    4. Lacus already becomes a Chairman? Doesn’t have much shown crediblity from what she doing,
    and defies the Dulllindal wishes to restore order and made him a criminal without any
    5. Kira thinks the way of doing himself he’s always right.
    6. Shinn shakes hand Kira amd makes friend (I thought he gonna berserk and punch kira face).

  112. please don’t hate shinn…he just a victim and used by Durandall..also he’s like a brother to Athrun
    don’t hate meyrin…she just a girl with love for Athrun…personally i prefer her than cagalli…for being honest with her own feeling
    and for Yzak,Dearka see you guys again in the next…..
    Kira and Lacus…the only thing i can say….please protect this peace

    Athrun Zala
  113. …i’m a super cagallixathrun fan…
    …gurls like meyrin & meer are freakishly awful… i hate them… i hope in the movie they’ll be out of the scene… in the lacusxkiraxflay triangle flay died… and good meer’s gone too, so why don’t meyrin die as well… i’ve no problem with lunamaria anymore since she seems to be with shinn now…

    …also i think yuki had a point… how come he(mitsuo fukuda) seems to favor lacus over cagalli… i don’t really have nothing against lacus(except that her hair’s pink, which i very much dislike), but i’m getting jealous that she’s overshadowing cagalli… c’mon, cagalli’s orb’s princess and representative, an able gundam pilot, and the main hero’s twin, while lacus is a former plant chairman’s daughter, an idol singer, and kira’s love interest… both can seed… they have almost the same status so why…

  114. finally i’ve just finished watching this series, and although i really don’t know what really happened to Cagali and Athrun , i do hope they would end up together and get married weee! but don’t get me wrong for meyrin fans out there, it’s just that cagali and athrun ‘s love for each other has been through a lot of challenges and it would be more satisfying if at the end they would end up together, don’t you think so?

  115. i don’t think that athrun would just forget cagali that easily, the love that they had was deep, so i’d say that athrun would still go for Cagali, and if ever athrun would do such a thing i would really hate his character i swear.

  116. The ending overall was good…
    I don’t clearly understand what’s going on with Athrun, Meyrin and Cagalli. My annalysis is that Athrun and Meyrin aren’t that close, because Athrun walks away looking somewhat less happier than the other five people, and Meyrin walks a little behind Athrun. I think thats something to think about.
    But being a deep Cagalli fan myself I could be just giving biased reactions, and looking too deep into things.

    type name here
  117. so basically this ending opens up the scenario for the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Movie. Which basically according to the official website everyone would be on the same side for sure this time that is the ZAFT forces, and which would also include Kira since Lacus is with PLANT. Now the question is, that is that there is no news recent news in the website, what would be the plot for the movie? Oh and its coming out next year for sure =D

  118. Thought it’s quite a few months late and all, yeah this version of an ending was much better than ep 50 BUT the ending in Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition is my favourite of the possible endings. So go see it!

  119. Sunrise has announced the production of a Gundam SEED theatrical movie. Little information exists about the story. Houko Kuwashima, voice actress of character Stella Loussier, has also stated on her “SEED Club blog” that the character will somehow also have a role in the film, presumably in flashback scenes. Lacus, Yzak Joule, and Dearka Elsman will return as members of the PLANT Supreme Council and Kira, Athrun, Shinn, and Lunamaria Hawke will be part of the ZAFT military.

  120. If you pay attention to the ending of this episode,

    1. We see Kira in the same military uniform as Yzak (Commander status in ZAFT)
    2. We see Athrun in an Orb uniform
    3. We see Meyrin in a Zaft Uniform too.

    Judging from these, i’d say kira stays with Lacus at Plant, Athrun goes back to Orb with Cagalli, and Meyrin resumes her position with her sister in ZAFT.

  121. Show Spoiler ▼

    That was an extended edition I found 😉 So there is still a possibility for you Cagalli x Asuran fans.

  122. i guess. its not that bad. GSD was definitely rushed at the ending, but it was pretty good. do you know if there was one edit episode where instead of freedom fighting shinn, it was arthun fighting shinn. or was it the movie?

  123. I just can’t wait for the movie to come out cuz I want to see lots of cagalli action and ASUCAGA moments! well I know that it’ll be athrunxcagalli in the movie since fukuda did say that athrun becomes the admiral and returns to orb to be by her side! and he also made two AMCs to confirm athrun and cagalli’s relationship! so I’m 100% sure that it’ll be athrunxcagalli in the movie! ~**cagalli**~


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