Ever since a ninja by the name of Kagemori Hanzouyo was ordered to protecting the Konnyaku lineage, the Kagemori family has done just that. 400 years later, Mamoru is on the job, even as he’s late getting to school. Yuuna tells him about a girl she saw earlier who had black hair and a sword. In fact, this girl is Mapputatsu Tsubaki and was told by the yakuza boss how evil Yuuna and her ninja were. Tsubaki is pursuing them now for the sake of justice and arrives at school during tennis class. She announces who she is but the teacher thinks that she’s the new transfer student. After getting through that bit of misunderstanding, Tsubaki challenges Yuuna to a match, which Yuuna interprets to be a tennis match. Even though it’s another misunderstanding, Tsubaki winds up to serve a killer shot, but Mamoru is ready with a potion that attracts a pack of dogs onto her.
Tsubaki wakes up in the infirmary with Yuuna. After Yuuna gets herself all confused about ninja and kingyo (goldfish), Tsubaki gets frustrated and reaches for her sword. But Yuuna had taken it and put it in the umbrella stand. Tsubaki is about to blow up on Yuuna again when Mamoru comes and tells her that it’s time to go home. Tsubaki gives up for the day after Yuuna calls her a friend and then gets all Bambi-eyed when she refutes it. However, Tsubaki later identifies the lingering smell on her clothes and chases after the two. Mamoru senses her coming beforehand and tells Yuuna to go home first. He and Tsubaki start fighting on the street, but they start to draw a crowd, so they move to a more secluded spot by the river. Mamoru throws up a smoke screen and then uses a chain to disarm Tsubaki, but the front of her clothes is cut in the process, leaving her exposed and making both of them quite embarrassed. Though she chases him in anger, she eventually concedes defeat. Afterwards, they get to talking about why she was doing this in the first place and how Yuuna is supposedly heinous and evil, and so Mamoru tells her the truth about the yakuza boss. Tsubaki of course then goes to take her revenge on that boss. The next day, Mamoru finds that Tsubaki is wearing the school’s uniform because she’s decided to enter their school.

The summary really doesn’t do this episode/show any justice because a lot of the humor hinges on plays on words and Yuuna being an airhead (like the ninja, kingyo, ningyo, kinja part). The show is amusing, though I didn’t get a lot of the jokes so it’s hard for me to judge. I enjoyed watching the fight between Tsubaki and Mamoru because we get to see the types of tricks Mamoru has up his sleeves (and why his mother made sure he packed all his gear at the beginning of the day lol). Production quality stayed about the same as last week, which includes the fact that faces were a little inconsistent but it’s still fairly good overall. But it looks like they’re taking the girl-of-the-week route and introducing Hattori Yamame next time. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more interesting than this one.


  1. You know, I am amazed how Tsubaki got convinced by words of justice coming out from mouths of an evil group whose name is literally Evil Group…That was really weak, although it added a sense of comedy.


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