Kurosu Yuri is the student council president who met Haruo when she was young. For her, everything at school was perfect until Mamiya Ayumi came to school and made all the boys fall in love with her. In fact, Haruo’s two buddies have even opened up an Ayumi store, but Yuri destroys it with her magic. She calls a special task force, which includes Haruo, to deal with the school disturbance that is Ayumi. Haruo’s two friends tell Yuri that Ayumi needs a rival to counter her popularity, and that rival should be Yuri herself. After considering that it might attract the interest of the person she likes, Yuri agrees to do it.
They get the school’s fashion expert to dress Yuri up, and her new look attracts people of both genders, though still mainly girls. Ayumi doesn’t care much that Yuri is getting so much attention, but gets pissed off when she sees Haruo in there too. So of course the two girls start to compete for the crowd’s attention. In the contest, the girls even bring out their magic to impress everyone, but it eventually leads to a riot when the boys and girls start to fight over which idol is better. Afterwards, Yuri feels that it was all a waste, but changes her mind after Haruo compliments her. It seems that the picture she’s been keeping with her all this time is one of her and Haruo when they were young.

The plot to this episode is pretty boring, but it has its amusing moments. The whole premise just seems like an excuse to dress Yuri and Ayumi in skimpy outfits. And the student council president being Haruo’s childhood friend simply means that Haruo’s harem grows. Oh and Yuri is a witch too, just like all the other girls so far…
On the plus side, the quality of the animation stayed high, and we really didn’t lose much of the craziness from the first episode. Next week, which will hopefully have more substance, looks to be about the Yoshikawa and their past.


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