Saeko is shocked to find out that Ryo and Shanin are now living together. She’s even more shocked when she finds them sleeping in the same bed in the morning. After a round of misunderstandings, Shanin finally clears it up by saying that she couldn’t sleep in Kaori’s room because Kaori’s feelings in the room were too strong to allow her to sleep. After Saeko leaves, Shanin makes a request for Ryo: she wants him to take a physical exam. She admits to the doctor afterwards that she wants to know how long Ryo has to live because she doesn’t want to die before him. Fortunately for Ryo, he’s incredibly healthy (even though his stomach x-ray was marred by the shadow of an erection). But the news of Ryo’s health doesn’t make Shanin feel much better.
However, when Lee Taijin’s elderly assistant brings over Shanin’s medical records, the doctor finds out that she’s an exact HLA (human leukocyte antigen) match. That means that Shanin doesn’t have to take her medicines anymore and that she’ll be able to live a normal life without having to worry about future complications from the heart transplant. Upon hearing this news, Shanin is ecstatic, even as Ryo vows not to die before her. But Lee Taijin’s elderly assistant has one more thing to show Ryo: a new message board in the middle of the train station. Lee Taijin seems to want Ryo to return to being the City Hunter, and Shanin’s real father’s request on the board for Ryo to be a good father convinces Ryo to allow it to stay.

Another episode about Shanin adjusting to normal life and how much she cares for Ryo, but I enjoyed the more humorous side for once. Sad to say, the highlight of the episode for me was the erection joke. There is the special ending song (Daydream Tripper by U_WAVE), which felt like an 80s song in japanese with too much engrish. Still, it did give the episode a special finish, and the ED sequence showing scenes from the beginning of the series reminds us that we’re at the end of an arc and at 13 episode (one-fourth) marker.
Since the XYZ board’s been restored, I guess Ryo is returning to being the City Hunter and now has Shanin instead of Kaori backing him up. Next week’s episode is called “Revival City Hunter,” so I guess that’s how the next adventure starts.


  1. i’ve always found the voice actress for Shanin to be unsuitable for the character. At the end of this episode however, she switches into a very positive and happy tone, and that changed my perception of her. perhaps she is suitable after all 😉


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