Aisia, seeing Nemu’s tears, runs out of the house and bumps into Junichi, who collapses in front of her. The next day, Aisia notices that everyone has a sullen attitude, especially when Junichi doesn’t show up for lunch. In the infirmary, Nemu starts to ask Akishima-sensei about the letters, but the power of the sakura tree takes effect and causes her to run out in pain. She doesn’t get very far though, running into Kotori, who stops her. Meanwhile, Suginami shows Junichi the relationship graph that he made, except with Nemu written in, reminding Junichi that she’s a candidate for his love. But when Junichi opens his mouth to say something, the sakura tree once again takes effect, causing him pain. Suginami has noticed the strange sakura blossoms, and asks Junichi if he knows what he should do now. Junichi runs off, but stops when he sees Nemu and Kotori. Nemu hands him a letter she wrote – in it, she addresses him lovingly and ends by calling him her number one, most liked brother. The present Nemu feels that it’s strange that siblings would communicate like that, but Suginami throws the word lovers in. Aisia sees everyone smiling as they watch from above, but she then sees Nemu collapse after a breeze full of sakura petals blows by. She realizes that it’s all her fault, and rushes to the old sakura tree.
Aisia wishes for Junichi and Nemu to stop suffering, but the tree does not respond. Sakura, however, does appear behind her. Aisia wants her to do something, but Sakura knows that it’s impossible for her. However, Sakura reminds Aisia of her grandmother, which in turn causes Aisia to realize that now that she truly understands everyone’s feelings, she can do anything their sake. Junichi, who has been searching for Aisia ever since Alice told everyone that she was missing, finally finds her all aglow in front of the tree. Aisia apologizes for what she’s done and bids him farewell. Junichi tries to stop her, but Sakura holds him back, saying that Aisia finally understands everyone’s feelings. Aisia has a few final words for each of the girls and Junichi, and then says goodbye as she disappears at the same time the old sakura tree’s petals do.
In the aftermath, life appears to go on normally, with Misaki joining the group. The seasons pass quickly, and one spring, wedding bells are ringing. Junichi and Nemu appear in front of a crowd, apparently just married. When Nemu throws her bouquet, a mysterious hooded girl catches it. After she throws it back into the air, it explodes, and mini-bouquets fall into the arms of all of the girls. As this hooded person walks away, Sakura smiles at her. However, Junichi’s voice stops her, and Aisia turns around and throws herself at him, calling out, “Junichi!” As the series draws to an end, we see that each of the girls is pursuing her own dreams. And the girl who is leaning on Junichi’s shoulder as he admires a photo album is indeed none other than Nemu.

So the ending itself didn’t turn out to be anything too surprising, though some of the details were. I didn’t think Suginami would play as big of a role as he did, nor was I expecting a marriage to end the series. The letters come back to play a part in reminding Junichi and Nemu of their love, which Suginami affirms. I’m not sure if Aisia killing the old sakura tree brings back their old memories or if it just stops interfering. Either way, Junichi and Nemu end up happy as do all of their friends, including Aisia. As for Aisia, I liked how her character turned out in the very end, but I could have done without all repeated the magic/happiness stuff from most of the series.
Thinking about it, the wedding is a nice touch to finally solidify Junichi and Nemu’s relationship. That in itself really made me enjoy this last episode, since it gives a much more concrete ending than what I remember from the original Da Capo.

Final Thoughts: DCSS ends up being quite a mixed bag for me. There are several good episodes (I’d consider the finale to be one of those), but there are also several that feel like wasted time. So I agree with a lot of people in saying that this probably didn’t warrant the entire 26 episodes. It ended up being a lot about Aisia, but not so much about Kotori, as had been mentioned by the director before (which I’m sure got lots of people’s hopes up). But ultimately, Junichi and Nemu remain the couple.


  1. Hopefully this is the final end to Da Crappo and there won’t be any more seasons or OAVs. Why bother making DCSS in the first place if all they did was just pimp Nemu throughout it? -_-

  2. I really don’t understand these guys who says “Why Bother making DCSS if we had Nemu Winning Once again?!?1”

    Get a life, really. I mean, why bother Making Da Capo in the first place as an anime, if they’d have to choose one girl to “win” and the other ones to go on with ther lifes?

    I think that if you had some hopes for this SS, you already liked the first season, or else you wouldn’t even bother watching this like I do, but I got a friend who’s really hooked up with this Anime.

    Didn’t you enjoy the season, and the show in general, even though Kotori didn’t won?

    But that’s my 2 cents about these posts.

  3. I partially agree with what Blue-Kun said. I didn’t really expect Kotori and Junichi to get together to begin with, but I hoped with SS, they would go into more depth with Kotori’s storyline a bit more than where they took off in the first season. I didn’t expect them to go through another season just to show another f*cking JunichixNemu love story all over again. Even if they did, they could have at least held up Nemu’s return for a bit. I mean, episode 6 for crying out loud, isn’t that too early?

    *Sigh*…Second Season is over and I STILL don’t know what Kotori will be up to after all this. Hopefully, Lamune or Shuffle! endings will be able to do something about this uneasy feeling.

  4. Omni (or anyone), what’s Kotori holding in her hands while she’s talking to her friends?

    And what about the Alice and Mako/Moe screenshots? I’m gonna watch it later but I’m impatient and my connection decides to be crap when it really shouldn’t be, as usual.

  5. *Sigh*…Second Season is over and I STILL don’t know what Kotori will be up to after all this. Hopefully, Lamune or Shuffle! endings will be able to do something about this uneasy feeling.

    Kotori. Nanaka. Explanation. NOW. :p

  6. “finally this crap is over END OF DC FOREVER”

    yahh!! no more sad kotori =)

    “you already liked the first season, or else you wouldn’t even bother watching this like I do, but I got a friend who’s really hooked up with this Anime.”

    well I didnt really want to…watch DC SS. because I knew it will be nemuxjyuchi. but after I saw screenshot and all. I thought they were no more nemu and kotori will be with jyunchi. BUT SHE CAME BACK -.-

    “Didn’t you enjoy the season, and the show in general, even though Kotori didn’t won?”

    like Fury said. not at all zenzen. ahahahha. just episode 1 i really like it.

  7. ARGHH!!! DID THEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED?!?! thats just like the finishing blow to all non-nemu fans.

    Oh well there were moments in this show that made it wonderful, such as anything to do with Kotori

  8. Nice ending, sets things up nicely for DC2 i guess.

    The second season was a reaffirmation of the main couple’s pairing with each other. If you didn’t like how the first season ended, what were you expecting out of the second season? This show was about JunichixNemu since the beginning, in which the second season provided more of. It showed us that they truly love each other.

    ALL anime is a waste of time, but most people choose to waste it anyway. I waste it, because i find it entertaining.

  9. I’m now terrified by this. This is indeed a second happening of Gundam SEED Destiny. Both series say they’re there for something new but in the end are simply there to glorify things which were already shown in the previous series. Kira was glorified and was the fosuc of GSD even though he was the star of GSEED already, so GSD was merely recycling GSEED by showing that Kira is “awesome” /again/. JunichixNemu was already proven to be inseperable in original DC, so DCSS merely recycled original DC by showing that they’re inseperable /again/. The only actually significant new things in the recycle series were new characters, slightly different plots, and for GSD new mecha. (both of which are easy to create and require no true complication to achieve >.> ) And new episode settings don’t count, it’s easy to put the same characters in a new setting.

  10. Fyi, for all those people asking “what were you expecting?”: We were expecting something /new/. Like new main characters with an actually new plot and story, with JunichixNemu /in the background ranks/ since they were done and through in original DC and thus had nothing new to show the viewers. Hmmmmmm………

  11. “we ended the anime just as we’ve started it…”

    Well, this anime IS called Da Capo, no?

    Okay, I just had a random thoughts:

    Asakura Nemu, do you swear to take your brother as your husband?
    I do.
    Asakura Junichi, do you swear to take your sister as your wife?
    I do.

    You know it’s funny I’ve never seen Junichi’s parents O_O

    And didn’t Junichi’s face have wrinkles on the first ED sequence?

    Thinking about this makes me sad but…Kotori was totally neglected both in games and the anime…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Yeah I had a feeling since the end of the Original DC that Nemu and Juinchi would remain a couple. But I really didnt see a marriage comming out of that O_O wow that was a shocker. Hmm well Dc aint over we got the V2 comming up. Hope the arts good like the original DC because DCSS art was…meh a mixed bag for me :/.

  14. Why bother making DCSS in the first place if all they did was just pimp Nemu throughout it? -_-

    Get a life, really. I mean, why bother Making Da Capo in the first place as an anime, if they’d have to choose one girl to “win” and the other ones to go on with ther lifes?

    I think that if you had some hopes for this SS, you already liked the first season, or else you wouldn’t even bother watching this like I do, but I got a friend who’s really hooked up with this Anime.

    Didn’t you enjoy the season, and the show in general, even though Kotori didn’t won?

    It’s rather odd to say, but I don’t think DCSS was at all about changing relationships or even about Jyunichi and elsewise. To sum up my opinion: it was always about Aisia (painfully…).

    Honestly I think the plot was rather weak, introducing a foreign character who obsessively believes that magic can only do good (when it fails anyway…) as a main character, the character that tries to alter others around her. And moreover, I felt she was the main character of DCSS. All the little troubles that ran through Kotori and everyone else were just little pawns for Aisia’s motive to do so. If I look at it at a certain angle, Jyunichi isn’t even a main character anymore as he doesn’t do anything to change any relationship; and certainly not Kotori and Nemu as they haven’t done anything to change anything at all. The episodes when nemu came back were I guess, all drama for entertainment while it gives a bigger reason for Aisia’s big plot to revive the Sakura Tree.

    What makes the plot even weaker is that it was really hard to even realize that the main plot is about Aisia and the Sakura Tree/Magic, as it is flashed around from beginning to end. Why was it hard to realize? I’d guess that we were all just more interested in the relationships and not Aisia. Espeically that first episode with Jyunichi and Kotori. That certainly kept my ears up for those two, but not for Aisia.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I hardly saw any character development…? (Exceptional to Aisia)
    I don’t exactly recall anything but the growing relationship between Nemu and Jyunichi. Obviosuly they didn’t solve Kotori’s happiness or the willingness to move on. In fact, I think Kotori’s character went backwards as she always backed away from problems and closed away her feelings this season. I recall from the first season that she really trusted Jyunichi and gained courage to speak out what she had to say (her confession to Jyunichi) even though she couldn’t read anyone’s mind anymore…but where did that go this season? Even with Nemu, when she came back she ran away after seeing Aisia in the house…what ever happened to Jyunichi’s and Nemu’s trust and love for one another after a near-death experience? So really, are the relationships of Jyunichi between other characters the main plot? I don’t think so… Besides, that last sentence already gives it all away that Nemu would always be the victor @_@!

    If I really think about it, DCSS wasn’t really about the core relationships…but rather on the magic that would later alter it. If it were about the core relationships between characters, I’m pretty sure Kotori would’ve said something to Jyunichi. But no, nothing happened. No direct confessions. Only Aisia’s belief about magic and her screwups.

    Well, these are just my 2 cents from this point of view.

  15. Fury: no they’re now old enough to get marry. Actually, I’m almost right on my 2nd spoiler or theory on my previous post in here but instead of 10 years after the incident, it seems that it was 2 or 3 years after that. If you’ll noticed on the final clip of this episode (w/c I’d watched it thru fansub) probably somewhere around the last 5-10 mins. of that, the female doctor’s [I don’t know her name] daughter was about 3-5 years old and she’s standing herself and already grown. And then Junichi, Nemu and their classmates are now around 18 or 19 years of age. Probably they’d got married after their HS graduation [w/c is also known as Da Capo 2nd Graduation on this series].

    The title of this last episode is The Bell of Happiness w/c explained about the church wedding itself, not about that Nemu’s wearing her neck and that really shown on the final clip.

    PandaHaro: I do believe their parents accepted their marriage. And besides, where they could get the money for buying wedding gowns and stuff like that and arranging their marriage proposal even though both Junichi and Nemu are not really blood-related siblings, unless they’ll do it in a civil wedding not on the church wedding. 😉 That probably it is very common in pre-nuptial event (and when they’ll gonna have a children?).

    And finally Aisha learned her lesson that sabotaging their relationship is not good.

    So this is really the end of DCSS, and it is a happy ending though. Although, this is a harem-type of anime just like Shuffle, Ichigo 100%, Love Hina, Happy Lesson, Ai Yori Aoshi and others, I do believe there’s a big lesson on this story. So what is it? Is magic an evil or sabotaging the love relationship between the two people are bad? No. The moral lesson of this story is there should be no more harem-type of anime to produce it, especially to those creators wants to create this kind of anime (p.s. this is only a joke. 😀 ).

    And my final grade of this series, and especially the 1st season is 4 out of 5. Nice story but not great nor bad. 🙂

  16. The comparison to Gundam SEED Destiny appears somewhat true… A sequel that teases you at the start that the plot or focus might be different, but ultimately ends up the same, although it ends in just a little more final way than the first one did. I mean, even the tree ended up dead in the end (which was the one thing I thought they’d do different, to “save some of that for the sequel”, Da Capo 2).

    There’s no question Aisia was always the main character in DCSS (after all, she’s about the only one we hear the inner thoughts of). The secondary characters (outside the Nemu, Junichi and Aisia trio) got the shaft, in almost every way possible, in terms of character development or character arcs. They’re all still hung up on Junichi, as far as the audience is told (although life moves forward).

    DCSS had its moments, and it had some good episodes, both fun and dramatic at times. But I think DCSS drags down the first season. Slap the wedding on to the end of DC first season and you aren’t missing much, really. I liked the final episode, and that’s mostly cause I liked Nemu, and she looked very cute in her wedding outfit, but I still have to say that I think everyone has a good reason to wonder why they bothered with a DCSS, except the obvious one (DCSS: The Quest for More Money).

    Check out other stuff, like Canvas 2, where the secondary characters are more interesting and (so far) not all hung up on the main guy in a pointless way.

  17. It *is* boring because we were just hoping for some changes in relationship while we didn’t really realize (or at least I didn’t realize till yesterday) that Aisia was the main character.

    So indeed, I also think DCSS was just for “The Quest for More Money” just so the producers could RELATE to past characters while they could have started a whole new series to give out the same message (but of course it wouldn’t attract as much audiences)… Season 1 was waaaaaaay better in my opinion. ._.

  18. Don’t know how some ppl can be so defensive of Da Crappo SS. It’s clearly crap, utter waste of time. I guess some ppl can always find ways to justify things that are clearly crap. I agree with Saga that it’s just a quest for more money for the producer. Could have explored so many aspect/characters of the series but no.. that’s just too much work… let’s just drag the damn thing to 26 episodes, leaving tiny piece of story in some (and yet there are ppl who view that as subtle). It’s delaying tricks and same old idea spread out thinly over a long series. Those producers ought to be shot.

  19. Hmm…

    You make it very hard, sanjiyan_unkara, cuz you don’t give a possibility for the other side to even defend themselves in your mind.

    Seems like you got this bias against the NemuxJun’ichi couple, and I don’t blame you. That probably means that you prefer normal couples. Alright, sure.

    However, you were looking for a new series, not a sequel. Problem. They called this the second season for a reason, and even if they went through the fanbases looking for the ending, Nemu would’ve won it that way too, even worse than the way they took it.


    In Naru’s Nemu’s defence, I’ll say that Jun’ichi is the one person that was right for her. Her “normal” mood swings were just a mask hiding the sullenness and emptiness that was found by none other than Jun’ichi himself.
    Heck, Jun’ichi helped the other girls similarly in more ways than one, but Nemu is the one that needs him the most. While Kotori was H-O-H in love with him, Nemu was, whether intentionally or not, making ties with Jun’ichi that eventually would be strengthened through marraige. Nemu needed Jun’ichi, and as many pointed out, Kotori didn’t need Jun’ichi, though it would’ve been nice.
    Unfortunately for those Kotori fans, (Rasmiel pointed this out already) Kotori’s been shafted in every single game/show/DC related/whatever. White Season, Summer Vacation, Da Capo (Anime/Manga), DCSG, DCSS, and even DCFS, she’s been royally screwed with…either that or that her situations are always to the point.
    But you get the idea; the producers are highly Nemu-biased. I’m pretty sure that if they directors were Kotori-based instead, they would’ve fulfilled what you wanted but had a crap story to go with it, cuz the story of Kotori is always too linear (even in ALL fanfiction involving her and Jun’ichi only).

    While I don’t like the pairing as much as some, I realize that it was necessary, if only to resolve at least 4 people’s scenarios, if it didn’t the rest. That would be Nemu’s, Sakura’s, Aisia’s, and Jun’ichi’s himself.
    The fun thing about your claims is that “since nothing happened, other than some stuff that could be easily implanted into a series, it’s a crap series.” I’d rather see closure on a series than an misguided ending.

    To comment on Omni’s post, Da Capo’s director is known for doing episodes that seem not to have anything to further the episodes but are there for the slice-of-life part of Da Capo, something that most series that are slice-of-life don’t even attempt to go intoward towards.

    I’d comment more, but I’m pretty busy…stupid writer’s block.

  20. To comment on Omni’s post, Da Capo’s director is known for doing episodes that seem not to have anything to further the episodes but are there for the slice-of-life part of Da Capo, something that most series that are slice-of-life don’t even attempt to go intoward towards.

    *misses Honey & Clover*

  21. I knew this was going to happen. Too easily predictable. As soon as I heard Nemu was coming back way in the beginning, I saw the writing on the wall.

    What was the freaking point? I mean, why have Kotori taking care of him, and have Nemu disappear for two years, only to hurt her again? Is the director really out there to burn Kotori fans? If she wouldn’t have been in the series suffering, we’d have been alright. Give her a boyfriend for crying outloud. ANYTHING. But noooo. She has to suffer through her love for a guy who’ll never return it.

    If they hadn’t done the first several episdoes the way they did, this season would have been so much better than the crap that it was.

  22. I watched the first season, i was okay with junichi ended with nemu. Though she isnt my favourite, i have nothing against it base on the story there. the slice of life in first season was actually fun for me to watch. Alot of variety with different characters. Even those 10 mins- second half of some episodes which features the humanoid cat in trenchcoat are interesting to me.

    So it’s not that big of an issue for me about Junichi x nemu or jun x kotori. But fuck the producer for such misleading couple of first few ep that gives this false hope. If i had not misleaded, I would have simply watched it and not feel such letdown. I know there are bunch of ppl arguing “it’s ur fault for assuming this .that or get misleaded”. Look, i DID not assume anything when i first started watching. It’s just THEY gave this false hope about kotori, then she dissappear for most of the time and only to see the Aisia in every damn filler (i have nothing against aisia, don’t misunderstood). Those fillers aren’t even that good as those in first seasons. That’s why i said it’s crap. Crap bc the anime is crap not bc it ended with junx nemu (for me).

  23. sorry i got exited in the heat of the moment.But come on think…..where are their parents on their wedding??and everybody telling them they match each other sucking their balls…WTF…ops sorry again, I think animes are really going down coping the worst cliches ever this last seasons.I am 30 come on surprise me!Don´t make me angry producers, and leave me main caracters with the mature girls not the retarded onesT_T

  24. lol Rasmiel…
    “I shall never use profanity except in discussing house rent and taxes.”
    “When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.”

    -Mark Twain

    back on track
    I think animes are really going down coping the worst cliches ever this last seasons
    mmm I would say different for Black Cat; let alone Shuffle was surprisingly unpredictable (to those who haven’t played the game at the very least). There were some pretty good picks out there last season +__+

  25. of course but the cliche is still there and it´s spreading like a disease on the mind of writers and producers from the anime market.It´s a shame to see actually some good stuff like honey and clover and TO HEART 2 with phrases like ” LOBU LOBU SHIOU ” or ” LU WA LU …LUUUUUU !!( the retarded ufo girl) ” man I HATE that!!!!and you people know why, it´s like they are thinking there are a bunch of retarded people watching ANIMES without brain.And I Still like animes like SUZUKA, but not because the story is good but because of the caracters.another anime pointless = TIDELINE BLUE T_T PATHETIC NO PLOT!!

  26. Even I hate to admit it but even GUNDAM SEED DESTINY has a fanservice degree, bether than the animes I´ve cited before( not of course honey and clover).Suzuka is still a cliche like triangle hearts or love hina clones too, so it has fan service too.But HAGANE , wolf´s rain, IGPX, Black cat, solty rei( almost everything from GONZO is top notch), school rumble, my otome, ARIA( I am from Brazil and I LOVE the musics like bossa nova and chorinho style), shakugan, nanoha for a mahou shoujo had a nice story too, i was impressed by this one for it´s cute little childish caracter design with that plot.And even capeta that is a kart anime style has nice caracters and a very nice animation in CG.and so on…

  27. God did that ever suck, it could have been so good but it was just so crappy.

    20 weeks ago when Nemu came back is when I knew the series was screwed but yet I had hope…

    and no I don’t blame the series crash and burn directly on Nemu coming back but when she came back it just kept up the point of ‘Nemu always wins’ and frankly she didn’t need to win… again… What happened to the drama? What happened to the suspence? What happened to the hope someone else would get Asakura besides Nemu? WORST.SEQUAL.EVER.

    Seriously if ep 1, didn’t feature Kotori I would have stopped right then and their, just seeing the weding made me gag, it’s seriously like a final blow to the whole series, it’s great if your insane Nemu fan but if your a fan of anyone else it just sucks.

  28. Well, now… nothing like a sensible, well-justified ending to bring out all the trolls and haters. Oh well… maybe some day, when people can stop being a slave to their preconceptions and first impressions, they may realize that the story had a very strong message that carried from start to finish – it just wasn’t the story they wanted to see. That doesn’t make it a “crap”, it just means it’s different than what they expected. Since when is being different a sin, and since when is reinforcing an ending wrong?

    “What happened to the hope someone else would get Asakura besides Nemu?”
    There never was one. Not ever. Not even in episode one; Kotori was lamenting that Junichi never gave her a second look, and he never did. That wasn’t meant to be a “hint”, it was just a fact. Kotori hoped that somehow more could happen, but it just wasn’t happening – Junichi’s heart was still set on Nemu, and so it stayed. That’s love, for better or worse. Granted you might say “hindsight is 20/20”, but it’s not as if everyone felt the same way at the time either.

    And incidentally…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I still can’t believe the childish lashing-out and narrow-minded bashing going on here. It’s seriously unbecoming. If you were disappointed in the show, fine, but have some dignity. Do people only act this way because they figure people will agree with them, and thus they won’t be judged for their childish behavior? It’s embarassing, isn’t it? I’ve met preschool children that are more mature than some of the people commenting on this thread. What does that say about the overall maturity of the English anime fan community, disappointment for this particular show notwithstanding?

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll stand nearly alone and say it’s one of the most well-constructed and well-justified shows I’ve seen all year, and stands strongly next to season one. It delivers its theme/message with ease (through some repetition, of course), and is an excellent curtain call for the D.C. characters and really exemplifies what each of them were all about (even if “moving on” wasn’t on the agenda). That’s not to say that every episode is excellent or that there weren’t flaws along the way, but this is the sort of show where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and in that sense it did really well. I found the last episode to be superb and possibly even better than season one’s finale. I don’t expect that many people will agree with this opinion, but I’m not stating it to be controversial or contrary-minded either; it’s what I really think, and it has nothing to do with character fanboyism either (though I’ve never hated any of the characters – why would I?). Someday, if people can work past their preconceptions of what a “harem show” must be about and accept this show for what it is (a theme-driven shoujo), I think they might be able to appreciate it a lot more. That being said, if people choose not to do that, it’s their call and, I would say, their loss. But that’s just me.

  29. Thanks for the nice reviews. Wonderful to see everything work out beautifully for Junichi & Nemu in the end, I love them as a couple. Kotori fans, enjoy the series and don’t get too bent out of shape, it’s not like you lost out on your real life love or anything……

    The Emperor Vortia
  30. This series is better than Shuffle. Shuffle ended up with the girl I wanted the main character to be with, but the entire series is so weak. They had an interesting concept/plot, but they undercooked it. Da capo was the opposite; they had a weak concept (season one was “Okay, we place a magical tree controlled by this girl that can grant wishes to everyone. season two was “Okay, let’s bring this girl infatuated with magic to screw things up), but they had it delivered well.

    “What was the freaking point? I mean, why have Kotori taking care of him, and have Nemu disappear for two years, only to hurt her again? Is the director really out there to burn Kotori fans? If she wouldn’t have been in the series suffering, we’d have been alright. Give her a boyfriend for crying outloud. ANYTHING. But noooo. She has to suffer through her love for a guy who’ll never return it. ”

    After reading this, I am ashamed of the fact that I am a Kotori fan. This is a love/drama series, IT IS NOT A SOCCER MATCH WHERE YOU BET ON WHO WILL SCORE THE GOAL. I mean, I don’t see how, even after seeing the first episode for the first time, is Kotori going to win Juinchi’s heart from Nemu. Was she really suffering? I thought she made it pretty clear. It’s her own choice and she’s happy about it. Now you are being just like the naive Aisia. No wait, Aisia’s now much more mature than you.

    “And no I don’t blame the series crash and burn directly on Nemu coming back but when she came back it just kept up the point of ‘Nemu always wins’ and frankly she didn’t need to win… again… What happened to the drama? What happened to the suspence? What happened to the hope someone else would get Asakura besides Nemu? WORST.SEQUAL.EVER.”

    The suspence was over at Season One. If you are looking at Nemu and Kotori and Juinchi for suspence, then you obviously can’t find it. The story is based on Aisia. If you don’t like the suspence, then don’t bash this series because you don’t like it. It doesn’t suck, it just so happens that you don’t like it =/

    Sooooo….what should I download next? =D

  31. btw, i forgot to say to Junichi and Nemu before I leave this place. HAPPY WEDDING TO BOTH OF YOU GUYS! I hope your marriage will be forever… and probably ready to kick those Keitaro and Naru’s ***es from Love hina.

  32. This series, single-handedly brought hope that Kotori could get with Junichi and then completely shatters that hope. It’s an ok series, but it’s a destroyer of hopes and dreams.

  33. I’m probably late, but
    Show Spoiler ▼

  34. First off i have np with Nemu and Junichi as a couple, and normally i find the idea of brother and non-related sister relationship cute but for some reason for Da Capo i am more of a kotori fan. Like some of u have mentions must be the Hat ^_^.

    But in my opinion Da Capo Second season was a waste of time, not that i hope of Kotori and Junichi getting hook up in the end, but why waste 26 episode of replaying the same ending as the first season all over again. If they goner create a second seaon then change the damn ending to make audience wonders, or else there just no points in doing everything all over again with the same similar ending, when first season ended they should just let it STAY THAT WAY. If u goner create a whole second season then make Junichi end up with a different person with a change in story, of course i root for Kotori most but anybody else is fine except Nemu all over again or Stupid girl Arisa that deserve nothin more than a few slap across the face.

    The only way i can see this anime get turn around is:
    1. At least let me get the satisfaction of seeing Arisa get slap a few times for being so stupid.

    2. Create a third seaon where Nemu is involve in some bad accident and Junichi finds new Love. I don;t want anything bad happen to er but maybe put her in a comma like Haruka in ” Kimi ga Nozomu Eien”

    P.S I like Kotori alot but my favorite gotta be the Cat girl from first season she just look so darn cute ^_^.

  35. I’m rather late to the party and hadn’t even scene this episode yet! (funny, I checked anisuk last night and they had episode 25! -lucky!) But what I liked about this series was Sakura. I know, nobody’s a Sakura fanboy. But this series shines good on the little gypsi ;p.

    Bad: all three main main charachters get their chance to act like 2 year olds from time to time (Jyunichi in particular gives married men a TERRIBLE name.) I call it the Lost season 2 disease.

  36. if this were the ending for da capo… it makes me sick that he would be marrying his own sister (even if their not related by blood its still bad!!!) first season was nice and all but i was expecting an alternate ending…

    overall i thought this series might have rivaled SHUFFLE… since they screwed up with Jyunichi marrying Nemu they lost my vote to SHUFFLE

  37. I just read this review and I gotta say I am disappointed with the way they ended it. I’m about half-way through and somehow felt that since Nemu and Junichi got re-united and started their relationship again so early in the series that it seemed something was going to happen. I mean they got back together so early! I would have thought that perhaps Nemu might get into an accident or something or that the two break-up.

    I’ll admit I am more of a Kotori fan than Nemu fan, I just found her character to be very annoying with her mood swings and her overbearing attitude towards her brother he was caught in a comprimising situtation.

    Someone mentioned a Da Capo 2 (game), what’s the story like in that game?

  38. So Nemu and Junichi got married and everyone is happy…. wait… WHAT DID HIS PARENTS THINK?!!! Do they not care that their son married their adopted daughter? Isn’t anyone else (in the show) freaked out by this?

    To me, the fact that the entire populance takes such a blase attitude towards sibling love shreds any illusion of realism there might have been in this anime.

  39. The series was great until Nemu showed up. I knew they’d end up in the end but I kept hoping all the same for Kotori. The ending was pretty decent but why did they get married already and where are the parents?

  40. Nemu and Juhichi is might be sibling but they trully make a great couple. I think that all the girl that like Juhichi should stay as far away from him as possible cause they all know that he only love Nemu(yay!!!)…….Well only that Asia girl don’t know about it from the beging but still i HATE her. Even though later in the series she know but she still try to get Juhichi to forget about Nemu for her owm good even she know how Nemu gonna suffer alot .(that’s one of the meanies thing i have ever seen).

  41. gah, didn’t like the ending much you knew exactly what was going to happen but i found myself hoping it wouldn’t happen. even if they are not bother and sister by blood i still think its a bit weird for them to marry…..


    INCEST BAD, .. well they arent related but Nemu is a spoiled little brat and annoying as freaking hell. Kitori should have gotten with him not nemu. uhhhg….. i was disapointed the first season… im disapointed this one also

    Down with Nemu *burns her pic*

  43. T_T really bad nemu wins again

    was the one I dont like in the first season and in the statr when she wasnt there I hope for new romance but I was wrong jejejeje whe memu return I was sad


  44. yes maybe they are not blood brother but is the adopted sister you had live for a long time is your sister in the new

    no other way to see it

    I hoped they relized that but in the end they get marry T_T

    is like koi kaze o_o

  45. this ending is so coolllll! i love it….the person i hate the most in Da Capo anime is kitori and aisia(they are so dumb)!!!
    P.S: just to let people that don’t know anything, know that in Japan there are some married couple that is cousin-cousin or nonblood related bro-sis.

  46. what happens afterwards= Kotori get a husband… Miharu becomes a scientist i think, robotics field like her dad? Sakura becomes the principle of that school & she looks like shes still ~6-8~ when shes actually 70… (her grandma rumored to look young till about 100)

    p.s. i think theres such things as student marriage in japan, thats why they could marry so young, correct me if i’m wrong, beat me if im insulting japan, but i think so… for now… at..least…reason…most unmarried japanese girls are virgins(this may not seem true because the japanese are more non-actively preverted than actively… if you don’t get this, don’t think too hard about it… plz.. really… im not trying to be perverted…)? well… think thats it, so if im wrong correct me… making mistakes is learning…

  47. D.C.S.S. was good, in my opinion, because of the animation… That’s really it. The fact that Junichi married Nemu caused me to go “He married her… Kotori, Ah, Kotori. How sad. Why did it turn out this way?” for a LONG time and even now. It’s gotten worse after I realized the existence of Da Capo 2. I looked at the webpage and other sites.

    I have realized several things…

    Junichi and everyone else must be in their 60-70s. (What do they look like? For heaven’s sake, show me.)

    Junichi and everyone must have gotten a job. Most, if not all, probably married. (FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, tell us what they did afterwards. Tell us if they got married, who they married, and if they have children or grandchildren and SHOW US! Tell us if some of the Da Capo 2 characters are related to any of the Da Capo characters. What are they doing now?! After all, I’m curious. Is Minatsu a robot created by Miharu?! Is Nanaka the granddaughter of Kotori?! Is Maika one of the Mizukoshi sisters’ daughter? Who/What is this Suginami)

    Curse that tree! Why won’t it just stay dead?! Why won’t everyone just learn their lesson?!

    Geh! Sakura didn’t age a bit in 53 years! Is she immortal?!

    Nemu and Junichi have granddaughters. I see… Heheheheh… I see… Otome and Yume, huh? They have magic, huh? Keh! I just want to act out one of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni’s scenes for some reason…

    It seems in D.C. White Season (D.C.W.S.), Junichi and Kotori have a daughter named Hina. I’m guess that means that in D.C. White Season, the winner is Kotori and not Nemu. Yay!

  48. Um i dont even know how to express this uneasiness that i felt about the change in the show since the first season, i mean it is a harem i knew that, but honestly with his own dam sister? oooh i cant imagine how sick and wrong that is, its wrong-sick! Um lets see, in the wedding(example): “Do you Nemu accept your brother as your husband? Do you Jyunichi accept your sister as your wife?” I mean wtf (my apologies) but dammit all, i was never a fan of nemu in the first place, i mean holy crap its his own dam sister (even if there are no blood relation – ew its just disgusting)esp. those scenes in 1st and 2nd season where Jyunichi does some gay explanation bout how he would protect her sister and all that bs, its just disgusting when after he says as well as a lover, dam the guy is an enemy of manking, a pervert among perverts, sry for the insults, but im pretty pissed, i mean i used to think jyunichi was a cool with his wat a drag attitude but still manage to get girls falling for him, but wen he chose his own dam sister (not to mention making his own dam cousin cry so frikin many times – where it wouldve been fine with sakura if he chose anyone BUT Nemu!) I mean Nemu is evil, its no joke, sakura is far more kinder than nemu, i mean shes jealous, whiny, and get angry so easily, btw fyi Nemu hates sakura since childhood, even wen she went to america and wrote letters none reach to jyunichi cuz she tore and threw all of them. Point no.2, Nemu even frikin seduces her own brother so the guy wont go for the other girls (still cant believe he chose his own dam sister -.- wat a disgusting immoral being). Point no.3 What the hell did she even do in the second season, wth! she left for 2 years to be a dam nurse?! huh? okay shes finally gone, its a good chance for the other girls to be with Jyunichi, and a very good chance for him to realize wth he did in the 1st season (frikin making a relationship with his own sister despite everyones protest, esp sakura and suginami) And then the B!@tch had to come back, and the guy still accepts her (wtf, he needs serious psychiatric therapy) Uh im not a fan of any particular girl, i just dont like that relationship, oh and i also hate nemu and jyunichi for marying his own dam sister, oh and for those who wonder what happened to their parents? I can probably say that they’l never come back to the island again and never speak to them (I mean who can blame them) its just wrong-sick, oh man wat a tiring series this is, giving hope to other fans that it would become a “normal” pairing with other girls, i guess the writers themselves are perverts dreaming of marying own dam sisters :P.


  50. Well that really blows, i hate it when an anime goes to its canon ending with the game/manga, its fine since it is expected, but they should entirely show a different anime/show with different results, but oh well thats highly unique of a show and probably impossible. I can comment however of how dull the writers made the story, too dull for my opinion, yes even i agree that the spotlight of jyunichi and nemu to be lovers has well been expressed in the first season, i for one believe that this was not necessary in the second season, and the fact that nemu already ended with jyunichi in the 1st season should be enough and so the second season could be with other pairings, that way it would be more interesting, like no one would be able to predict which he’l end up with, and maybe introduce nemu and sakura but has accepted him only as family, and will love him as one. I can compare this well since i have played THE WHOLE ENTIRE GAME, and i can say that i am a kotorixjyunichi fan than the rest of pairing, since i find that the pairing was well executed in the game, and i for one think its a very interesting couple, but oh well guess the writers cant be more creative. Since yes i disagree with the ending, they did not end up with each other, theres been many hints in the anime, esp. when sakura and nemu fought (rivalry for jyunichi’s love) they both said “Anyone but the other (sakura/nemu)” The most logical&reasonable choice that jyunichi shouldve made is not to accept anyone of them, but chose a different girl(although that couldve been in the 2nd series) while the first would just focus on the conflict of sakura and nemu, and how jyunichi can settle his and there feelings, since the both of them wouldve been fine with their current relationships, and just like the game both of them if Jyunichi loves a girl seriously they wouldve accepted it, and would still continue to be his sister/cousin (family love), but going with nemu even up to the 2nd season made the whole thing pointless, i cant imagine what the writers are thinking, oh well thats my opinion, most people probably agree with me.

  51. In Kotori’s path in the game (the whole entire game series), Jyunichi actually loved Kotori, and Nemu accepted that fact even giving him support saying that she’l always be his sister. Since Jyunichi has been helping Kotori alot, becoming manager, helping her wen shes sick, becoming her bodyguard (against fanboys), havings dates, and finally told her close friends as well as koyomi (her sister, his teacher) that she loves her. And aww the very cool confession, when Kotori was on the stage in the beauty pageant where the question was if she has someone she loves, obviously its jyunichi, and they both share a passionate kiss *in front of everyone!*. So for Kotori fans play the game its cool, or refer to this blog since it does cover certain amount of details, just summary of events though it is:


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