Well it’s been a pretty hellish week. I’ve tried to cover stuff that I liked and had the time to do. Here’s a brief rundown of the stuff I didn’t write about or didn’t like (in no particular order):

Ergo Proxy Introduction – Ergo Proxy is just oozing with production value, which is probably what I’ll be watching this series for. Working against it are the future-gothic-esque setting and characters (not stuff I’m really into). It’s worth watching the next preview (Jan. 14th) and the first episode (February 5th) just to see how pretty this show will be.

Lemon Angel Project – For me, this show was supposed to be all about the music. Above all else, I really wanted to hear some good music come out of this show. But that wasn’t the case; for a series about finding girls and making an idol group, I really didn’t like any of the three songs (OP, ED and insert) from the first episode. On top of that, Shihono Ryou’s voicing of Tomo just got on my nerves. The animation was alright, though I do feel compelled to mention that I was puzzled by their inclusion of a (questionable) nipple shot. Having said all that, I may watch a few more episodes to see if the music improves, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Rakugo Tennyo Oyui – Time travel, rakugo, henshin are all big parts of this series and none of it appealed to me. I really don’t have any specific criticisms for the show, but it’s not stellar enough to replace the current Thursday lineup (Otome and what I expect to be a very good HanTsuki). Incidentally, I watched this right after watching this week’s Mai-Otome, and immediately recognized Ishida Akira doing the voice of Ukyo because it’s the exact same as his Nagi voice.

Yomigaeru Sora – Rescue Wings – This show looks like it has promise, though the first episode was a bit on the slow side. It’s got one of the more original premises this season (one not populated by almost all girls), and I think that if they could use the rescue aspects of this show more, then this could be something to watch. I do enjoy the ED song because it’s got Kageyama Hironobu singing; in other words, very different compared to all of the female vocal songs this season. For now, I’ll keep this one on the back burner.

Mushishi – The return of Adashino-sensei and an episode with an actual happy ending (somewhat). The inkstone plot made for an interesting episode, and I particularly liked seeing the scene where the children’s mouths and ears start to let out the Mushi. As an important side note, Mushishi is going to be the victim of some schedule shuffling though, and thus may not get a full entry until I decide on what shows to stick with or drop.

Tomorrow’s the first day of school, but this semester should be a bit better (I hope) than the last one. In any case, there’s several more new shows premiering this upcoming week (looking forward to Wednesday’s Kashimashi and Thursday’s HanTsuki), so expect the schedule to flux around a bit more.


  1. Rescue Wings is sounding good already based on your small write up. I figured it wouldn’t get much attention in the anime fandom and I doubt it’ll even get subbed (someone surprise me). I really wish to see it, though. Kageyama doing the ED is a big plus. I love the guy.

  2. I’m glad you decided not to ignore Rescue Wing. I have a strong feeling this will turn out one of the best shows this season (the best show in my opinion). I fell in love with this show just by checking the synopsis and the official website and I got even more excited when I discovered that J C Staff are doing the animation (all this and I haven’t even watched it yet!!). I really hope someone will sub it. It’s a gem waiting to be picked up.

  3. nice post omni!I agree with everything you´ve said.
    so Shihono Ryou is voicing Tomo from lemon angel!Man that was a freaking bad voice acting!!I could had watched this anime if it was not for HER voice!!


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