OP Sequence

OP: 「マ・ジ・ヤ・バ」by 練馬大根ブラザース (Nerima Daikon Brothers)

Hideki is a daikon farmer who dreams of performing in his own arena to be built on his daikon field. His band, the Nerima Daikon Brothers, is made of his brother Ichiro, his cousin Mako (who really wants to drink Dom Perignon), and a panda that wandered onto the field and started eating his crop. Ichiro tells them that he got them an audition after being sexually assaulted by the president of the production company. But when they get to the company, they learn that they need to pay 100,000 yen to audition. A group of girls comes out at the just right time and forces them to take out a loan. In the waiting room, there’s a bunch of weird animals and vegetables ready to audition, but all of them are quickly rejected away.
When it’s the ND Brother’s time, the president once again started touching Ichiro, so Hideki traded places with him and has president touch his daikon. The president gets angry, but then gets faints after seeing his and Hideki’s sweaty hands (which apparently he hates). And as a result, the ND Brothers get kicked out. The panda shows them a ventilation shaft back into the building, and the group discovers that the president is running a male harem and that the audition was all a ploy to get their money. But with the help of a familiar figure in a rental shop who loans them a rocket launcher, the ND Brothers go back and take down the gay president. They retrieve all of the money, but because the panda has gathered all of the weird folk who also auditioned and got cheated, the group has to return everyone’s money. At the end of it though, it seems that their own 100,000 yen is still missing. As they find out, the panda took it and is treating himself to dinner and Dom Perignon.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ベリマッ!」 (Very Much!) by 練馬大根ブラザース (Nerima Daikon Brothers)
I love both of these songs. Matsuzaki Shigeru, Morikubo Shoutaro, Matsumoto Ayano work so well together and the music just makes me enjoy this series so much more.

Wow, it’s always the shows under your radar that blow your socks off the most. After having seen this first episode, I’m all ready to name Nerima Daikon Brothers the best new show, or at least the best new show so far, by an immeasurable margin. The comedy is raucously funny, though some people may be bothered by all of the gay jokes in the first episode (which I thought were hilarious). The music of Nerima Daikon Brothers shares a lot of similarities to what I assume this is based on, The Blues Brothers, and I just love it. Musical comedies are so rare, and this one is perfect. Nabeshin’s done it again!
Individually, I thought Matsuzaki Shigeru is perfect for Hideki, Matsumoto Ayano greatly surprised me with how well she sang, and Morikubo Shoutaro as Ichiro started off a bit shaky, but got it together by the end. Oh and the Pandaikon is just too cute. My only worry is that this series has now set a bar so high, that all the future episodes won’t seem as good. That aside, Mondays just got something to look forward to…


  1. jealous ka???anata wa memeshizou!!(lol).migurushi!!!^^
    you need to have a lot of brains to watch pani poni and animes like excell saga in japanese and i always watch animes in raw.I have more than 10 studied years of japanese, and i always think it´s not enough.about the pedo thing..you´re right when i was 11 years old i was a pedo(lol) and i had to much sex with girls on my age, i think that´s why i am so popular on now days(30)O_O->^_^!!and i do think pani poni girls are kawaii and stylish funny caracters.And the jokes and references from old and new stuff are really nice.And take a lesson kid because it´s coming from a sempai(from me)that almost watch everything(animes)and play every game(ps2,psp,tec)that comes out.well..I HAVE THE TIME!!(LUCKY!!)

  2. Hey sempai, what are the % of the parodies/gags that you miss or don’t get? For me, its stuff relating to really old animes that aired before I even watched tv ( X( ) and japanese-only games and references to the pani poni manga.

    Anyway, IMO, even if you don’t get any of the parodies/gags, you can always watch PPD! as an Azumanga Diaoh and Excel Saga (minus parodies) fusion. Since its based off of the manga and the manga as far as I seen, don’t rely on parodies and just build up from their characters.

    Personally tho, Becky aka furu furu furumoon HAZUKI alone would be enough to make me watch PPD! :))) Cmon, while she might only be neko mimi mode 5% of the time now, don’t tell me you can say with a straight face that stuff like Becky crying behind the curtains isn’t omega kawaii.

  3. Oh, and I’ll like to add unlike Excel Saga, you don’t NEED to know the references of whatever the parodies/gags since majority of them either appear of chalkboard or appear for half a second or less.


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