Kagariki Kirika is a girl at the center of all the other girls’ attentions. But it seems she has an interest in Aruto and summons him to her laboratory. The ever wary Kiraha and Arisu go with him, but he ventures into the room alone at first. She congratulates him and tells him that he’s been chosen to cooperate with her research. Aruto cries out after she gets really up close, which brings Kiraha and Arisu running. Kiraha tries to push Kirika away but ends up tripping and destroying the lab’s computers. As a result, Aruto feels obligated to help. Kirika reveals that she is also has Alice abilities, but her transformation makes her into a young girl. For her research, she’ll need Aruto to wear a special bracelet for 24 hours, one that reacts when Aruto expresses interest in something.
So the next day, Kiraha and Aruto go to an art gallery and the bracelet lights up when Aruto first sees Kiraha and while they’re looking at paintings. The two encounter Arisu, and that starts a competition between Kiraha and Arisu to see what will stimulate Aruto and the bracelet. When Kirika analyzes the data, she finds out that Aruto wants to assemble and copy the Endless Alice book, and he got the biggest reaction when he was writing. Sometime later, Kirika visits the siblings to tell them that she’s moving into the house across the street from them.

This episode ends up being fairly bland and boring. Kirika comes off as a cross between Washuu (from Tenchi Muyo) and Natsume Maya (from Tenjou Tenge), but as interesting as the sum of her parts. As usual, Kiraha and Arisu fight over Aruto, but the episode doesn’t do much more than introduce Kirika.
In short, I am horribly unimpressed by this episode and by this series so far. This was a crucial third episode (in terms of trying a series out), and I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be blogging this anymore. Tuesdays are pretty busy, and I really don’t have time for a mediocre series like this. I may still watch it, but that’ll be about it.


  1. Is there a trend of big breasted megane girls lately? with the teacher in kagihime and margery in shakugan no shana leading it, well at least in terms of their character design.

  2. Omi, i think you drop the wrong series. Magikano is the just purely fanservice. But kagihime has actually move beyond that point in the story and is actually trying to have a real story. And form looks of Ep8 it look like theres a lot more to the Alice book then it was original thought.


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